Subject: Jericho and the studs: Chapter 02 READ THE FOLLOWING WARNING: ­čôî The following story contains explicit and graphical depictions of gay sex, verbal insults, incest, sexual harassment, and other explicit content that may be inappropriate and offensive to some older audiences. The book is intended strictly for mature readers only. Minors are prohibited. ­čôî If you’re not comfortable reading explicit gay stories, I’d advise you to leave for good and never come back. I do not encourage anyone who’s under the age of 18 to read and stay on my story. ­čôî I also do not encourage my audience to practice their lifestyle, romanticize, glorify or tolerate their actions, always practice safe sex with your partner with consent. ­čôî This story is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this story are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. ­čôî Inspired by reading a bunch of gay erotic stories, English is not my first language. Enjoy reading, Support the site. —– Jericho and the studs Chapter Two: Simon the man A week later after his first sexual experience. Jericho felt complete. He is beyond happy, couldn’t contain himself from smiling every day. His dad noticed something unusual about his son. Nonetheless, Jacob is happy that he’s happy. But little did he know that the reason why Jericho is acting unusual is that he’s taking some vitamin D every night: vitamin dick. Every night, Jericho comes to his room to get fucked by the muscular stud. That was their agreement after all. Every weekend they spend together alone in their home. During their family gathering, Jericho was always beside his big bro. Something that Jacob and their older sister Erica see rarely. At the beach when no one’s looking, Adam grabbed his hand; placing it on his crotch, feeling him up. Adam smiled cockily at him. They share the same lewd thoughts after all. All they did for the past month is fucking and sucking. Adam enjoyed Jericho’s company whenever he feels horny. They fucked in the kitchen, Adam’s bathroom, the living room, their basement, and even their dad’s room. And other possible corners they could fool around with. His father finally has a job, Jacob goes to work around 10 am then comes home at night around 9 pm and 10 pm on weekdays. To their surprise, he worked at the office. Who would’ve thought of a muscular daddy would sit at the boring office all day? The last time they checked, he was into physical labor. But apparently, their uncle is recruiting newer applicants that he decided to tell Jacob about the job. There is no way their daddy would refuse that opportunity. Adam wasn’t the only guy he wanted to fucked, as a student on a prestigious all-boys school, he wanted to try so rich boy cocks as well. Everyone is eye candy for Jericho. Fuck, seeing his crush made his little dick go hard again. His crush Simon. Walking through the hallway, carrying his usual smirk, greeting other popular kids like some celebrity. They met at school, they weren’t classmates but they know each other. Both take different subjects. Jericho is younger than Simon. They weren’t close friends, beer buddies, or rivals; they just knew each other, that was it. And of course, Jericho having some deep admiration for him focuses on how Simon will destroy his ass with his mesmerizing love pole. Ever since he stepped into that hallway and seeing him for the first time, he was so into him, it made him so excited that he probably had some boner problem every night. But when he’s not looking, Simon stares at him from afar. Eyes roaming his slim body down to his round ass. It made Simon go crazy about him, everything that Jericho does, even simple gestures or movement, his dick is mad hard. In fact, most guys he knew wanted to fuck him, everyone wanted to taste his juicy ass and dominate the pretty boy but he’s been so timid and naive, Simon is one of them. Jericho is the most beautiful boy in his school, no doubt. His friends would talk about sports and girls as usual. But sometimes, they talk about Jericho. They talked about fantasizing about his beautiful petite body. Fucking him hard and everything he does, it made him hard. Most of his classmates were suspiciously nice to him for no reason. Simon knew what they’re up to. But unfortunately, they don’t have the ball to confess to Jericho, Self-denial could be the reason for it, but in all honesty, Simon doesn’t give two shits about it. Jericho walked inside his classroom, they were few students sitting, he’s early for class. “Hey Jericho, sit down here man.” Said one of his classmates, Clyde with his friend Jayden beside him. Jericho dropped his bag on his seat and proceeds to come forward to them. They were sitting comfortably with feet laying on their desks, Clyde is one of his classmates for years now. Clyde is an attractive and sweet gentleman, around 5’10 in height, biracial with middle-eastern descent, light brown-skin with athletic built. He’s an outgoing person, a bit annoying but tolerable nonetheless. On the other hand, Jayden is Clyde’s best friend. He’s tall as well around 6’0 in height, Jayden is bigger than Clyde in comparison. A ginger stud, beautifully trimmed beard, stunning eyes, and perfect set of teeth, giving out his signature flirty smile. He’s not talkative, unlike his other friends. Clyde has been flirty this couple of months, and Jericho finally starting to notice after all these years. “What is it?” Jericho Asked. Clyde snaked his muscled arm around Jericho’s shoulders. Meanwhile, Jayden texting his girlfriend, not even bothering to give them attention. Jericho takes the chair next to him and sits beside him. “Look, I know you’re a nerd for physics so need some help with these assignments, see right here.” Clyde pointing out his notebook. Being one of the smart guys in class takes a toll, everyone is on his tail, asking for answers, asking for assistance. He doesn’t have several reasons to deny them, but Jericho thinks that the only reason they want to talk to him is that it’s beneficial. At least that’s what Jericho thinks the reason is. What Jericho didn’t know is most of his classmates are into him. Maybe it’s the lack of interaction of females for the whole day studying at all-boys school, maybe because of his undeniable looks, maybe it made them horny seeing his adorable face whenever he speaks. Or perhaps all of the choices combined. When Jericho is talking, Clyde couldn’t keep his eyes on him. Clyde couldn’t keep from touching himself. Rubbing dick off when he had the chance. After a few minutes of talking, Jericho decided to sit back on his assigned seat as the classes were about to start. Clyde thank him for the help. The rest of the day runs off smoothly, he’s with his friend Ivan sitting right next to him at the cafeteria. He brought out two trays of meals for both of them. Ivan is his male best friend aside from his other friend Trisha. He wears wearing glasses all the time, sucks at algebra, a party animal, and an extrovert. He’s cute in all honesty, not as tall and bulkier as the rest of the guys but not the same weight and height as Jericho, Ivan is relatively bigger in comparison to him. He has muscles behind those uniforms. Ivan is one of the guys that Jericho admired. He has a lot of personalities, he’s funny, kind, and overloaded with a high concentration of confidence. Whenever Ivan is around, he feels so flustered. He has one of those charming smiles he saw on television. They talked about the upcoming party this coming Friday, and then some guys from another school are coming as well. They were also invited, Ivan and Jericho. “Are you coming?” He asked Jericho, eating his food. “Well yeah of course, if you will come and also Trisha.” He started. “Good, because this upcoming party is lit! I can’t wait to see some hot chicks to bang with.” “Gross.” He faked gagged. “What’s wrong with banging for a quick fuck?” He question. “Nothing, but aren’t we supposed to get wasted? Not wasting calories from clapping ass?” “Where’s the fun in that J?” He chucked. “Jeez Ivan give your dick some rest. I starting to feel concerned.” Jericho said to him. “What does that mean J? Does that mea-” “Oh please, don’t even try to finis-” he was cut off by him. “Does that mean you’re concerned for my cock here?” He said suggestively while grabbing his crotch under the desk. “Shut the fuck up, Ivan…” Jericho groaned in embarrassment, Ivan laughing his ass off. Oh, well I better be prepared, he thought. Friday finally come for Jericho to go to the party, the music is loud that he literally couldn’t hear her friend talking to her. The whole place was a mess, lots of red cups lying around, sweaty bodies grinding to the beat, drunk people laying on the floor, puke stains on the wall, random couple kissing, and occupied room. Ivan left them both to play some games with our classmates. Leaving us both talking with some other girls from another school. He’s a bit tipsy from all the shots he took but that didn’t stop Jericho from having too much fun, yeah he did puke twice, but he still manages to be there, slightly conscious, playing beer pong. “Oh my god, Simon is here, look!” Trisha pointed out the guy who’s chugging beer with his circle of friends. “Yeah, I guess.” He said while chugging his can of beer, tossing it on the trash. His friend Trisha noticed his disinterest om their crush. Trisha knew Jericho is gay, they met at a birthday party, they both also aware they’re kind of nerds and they don’t have friends at their campuses except Ivan or course, so they kind of stuck to each other. In the end, Jericho realized Trisha was a genuinely kind person, she found comfort in their friendship istanbul travesti that Trisha wouldn’t dare to replace any girlfriend with a great friend like him. “What’s the matter, I thought you like him too?” Trisha rolled her eye while chugging her can of beer, anyone can tell that they’re getting tipsy but they didn’t give a damn. Jericho and Trisha, we’re standing behind the darker corner, losers should be near the corner they joked. “Bitch of course we do! I mean look him,” Jericho pointed at Simon at the corner. “Who’s stupid enough to be able to resist that hot guy?” Simon laughed with his guy friends talking about football and other stupid shit guys talk when they’re drunk. He’s wearing a sleeveless white shirt paired with grey sweatpants. Showing his visible bulge. “Damn, imagine one of us get a chance to get railed by him at his room.” Trisha leaning her head on Jericho’s shoulder. “Bitch you know the answer, Simon doesn’t swing on the same team.” Jericho rolled his eyes at his obvious answer. “Oh for goodness sake Jericho, who knows if he sleeps with a guy? I mean you could tell by the looks of him, he looks like he would fuck any hole possible.” She slapped his arm while talking another sip. “I’m just saying the truth!” Jericho explained. “Well, I’m saying there might be a possibility that he’d fuck a guy,” Trisha stated. “Try harder to convince me, Trisha.” He replied. “What if he’s bisexual? Or bi-curious?” Trisha suggested, sipping her red cup. “He’d rather chop his dick off than sticking his dick on some bussy, facts.” He laughed at my own words, Trisha giggled. “Stop being so pessimistic Jericho!” She slapped my arms again earning Jericho a foolish chuckle. “Okay, okay fine!” Jericho smiled, raising his hand in defeat. “But seriously, I don’t think I have chances. He’s so… Heterosexual. I mean, I don’t mind him being straight despite crushing on him. There is no way a guy like me would be dating a guy like him.” He sighed. Later on, they were invited to a game; spin the bottle. At first, he’s hesitant because; thinking he couldn’t handle any more alcohol but this rare opportunity made him think twice. If he joined the game, he might kiss Simon by chance and that would make his queer ass quiver with excitement. Simon stood up for a bit and leave the room to take his call, meanwhile, everyone was excited to start the game but they waited a bit for Simon to come back, not long enough he came back but with a girl along with her, Simon look bummed out. At some point, they were playing spin the bottom that consists of sixteen people, and that includes his schoolmate crush Simon. Simon is in the midst of a heated discussion with his girlfriend. Of course, Simon having a girlfriend doesn’t bother him at all. Trisha also noticed Simon is having a little argument at the corner and that made them a little worried. Simon casually sits at the corner forming us a full circle. His girlfriend finally leaves the place, stomping her little feet furiously, at Jericho’s first impression of her, the girl might be a little bitch but who knew, he thought. He took glances from time to time when Simon wasn’t looking directly at him. “Damn she looked pissed,” Trisha stated. Both of them looking at Simon’s girlfriend. “I know right?” I whispered. “What do you think they argued about?” He asked Trisha while whispering in her ear. “I have no idea but there’s one thing all I could say, that means one of us might be his next lover soon,” Trisha suggested wiggling her eyebrows. “Trisha stop dreaming please.” He pushed her head away from her chuckling at her friend. “And stop being such a nosy bitch too!” Trisha wiggled her point finger at him, laughing. “Okay okay! We’ll stop!” He raised his hands in defeat. “Girl really ditch his boyfriend like corporates during pride month,” Trisha joked then they started to giggle like some teenage girls. During the game, a lot of Simon’s friends were having too much fun and since they’re all drunk, the group didn’t give two shits who they kissed: girls kissing girls, guys kissing guys. There’s this one girl with dirty blonde hair who didn’t like seeing Alexis kissing that hot girl just for fun but her homophobic look didn’t stop my faggot ass from liking what we saw. The other guy didn’t mind kissing the other guy, sure that was just a peck and a few gay jokes here and there but for him and the rest of the girls, it was hot. And in the end, they were all having fun and laughing their asses off. Trisha finally leaves the place and decided to leave early since her classmate escorted her. Trisha give his friend a goodbye kiss on the cheek and hugged her back. After his friend left the room Jericho is having a conversation with one of Simon’s friends, he liked them a lot and they were fun the hang out with. Jericho feels like someone is glaring at him but he didn’t mind it; maybe that’s just all in his head. After another three hours of partying and occasional puking, his body couldn’t take any liquor on his system, thus Jericho decided to lay on the sofa and took a rest, while people were still having a blast. But somewhere at night, he wakes up by the silence of the room, the living room was dead silent. Drunk half-naked bodies lying on the floor, he even saw a girl sleeping with her mouth slightly open, snorting with her puke all over her bra, he cringed at the sight. “Nasty…” He gagged. But surprisingly for Jericho, the lights weren’t turned off that he could see everything, the aftermath of the wild party. His head still hurt like fucking hell but he didn’t want to spend here too much, his initial thought, Jericho thinks he could still manage to leave the place to his home without making noise or accidentally stepped on someone’s face. To his surprise, what he saw is Simon. Lying on the sofa almost naked, but still has his boxer briefs on. Then it just came on him, he was sleeping while some people fucking right in front of the sofa he was sleeping with, literally next to him. He is shocked by what he saw. He looked below him and saw a woman with no clothes on. To his discomfort, he decided to leave the crime scene. But then again, Simon unconsciously moved and lay beside him. The sofa was big enough for them to move around but Jericho didn’t expect him to lay beside him. Simon stretched his whole body which makes his defined muscles flexed for his view. Simon didn’t move, both of Simon’s arm was resting above his head, showing his beautiful hairy armpit. His musky scent coming from Simon’s armpit enough to make him hard. It was so hairy that just a few inches, he would lick his armpit if he wanted to but he wanted to control himself. He was there for a few minutes, just enjoying the nice view of Simon’s godly muscles. Then he finally did what think he wouldn’t do: He took a long whiff of his armpit like it a drug. He couldn’t stop doing it like he’s intoxicated by the manly smell. “Oh my fucking god… This shit so good…” He mumbled. Then Jericho did the unexpected, he finally plastered his face on Simon’s armpit and sniffs it. He is so dazed like he almost couldn’t keep himself from moaning loudly. For him, that was the funkiest armpit he ever smelled in his entire life. Jericho didn’t care what would happen if he’s gonna get caught red-handed from Simon sniffing his underarm. Jericho is sniffing and licking his armpit for at least five minutes until he’s tired. Then decided to do the same thing on Simon’s other underarm, giving it the same treatment. Jericho licked, sniffed, and then cleaning his smelly underarm for at least another five minutes, he couldn’t stop doing it. Lucky for him Simon didn’t move an inch like Simon didn’t know he’s being assaulted by some random dude at the party. He was so fucking hard at that time that at any time given, his cock would burst cum on his tight jeans that would leave temporary stains. He stopped from what he’s doing and took a mental picture of his schoolmate crush below him. At Jericho’s thought, he couldn’t believe that a man could exist like him. He couldn’t believe that a body like him would exist in real life. And he couldn’t resist looking at his mouthwatering hard nipples. Jericho effortlessly took a closer glimpse to his chest and took a soft squeeze. It was soft and hard at the same time, Jericho licked his lips at what he was seeing. He licked it for a few seconds then he finally sucked it. Jericho worshipped his delectable pectoral muscles that he’s been fantasizing about for months now. He sucked it vigorously, shifting from left to right, nursing his man tits. Jericho’s pants are now tenting on his pants. He slightly bit his nipples, which made Jericho moan faintly. As he was sucking Simon’s both pecs, his left hand was grazing on his hairy, flat and hard stomach. He lowered his head and start licking the fur on his stomach. His tongue keeps bumping on each of his abs every time Simon breathes. For at least half an hour all he did was worshipping his whole muscular body, cleaning his armpit, and sucking his nipples, he even worshipped his biceps resting beside Simon’s head. He keeps on licking and kissing on the hard tattooed muscles. After that, he decided to leave his innocent body for his good, but now Jericho is conflicted if he should stay and continue what he’s doing for a few hours or leave. Jericho enjoys what he saw because finally, the man he’s been fantasizing about for a year is close to him. He took a better glimpse for a longer time. He took a glimpse at Simon’s well-defined face, what he likes about him is his sharp jawline, his soft and red plump lips, the shape of his nose, eyebrows that most girls would envy him, the curvy eyelashes that add to the beauty of his ocean eyes. There are no single blemishes on his smooth and fair skin. It takes guts to resist kissing him, Jericho thought to himself. kad─▒k├Ây travesti Down to the view, there was this big hairy chest that almost looks like fur, his body was so big that his slim build made him feel smaller than Simon’s body. His nipples were pointed and arousing, tempted him to suck the fuck out his man tits again. His abs were so perfect, defined by faint shadows, his abs we’re 8-pack, visible enough despite covered with his man fur; moving every time he’s breathing faintly. Big muscular thighs that a sight to behold, his other legs resting on his left thigh. From Jericho’s point of view, this was his dream; like every dream a fag would dream, a straight heterosexual muscular man being close to gay ass like him. His bulging grey boxers were showing. Jericho didn’t know what to do exactly nor to respond to the situation he’s in. That made him didn’t move an inch. His heart was beating fast and his palms are sweating. He’s arguing with his conscience whether he should leave the place he’s currently in or just pretend to sleep so he could enjoy the whole night watching him. But that thought alone made him look like a creep and there’s no doubt if Simon woke up he wouldn’t like him being close next to a guy. Jericho is having the greatest blue balls of his life, being not able to hold or touch himself makes him so sexually frustrated at that moment. Even Simon’s hot breath and faint groans fanning his neck don’t help at his boner situation. He couldn’t keep it any longer, he decided to carefully hold his muscular thighs from his body so he could get away and go to his dusty bunk bed. Simon was unconsciously kissing his neck slowly while grinding himself to Jericho’s ass. His erotic moans make his dick swell through his jeans so bad that it hurts. His heart was beating so fast that someone might hear it. Simon didn’t stop grinding on him, he was touching everywhere but especially on Jericho’s man breast. He was trapped by Simon’s strong tattooed arms enveloping him so he couldn’t get away. Jericho’s thought that he might think he’s grinding his ass off with a woman but since he’s drunk, he didn’t know exactly what the hell was going on. Simon continues kissing him on his neck wetting him with his soft delicate lips, tickling his neck by his trimmed beard. That made Jericho so bothered that it almost made him cum on his tight jeans. “Mmm, your ass is so good baby, fucking hell.” Simon groaned, caressing Jericho’s big powerful chest. Jericho purred at his hot and horny situation. His dick was now leaking precum. Simon keeps growling at his ear. “I’m hard for you again baby, your pussy is so fucking tight earlier, dick is getting wet again.” He whispered to Jericho. Who would’ve thought that the man of his dream would be there laying together on someone’s sofa humping the life out of him would come true? That’s every faggot’s fantasy. Jericho bit his lip with anticipation of what will be this man’s next move. Simon moved his lip to his earlobe then back to his ear, fucking it with his tongue. He’s in a pinnacle of euphoria, he literally cannot describe what he’s feeling at that moment. The smell of sex, his musky masculine smell, his sweaty body grinding Jericho’s ass, his hard muscles flexing that massaging his back. Jericho’s dick was tenting on his jeans that his underwear was getting wet from his leaking precum. “Baby come on, I want to fuck you again,” Simon said. He was slurry that Jericho almost didn’t understand what he’s saying. After a minute of silence, Jericho finally had the guts to respond to him telling him he’s not the girl he fucked on the sofa. “W-what are you doing man, I’m not your girl. Take your sweaty body o-off of me.” He whispered. There was a minute of silence again, that made him more terrified than before. He’s so nervous about what Simon would react that he’s humping the wrong person. It could end worse like getting punched in the face, he thought. Finally, Simon responded, but to his surprise, he didn’t reply to what Jericho just said. Instead, he continues to assault his ear with his hot tongue and grinding himself to Jericho’s ass again. Simon didn’t talk or anything, he just continues doing his thing. Jericho realized that Simon didn’t bother him grinding himself on Jericho, or maybe he was just horny again that Simon didn’t mind who he was grinding with. Simon moves his hand under Jericho’s thin shirt and lifts it off, pinching his right nipple. Jericho moaned, he didn’t mean it, that was unintentional. That was happening for at least 5 minutes until Simon stopped and grabbed his chin facing him forcefully. “Loosen your ass faggot because I’m going to fuck you so hard, turn around and face me.” Jericho obliged. He didn’t need to be asked twice, his dominating aura made him do what he commands. Simon took a look at Jericho’s face, holding his chin roughly. He spits Jericho’s face. For Jericho, it wasn’t degrading and humiliating at all, but in fact, it was new and exciting for him. Like he was meant to be dominated by an arrogant and rough masculine guy like him. He let out his tongue as a response to spitting on his face. “What a surprise, am I lucky or what…” Simon grinned leaving Jericho in confusion. The guy was confused why this faggot opened his tongue, then he realized: that this guy was a fucking fag, cum dump, walking hole, submissive whore, or any other name to describe this disgusting piece of shit, he thought. He spits on his mouth again, but now he’s on top of him. “Open your mouth, make it wider faggot. Because I’m going to use your mouth to fuck your pathetic mouth, you fucking understand me fag?” Simon is so aroused, realizing that the person he’s assaulting is no other than the sweet boy at his school. The sweet boy who he wanted to fuck for a long time. “Yes, Simo-” By that Jericho deserves a wake-up slap that gave him a slight sting, not hard enough to hurt him badly. “Don’t you ever call me by my first name, address me as your sir you got it?” Simon was furious and horny at the same time, Jericho wondered if that was even possible. “Yes sir.” He said it as he means it. Simon grinned at his faggot response. “While I’m fucking your face, loose that tight hole, make sure you don’t fucking touch yourself or I’ll fucking beat the shit out of you. understand that faggot?” He threatened. In all honesty, he didn’t want to hurt the poor guy, that was roleplaying, Simon is secretly into kinky roleplays, perhaps BDSM. He would never hurt the sweet boy intentionally, the basketball team would be furious if they fight out, he thought. Simon grips Jericho’s face while he spits furiously on his faggot’s mouth. “Yes sir.” Jericho nods. “Good boy.” Simon praised him for his obedience. Simon stood up for a bit and finally took off his boxer briefs, now fully naked. Jericho was mesmerized by the whole stud. He looks like a Greek god that was sculpted in heaven. Simon didn’t waste any time, he sits on his chest putting on weight on Jericho. For a few seconds, Jericho was roaming his eyes on every detail of his precious body. Simon knew that this faggot will do anything just to taste his fuck meat. On the other hand, Jericho couldn’t believe what he saw, it was Simon’s proud 8-inch fat cock nice and hard, swaying back and forth. Every time he moves, he feels something wet on his jeans but he didn’t gave it notice as he was so invested in grazing his eyes on his standing giant cock. And by that Simon intentionally flexed both his arms, showing more details of his chiseled abs, his pectoral muscles were moving, and raising his other arm showing off his hairy musky armpit. His giant cock was standing proudly as he waved his cock on his face but didn’t let it touches near the faggot’s lips, Simon is making the poor fag lose his mind for not giving him what he thinks he deserved. Jericho didn’t need to be asked twice, and he removed his pants and underwear. And by that his cock was oozing white spunk with a mixture of precum. He didn’t know if he already cummed or not, Jericho can’t distinguish at all as he was so focused on what his in to at that moment. “Worship my fucking muscles fag, feel my hard muscles.” Jericho was happy to oblige. “Yeah, you like that don’t you? You fucking queer. Fags like you must be put on their rightful place: on your fucking mouth and ass.” Simon continues to flex his muscles while degrading him to encourage Jericho to worship his bulging muscles. But little did he know, Jericho already knew what his muscles feel like, even what it tastes like. But of course, he doesn’t need to know that. He placed his hand on his biceps and squeezing it while his other hand on his tight anus preparing it to loosen it up. Jericho’s trick for not cumming early is to avoid putting more pressure on his prostate when he’s fucking his ass. He doesn’t want to have a black eye if he accidentally shoots a spunk on Simon’s back. “You like that faggot? You like having a man under you?” He spits on me once again which caught me off guard. He raised Simon’s both arms and rested it behind his head, giving Jericho a view of his hairy armpits. Jericho roamed his body once again while fingering himself. Jericho was in that position for more than ten minutes. Until Simon decided to give him what he finally wants: his hard fuck meat. “Open your fucking mouth for me, breathe through your nose or you’ll be dead.” He didn’t waste any time and he shoved his 8-inch cock without any given warning. Jericho was told to breathe through his nose while he was getting face fucked, so he did. It’s a dream come true, he couldn’t believe that he’s being dominated by a real man whose abusing his power and his mouth. Simon loved the noise Jericho was making, the gurgling sound he makes him hornier than before. He violently shoving his whole cock inside his wet and filthy mouth, the whole bak─▒rk├Ây travesti living room is booming with their noise but luckily for them, everyone was wasted and probably wouldn’t be up until it’s afternoon. Jericho choked but still managed to suck him fully. “Uhh fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah. That’s it, take it all. Take my fucking my cock nice and slow, work it with your tongue.” Demanded by him. Later on, grunts were turned into moans, he was enjoying every second of it, he doesn’t give a shit about Jericho’s pleasure because what matters to him at that moment was his pleasure and his need to release its hot sticky seed on some tight puckering hole. Jericho moans in pleasure, vibrating Simon’s pulsing cock making him howling in massive arousal. Jericho is enjoying his POV seeing beads of sweat running down his muscles through his abs and finally dripping to his face that the whole sofa will probably mark some permanent sex scents for the whole week. “Oh fuck yeah, that’s it, boy. Fucking work my cock. Fucking hell man, your mouth is so fucking tight like pussy. I’ll fucking drill your sorry ass mouth, piece of shit.” Said Simon degrading and praising him at the same time. He stopped on what he’s doing for a bit then rested his cock head on his tongue. Simon could tell that his fag was disappointed that Simon stopped. Whimpers could be heard outside the queer mouth. Simon slaps his face with his big fat cock, repeatedly from side to side. Taunting and teasing the poor queer boy. “Mmm, you like my dick don’t you, right faggot? I know you have my eyes on me ever since you stepped on this campus. Your disgusting pair of fag eyes cant until keep his eyes on my dick huh.” Said the dominating man. “I know you and your pathetic friend keep on eye-fucking me, the entire time. I bet you even wish the bottle would be pointed directly to me so you could get a chance to make out with me, am I right?” Simon asks. He nodded at his statement. “Well here’s the news kid, that’s never going to fucking happen. Not in a million years a guy like me kissing a disgusting fag like you, understand that?” He said while he keeps slapping his ass cheeks with Simon’s powerful baby maker. Again that was all nothing but lies, that was a show, of course, he wanted to kiss him, but he just couldn’t drop the roleplay just like that. Besides, Jericho was riding along with Simon’s kinky fantasy. “Answer me!” His deep voice made Jericho cum so hard on his flat stomach but he didn’t make it obvious for him. His demanding voice alone already made him cum so hard. To avoid getting caught, Jericho wiped all of his cum and placed it on his hole to lube any ass for easy access. “Y-yes, sir.” Jericho politely answered. A grin plastered on the face, the fag was calmed down. “Good boy… Now I’m going to fuck your boy pussy and be a good fag for me.” He didn’t waste any time and turned Jericho around to position his cock head to Jericho’s gaping hole. He was so nervous and excited about what will happen next. Jericho was demanded to assume his dog-style position. “Ready or not, here I fucking come.” He finally put his whole full rod on his ass, without caring about Simon taking it slowly. “Fuck you’re so tight.” Grunted the man who’s in control. He fucked Jericho furiously, so hard and rough. The sound of Simon’s thigh-slapping Jericho’s ass cheeks encouraged the dominant man to make it go faster. “Fuck your ass is tight, your boy cunt is so fucking good… How’s the feeling down there boy?” He asked. “So fucking good sir…” Jericho replied. “You’re so fucking tight, I finally fucking demolished your sorry little ass now, I finally got you in my trap now…, Uhh fuck yeah boy…” He grunted, slamming his fat cock on the tight little ass. He can’t wait to tell and brag to his teammates about finally fucking the boy they wanted to fuck. They would be so jealous, Simon thought. No doubt their court locker room would be full of guys jerking off thinking about his sexual experience with their little J, as they called Jericho. Simon’s grunts and Jericho’s moans filled the whole living room. What excites them is the possibility of someone might wake up and seeing what they shouldn’t see. Simon moves his hips back and forth, taking slow paces to gain energy and taking it fast and hard like a rabbit. He feels like Simon released a sudden outburst of energy within him that he couldn’t control himself to dominate him. He shoved his smelly unwashed boxer into his faggot’s mouth to shut him up, telling him who’s the boss and who’s in control. “Shut you fucking mouth faggot! I didn’t tell you to moan!” Said Simon while pulling Jericho’s hair. Jericho moans through Simon’s cum stained boxed which enhances the arousal he’s experiencing. The underwear was starting to get wet by the mouth, the faint and stiff moans that are releasing on faggot’s mouth. “Yea smell and taste that nasty shit boy, I know you love my dirty underwear, smell the musky smell of my piss and sweat while I ride your fucking ass…” He whispered. Every time he touches his prostate, it makes him quivers in great pleasure. His cock endlessly keeps on dripping precum every time something was pressing the love button. They keep doing the whole fucking session for half an hour, over and over, when in actual sense, he was edging himself for the best. “Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah that’s it boy fucking take my cock.” Simon keeps saying the same thing for the entire fuck session. He bit Jericho’s ear and grunting at him like a wild hairy beast. His sweaty muscles were sticking behind his back, grinding back and forth, which make Jericho’s eyes rolled in endless orgasm. “Fuck yeah, I’m going to cum.” He moaned at Jericho’s ear. He paced faster and faster until he feels he’s about to cum. Jericho almost passed out, but then he was awoken by a sudden sting on his cheeks to regain him from his consciousness. He took out his cock and pushed him away. He lays on the other side of the sofa and stroked his cock fast. Jericho turned around to see him jerking himself off. Not for long he finally cummed, a long strand of spunk blasting all over his abs and chest, some even reached his eyes. It was a total of seven outbursts of semen all over his body. It almost like he’s pissing cum. He couldn’t believe a man like him would even cum with that huge amount. He grunted as he nutted himself. He rested his both of Simon’s arm behind his head when he cums. He nuts himself hands-free. , this was probably the memory he’ll never forget for the rest of his life. A man who’s willing to humiliate and abuse him for his needs. A dominant man that’ll put him in his rightful place. A hot and muscular stud in his school that will let queer worship his god-like body. Even at that moment, he still thinks that was a dream. A beautiful dream that for sure will keep him hard for the rest of the month. After Simon regained his strength, he looked at Jericho who’s patiently waiting for his next command like a good fag he is. “Clean up the mess, every fag should clean up after they serve their master, start from the cock and do it.” He said closing his eyes resting his head from his arms. His breathing pattern started to become normal and his still hard cock dripping with oozing liquid jizz. Jericho started to wash his cock clean; so clean that there are no residues left, right after that he cleaned his big hanging ball. He took it carefully every one of them, fairly. After he’s done cleaning his cock and balls, he cleaned the rest of his body: his hard abs, the hairy pecs, the left side of his waist, his right thighs, and some few droplets of cum stuck inside of Simon’s left armpit. He spent too much time cleaning the sweaty armpit that gave him some encouragement. “Yeah that’s it faggot, clean my fucking pits off, take a fucking whiff.” He encourages Jericho. “Mmm, that’s it, boy. Now clean my fucking abs and chest make sure there is no sticky jizz left.” Simon demanded. He pushed my head forcibly into his hard stomach and cleaned his chiseled abs using my tongue. Every inch was clean and shiny with my saliva, they were no residues left. Despite being forced by my will, he made sure at least I was enjoying him at the very least. His encouraging words made me more worked up than ever before. “Do you feel it? Do you feel my hard abs? I’m sure you love worshipping my muscles don’t ya boy? Mmm that’s it faggot now move to my nipples work it using your hot tongue… That’s it boy, good boy. Yeah, suck my nipples boy worship my pecs. Feel these hard pecs on your fucking lips faggot.” Simon talking dirty while looking intensely at him made him worked up than earlier, he knew what Jericho wants to a muscular dominant man. After he’s all done he pushed Jericho away and stood up. Simon wears back his grey sweatpants and his shirt, Jericho didn’t dare to spoke a thing at all as he was afraid he might never be doing this fuck session ever again. “Don’t you ever tell anyone about this or I’ll fucking kill you, Are we clear?” Simon warned him pointing out his head. “Yes sir, I won’t tell a soul.” Simon just hummed in response. “I ain’t wearing that boxer again, that shit is nasty now. Take that as a gift.” You could the visible happiness on queer’s mouth. On his thought, Jericho probably never going to wash this cum stained boxer ever again. Right he opened the door, Simon took one last glance at him, they were staring for ten seconds. He couldn’t tell what could his hot stud was thinking. Finally, he spoke, “Visit the basketball court often, you might see something you like and if you can visit me every weekend at my house.” And by that, he finally leaves the room. That officially made Jericho became his personal sex slave for the rest of the school year, he thought. A memory that Jericho will never forget for the rest of his life. That made him back to his reality… “I think I should go.” He mumbled, thinking out loud. ——– End of part 01 Your feedback is welcomed ,don’t be afraid to email me, give me any suggestions. I already published other chapters on wattpad just in case, you can add me as britishcigar.

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