Jenna’s Punishment


Jenna had been bad. Very bad and she knew it. She was slated to meet me at a hotel downtown to deal with her disobedience. I was seated on the end of the bed, completely undressed when I heard the door open. She came in with her head down, staring at the floor. I knew what she needed. “Before you even say a word, you naughty little slut, you need to remove every stitch of your clothing. And quickly. Don’t make me tell you twice.” She jumped as though she’d been slapped and she immediately began fumbling with her coat. I leaned back and growled “Slower. I want to watch you take them off.” She looked up and me. I gazed hotly at her and said “And I want you to keep your eyes on bahis siteleri me.” She slowed her piece and removed her clothing slowly. She kept her eyes on me and I stared at her while I began touching my pussy. I was already wet — her immediate obedience was hot. When she was naked I said “Come sit on my lap.” I settled her on my lap and stroked the outside of her cunt lips. I wanted her slightly relaxed before I began my interrogation. A slow moan escaped her lips. I caught one of her nipples in my mouth and continue stroking her pussy. Then I looked deeply in her eyes. “Did you let someone else fuck my pussy?” I demanded. She looked down and nodded. I grabbed a handful canlı bahis siteleri of her hair and jerked her head up. “You don’t nod. You answer me when I ask you a question. Did you let someone else fuck MY pussy?” “Yes,” she said. “And did you ask permission first?” “No.” “Why not? Is it because you’re such a slut that you needed to get fucked so bad? And you were afraid I’d say no.” “Yes,” she mumbled. “You know that was wrong, don’t you? I demanded. “You’re my slut. And that’s my pussy. I say when it gets fucked and I say who fucks it. What’s happens to slutty bad girls?” “They get spanked,” she said. “That’s right. Now I need to know more information so I can figure canlı bahis out what your punishment is going to be,” I said. “How many times did you get fucked?” “Since I last saw you?” she said. “Five times. I got fucked by my wife five times.” “Anyone else?” I asked. She looked up, surprised. “No.” “Okay,” I said. “I believe that. Although I suspect you fucked yourself a number of times too, my little whore, but I will let those slide. How many times did your wife make MY pussy come? Did she eat my pussy?” “She made me come every time. And yes, she tasted your pussy. I’m so sorry. I tried to be a good girl. I really did. But she started kissing me and I was thinking about how hot you fuck me and I was so wet and I’m so sorry,” she started to cry. “Shhh….kitten. It’s okay. I know you’re sorry. But you know you need to be spanked. Bad little girls need spankings,” I said softly, kissing her tears away.

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