Jealousy Can Get You Somewhere!


I ignored him the entire day I saw him. He was flirting at bitches and he wanted me to submit to him and give my body to him. He can eat a bowl of dicks for all I care.

I closed my room door and laid in my bed. Angry at the world and the bitches at this school. Don’t they know that we are always around each other? I got back up and took all of my clothes off, only left with my lingerie. Then, I changed into a long nightgown. I sighed in frustration as I heard a loud knock on my door and I knew it was him. I ignored the knocking.

“Girl, I know you hear me! Open the damn door!” I tried ignoring him, but he continued knocking on my dorm door. I got up and walked to my door.

“Get the fuck away from my door,” I yelled at him. I heard him sigh on the other side of the door. I roll my eyes because I really didn’t give a fuck how he felt. “If you don’t open the door right now, you’re gonna regret it,” I turned around and kicked the door to signal him to leave. “Lesi Tesfaye is not opening the door for you.” I heard him chuckle as I felt the door open. My eyes widened as my eyes met his.

“Next time, be careful when leaning on the door,” he taunted and pinned me to the bed. “So why didn’t you open the door, huh?”

“I didn’t want to, you shouldn’t have pulled that bullshit on me” I sigh in disgust. “Lesi, baby. I was just talking to a friend. Don’t make a big deal out of nothing,” he replied to me as I scoffed.

“So you want to play the jealous type?” I roll my eyes “Silent treatment?” I ignored him. “Okay, I’ll play along,” he grabbed my neck and got closer to me. “Lesi, jealousy can get you fucked, you casino siteleri know that?”

“Go fuck those bitches that you talk to on camp–” he kisses me while he was still gripping my neck. “What bitches I can fuck, when there is one in front of me?” I stayed silent as I felt his soft hand caress my body. He lifted my nightgown up as my titties began to expose. He pulled one out and began sucking on it. My head rests back as I felt like I was being electrocuted again.

Why do I feel like this? Why does it feel so good?

“What are you doing to me?” I moaned

“I told you Lesi, you would go crazy over me. You can’t resist me baby.”

“I can because you are talking to those bitches out there and you just fucked me a week ago.” I slapped him across his face as his face changed. He raised his eyebrow and got closer to me. “So you want some fucking attention, Lesi? Well now you got it! Turn the fuck around,” He turns me around and pins me to my dorm bed.

“Quit being jealous, before I fuck you!” He said

“You might as well get to fucking because I don’t know if I ca–” I felt his huge dick inside of me, as everything I ever felt just jumped out the window. “You stepped into the light yet, Carol Ann? You want more?” I roll my eyes. I felt a sharp sting on my ass cheek.

“I asked a fucking question, Lesi Tesfaye!” He spanked my ass a couple more times, but a part of me wanted more of it.

“Yes,” I moaned, “give me more daddy.” I looked back at him and he bit his lip. “Good girl. Take this dick,” he began with slow strokes, I felt his body press up against me which felt like heaven güvenilir casino to me. I felt his soft hands caressing my ass. He takes his hand off my ass and spanks it hard. I whimpered as it hurt, but it felt so good.

“Good little bitch you are,” He grabs my hands and uses them as force to pull me back towards his dick “Good little bitch you are,” He’s going too rough. But why do I like it? It seems like yesterday I was a freshman who didn’t know a thing or two about “getting some” now look at her,

Getting some…

“See this is what these girls were telling me. They want my dick, I don’t want to give it to them. They don’t deserve my dick. I shouldn’t even be nice and let them suck it.”

“Oh so you let them suck your dick now?”

“Shut up, slut. All my bitches suck my dick. But you,” he grabbed my hair and pulled me back to him to get closer to my ear. “You don’t get that treatment. You get all the dick.” He let go of my hair as my head met the sheets. “I love it when you get jealous, it’s pretty sexy. The ‘lil attitude. Keep doing that and I might fuck you harder.” He isn’t the college boy that I met when I first landed here, he was way different now. I finally got to see the real him, and it’s scary.

But I wanted more.

“Give me more…” I moaned as his hands were pressing on my ass as he was pleasuring me one stroke at a time.

If I had a dollar for every time this might take place. I would be one rich bitch.

“This is what those bitches want. That’s why they hate you Lesi. You receive a treatment, these bitches can’t have. You feel that dick?” I felt a sharp canlı casino sting across my ass as I realized I didn’t reply to him.

“Yes.” I stammered my words because he was hitting my g-spot, again. “Yes what?”

“Yes daddy…” did that really just come out of my mouth?

“You want me to keep going, baby?” His strokes began to speed up as it felt like my entire body was beginning to weaken. My legs began to give out as I was laid out on my bed. He continued to stroke even though I was practically tapping out in front of his eyes.

“Take my fucking dick, you sexy motherfucker.” He pressed his hand even harder on my bed as my moans got louder. “Yeah, get louder, baby. Let these bitches hear what they can’t have!” He moans as something inside of me begins to erupt. I wanted those girls to hear me take his dick. I want to get them jealous…make them mad.

“Lesi, if you keep doing that I’ll cum inside your pussy.” I felt my legs tremble and I knew what was about to happen. “You wanna cum baby? I know you do. Cum for daddy.”

“Ooh, fuck!” I whimpered.

“You’re gonna stop being a jealous little slut?” He spanks my ass. “Yes, I will!”

“You’re gonna take my dick?” He groaned while as our moans synchronized, I could hear the bed shaking and see it hitting the wall.

“I’m…gonna…cum…” I whined and moaned because I couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Me too baby,” he began to speed up his strokes as his dick was feeling like it was knocking on my g-spot constantly. I felt my entire body release as I felt his nut inside of my pussy.

“Don’t put makeup over your marks. I want everyone to see it, so they can know who you belong to. If I don’t see it, I swear, I’ll fuck you up. Understand?” Silence. He spanks my ass “Understand!?”

“Yes daddy”

“Good girl.” He kissed my back as he walked out of my dorm room.

I miss daddy dick already.

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