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After hearing from a handful of fans of Jason and Shaun, I have decided to bring them back for a little while. I”m starting where I left off with the guys enjoying their honeymoon. I am also trying the split point of view narration. It”s my hope that you enjoy it.

Jason and Shaun

Chapter 20


Jason”s P.O.V.

After having some very hot sex, I carefully break away from Shaun”s embrace and head for the bathroom. After wearing the tuxedoes and the physical activity afterwards, I am sure that I need a shower. My sweet husband has gone from being shy when it comes to sex to being loud and bold behind the doors of our bedroom. Shaun is quite versatile but he needs to tone down his enthusiasm when he is fucking me. But I”m really not complaining; my man is awesome. Arriving in the bathroom, I place my towel on the counter and then step into the shower. I quickly turn on the hot water and the shower head begins to spray as I slowly add cold water until it feels just right on my skin, not too hot, but not too cold. With the water going, I didn”t hear Shaun open the door, walk in, and then open the shower doors.

“Can I squeeze in with you?”

If he touches me, I am going to get aroused, and I really don”t” want my cock to get hard again. He has always turned me on and he will always turn me on. Shaun is my vice.

“Come on, Babe, get in with me.”

Right now, I am more interested in getting our cum off of me than I am playing around with Shaun. He must have the same idea because he hasn”t touched me at all, and usually he would at least wash my back for me.


I step out of the shower and dry myself off before leaving my baby to finish his shower. I walk to the bedroom and grab a pair of briefs out of my underwear drawer. After putting the briefs on, I climb back into bed and cover up. Fifteen minutes later, Shaun comes back into the room with a smile on his face, and much to my surprise, he is at half-mast.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” he asks, as he approaches the DVD shelf, displaying his butt to me. I guess because I did not answer right away, he takes three movies off the shelf, and then shows them to me.

“I think that I want to watch the middle one.”

In a heartbeat, he places the movie into our player, and Shaun crawls into the bed and sits right next to me. We are watching a gay romance that takes place in Paris, the two main characters are American, and the other is French. We start off all cuddled up next to each other, but about half way through it, I fell asleep, and at some point Shaun fell asleep too.


Morning came at eleven o”clock, but we started kissing, and that leads to some groping, which just causes us to stay in bed a little longer. I love being around him when he starts to get romantic. The groping then leads us back to kisses, and I love his tender little kisses… and his hot and heavy ones too.

“So what do you want for breakfast?”

I hope he wants French toast, sausage, and fresh fruit, because that is what I want, so that is what I”m making.

“How about you surprise me?”

I guess we”re having what I want, since he”s not suggesting anything else. Breaking away from him, I head out to start cooking, but I pause at the door and look at him, hoping that he”ll join me.


An hour later, breakfast is ready and the only thing left to do is get Shaun into the dining room.

Walking back into our bedroom, I find Shaun dressed and writing in his journal. He grins as he puts his pen down for a second, and then he looks up at me.

“Be done in a second.”

True to his word, Shaun is soon on my heels trying to get ahead of me, but instead of running past me though, he takes my hand and escorts me to the table. He even pulls my chair out for me – he does this all the time for me. I love every minute of it, and who wouldn”t enjoy having their man being polite and romantic? Shaun returns thanks on the food and I”m quiet while he does it. It”s a part of his background and I respect it because I adore him. Shaun no longer attends his church, but he still is religious. Immediately after saying his prayer, Shaun digs into his meal.

“Mmm, this is really good.”

With Shaun, I don”t have to cook anything fancy; all I have to do is fix something simple that tastes delicious.

`Hmm, he”s quiet; usually he”s telling me all about his day and what he has planned for it.”

“Jason, what do you want to do today, other than be around me all the day?”

I would love to go to Lake Michigan, walk the beach, and there”s an awesome caf�…

“How about we drive to Michigan City? We can walk the beach and have lunch while we”re there.”

Shaun smiles as he puts a forkful of food into his mouth, and that smile tells me that he is game for getting out and enjoying ourselves. Breakfast is going great and it really makes me feel good knowing that Shaun is enjoying his meal.


As we”re eating, there is a loud knock at the door, and it catches us off-guard. All of our friends know that we are not to be disturbed, so who dares intrude on our honeymoon? We ignored the first knock, but on the second knock, I decide to go to the door. I gaze through the spyhole in the door, but I don”t see anyone out on our porch. My curiosity gets the best of me and I open the front door. On the window portion of our screen door there is a piece of paper taped to it.

“Look down on the porch, and you”ll find a wicker basket. Enjoy! Compliments of the Phantom.”

I open up the screen door, and on the porch is a wicker basket that has six good-sized blueberry muffins all wrapped up in blue plastic wrap with another note taped to it.

“Compliments of the Phantom.”

I really need to thank this neighborly phantom. Reaching down I grab the basket and head back to the presence of my husband.

“Looks like someone likes us.”

Shaun smiles as he reaches and looks at the basket.

“Yeah, the phantom has struck again.”

As I slowly remove the wrapping, Shaun reaches for one of the muffins. The muffins look much too good to be ignored and I”m not sure they”ll last very long in this house. I grab a muffin for myself, and with my first bite, instantly I”m hit with a taste of real blueberries, not just blueberry-flavored bits. After our home-cooked meal, Shaun and I go to the bathroom to brush our teeth.


After relaxing for a half hour, we leave the house and get in the car, and in a heartbeat, we start our journey to Michigan City. I am really looking forward to spending some time on the beach with Shaun. The air may not be any cleaner there than at home, but there is something about being out in nature that revitalizes me. It is amazing how quiet Shaun is being, but I hope he is just lost in thought.

“Shaun, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I”m fine; just thinking about something.”

He always gets quiet when he is holding something back; of course, he could be lost in thought. I hate it when he is in one of his quiet moods, and right now, I want to have a chat. Still, I”d rather be with him than anyone else in the world, and Shaun mezitli escort feels the same about me. Friends, boyfriends, and now husbands, we communicate even when we are quiet.


Arriving at the park, we get out of the car and instantly Shaun takes my hand. He smiles, but does not kiss me, which is okay, but after the ride, I would love some affection. We head towards the beach, but as we do, Shaun is looking a little nervous.

“Okay, Shaun, spill it, what”s going on inside that head of yours?”

Shaun stares down the beach as he collects his thoughts, and I guess all I can do is wait on him to answer my question.

“Last night, I had a dream that we were parents and that it was awesome. We were having a blast in the backyard, playing ball. I know you want kids, but we”ve never discussed the topic before, and I wasn”t sure how to bring it up with you.”

“I”m a little mad at you, Shaun, that you didn”t bring this up earlier, but it”s fine. I would love to have a kid, or a couple. I don”t know about bringing a kid into our lives now, but yeah, I would love to share our house, or our future house, with our kids.”

Shaun seems happy with my response because he”s glowing.

“I knew that you would be okay with it, but I wanted to bring it up anyway.”

I have to admit that I am a bit curious about his dream.

“So tell me more about this dream.”

Shaun”s eyes light up, and when his eyes light up like that, it usually means that I”m about to see Shaun”s wild side. As much as I would like to have some action on the beach, I do not see Shaun going for it.

“The dream didn”t last very long, but there were two kids, a boy and a girl. We were playing basketball in the front yard and were lifting up the kids to make their baskets. The kids looked happy. I don”t remember much more than that. So what do you think?”

For some reason, Shaun looks happy, but I feel a little defeated.


Shaun and I have different ideas of the how, when, and why of this dad thing. Until I met him, I was not sure that I wanted to have kids, but Shaun”s patience and love for Adam really tipped the scale in favor of having kids with my man. I want to wait until we are in a more stable living situation, but I am sure my loving husband would do it tomorrow, if possible, but since I don”t know what Shaun”s time scale is, I am going to find out.

“When do you see us adopting?”

Shaun”s wheels are turning and it takes him a full two minutes before he answers.

“Well, not this year, but before we”re both forty. I want to really be able to play with them and keep up with them.”

I can live with waiting a little bit, but I definitely agree with him on not waiting until were forty.

“I love you, Jason.”

I lean forward and kiss him instead of speaking the words “I love you”.

`Yeah he loves me, and I will always love him.”

We continue our walk for what feels like a mile before turning around and heading back down to the beach. On our way down the beach, we manage to steal a few kisses and whisper some sweet words to each other.


Reaching the car, we open it, get in, and then we head out towards the caf� for lunch. We drive for ten minutes before pulling into the parking lot. Leaving the car behind, we enter the building. A sign just inside tells us to wait to be seated, so we do, but from what I”ve heard, the food is worth the wait. Shaun and I are approached by a lady who is in her twenties, and seems to have a warm personality.

“Hi, I”m Kathy and I”ll be your waitress today. Please follow me and I”ll get you seated.”

We follow her to our table, which has a great view of Trail Creek and the boats that move up it as they go out to Lake Michigan. To pay my babe back for his kindness at breakfast, I pull out his chair for him and Kathy smiles. Kathy hands us our menus and we immediately thumb through it.

“I”ll give you a few minutes to look through the menus and decide on what you want to order.”

Her smile and willingness to give us time to think about what we want is wonderful.

“Thanks Kathy.”

True to her word, our waitress walks away and goes to another table. In just a few minutes, Kathy returns to the table with a smile on her face.

“Are you gentlemen ready to order?”

I look at Shaun to see if he is ready to place his order, and he hands her his menu.

“Can we start off with the crab cakes? I”ll have the grilled cheese, and the mocha to drink.”

Shaun”s choice of drink surprises me a little bit, because he usually avoids coffee.

“Shaun, you do know that mocha is coffee, right?”

Shaun smiles at me and reaffirms that he knows that mocha is in fact a coffee drink.

“Are you ready to order?”

“Yes, I would like the penne with Italian sausage and apple juice.”

“I”ll be right back with your drinks in just a little bit.”

She disappears and in a few minutes reappears with our drinks, and she passes them out to us.

“If you need anything else just let me know.”

“Thanks, Kathy!”

She walks away from our table and lets us enjoy a few sips of our drinks. Shaun looks a bit distant as he sips on his mocha, and I wonder where his mind is wandering too.

“Shaun, what”s up?”

He emerges from whatever thought had him lost.

“Sorry, I was just thinking of Ms White.”

Shaun amazes me sometimes, while his thoughts should be on us, he is thinking about a friend or a family member. I don”t blame him though; I”m also guilty of worrying about our friends or family.

“Yeah, I”ve been worried about her too.”

Our appetizers come out and we start to devour them. Even as we eat our crab cakes, I can tell Shaun is still stewing over Ms White. On any other day, I would call her, but today our technology is turned off. The rest of our meal comes out and we can”t stop eating it. Our conversation takes a lighter tone as we enjoy our lunch. Shaun”s look of concern is replaced by the satisfaction of having an empty plate and a full stomach. We decide to head home and spend the rest of our day relaxing.


I”m in our living room reading a book, while Shaun is playing with our cat, when it hits me we”ve haven”t checked our messages all day. I grab my phone to check for messages only to have Shaun catch me in the act.

“We agreed no phones or Internet today, so put it away.”

I didn”t think it would be a huge deal, but apparently I was wrong, so I put my phone away. Sasha walks over to investigate what I”m doing and I get swept up in playing with our cat.

“Hello, kitty, what has your interest over here, huh?”

She is rubbing up against my legs as she is looking up at me. I reach down to pick her up and play with her until she has had enough of me. As Sasha runs away from me, Shaun gets up to grab a movie to watch.


Shaun puts a movie in and we cuddle up next to each other.

“Thanks for a great day, Babe, I love you.”

Shaun leans in and kisses me on the cheek. I am not sure what has happened, but he is becoming more and more romantic. There is nothing like being next to him, feeling his warmth, and just simply enjoying his company. We spend the next two hours in each other”s arms, and we get lost in the other”s embrace.


After cuddling and movie watching, it”s evident we need some spice to add some heat to our day. Getting up from the couch, I grab a paper bag from out of the closet. I hid my purchase pozcu escort from him, hoping to surprise the hell out of him. Sitting next to Shaun, I smile and then kiss him on the lips.

“What”s in the bag, Babe?”

Reaching into the bag, I pull out a dildo and a bottle of lube.

“What… are you kidding me?”

Shaking my head no, I look at him as I wave the dildo in front of his face, teasing him with it for a second. He laughs nervously as he tries to take from me, but I won”t let him have it… at least not right now.

“You want this toy Shaun?”

Again, I wave the sex toy in his face, and he gives me that sexy little smirk that says “Yes, please!”, and I point him towards the bedroom. His eyes are stuck on the dildo in my right hand, and I can tell that he is really nervous about it. Shaun is so eager for adventure that he is already stripping as he heads towards the bedroom. At one point, he turns and looks at me, giving me a mischievous grin that makes me blush a bit. When we get into the bedroom, I smack his ass with the toy, and Shaun frowns a bit, as he climbs up into the bed. I stop and start stripping down and then look towards the bed. Shaun is already naked and his eyes are still on that dildo.

“Going to close the door and join me on the bed?”

I climb up on to the bed and start kissing my husband and we fall down to the pillows together.

“Do you love me?”

“Shaun, do you think either of us would be here if I didn”t love you or if you didn”t love me?”

He didn”t answer me, but he did reach down and play with my cock.

“I love you, Jason.”

He kisses me and continues to handle my cock, and he also reaches down and plays with my balls.

“I… I love you too.”

We get down to some real playtime, and when we”re done, a nap is very much required.


We are sitting in our bed after waking up, and Shaun looks at me with a very serious face.

“I was thinking about the future and how you have a job here and I”m still job searching. So what happens if my work takes me away from Northwest Indiana?”

Sometimes, his questions really hit home, and yeah, I”ve thought about this same exact question myself, and a few others as well.

“As hard as it would be to give up my job, I would pack up and move with you. I can find a job elsewhere.”

“Are we always going to be us?”

I am not exactly sure what he”s asking, but I do not want to let go of him.

“Do you mean will we always be together?”

“Yes, Babe.”

“I didn”t marry you just to ditch you when things get tough.”

Shaun kisses me and gives my hand a tight, but loving, grasp and it melts my heart. Shaun”s reaction to what I said is completely amazing. He is, without a doubt, my everything, and he”s the only man that I want in my bed and in my life for all eternity.

Shaun”s Point Of View:

I wake up to find that Jason is already awake, and from the sound of it, he”s already in the shower. I see no sense in wasting the water… or the opportunity to be naked with my husband. My mind somehow rewinds to the events, which took place once we came home from the reception. I am not sure which I enjoyed more, just being naked around him, cuddling with him, or the actual sex. Perhaps it”s my semi-late start with sex, but I love it and Jason has been an incredible teacher. Of course, the cuddling is sweet too. I like to think it leads to even hotter sex afterward and a nice cool-down once we”ve had sex. As quickly as those thoughts hit me, they flee and I am left to go back to what I was doing – getting ready for my shower. I grab my clean clothes, my towel, and head towards the bathroom. Jason did not even bother to close the bathroom door, so I step inside and get a view of his sexy backside. As I move closer the shower, my mind again flashes back to our sex. No matter how many times I fuck Jason, his tightness gets me off every time.

`Okay, enough, or I”ll be hard again.”

I love taking showers with him; not only do I get clean, but the view is kind of incredible. Jason lets me step right into the shower and I immediately start cleaning myself. I would love to start playing with him, and knowing Jason, he is thinking the same thing of me. The water feels so good on my skin right now, and it is completely relaxing. Jason steps out of the shower leaving me to finish my shower alone. The view as he steps out is heavenly, and makes me want to have him in my arms. A few minutes after my boyfriend gets out of the shower, I also finish and leave the shower. After drying off, I slip on my underwear and head to the bedroom.


Entering the bedroom, I look at Jason lying there all covered up and practically pleading with me to join him in bed. I am not tired, so I grab three movies off of our movie shelf and I hope he likes my selections. I show him the three DVD cases and then ask him which one he wants to watch. Once he picks the one he wants, I get it into the player. I climb into bed and cuddle up next to him and then he pushes play on the remote. As it gets to the middle of the movie, Jason starts to fall asleep.

“I know you”re enjoying the movie, but I think you need to rest.”

He didn”t answer me, but Jason did give me a little tired smile. Ten minutes later, my babe is now asleep, resting his head on my shoulder. I lower him to the pillow and then bend my head down and kiss him on the forehead, and then turn off the player. Time for this guy to get to bed, I hope my husband and I have pleasant dreams.


We wake up and spend a little bit of time making out before getting out of bed. I do not want to wake up his libido, so I try to limit my playing to just kisses. After we stop our kissing, Jason gets out of bed and gets dressed. He looks at me and asks me what I want for breakfast. I tell to surprise me. He will too, and the meal will be delicious and healthy. I love Jason and I love his cooking, and I”m willing to wait on the food. Jason leaves the room to start breakfast, and I feel the need to write in my journal. I grab my pen and then my journal and then I let the words slip from my mind to the pages on my journal.

`Last night, I had a very short dream that lasted for about five minutes. Jason, I, and a little child were in our backyard until the child gets hurt. When the child cries out, Jason runs to her side. I can see the worried look on his face. My heart is about to pop from seeing that little kid and Jason interacting. Now I need to find a way to tell Jason, and I know that he”ll be okay with the dream and the kid, but I can”t help feeling a bit nervous.”

I close my journal, rest my pen on the cover, and then stare out at the mirror and it”s reflection of the room.


I sit there thinking about the dream when Jason enters the room. I look at him and smile because his presence in our room means that breakfast is ready. Normally, I would be the first one at the table, but not today, because today is all about us. I grab his hand and together the two of us walk to our dining room. I pull out Jason”s chair for him and then I wait for him to take a seat before I sit down. After prayer, I look at him, amazed at the fact that he always shows respect for me, and I always show respect for him, his beliefs, and his upbringing. Jason may ask questions, and there may be things that he does not agree with me, but he is never mean about the way he does it. It is one of the many reasons that I love him.

`Hmm…Jason has picked up on escort bayan my mood, and he can see my wheels turning.”

I ask him what he wants to do for the rest of the day in hopes of making him forget whatever he”s thinking about at the moment. He suggests a drive out to Michigan City, where we can walk along the beach and then have lunch. All I know right now is that the food is great and that I love Jason, my master chef.


Suddenly, there is a loud knock at the front door, followed by a second louder knock. Jason gets up to check out who”s banging on our door and a few minutes later comes back to the table with something in a wicker basket. When he is standing next to me, the basket”s content becomes visible and I immediately grab a treat from the basket. I don”t know about Jason, but I love blueberry muffins and these muffins are wonderful. We decide to save a few of the muffins for later in the day or maybe even for tomorrow.

“I think we need to head out if we want to have our walk before lunch.”

Jason smiles at me and we get up and head towards the bathroom. We get ourselves presentable, then kick back, and relax for just a second. Our breakfast needs a chance to settle before the drive to the city. It also gave me an opportunity to just sit back and gaze at Jason.


Getting into the car, Jason drives and I get in the passenger seat. While Jason is focused on the driving, mine is still somehow focused on the dream from last night. I know he has noticed my silence again, but I really need to consider how to mention it to my sweetie. Jason will be fine with having kids, and I really think he”ll want to adopt. I know that I want to adopt too. I know Jason is going to be an awesome father.


When we arrive at the park, we get out of the car and I take Jason”s hand. I do not know why I am nervous, but it could have something to do with my plans to tell my husband about the dream while we are here. I find myself giving Jason quick, little nervous smiles. We end up discussing the kid thing and we agree that later might be better than now. I”ll be counting every single day until we agree that the time is right for us to bring our child home. Knowing that he will be there when the time comes makes me happy beyond words.

`I”m going to be a dad.”

Just thinking the words is enough to make me want to smile; I cannot believe we will be fathers someday. Jason and I have never been closer or happier than we are right now, but in all fairness, it”s not just about being dads in the future.


Jason wants to take me out for lunch and I am all for it, because I am very hungry. As I arrive, I am taken immediately by the cozy, comfortable yet somewhat modern look of the building. Kathy, our server and hostess, surprises me with her energy and her knowledge of the food. I get a pleasant surprise as Jason pulls out my chair for me so I can sit down at the table. It”s not uncommon for Jason or me to make gestures like this, but today this simple act takes on new meaning. Kathy gave us a chance to get comfortable before passing us our menus. Unlike other places, this caf� and the staff are earning my new favorite place status. Of course, I have not tasted any of the foods and my opinion could change for better or for worse. It”s okay because the company makes up for any problems that we might face here. After browsing the menu, Jason looks at me, and I know that he is ready to order and so am I. Returning the menu, I smile at both Jason and Kathy. My husband seems perfectly happy with my choice of appetizers. As I order my drink, Jason comments on it being coffee, and I am not sure why, but I wanted to try it. I guess the addition of the chocolate has me thrown off a bit, and let”s hope that I do not regret drinking this stuff. We didn”t have a long wait on our drinks, which is a good thing, because our little hike made me thirsty. The mocha is not the worst drink that I”ve ever had, but it”s certainly not the best. Sometime between getting our drinks and getting our food, I start to think about Ms White. I wonder if Ms White is having a good time on her cruise, but to be honest, her health is my primary concern. Jason can tell by my eyes and my silence that something is really eating at me. Sometimes his ability to gauge my moods and thoughts is flat out amazing. In the beginning of our relationship, Jason would let my awkward moments slide, but now he uses some means to judge my awkward silence to see if he needs to get me to talk. It has taken me awhile to realize his questioning is out of concern and not him being nosy. By the time our food is gone, I am more focused on what is going on around me.


Back home, Jason and I are trying to relax and, we”re enjoying ourselves. Jason is playing with our cat, but I want to cuddle, and the best way to do that is to watch a movie and sort of force the issue. I pull myself away from watching Jason and Sasha playing together. Walking over to the DVD shelf, I pull a romantic comedy movie and open up the case. I sit down on the couch and Jason moves next to me, we cuddle up and we spend two hours cuddling each other.


At some point, Jason stands up and goes over the closet where he grabs a paper bag. He has this crazy little smirk on his face, and it is the same sly smile that I get when he wants to play around in the bedroom. He approaches the couch and sits next to me while holding the bag tightly. He leans close to my face and delivers a kiss to my lips, and I repay the favor by kissing him on the lips. When I ask him about what”s in the bag, he reaches in and pulls out a realistic dildo and a large container of lube. All I can think about is how that thing is not going in me, but at the same time, I find myself aroused by it. Jason waves the toy in my face and I want to take and smack him in the butt with it. Thanks to my staring at the dildo, he points towards our bedroom. He wants me to head in that direction, but I can”t take my eyes off that 8-inch fake cock. I strip near the couch, leaving my clothes, and then I head towards our bedroom. When I get to the door, I turn and give him the “get into the bedroom now” smile. When I turn back around, my husband smacks my ass with the toy and it smarts, and it makes me wish that I had hit him with it earlier. I enter the room and climb into bed, making sure that Jason gets a good view of my backside. As Jason climbs up into the bed, his eyes briefly glance down at my genitals and then they lock onto my eyes. When he is again near my face, he plants a kiss on my lips and then, well… we get busy.


After our little sex break, which was hot, by the way, we wake up and have one of the most amazing conversations. I don”t know why I ask some of the questions that I ask, but I love to hear Jason”s responses. They always melt my heart, and I end up falling deeper in love with him. The man is truly amazing and no one can ever top him in both the looks department and in the emotional department.


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