JAN Part 2.

Big Tits

JAN Part 2.This is a continuation of my story and Jan the older church going friend.Two weeks went by after sending the pictures I had taken of Jan for her to send on to her friends in the chat room.I had looked at the pictures several times and jerked of to them twice.The memory of her body stuck in my mind, and although she was not my type, there was something about her that made me wonder what she would be like to fuck.She was extremely naive and, to me, would not know much at all, and likely be a dead fish.Jan rang 2 weeks later, thanked me for the pictures and had sent them on to the guy.He loved them and in turn had shown other guys that frequented their chat room.I asked how she felt about that.”Oh I didn’t mind, they were good pictures and now I have several of the men in the room being very nice and friendly”We both laughed.” Well you will get their attention, maybe even a boyfriend out of it” “Nah I don’t think so, most of them are in the UK the USA so don’t think they will travel over just for me”We had a laugh, and I asked how it felt when she saw herself in those poses.”I was surprised” She said. ” the men said I pretty good legs”.I agreed and thought why not push it?.”Well I enjoyed taking them, you should do some more”She was quiet for a moment and I thought I may have blown it.”You haven’t shown those 2 pictures of me giving you oral sex to anyone have you?””No . I gave you my word. Those were for me only”.”Good, thank you.” She then surprised me. “I was thinking about doing some more pictures. “ I was going ask if you would mind taking them”My cock jumped to attention.”No not at all, I enjoyed it””Well I hate to ask you to drive all the way up here to take them. I know it costs a fair bit in petrol and you never said anything, but I know its not cheap.””No its OK, and anyway you paid me “I said.”I didn’t pay you, I never gave you any money ?”I laughed. ” No sucking me and letting me cum on you was payment enough””It was? That,s strange. I thought about it after you left and felt rather mean that I really didn’t do it much with my mouth. And you ejaculating on my breasts hardly seems much fun for you.””Oh your wrong Jan, I enjoyed it, and anyway you let me take the 2 photos doing it”She was puzzled. ” Why would you enjoy that? Its just breasts, and not like you were having sex””Well Jan I have a few little things I really like in sex, most people do, and one of them is tit baths””Is that what you call it?” “Yes, I enjoy doing that, haven’t you ever done that before or had it done?””Nope, never” she said.””How did it feel ?””It was just wet, and like warm water spraying on me. I closed my eyes as you did it and just felt the warm splash, and then it running down onto my stomach.”I took a chance.”Well next time you should keep you eyes open as I cum and watch it hitting your boobs and dripping down. You might enjoy it”She immediately responded. “yes, I will. I wondered what it looked like when you ejaculated, so would be interesting to see it coming out”.My cock throbbed. She had not baulked at the idea and said no, not doing it again.”Haven’t you seen a guy cum,”? I asked.”A few times when I masturbated my husband. I often did that to save him having sex with me.”I was smiling.It was unusual to hear a woman use such old fashioned terms like ejaculate, and masturbate, and breasts.”What did you think when you saw him cum?””Nothing really”, It just sort of dribbled out and went on my hand. Was yukky and then I went and washed my hands”Good grief I thought, she really must be a cold fish.”OK well I will come up on Saturday hows that”.”Thats fine. You sure you don’t mind?””not at all and you can pay me the same way hows that”.She laughed a little. “OK how”?”Just do what you did last time. You don’t have to worry or wonder what I want”.” So I give you oral sex a little, and you want to do it on my breasts again, right?””Yes, and like last time take one or 2 pictures for myself”She thought for a moment and readily said, “OK just 2 like last time with your promise no one sees them.”I was over the moon. “Yep that’s it, my word.”With that we ended the call.I went to my computer and pulled up the pictures I had taken of her sucking my cock on her knees.I pulled my cock out and within 2 minutes shot my load.Saturday:Saturday morning I bought some batteries for my camera and tried to get a larger SD Card.Sadly digital cameras were still rather new and the cards held minimal pictures. The guy at the store said showed me how to set the camera , explaining the pictures would be a lower quality but I would get more on it.I wasn’t happy with that but he said that the best I could hope for was maybe 20 photos of high quality.Driving up I thought about Jan and in a way I felt sorry for her.I started to get guilt about give me head.Shit life, her past husband a drunk and not treated her well. Now she had found men who had seen pictures of her, and I had no doubt her self esteem had soared when they all loved them.I had no doubt the guys liked the pics, but doubted any were genuine in their bullshit to her, and saw an easy target.Well they were overseas so no harm I thought.I arrived about 2 in the afternoon and when she came to the door she had a smile on her face.Exact opposite of what she was usually like and smiling suited her.She made coffee and immediately bought up taking the pictures.She seemed excited and I said as much.She laughed.”Yes I am a little excited. I was down the church opportunity shop and bought some 2nd hand clothes for a few dollars. I am going to wear them. Hopefully I look sexy.”Good grief I thought. My cock was rising already.”Do you want to do the pictures now or later after we have something to eat at the Club?”No, I want to do them now if you don’t mind. I have been dying to put the clothes on and take them. The men in the room have all told me what they want.””Oh really” I said. “what do they want?”Jan shook her head a little. “Oh you would be shocked. I told them no way I was doing some of what they wanted but that I would do some of their requests”My mind raced with what it was but I held my tongue.OK well go get yourself ready, lets do it, I saidShe sprang up and went into her bedroom.A few minutes later she emerged wearing a black top, black dress, black stockings and high heels.”I know they arnt the best clothes but they were 2nd hand and cheap so I think they look OK””No they look fine” I said.”Well how about you just start doing your poses rather than me telling you? I don’t know what the guys want so just do what you want and tell me to take the picture when your in the pose””Great, I will say NOW when I am ready each time is that how you do it?”I agreed.She stood up and walked to the centre of the room. Standing there in normal pose “Now”She then Raised her leg and placed her high heeled foot on the coffee table and pulled her skirt up. My cock went rock hard when I saw she was wearing a black thong.Then she surprised me even more. Reaching up she undid the buttons on her shirt and her lovely tits spilled out. She hadn’t put a bra on. I was stunned.”NOW” she said.“Wow the thong looks great.”“It was the mens idea , and I agreed to wear one, but that I wasn’t going to take it of and I would let them see my boobs but that was all”.She sat in the computer chair, “I am nervous about the next one.”Don’t be I said “, just do it, and if later you don’t like any pics or think they are to bad, you just don’t send them””Good I never thought of that”She placed one leg up over the arm of the chair displaying her thong.I realised as I was about to take the photo that her pussy was bald and she had shaved, the thong was riding into the slit of her pussy which made her pussy lips look superb.In my staring I forgot to take the picture.She went to get up and I said, to stay there and do it again I didn’t take the picture and I was surprised she had shaved.She blushed a little and admitted that she had as the men had asked her to.When she sat back down I said to put both legs up on each arm of the chair, which kaçak iddaa she did, and I took the photo. Standing, she walked to the Side Board and stopped. Looking at me she said “Now I am going to be really embarrassed”“Why, just keep going, like I said what you don’t like don’t send”.Jan lent over the side Board and adjusted her top so as her tits fell out and hung. NOW.Phew I thought to myself.She then turned with her back to me and hiked her dress up, displaying her ass. “One of the guys asked for this. Hes a Cop and wanted me like I was arrested and about to be searched. How is it”?My voice croaked, Its great, love it.I thought to myself that these guys sure had some great poses and wondered how much more she would do and what the hell they had wanted that she had refused. That would have been kinky for sure. Standing , lifted her tits out of shirt so they were displayed. NOW.She again turned and nearly lifting her dress around her waist she bent fully nearly touching her toes, again displaying her firm ass with the thong snugly riding inside the crack of her ass. NOW.I took a couple more of her looking at the camera and her lovely tits out.Pulling down her skirt, she buttoned up her top.“OK that’s about it . That’s about the only ones I agreed to do for them”.She sat on the sofa.“ what do you think”?“I think they will look great, can hardly wait to download them on my computer”.“ I must learn how to do it on my own computer” Jan said. “I would love to see them now”.I thought to myself that I hoped she didn’t learn how or buy a camera, it would end my fun of seeing this woman stripping.“I can show you on the view finder here look”Jan watched as I flicked through the photos, and then said.“ Maybe thers some there I feel embarrassed about can you block my face like last time”I assured her I would and in future I would bring the proper lead up for the camera and download them onto her computer the same day I took them.She was happy with that.“I wondered what the other things were they wanted that you refused” ?“ Oh they wanted me to use a bottle and things. A carrot or cucumber, I said no way”.“I told them boobs and underwear was all they were getting and I wasn’t going to strip naked or do dirty poses just sexy looking ones”.I explained that they were just men, and men loved slutty pictures.“Well” she said “I’m not going to do that sort of pictures”.Teasing her I said, “Well bummer I would love to see something like that myself”.She looked at me“ well your different, I know you so I would, but not for them or anyone else I don’t know.”I was stunned. “Do you want any more photos”? She asked“Yes I do, stand up and go to the centre of the room”.Walking to the centre, I said“open your blouse and let your boobs out and lift your dress and slide the thong down”“Don’t you want the thong right of? She asked.“No I want it halfway down and your legs spread, its looks erotic that way.”She lent down and slid the thong half way down then spread open her top making sure both her tits were on full display. pulling her dress up she displayed her lovely pussy, which by now was really turning me on the more I saw it. I told her to lean forward letting her tits hang out fully.I had realised she was starting to frown again.“OK give me a nice big smile to go with those gorgeous hanging tits of yours”.With that she gave a big beaming smile at the camera and laughed.Straightening I told her to take the thong of completely.She reached down, slid it and threw it on the sofa.I had her walk over and pose at the fire placing her leg up, raising her skirt, displaying her lovely clean shaved pussy.“Is that all now” she asked.“yes that will do unless you have a carrot or cucumber” I joked.She laughed and joked back,“ your out of luck. I don’t have any in the kitchen. Think of something else and while your thinking do you want a coffee? I need a smoke.”My mind raced.“ I know. why don’t you put a cigarette in you?”She looked at me in shock. “What? I would burn myself”.“No not lit, just like your pussy is having a smoke”.She saw the funny side. “OK that sounds funny. No one would ever believe it.”She stood , walked over and took a cigarette from my pack.She lifted her dress and bent over pushing the cigarette into her pussy, laughed.“ It wont stay there” .“Keep trying” I said , turning the camera back on I pressed the shutter button and put the camera back down..OK its in she said straightening.I picked up the camera and pretended , Smile.“Your taking a picture” she said?“Oh yes just for me I need this picture”.She was giggling, you best not show a soul, buddy.I took two pictures of Jan laughing and a cigarette, in what I was sure , was a wet pussy by now.Her Pussy looked fantastic. It looked tight with lovely lips.Taking the cigarette out she moved towards the kitchen.“Wait”, I said , “I want a smoke and stretched out my hand”.She looked aghast.“Your going to smoke it? Put it in your mouth after its been inside me?”“Yep sure am why not”.With that I took the smoke., put it to my nose briefly and smelt a lovey aroma. It smelt like lavender or soap and I guessed that by her hair and the smell she had showered just before I arrived. I placed it in my mouth.I could taste a lovely sweet tang, and moistness. Lovely and clean this woman’s pussy was. I could tell.I lit the smoke and she sat back down turning red in embarrassment.“What Its fine, you taste nice”.She again flushed.“Its OK Jan stop looking so ashamed. Its all good fun”.“I guess so,” she said.“How do you feel to show your pussy when I take the photos.”“Well its OK, I sort of feel strange that your just looking. I have never just stood and shown myself before like that usually its just getting undressed before sex”.“Does it turn you on”“I’m not sure, I think while you are taking the photo I know its for a picture so I really haven’t thought about it”.“Stand up for me and pull your chair around and sit facing me”.Jan turned her chair so it was directly in front of me about 6 feet apart.“OK sit down and spread your legs”.She blushed heavily but sat down, slid he dress up and spread her legs.“Good, now put one leg over each arm like you did for the photo”She spread and did so.I raised the camera and as I took the photo I saw she had a quiet smile on her face.“OK now lets just sit and have our smoke”“You want me to stay like this” she asked.“Yep I sure do.”So there I sat with Jan 6 feet away, legs up on the arms of her chair and her pussy wide open for me.“How does it feel sitting legs wide and naked pussy ““Its sort of erotic actually. I don’t know how to describe it, it feels strange but I don’t mind”.I was tempted to ask if she was wet, but thought better as she was quite prudish and I didn’t want to scare her of.“Well next time I am going to bring a carrot and have you put it in and sit like that and take pictures”She looked straight at me .“ alright, if you want.”“Well I guess I better see to you and make my payment huh” she said with a smile.At first I didn’t know what she meant but then realised we had a deal she would suck me for doing the photos.“Come over and kneel between my legs” I said.As she stood and walked over and knelt I lifted up and slid my pants and underpants of, kicking them to the floor and sliding of my socks with my feet.Jan .without promoting, reached and took my cock in her hand.“ Undo your top and let those lovely tits out for me”.She unbuttoned her top fully,and again reached for my cock, wrapping her warm had around it and slowly started stroking, the whole time staring at it.After a few minutes she looked at me, and without a word I reached over and put my hand gently behind her head. She slowly bent forward and I guided her towards my cock and suddenly felt the sensation of her warm mouth engulf the head.Taking my hand away I reached for my camera. Jan looked up at me and her lips were fully stretched with my cock buried in her mouth.She slowly rose her head and mouth up and down and started sucking my cock gently.The sensation was unreal and I realised I wouldn’t last kaçak bahis long. As she sucked I took photos, telling her to try look at the camera but she had trouble doing so due to her mouth being stuffed full of a hard cock.After a few minutes I realised I was going to cum.Stopping her, she looked up at me quizzically, her hand still wrapped around my dick.“I’m going to shoot “I said as I stood up.I stood with my cock straight out and Jan stayed on her knees shuffling slightly backwards to give me room.Without prompting, took hold of my cock and slid her lips over taking in nearly half in her mouth.As she knelt sucking I placed both hands on the back of her head and held still as I pumped in and out of her mouth.Feeling that lovely sensation of cum rising up through me I let go of her head and withdrew my cock and started pumping with my hand, pointing directly at her as she stared. , “I’m going to cum, open your ” She pulled her blouse back fully exposing her tits,all the while staring at my fist pumping faster and faster over my cock. .“Jan I want you to jerk me of, when I take my hand away grab my cock, keep jerking it and point it where you want me to cum on you.”I let go of my cock and felt her hand grab and surround the thickness and continue stroking my now engorged cock.“Faster Jan”.She quickened her pace.“ Tell me you want me to cum”.I heard her voice quietly say with a croaky whisper, “I want you to cum ”.With that I let loose.Looking down I watched as streams of thick white cum shot from my cock, The first burst shot over her shoulder sailing onto the floor.She raised herself and turned side on and I thought for a brief horrible moment she was going to stand, but realised because my first squirt had missed , she was adjusting herself and leaning closer to my cock with her tits to make sure it hit her.All the while she kept pumping and staring as the streams of hot cum hit her.Finally I reached down and stopped her.I held her hand still and told her to squeeze very gently and watch the last trickle come out. Out of breath I flopped back in the chair as Jan started intently at her tits and the cum starting to run down , and then back at my cock with her hand still encircled..Picking up the camera I told her to lift both her breasts up and smile.Breaking her stare from my now softening and totally satisfied cock, she placed her hands under each tit, looked up and smiled as I took the photo.“God Jan you emptied me. That was great”.She smiled, said thank you, and again looked at my cum now dribbling down.“Can I wipe it of or do you want more”“No I’m am bushed, phew that was good”.Jan stood and went to walk away .Where are you going”“I was going to get a towel”.“No just sit in the chair, leave it on you. I want to see you sitting while I have a smoke, with cum all over those lovely tits”.She smiled and sat down.“You keep calling them lovely,Why”“Because they are. They are a great set to hose” I smiled.“ Hose? That’s a strange way to put it but I suppose the way you did it, its a good description. It felt like I was being hosed.”I lit a smoke and gazed across at her, hardly believing that here I was staring at an elderly. church going woman, a gran, who had my full load of my cum all over her tits and she was sitting quietly while I sat smoking and looking at her.A type of woman that I would see a dozen times a day down the street, shopping, dressed in dowdy clothes, in their late 50s and 60s.Never had I even thought about such women. Never had I realised that under their jumpers and tops, their track pants, or their long dresses and large blouses, lovely tits and lovely pussies were there.It had woken me up after seeing Jan, such a plain looking woman, and such an ordinary lady. Seeing her tits, her shaved pussy her standing spreading her legs in slutty poses and shoving a cigarette up herself, how she stared at my cock as it spurted and how warm her mouth was and so eager to try get as much of a hard cock into her mouth as possible. Kneeling before a man and having her head held still while he pumped his hard cock in and out and not a word of protest, not a second of hesitation.Then to realise this same respectable lady when kneeling and pulling a hard cock, saw it shoot a stream of cum that missed her and adjusted herself to make sure the rest hit its target, her tits.I was sold on elderly women right then and there and knew that I was going to fuck this woman senseless.I wanted to do her so bad and at the same time wanted to see other men fuck her while I watched, see her suck other men’s cocks, strangers, have them cum in her, over her and just use her for sex like an object. Just a plain old empty out.Never had I thought that way before about any woman and never about old women, the age of my grann.This woman had changed me, had stirred something in me.Maybe it was that she was so plain, so ordinary, or that she had only ever had two men fuck her in her whole life, or maybe it was the Church aspect, that she knelt in church and sat with all the other elderly women?Who knew, I didn’t. Jan smiled at me and looked down again at her boobs and the cum.She had gone very quiet and I hoped I hadn’t upset her. “Your deep in thought young lady” I said.She smiled. “your the one deep in thought not me”I admitted I had been a million miles away.“ Oh I think I know where you were” she said.“You have no idea what I was thinking believe me. If you did you would probably never talk to me again” “Yes I do and yes I would talk to you again, I may surprise you, in fact, I KNOW I would surprise you”I sensed a change. Suddenly it was serious and not light hearted, or me and her just taking pictures.She seemed different, serious.I took the chance.“Go ahead Paul, say what your thinking, I promise I wont throw you out”“Well OK Jan, lets start with you saying Fuck”“Nope I don’t say that word, not because I’m to lady like, its just a coarse word. You want me to say something other than have sex? I say ROOT, not the F word, or SCREW that’s fine.”I looked at her and thought there’s more to this woman than meets the eye.“well I was thinking a lot of things about you actually, what I would like and what I would do and just things”“I know you were” she said.“You want to root me and are wondering what I’m like and how to ask me without insulting me and all that crap right?”I laughed. “yep you caught me. Yes would love to root you and I was worried how to go about it. So tell me how do I go about it ““You don’t have to , you simply say so. You know my background and how I was married to that ass-hole all those years. I may be old and I maybe inexperienced with a lot of things but I’m not stupid. I raised Kathy and Steve and put up with heaps and you need to stop thinking I’m some dumb old woman.”You want to do me? Sure I don’t mind. Of course I wouldn’t. Do I want to? Yes I do. I have never knelt on the floor sucking a man before or had him shoot over me like you just did. Did it turn me on? Hell yes it did. I wanted to tell you to stop and not come to be truthful”“why” I asked, “ if you were enjoying it why did you want to stop me”I didn’t want to stop you I wanted you to cum in me not over me but when you stood up and held my head I lost all thought other than how turned on I was getting and how I loved your hands on my head and you sliding in and out of my mouth so I just went with it, but I wanted to say to you to save it and put it all inside of me. I saw how much you had last time and have been thinking about it all week”I sat there not knowing what to say. Here I was thinking I was playing a game with her and she all along was a wake up to me and was playing along.“OK well you tell me Jan what do you want?”“I want you to stop thinking I’m dumb and some old woman that’s a prude or a saint or whatever”” I remember when you used to take Rhonda out and she used to tell me what you got up to with her and I used to think how I would love you to take a turn with me. Trouble was you and all those other men were so taken up with her you all drooled illegal bahis and thought she was such a great screw and I was sitting wishing one of you would come round my place”“So now will you tell me the truth and tell me what you were sitting and thinking before and tell me straight out.”“Jan I was thinking how I wanted to fuck, oops sorry root you and how it turned me on that your, well, older and what a turn on it was having you kneeling sucking me and sitting looking at you after. I was thinking how I would love to watch other men do that to you and watch other men use you, that’s it that’s the truth of what I was thinking”Jan thought for a minute and said.“you have heard the old saying about a lady in life a slut in bed? I know you have. Well if that’s what you want with me then no problem. After the other week and the pictures and then today I have no problem doing that. I’m done with all the crap all these years and to be honest your a nice guy. You came up and got me you never asked for anything not even sex, which I would have given you without question, yet you never asked and the past 2 times here you have not pushed or been rude to me and have respected me. So why not, tell me what you want and how to do it and if you want then yes I will do it with other men but on the condition that if I don’t like them I don’t have to, and 2nd you have to be there. I wont do it alone, I will do it for you so you can watch.”I realised this was not a vulnerable woman. She was not doing and saying this because she needed to.“you want to don’t you”“Yes I do, I’m turned on by thinking about it”What turns you on the most when you think”“That I’m going to be a slut and that men are going to screw me and I’m going to be watched. All my life no men have taken any notice of me and if you can get men who want to then yes I would love it. I am so sick to death of life the past years I really am and I just don’t care anymore and now you come along and we take photos and this happens and I think, why the hell cant I do this all the time and have a life and fun for a change.”“ I know I can trust you , I have been around long enough to know when I can trust , so yep I’m in, what the hell.”.“I’m going to take pictures while we do all this, you know that Jan”“If that’s what you want then take photos . Is that what turns you on? Is that why you want to have me do this”I thought a minute.“no this is a complete surprise I never planned this and have never had a woman offer. But now its sinking in I think its about you being so respectable and church and all that. All the people think your just you and go to bingo and work volunteer work at the Opportunity shop for the church, and behind the scenes you having men root you and your a slut”She smirked. “I know, I cant believe it and now we are getting it out in the open I’m liking the idea a lot. So when you bring these guys whoever they are you will have to sort of direct me and what to do. Will you be doing anything as well”“I may but its new to me also I’ve never done it but I will like watching and taking photos and maybe join a little but I’m thinking more of later when they have gone and I get to do you while looking at the photos. ““we have a deal then “ she laughed. “are you shocked”“I am a little, not shocked, more pleasantly surprised, how long have you been thinking about this:”.The past 2 weeks after you came and took the photos. After you left I sat here alone as usual and thought I just cant do this anymore ,and start again and not have even a boyfriend or a guy to come round. I just realised I had had enough and the men on the net in the room settled it. I know they don’t love me, as I said I’m not dumb, but sending the pictures and then you coming up again and on the phone I knew I wanted something. Did you really like the pictures?”“yes I did and now we are buddies and mates” I laughed “I can be myself and say what I feel so I actually have jerked of to the photos a few time and did the other night after I got of the phone.”“Oh did you well I can go one better than that. “You can? How”.“I got of while I was on the phone with you and you had no idea”.I couldn’t believe it. “Your shitting me? You what, fingered while talking to me”“No I was sitting in the computer chair like when you took the photos and I was using a dildo”“Jeezus are you serious? You have a dildo and you were using it talking to me”“Yes I was and you had no idea. Lucky you hung up when you did or I would have got busted as I was getting ready to cum and another minute you would have heard it ““ Damn Jan I wish I had of know.” She smiled.“Well you owe me now you fibbed to me and said you had nothing to stick in you for the guys and the photos and all along you have a dildo. Where is it.”“I know, I’m sorry. Its in the bedroom “ and with that she stood and walked in and opening the draw beside her bed she took a dildo wrapped in plastic out.“there see I’m telling the truth”“Well now we have made our pact I guess I can say it as I want cant I.“Yes you can”.“ take you dress of completely and your stockings”.She slipped the dress to the floor and sat back on the bed and removed her high heels and then her half stockings.“Lay back on the bed and slide your toy in you”.Wait, she said, I will need a little lube for it.With that she retrieved a small tube from her draw and wetting the dildo she lay back and raising her legs slowly inserted the dildo.I could tell she was tight as it took slow pushes and even then only half went in and I could see her pussy was gripping tightly even though it was only half way in.I went and got the camera.Jan was on her back and I told her to spread and bend her legs and I took a photo telling her to look at the camera.I took another close up shot and then sat on the edge of the bed.“keep going I want to watch “ She slid it in slowly and withdrew, all the while looking at me.I stood and dropped my pants and took my top of and stood naked with my cock straight out and up.“your up again I didn’t think you would be able to after before” Jan said.“Take the dildo out”.She slid it out and I positioned myself between her legs pointing my cock at her pussy.Taking hold of her legs I pulled her closer to the edge of the bed so I remained standing.My cock slowly touched her pussy which was wet from the lube and slowly I pushed into her. She was tight but warm and after pausing half way up I took a photo, and pushing in and withdrawing 4 times I was buried to the hilt and in heaven.I fucked her slowly and she lay with her eyes closed occasionally lifting her head and opening her eyes to watch my cock sliding in and out, then at my face.After about 5 minutes I felt my build up and told her.“I’m cumming”.“Go ahead cum I’ve been waiting for it”.“I want you to look at me while I cum in you, have you ever done that”.“No I haven’t.”I stared into her eyes and she looked directly back at me.I told her to tell me to cum.Her breathing got heavier and she closed her eyes briefly and said in a hoarse whisper.“Cum in me”.“Open your eyes.She looked at me and I felt her shudder.Her eyes closed and she let out a small moan.“Jan open your eyes quick I’m cummingShe opened her eyes and looked at me in a daze and that sent me over the top.I let lose into her and her eyes glazed and she tried to keep looking at me but in the end they closed and her head turned to the side .I felt her whole lower half lift as I stood buried to the hilt pumping my load into her and her hands reached up and gripped my legs. I stood locked like that, my eyes also closed, for a bout a minute as I felt her pussy gently throbbing and squeezing my cock.I had never experienced that before and it was a sensational feeling.Her but was raised up while she did it and her nails dug into my thighs.Finally she relaxed and her hands fell away and her legs dropped and she lay on the bed as I slid out of her.I lay beside her and drifted to sleep.I opened my eyes in what I thought was a few minutes but found out it was about an hour after.Jan was gone but I could hear her in the kitchen and called her name.She came into the room dressed in track pants and a sweater.“Well that was good “I smiled.She laughed. “Yes it was but I’m so sore from it.”TO BE CONTINUED..

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