Jason’s Secrets Exposed, Part 11


This chapter will be better appreciated if the reader first experiences the previous 10 chapters. A couple of characters from another work of mine (Ariana) make appearances now in this story. The author will now break the rules of writing and switch from the first person (Alexis) to the third person. This new chapter takes place four years after we left off.*Lillie, now 22-years-old and newly graduated from university, had been given, as a graduation present from Alexis, an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris. The trip was to last two weeks and a tour guide had been booked. On the first night after her arrival, Lillie decided that she wanted to dine at the Ritz, something that had always been on her bucket list.After a splendid four-course meal, it was time for her after-dinner cigar and cognac. She lit up and was enjoying her smoke, oblivious to the stares of those around her. A very tall, well-dressed blond-haired woman walked up to her table.”It’s so nice to find another woman who enjoys cigars… and who isn’t afraid to smoke them in public. My name is Ariana. Do you mind if I join you?””Of course not,” Lillie repled, a bit surprised at almanbahis the British accent. “I’m Lillie.””Lillie and Ariana. It has a certain ring to it, if I may say so.”Ariana removed a Cohiba from her purse and proceeded to prepare it. Lillie was impressed as this tall, beautiful stranger brought her cigar expertly to life. She also became aware of all the eyes that were watching them and it amused her to think of all the bulges they were creating.”How long are you here for, my dear? I could certainly show you the town. I now live in the south of France, although I’m English. I know Paris as well as anyone.”Both ladies took large puffs and sexily blew out the smoke.Lillie was tempted by the proposal.”Sorry, Ariana, but I’m already booked for a tour.””Nonsense, love, my tour will be far superior and you’ll get to see things that you wouldn’t believe exist once you see my estate.”Lillie was now more than tempted and she felt an attraction for this woman that took her by surprise.”What the fuck. I’ll take you up on it Ariana.”The ladies finished their cigars and made arrangements to meet the following morning.Lillie was surprised at what almanbahis yeni giriş she was doing, but couldn’t seem to help herself. This mysterious lady had intrigued her.The next day, a whirlwind of activity commenced. For the next week, the new friends took in all of the beauty of Paris, and Ariana treated Lillie to expensive meals at the finest restaurants every night. Followed, of course, by the finest Cuban cigars. On the seventh day, Ariana said that she wanted Lillie to experience “something different.” Lillie, by this point, could only agree.The ladies took a limo to what appeared to be a seedy club. As they entered, Lillie was struck by the unmistakeable odor of cigar smoke. It appeared that virtually everyone was smoking, and the clientele was, let us say, unusual. It was a giant gender bend. Many of the ladies were smoking cigars and pipes, and an overt sexuality perfumed the room.They were led to a table and ordered their drinks. Ariana prepared and lit a pipe, and Lillie smoked a Cohiba, her favorite among the many Cuban cigars that Ariana had introduced her to.”Why are you doing all of this for me?” asked Lilly. I almanbahis giriş am eternally grateful, but I don’t know why.””Well, love, I sensed right at the start that you might be a kindred spirit. You are, and I suspect that when we get to my estate, that you just might rethink a lot of things. I could be a great mentor to you.”Lillie laughed. “I already have a mentor, Ariana, and I don’t think you could ever dream of some of the things she has taught me. Her name is Alexis and she is my aunt. She’s the one who got me smoking cigars. And lots of other fun stuff.”Ariana smiled. “I think I would like this Alexis. Perhaps we’ll meet someday.”Lillie went to use the rest room. When she returned to the table, she saw Ariana embracing and erotically kissing a lady dressed in a man’s suit. It turned her on, but she felt a pang of jealousy that took her by surprise.”Would you like to introduce us, Ariana?”Ariana smiled and said, “This is Simone, Lillie. She is a former lover and we’re still close friends.””Enchante, Lillie,” said the woman.The ladies said their farewells and, Lillie, now completely enchanted, agreed to accompany Ariana to her estate the next day.* * *Arriving at Ariana’s estate, Lillie was astounded at the size and the beauty of it. Getting out of the limo, they were greeted by a manservant named Georges, who took Lillies’s bags into the main dwelling.

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