Izzy and Ren Ch. 02


“Was she okay?” Izzy asked quietly as they stepped outside together.

“I think so… Come on!” Izzy felt Ren lean in to kiss her and she felt her whole body smile as she leaned toward him slightly. After a moment though, and still not having felt his lips, she looked at him quizzically. “What?”

Ren reached up and she felt him brush her cheek. ‘That’s sweet too I guess,’ she thought to herself, and was caught off guard as he then went to finger her mouth. She parted her lips obligingly, but before she had the chance to simulate what she wanted to do to his dick on his fingers, she tasted his cum that she’d just swallowed moments before, and remembered Ren wiping himself off on her face.


“Yeah! Let’s go!” Ren pulled out his car keys and unlocked his Ford Focus that was positioned on the driveway a short distance ahead of them. Izzy was pushed to keep up with Ren, as he ran to his car, slid over the bonnet and jumped in the driver-side door.

Izzy followed to the passenger side as fast as she could, and Ren was reversing onto the street before she’d even closed the door behind herself.

“Ren! Slow down! I haven’t even got my seatbelt on!”

“Slow down?” Ren looked at her with a sly smile as his foot hit the clutch and he put the car into first. “That’s the first time I’ve heard you say that!”

As he looked back at the road and floored the accelerator, Izzy’s felt her pussy instantly getting wetter. She wasn’t entirely sure what was happening, where they were going or whether she wanted to be wearing a seatbelt or not; but her vagina knew what she really wanted. Ren.

She looked at Ren’s tanned skin as they sped through traffic. Ren weaved the car smoothly across lanes, and all of a sudden the reduced sideways movement told her they’d reached a highway.

The whole time she couldn’t stop staring at Ren though. His defined muscular arms with several black tattoos stretching down each. His broad and defined chest with chisled abs below, that were hidden just under his shirt. His sexy jawline traced by his jet black beard, that grew into a goatee around his mouth. That determined look on his face as he drove well above the speed limit to get them wherever they were going, as fast as he could. Once they’d arrived, Izzy would finally be able to get his dick out again.

His dick! Ohmygod… The thought and memory alone made Izzy so excited she was now consciously aware of her wet panties pressing up against her pussy; which was only making them wetter.

Well… She didn’t want to ruin them?

Izzy stripped off her shorts and underwear in one movement, and then took off her shirt and bra straight after. Sitting back against the seat and car door, her legs were perfectly spread to give Ren a view of her pussy if he glanced over.

His focus was on the road though, as he weaved through the selfish drivers who only exceeded the limit by 10 or so kmph. Izzy couldn’t believe how aroused she was getting just watching him drive. She began lightly touching her clit as they drove on. She glanced out the window after awhile and if you had asked Izzy where they were now, she couldn’t have told you. They were well out of the built up area and truly through even the sticks if that were possible. Stretches of forest and trees were broken by farmland. Ren just kept driving as if the further away from civilisation he could get them, the happier he’d be.

Twenty minutes or so later, she noticed him starting to look at exit signs, and her light clit fingering had progressed into fully fledged masturbation. Ren had caught sight of her earlier and had almost crashed into the back of a car hauler as his eyes became fixed on her body. From that point onward, he restrained himself to the occasional glance; and re-positioned the rear-vision to show the seat next to him.

As Izzy got closer to orgasm, she saw Ren’s cock standing fully erect in his pants, which pushed her further still.

“Hold on Izz,” Ren told her after checking another signpost. “We’re almost there.”

But Izzy couldn’t have held back if she’d wanted to or tried; which she didn’t, and didn’t.

She threw her head back and convulsed in orgasm as the sound of the car’s indicator came on through the radio. She couldn’t care though, as the release spread up her body and just made every part of her feel like a clitoris. Her pussy was feeling better and different than it ever had, and she knew it was only going to get better and better for her that day.

When she finally felt the orgasm high leave her extremities, and finish in producing a wet and much warmer pussy, she looked up at Ren who pulled the handbrake and made the car powerslide through the exit they’d finally reached.

Despite having left the highway, they were still in the middle of nowhere, so without cars or truck on the road, Ren really hadn’t slowed down.

“Hold on Ren,” Izzy smiled at him playfully. “We’re almost there.”

Ren’s now fierce and determined face flickered the hint of a smile as he viciously changed up a gear pendik genç escort and pumped the accelerator pedal harder.

Izzy sat forward and was instantly reminded of her wet panties pressed against her pussy, though she was still naked?

Looking down, Izzy saw a large wet patch on the seat in front of her. She pressed it for confirmation in disbelief, then looked up at Ren in confusion.

“If I’d known you weren’t toilet trained Izzy, I might not have let you sit in the front; or over my face!”

“I… I don’t know what happened!” She stammered, still confused and concerned.

Ren smiled knowingly as he had to slow down with the road surface transitioning from tarmac to dirt, and they drove further still.

“You squirted babe, think you can do it again?”

“I… I hope so.” Izzy was still in shock at what she’d just unintentionally done to herself, but she felt her face transition from a worried expression to curiosity and excitement. “That was amazing!”

Ren actually smiled and replied, “I hope so too. I wouldn’t mind trying your brand of juice, especially since you’ve already tasted and drunk so much of mine!”

Izzy was turned on, but even more than that, she was suddenly curious. She got down off the car seat into the leg-space and turned around to start licking and squeezing the seat she had wet.

“Mmmmmm… I taste good. I think. Not as good as you Ren,” she smiled at him. “But good, I hope you’ll like it!”

She felt the car start to slow down at last, and got back into her seat as after a few turns, at last the car pulled to a stop. She looked out the front window and…

Time stopped…

The car was now parked at the edge of a plain of land that just fell away. Directly in front of them was a steep descent covered in greenery, which stretched as a wide as Izzy’s eyes could see. At the bottom of the slope was a golden-yellow beach, and then an ocean that stretched out to infinity.

She looked over at Ren, left incredulous by the expanse of land before them. He seemed oblivious to it however, and was taking his time to admire her body now he finally had the chance. As she caught his eye he smiled, and she felt her whole body quiver.

“I’m glad you like it,” he said softly.

“Like it?!” Izzy exclaimed. “I fucking LOVE it!”

She got out of the car and just stood there in the nude looking at the amazing vastness of the land and sea. She heard Ren hop out of the car across from her, but for once her eyes weren’t fixed on him as she continued to drink in the massive environment. The concept that there was this level of purity and perfection in the world was just entirely unprecedented.

She suddenly felt something blunt and firm pressing against her arse, and then Ren’s hands came around to grope her tits as he held her from behind.

Izzy would have willingly let him take her in either hole right then and there, but that simply wasn’t enough to show the passion she felt for him, properly. She pushed Ren back to lean him against the car and fell to her knees to take the full length of his cock in her mouth. This time for Izzy, it wasn’t about tasting, it wasn’t about feeling; it wasn’t even about getting to experience swallowing the end of his cock. The only one thing that mattered was Ren’s experience, and how good she could make him feel.

As his shaft slid down her neck, she was aware of what her body was telling her, but it simply wasn’t important enough to care about. After what he had helped her to experience, she was utterly committed to making Ren feel perfect. Her throat muscles and gag reflex, even her ability to breathe just didn’t matter, and were concerns that got brushed aside as easily as if they were made of nothing.

Izzy was so far impaled that she was licking Ren’s balls, and the sheer size of his dick was actually stretching her throat’s width as well now rather than just depth. The sensation for Izzy was fantastic, and the world was suddenly a simpler more peaceful place, as she used her mouth and esophagus to pleasure Ren. Life was more meaningful, but the meaning meant less; and flying bright specks of light appeared as the world went fuzzy and started spinning around…

Izzy woke to find herself on the car’s hood, laying on her side. She looked up through the bright sunlight, but a hand gently pushed her back, and some sunglasses were placed over her eyes.

Seeing more easily, Izzy opened her eyes more fully, and smiled as she was greeted by Ren’s concerned face looking back at her.

“Are you okay?” He asked her slowly. “You had me scared for a moment there.”

Izzy thought back to retrace her steps and comprehension dawned on what must have happened.

“Yeah, it’s good, I’m okay,” she told Ren. “Just… just lost my breath. You’re breathtaking Ren, you’re breathtaking.”

Ren smiled as he now helped her sit up slowly onto the very front of his car. Izzy steadied herself on her feet, then took off Ren’s sunglasses having become accustomed to pendik evi olan escort the light again, before looking back at Ren. She was happy to see he was still completely naked, and his cock was still standing erect, proudly sticking out from between his muscled thighs like it hadn’t just nearly suffocated her.

But still, that wasn’t the point.

Ren was.

She want to his body and caressed his defined rib cage, playing with his soft chest hair. He had a dark tattoo on one side, but Izzy was already working her way down to his phenomenal stomach. There was row upon row upon row upon row of stacked abdominal muscles. Up this close it was impossible to keep from reaching out to touch them, but soon even that wasn’t enough. Leaning in closer, she kissed each bulge of muscle, before tracing around them with her tongue. It felt phenomenal actually getting to do this to a guy, and she drank in every moment of it. To finish, she drew the line down the middle with her tongue, but as she reached the bottom, she just kept on going.

She was down on her knees again at this point, and took just the head of his long shaft into her mouth.

“Izzy, I don’t think you should… Ohh..” Ren automatically gasped as her tongue began to dance around his dick. “Do that..” he finished. “I don’t think you should… I think you should do that Izz.. keep doing that, but… be careful..”

Izzy looked up at Ren’s face while she continued to suck, and saw his eyes close as he rolled his head back in ecstasy.

Now that he’d broken their eye contact, Izzy took the chance to drink in Ren’s muscular tattooed physique again, which was definitely better now his clothes were removed. She could count the eight-pack his sexy abs formed, and see her saliva glistening on his flawless abdomen. Up above the abs was his buff tanned chest, with the black ink tattoo she could now see as an angel and the devil embracing against a dark background. She moved her tongue all over his soft yet firm knob, loving every small amount of pre-cum that her mouth could make drip from his amazing cock.

While she could have kept on sucking until she’d made him cum and swallowed his spunk again; when he looked down into her eyes she knew there was a lot more her body had to offer.

She pulled her mouth back, and as she rose to her feet, she inserted two fingers up her now dripping wet pussy, and then slid each, one-by-one up her arse to add lubrication.

Running her fingers down his pecs, over that glorious stomach then to his penis, her grasp lingered on the last for a moment longer than the others. Finally, looking out over the amazing land-and-sea-scape, Izzy lowered herself to her hands and knees, causing her tits to hang low enough to touch the ground so as to best display her two lower entrances to Ren.

She heard and felt him kneel down behind her, and almost sighed as she felt his hands spreading her arse-cheeks further apart to better access her butthole, which she now felt his cock pressing into.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Izzy involuntarily cried out in pain as without hesitation this time, Ren’s dick thrust inside her and it felt as if it had torn her arsehole in half.

“Does it hurt?” Ren asked in slightly shocked concern as he leant over to hold her; a gesture that would have been supportive had it not had the effect of driving him deeper inside her sore, tight arse. Izzy felt the air forced from her lungs as if her body could not hold the length of Ren’s dick and air simultaneously. She couldn’t help but to squeeze her arse down on him as hard as she could, and bite back the pain as his dick seemed to be filling her whole body up and penetrating every part of her.

‘Does it hurt?!’ She thought to herself hysterically doing her best not to let the pain overcome her. ‘Maybe I should force my arm up your butt and wear you like a wristwatch, then ask you if it hurts?!’

Izzy held her thoughts back though, and took a large intake of breath to steady herself again. She dug her knees into the ground harder, before wiping her eyes off and looking out at the ocean, which seemed somehow to be more distant.

“It was just a shock,” she replied staring into the distance. “Just… start off a bit slower.”

She felt Ren’s big dick sliding slowly back out of her, and slowly back in, and again and again and again. The pain turned into something else; not quite pleasure but… not quite as bad either. His cock still felt like it was entering her full body though, so she had to time her breathing to his inward and outward movements. Around the fourth or fifth thrust, she’d built up a rhythm and as the beauty returned to the scene in front of her once more, she remembered the same guy who was filling her up was the guy who had brought her here. The same guy she had just traded virginities with, had been her first taste of dick and cum, and she’d had her first ever squirting orgasm over him, in his car and on his car seat! She’d had her first ever taste of her own orgasm juice pendik olgun escort because of him too, really. Her whole body getting pounded as if she were little more than a butthole fleshlight didn’t phase her as much as it did before. He wasn’t using her… well… He was but… It wasn’t like that any more. He wasn’t using her against her will, and that’s what mattered.

All girls wanted to be cared for, that was definitely true. All girls wanted to feel important, and have their needs met and wants and desires fulfilled! That was true in everyday life and in sex. Ren had given her mindblowing first-time sex that she was sure she’d remember forever, and had taken her on the car-ride of a lifetime to somewhere on the outskirts of Heaven… Izzy didn’t need her pussy fucked and clit rubbed in return for Ren’s pleasure in nailing her. Ren deserved this. He’d earned exclusive entry to every orfice of her body. An all-access season-pass.

When a guy this amazing wants to fuck you with a cock as amazing as the one inside her now… You didn’t stop him or make him beg; you bent over with spread legs and then thanked him for coming and cumming.

Ren was really slamming her now, but now where there had been pain, physical and emotional; Izzy had purpose. She got to be used as the first, the one, the only fleshlight to ever get to experience and pleasure Ren and his dick. No one and no thing else had ever been shown by Ren what he’d shown her, nor been used by Ren the way he was using her right now. As she gazed in wonder at the beach portrait in front of her, she really felt like she had found her purpose as Ren’s dick just dominated her entire being.

The sights were good, but the ocean would be there forever, and she could just take a picture; Ren on the other hand.

“Stop baby,” she turned her head to look back at him. “Put me on the car, fuck me there.”

Izzy had expected Ren to pull out and help her up to walk to the car, but instead, after removing his dick from her, he picked her up and carried her to the car, laying her gently back on the bonnet. This caring sent another thrill to Izzy’s wet cunt, and she smiled broadly as she lifted her legs to again to show her pussy and now gaping arsehole to Ren.

Ren slowly entered her butt this time, and Izzy hardly felt any pain at all. She happily checked out his sexy body as he continued to fuck her, and was amazed to feel something else slowly building inside of her as well. A sensation was spreading from her butthole and insides up through her whole body, that still felt like it was getting fucked. The thrusting of Ren’s cock in and out was building like a perfect continuous rubbing of her clit. Ren just kept on slamming her, and now as she got to see it happen it was working for her on so many further levels. His chiseled sexy as fuck body thrusting his pole into her, his gorgeous face watching her tits shake as he repeatedly crashed his irresistible self into her arse… her head was where it needed to be, and the pleasure was building to something amazing.

Izzy held back for as long as she could, but then feeling on the verge of both an orgasm and exploding gasped, “Ren! Fuck yes! Ohh!”

Ren lifted his head as Izzy’s vagina squirted out a far bigger orgasm than before. Some of it landed in Ren’s open mouth, and the very last of it Izzy caught in her hand before greedily slurping it up. It didn’t taste like much really. Just warm water that had been sitting in a plastic bottle for too long.

She looked up at Ren. “Did you like it?”

He threw back his head and gargled the fluid he still had in his mouth, then swallowed and showed her his empty mouth.

“Pretty good,” he answered. “Awesome packaging.”

She smiled at him, and only realised as he pulled his dick out of her, that he had still been up her bum.

He leaned down and tenderly licked Izzy’s pussy, as if he wanted to taste every bit of her orgasm. He finished by licking her clit likr an expert, and Izzy wanted him and his dick again right there and then.

“I should probably clean this off,” Ren said after he stepped back, holding his cock out as if for examination.

Izzy smiled as she slid off the car and resumed her kneeling position in front of him, and his dick’s position in her mouth. Ren looked at her in a seeming mixture of shock and awe.

“It’s okay silly,” she stopped sucking for a moment and smiled up at him. “It’s all my body!”

Izzy resumed cleaning off his cock with her mouth. She knew whatever was on it was better swallowed than stuffed up her cunt, and she needed Ren’s dick in her cunt urgently!

She took his dick in her mouth as deep as she dared, then licked the rest of him off before turning around and bending her body over the hood of Ren’s Focus.

He entered her again, this time in her pussy, but remembered to start slowly. Izzy’s juices were leaking out onto Ren like he was thrusting into a sponge that was loaded with her vagina juice.

As Izzy felt his movements speed up, she began rubbing her own clit to get herself over the edge again. Her convulsions began, and Ren pumping her harder made her loose all control and orgasm all over his perfect long dick. She hadnt fully regained control of her body as Ren pulled out to cum, Izzy slid backward off the sloped car bonnet, taken by surprise with the lack of Ren’s body to rest against.

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