Subject: Jake Busts His Nuts (Jake Back For More) (4) This is a fictional story about a guy from an internet site I came across one day. He is hott and i want him. My story of course does not by any means reflect the sexual preference of this guy. But one can wish… XxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxx I have decided to revisit this story as I had looked back at it and reread it. Then I looked him up online. His site seems to be gone now. But I remember it. And remember how hot he was. Enjoy… XxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxx Jake Busts His Nuts (Jake Back For More) (part 4) …. I lead the hot Jake into my bedroom. We were both in underwear. Both already excited. Jake looking very hot. Beefier than before. But he was still a hit hunky guy. His crotch was sporting a nice bulge. And I reached for it. Feeling his dick through the cotton briefs holding him in. It was starting to really get rigid. But I still stroked his cock through them. Jake softly moaned as he felt my ankara escort bayan hand on his crotch. Rubbing at him “Hmmm. Your hand feels great” he said “Feels really great” “And this feels great too” I said back “Really fucking great” I rubbed his crotch to excite his dick some more. I wanted Jake nice and big and hard. “Real fucking nice” I repeated. Then I did what we both knew I would eventually do. I dropped to my knees before Jake. I looked at the growing bulge in his shorts. It sure was a nice big bulge too. And that bulge held my prize. His dick. “Soo fucking nice”! I said again Then I leaned in and shoved my face to that delicious looking bulge. Then rubbed my face against it. Rubbed my nose against it. Rubbed my mouth against it. Feeling his cock as it pushed back at me too. “Yeah man” he cooed as he felt me “Go for it buddy. Go for my dick” So I did. I reached for his briefs and yanked them down. Freeing his dick to me. And it bobbed there before me. I looked at the mans perfect cock. Not too big, not too small. etimesgut escort Just right in size. And I reaches for it. Wrapping my fingers around the hardened shaft. Then I stroked his cock a few times. Just to hear him moan again. “Hmm yeah man” he cooed “Suck my dick again man. Suck it good” “I will” I said almost too softly “I will my hot stud” Then I licked at my mouth and opened it to receive Jake’s dick. I then just started to slid down his cock. Holding it at the base by my fingers. That way I could swallow more dick. Then I began to give Jake oral pleasure. Moving up and down him with my hungry mouth. Slurping and slobbering on his meat. And I loved it. It tasted great. The dick I have been oh so longing for still tasted wonderful to my palette. “Yeah man. That’s it” he groaned “Just what I have been wanting” “Hmmm. Suck me man. Suck my cock” And I did. I lovingly sucked on Jake’s dick. It was all I wanted to do. So I went sown on him. Over and iver I moved my hungry mouth on his raging dick. Slobbering kızılay escort on his meaty stem. Feeding on the studs cock. “Fuckk!” He crowed “Fucking soo good” “Soo fucking good man” Jake was pushing his dick at my face. Feeding me his hard dick. His hips thrusting at my head as I ate his dick up. I hummed and moaned on his cock in delight. Loving sucking on Jake. What I pondered was sucking him to blow, or just to pull off and let the stud fuck me in the was already. It was something that was gonna happen. But would it be now, today. Or would I wait for another opportunity to feel his dick up my happy ass. “Now!, I crowed as I came off him “Gotta have you now Jake” So it was it. It was rime for the hunk to fuck me. I decided it had to be now. And not just because I needed his dick in me again. But I figured that I may not get another chance in the near future. I may have to wait until an unknown date after today. So to risk not have his cock in my guts. This I would not do. I pulled from his dick and then sat back. I was still holding his cock in hand. But I looked at my hot hunk and told him I needed a fucking. “Gimme thus big dick Jake” I huffed “I eat you to fuck me stud” “Now!”….. XxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxXxxxxxxx Next. Final chapter

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