Jenny Gets a Guy


Jenny was trying to read and not doing very well. Every time she thought she was getting into the thread of the story, there was a new noise or a particularly hard jolt of the bed.

Lady Astoria climbed onto the deck, she read. The wild sea wind took hold of her flowing locks and streamed them out, like the wild flights of her dreams. She —

“Oh God fuck yeah!” Her husband’s voice intruded from beside her.

Jenny had to hunt around on the page to find her spot again. The rocking of the mattress was distracting in itself.

She looked around the heaving ship, feeling the sting of the spray on her face, hearing the calls of the crew over the howl of the wind. Where —

“Unh, that’s pussy’s so tight!” Her husband exclaimed.

“Yes, fuck me hard!” A smoky female voice demanded. The sounds of wet squelching and slapping flesh increased in tempo, as did the bed’s bouncing.

Where was her love? Where were the piercing eyes that had inflamed her mind since she set foot aboard this ship?

Then she saw him, silhouetted against the stormy sky, his jerkin flapping loosely around his —

“Jump off and suck me!” Her husband said harshly. The mattress shook with movement.

“You want me to suck your cock, you dirty boy?” The smoky voice purred.

“Shut up and eat it!”

There was a lot of wet slurping and the popping sounds Jenny knew occurred when you stretched out a cheek with an erect penis and let it spring out of the mouth.

– his jerkin flapping loosely —

“Get the balls as well, you bitch.”

“Mmmm-hmm.” More slurping and wet smacking.

– jerkin flapping loosely around —

“Yeah, suck my dick now! Spit on it! Spi-it! Take it all, you whore. All of it.”

Thick choking sounds, mixed with her husband’s gasping.

– flapping loosely around his sculpted —

“Get back on! Yessss.”

More shaking, then the rocking started again, along with the sound of sweaty skin slapping together. Both her husband and the female voice were moaning and swearing loudly now. Jenny dropped her book on the bed, sparing a glance for the clean cut pirate on the front cover before turning over.

Her husband Frank was a thin, slightly flabby man with fair skin, his chest covered in a thick mat of black hair. His face was normally pleasant, if not that attractive, though now it was pulled back in a nasty-looking grimace. He was sheened in sweat and breathing hard in between swearing.

Bouncing on top of her husband was a beautiful, sultry woman. Her body was voluptuous yet firm, with a big muscular ass and big firm breasts that jiggled sexily. Her skin was a delicious mocha shade, her eyes dark and warm, her hair long and black and shiny. She was pouting erotically down at Frank as though he was the sexiest man alive.

Frank noticed that Jenny was looking.

“I’m sorry honey,” He gasped. “Are we disturbing you?”

“No, its okay.” She lied.

“I can take, uh, Sugar into the, ooh, living room if you like.”

“No, I’m not sleepy anyway.” She said. She was watching the body of her husband’s girl as she slammed up and down on him. Jenny was sure she would jiggle a bit more if she went as hard as that.

“You don’t want any help?” Jenny offered, smiling. “Maybe Sugar could use a break?”

“Sorry, honey,” Frank said, clutching Sugar’s thighs. “I want it rough today.”

“Oh,” Jenny’s smile vanished. “Okay.”

“Jump off you bitch,” Frank pushed the gorgeous girl off him. “Get into doggy.”

“Oh yeah, baby.” Sugar crooned, getting on her hands and knees, thrusting her hot ass at Frank as he got behind her. Jenny watched as her husband groped the firm cheeks, his twitching wet dick slapping the brown skin of the tight thighs. Frank’s cock was about five inches long and thin, even so it was practically dripping in Sugar’s pussy juice.

“Frank?” Jenny started.

“Yes, honey?” He answered absently, one of his hands making moist noises from behind the brown buttocks. Sugar’s long-lashed eyes closed as she moaned.

“Do you still think I’m sexy?”

He looked up at her in surprise, although he kept on doing whatever it was he was doing to his girl.

“Of course I do, Jen-jen,” He said lovingly. “You’re the only real girl for me.”

“Oh.” Jenny said. Frank smiled at her then looked down, obviously guiding his erection into Sugar’s tight wet pussy. Jenny knew that the beautiful girl’s pussy would be just as tight and wet forever, just like her whole body would look nineteen and firm forever. The girl hadn’t changed in the twenty-three years Jenny had known her. She frowned as Frank began pulling the smooth ass back into his hips, fucking hard and making thick wet sounds of penetration.

“God, its so good.” He breathed.

“Its just…” Jenny lost conviction and trailed off.

“What’s wrong, honey?” His voice was caring, though his thrusts actually seemed to get harder. Sugar was moaning and throwing back her thick head of lustrous hair.

“Its just we haven’t, you know. Had sex. In a while.”

“I’ve been konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort having a really stressful time at work, honey,” Frank soothed as his hips slapped into firm ass cheeks. “There’s a lot going on at the bank.”

“I know, I know. Still,” She paused. “You still seem, y’know. Horny.”

“Oh, this,” Frank waved a hand dismissively at the pornographic creature he was embedded in. “This is a bit different, Jen.”


“Yeah. Its just stress relief, really.” He said reasonably.

“Oooh, fuck my pussy,” Sugar whispered, her long hair falling around her face from how hard she was getting pounded. “Oooh, yes yes yes yes.”

“Well, gee,” Jenny said, a little sarcastically. “Can’t I be stress relief too, Frank?”

“No, see, that’s what I meant by different,” He paused, looking down at his pistoning member. “You see, we make love, right?”


“Yeah, you see,” He said. “That’s what I mean. You have to be relaxed to make love.”

Jenny watched her husband fuck for a few seconds.

“So this is… what?” She pointed at the moaning girl on all fours next to her.

“This is just sex!” He exclaimed, lengthening his stroke. “This is just, y’know, sport fucking. With Sugar I can be rough, I can do whatever. Its like I’m jerking off with her body. Isn’t it, Sugar?”

“Oooh, yeah, baby,” The girl smiled back at him with perfect white teeth and big soft lips. “Use my pussy, you dirty boy.”

“Fu-uck.” Frank breathed, looking into the big brown eyes. Jenny felt as though she’d been instantly forgotten.

“Frank?” She demanded. “Hello?”

“So you see, honey,” He said calmly, as though it was obvious. “It wouldn’t be right if we made love when I’m in this mood. It wouldn’t be fair on you.”


“Much better that Sugar does all the hard work, hey?” He grinned, demonstrating his point by driving his hips into the girl with renewed gusto.

“Yeah,” Jenny said lamely. “Well, maybe I’ll get up for a bit. I’m not sleepy.”

“Sure thing, honey. Don’t stay up too late.”

As Jenny left the bedroom, Frank was reaching around his moaning girl to cup her breasts, hips pumping wildly.

She walked down the darkened hallway towards the living room, bare feet padding on the carpet, feeling quite hot and annoyed. She hadn’t minded Frank fucking Sugar, as long as she also got some, or got to join in. It used to be normal for them to enjoy a pretty raunchy threesome most nights, Frank’s cock swinging between their mouths and pussies, but always choosing to cum in Jenny. Now that cock only seemed to like penetrating Sugar as hard and fast and rough as possible, before cumming between those pouty lips.

She was passing their son’s closed bedroom door when she heard a sound and stopped, listening. It had sounded like someone sucking in a hard breath. She quietly moved her ear close to the door.

“Oh God,” Her son’s voice exclaimed, seemingly right on the other side. “Your ass is so tight.”

“Fuck my ass.” Said a cute female voice.

“God, Felicia. Oh shit, I’m gonna cum already.”

“Yeah, pull my hair,” The cute voice urged. “Cum up my ass, yes!”

Jenny pulled back from the door and crept away as loud moaning began. Goodness knows, in the two weeks since her son Freddie had gotten his girl, she had heard and seem him cum plenty of loads. Still, it seemed weird to be listening to it as the door.

Jenny turned on the living room light and dropped into the sofa, clicking on the television with a sigh. It was so late, TV was likely to be pretty dire.

Oh look, here was the gameshow Take Her, where contestants were rated against each other while fucking their girls to see who was the dirtiest. The prize was a beautiful girl kept in cage, who would become a second girl to whoever won. Jenny watched a fat guy getting his anus licked by his petite little girl for a minute before changing the channel.

This was some sort of football discussion show. A group of ugly middle-aged men in ill-fitting suits sat along a desk, exchanging banal chatter about football players and games. Standing behind each of them were stunning girls in bikinis, watching their men with faces of lust and adoration. She noted that the guy who seemed to be leading the talk had six of them, each one a different ethnicity. She pressed the button.

Another gameshow, Who Wants to Suck a Millionaire. Male contestants had to answer questions whilst their girl knelt in front of them and sucked their dick as hard as she could, the smug host jeering at them. Jenny answered a few questions right before the host started to annoy her and she changed it.

This was alright, some sort of romantic comedy from several years ago. Some daffy guy seemed to enjoy fucking his two hot girls, but he still felt a strange attraction to the geeky girl at his office. It was obvious the geeky girl was actually really hot and that they would end up together. In fact, Jenny thought she remembered seeing this at the movies konyaaltı otele gelen escort with Frank, it ended with them having a big foursome on their wedding night.

There was a shout of pleasure from the bedroom. Frank had obviously blown his load, probably in Sugar’s perfect mouth. Jenny stuck her tongue out in their direction and slouched down further on the cushions.

After a while she began to yawn. The movie was really pretty predictable and she’d no doubt be woken up by Freddie clomping about in the morning. She clicked off the TV and the light and padded back to the bedroom, which was dark now, Frank snoring quietly under the sheets. Sugar was sitting on the floor next to the bed, waiting for morning when she’d wake him up by licking his penis, which was how Frank had woken up since he was eighteen.

Jenny climbed into bed and sighed before going to sleep.


She woke up in the morning early, feeling uncomfortable and grumpy. Frank was still asleep, mouth hanging open on his pillow. It was Saturday and he would likely sleep in until ten or so. She decided to get up and have breakfast.

She had finished breakfast and was tidying up the kitchen in an absent-minded way when the back door banged open and loud voices filled the room. Her son Freddie came in grinning, dressed in his running gear of shorts and singlet. He was a healthy boy, not very tall but well-built, with his father’s pleasant face. Behind him was his friend Carlo, an attractive young man who was tanned and athletic.

Behind the boys were their girls, who Jenny had seen plenty of times in the last fortnight, nevertheless they were still an awesome sight. Freddie’s girl Felicia was a very tall, statuesque figure, her skin a lovely creamy shade all over. Her breasts were very big and perfectly rounded. Her face had just the right amount of freckles splashed cutely over her nose, complemented by the long torrent of thick red hair that fell down her back. Carlo’s girl Gigi was a little petite thing with perky little breasts, long brown hair and big soulful brown eyes. Both girls were dressed in silvery bikinis that left almost nothing to the imagination, although Jenny had seen everything already anyway.

The group filled the kitchen, the boys laughing and shoving. Freddie got out a bottle of water from the fridge.

“Hey Mum.” He said cheerfully.

“Hey yourself,” She grouched. “And I wish you’d taken off your shoes, boys.”


The boys laughed between themselves, their girls standing and smiling with them. Jenny found herself face to face with her son’s girl, the redhead towering over her so her breasts were level with Jenny’s face.

“Damn, my dear,” Jenny said to her quietly. “If I ran in that mine would be down around my knees.”

The girl only smiled at her, not getting what she meant. Jenny rolled her eyes and put away the water bottle that Freddie had left on the bench. The group was moving out to the living room, trailing the very tight butts of the girls at the back. Jenny followed them out with one raised eyebrow, watching the boys as they dropped onto the sofa and the girls sat on the armrests with effortless hotness.

“Damn, man, I thought you had me today.” Carlo laughed, one hand on his girl’s bare leg.

“Man, if that old guy hadn’t been in my way, I’d’ve beat you, man.” Freddie retorted.

“No way.” Carlo grinned. Jenny couldn’t help herself noticing how good the teenager looked.

“So what are you boys up to today?” She asked to distract herself.

“Dunno,” Freddie grunted. “Maybe head down the mall.”

“No study today?” She asked knowingly.

“I’ll do it tonight, Mum, no problem.”

“Make sure you do. And I don’t mean biology with Felicia, either.”

Freddie grinned at the stunning redhead next to him, who smiled back, undisturbed by this reference to her getting fucked.

“Damn, man, I forgot to tell you,” He said to Carlo. “Felicia can do this thing with her ass, man, its totally crazy.”


“Yeah, its like I get my schlong up her chute, an’ like she moves in there man, like she’s squeezing it with her ass.” Freddie was making graphic gestures to illustrate his point.

“Damn, sounds good.” Carlo mused.

“I could do that, too.” Gigi spoke up suddenly in her cute little voice.

“Yeah?” Carlo said wonderingly.

“Put your dick in my ass and find out.” She giggled.

“Totally do it, man,” Freddie told him. “Its so good, I came like everywhere.”

“Damn, I sure will.” Carlo said. Jenny had been pretending to straighten up the room so she could keep listening, stealing glances at the handsome boy.

“How ’bout another race, huh?” Freddie said. “Bet you can’t beat me, huh?”

“You always win those races,” Carlo said. “Damn, though I really wanna try that thing out.”

“Let’s go then. I wanna fuck before we go to the mall.”

“But, dude, like…” Carlo trailed off, glancing at Jenny. Freddie realized what he meant with a grin.

“Don’t konyaaltı rus escort worry, dude, Mum’s cool with it,” Freddie said happily. “Hey Mum, can me and Carlo fuck here?”

“I suppose so,” Jenny said. “Just don’t get anything on the couch, okay?”

“Sure thing, Mum. Let’s go dude.”

Freddie and Carlo jumped up and their girls stood up in front of them, showing Jenny the contrast between the excited and sweaty teenage boys and the calm and sensual girls. The two girls seemed to know exactly what the boys wanted, smiling as they stripped off their bikini tops and stepped out of their g-strings. Jenny had a sudden feeling of inferiority as she saw their perfect figures revealed, neither girl had an ounce of fat on their smooth bodies, except for their exemplary breasts.

As the two flawless female bodies sat down on the sofa in front of their owners, the boys started to pull down their shorts. Jenny watched avidly, suddenly very interested in seeing what Carlo had in his pants. The two boys had forgotten all about her, fixated as they were on the eager beauties in front of them.

The shorts came down. She had seen her son’s penis before, it was basically a copy of Frank’s, five inches and thin. Carlo was totally different. His cock hung between his thighs like a thick sausage, big even though it was still soft. The head was noticeably large, pinker than the rest of his skin, almost disproportionately big even on his big shaft.

“I think,” Jenny said, her voice strained. “I should stay and make sure you don’t mess up my couch.”

The boys didn’t even notice her speaking. Each boy had extended a hand to his naked girl’s face, the girls opening their glossy soft lips to take a couple of fingers into each of their mouths. Jenny watched as their cocks started throbbing, Freddie was almost erect already, whilst Carlo’s big thing was just twitching.

Jenny had seen this kind of ‘race’ before, it was an invention of Frank’s, so she had been forced to see him and Freddie compete a few times in the last two weeks. She knew the boys would have to get hard from the finger sucking without touching their cocks, then fuck their girls in whatever agreed manner. The first guy to orgasm was the winner.

“Damn, you got lube, man?” Carlo asked.

“Yeah, there’s some in my pocket.” Freddie breathed, watching his fingers slide in and out of Felicia’s moist lips. He awkwardly crouched and fumbled in his discarded shorts, never taking his hand away from her face. Finally he stood up brandishing the little bottle of lubricant.

“Here we go.”

“Great. Can’t do anal without lube.”

Jenny was watching Carlo’s dick. What with seeing guys and their girls everywhere, she had seen a lot of dicks. Carlo’s was maybe the biggest she’d ever seen. The teenage dick was not so much extending as it was straightening out, lifting up like a pressurized hose, its big pink cap bobbing about. Freddie looked tiny next to him, even though he was already erect. The girls were slurping enthusiastically on the boys’ fingers, their eyes smiling. Jenny saw a dribble of spit fall from Felicia’s mouth onto her proud breasts.

“Jeez, now I just wanna blowjob.” Carlo joked while finger-fucking Gigi’s mouth.

“No way, man, we said anal,” Freddie laughed. “So hurry up, dude.”

“Shut up, bro, I’ve got more to get going.”

Yet he was now fully erect, his member so big Jenny couldn’t take her eyes off it. It looked more like a comical dildo than a real penis. She had only had sex with three men in her life, none of them anywhere near this large. What would it be like to hold such a big dick, to feel it stretch her pussy lips apart?

The boys were now ready and Freddie drizzled lube onto his cock before passing the bottle to Carlo, who had a lot more space to cover.

“Flip over girls,” Freddie said. “Time to get fucked.”

“Ooh, yeah.” Felicia purred.

“I want that big dick in my ass.” Gigi giggled. The two of them turned over on the sofa so their arms were resting on the back, their lovely butts sticking out at their owners. The boys’ wet cocks were pointing right at the tight assholes, throbbing with anticipation.

“On your marks.” Freddie declared. The boys took hold of their girl’s ass with one hand, guiding their cocks to the waiting butt holes. Jenny could see the lubed cocks resting with their tips just pressed into the anuses.

“Get set.” Freddie continued the ritual, almost laughing. The girls were giggling too, looking over their shoulders at the slick boners about to go in their anal passages.

“Go!” Freddie shouted, immediately shoving his hips forward. “Oh God!”

Jenny watched her son’s slippery penis slide into Felicia’s ass, which was obviously very tight, as even his smaller dick was only going in slowly. Felicia was gasping and moaning as she was penetrated.

This was nothing compared to the difficulty Carlo was having. Gigi squealed and gasped as he roughly forced his big lump of meat into her anus, somehow shoving the big head inside the tiny orifice. It looked more like the petite girl was being fisted rather than fucked, with the thick shaft’s end buried inside her.

“Holy shit, her ass is so tight.” Carlo groaned. Jenny tore her eyes off his dick, seeing that her son was all the way in Felicia’s ass now and was starting to pump her. The gorgeous redhead braced herself against the seat as her teenage lover gripped her buttocks and humped her forcefully.

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