Joan Takes Charge Ch. 11


[This is a chapter in a series. You will find it more satisfying if you read the earlier chapters first, but that is not necessary. The story features incest, spanking, caning, and bodily functions. If any of that offends you, please read no further. All characters are over 18.]


Joan was feeling that she had settled into effective management of both the home and the family for which her mother had left her, the youngest of four, responsible for running. For the work this required of her, Joan was rewarded by also inheriting her mother’s disciplinary authority over her siblings, their partners residing in the house with them, and the staff retained to serve the family.

Her mother, Jennifer, had been tyrannical and frequently spanked and caned those she felt had violated her rules, often in front of the rest of the family. Joan had ended the weekly meetings, which mostly had served as occasions for discipline to be awarded and carried out. When Joan believed someone had overstepped her bounds, however, she had shown no hesitation in awarding what she deemed to be appropriate punishment.

This was a heavy responsibility cast on Joan, a petite, attractive woman of 24. Her siblings, Jill, 32; Ken, 30, and Emily, 27, did not resent Joan’s being put in charge because they felt they would not enjoy being the arbiter and disciplinarian of the house. Ken was affianced to Andrea, who was 28, and Emily had been living in her rooms with Grant, was her age. Jill at present had no partner or live-in, having dispatched both a man and woman who had been with her when she came upon them making love in her absence.

One of Jennifer’s means of control was to require the siblings to enter personal information on a large chart in the common room that was only open to the four and their guests. On this calendar-oriented board, Jill, Emily, Joan, and Andrea entered the dates they were on their periods each month. An entry was required for each day, along with a description of the light or heavy nature of their flow. The men were spared this but were included in a companion chart that each of the siblings and their partners would enter each time they had a bowel movement.

Jennifer felt that these charts provided her with intimate information and showed her control over the group. Since the family had long engaged in incestuous relations, this also let each person know who might be available for period sex, since all enjoyed this time of the month rather than avoiding any of the women who happened to be menstruating. All did feel that the most humiliating aspect of the charts was having to describe one’s bowel movement. Jennifer had made a point of mandating complete descriptions and would punish anyone who limited their entries.

Everyone had accustomed themselves to these somewhat humiliating interferences into their privacy and were not surprised when Joan had continued to require appropriate entries to be made. She added a column for the women to indicate exactly what kind of menstrual protection they were using and made everyone make a special note if they had not moved their bowels in two days.

Given the openness of the house in terms of discussion of intimate subjects, the women found it amusing to compare their feminine hygiene practices. It was probably the societal taboo against even discussing this subject that was a turn-on for Jill, Emily, Andrea, and Joan. Andrea, who was not yet married to Ken but had been accepted by her future sisters-in-law, had found accommodating herself to this unusual situation somewhat challenging but soon enjoyed the give-and-take around the subject.

The others, in fact, had been quite fascinated upon learning that she was using a menstrual cup. Jill and Joan were tampon wearers and Emily continued to prefer pads. Emily remained a subject of more teasing about her continuing to be what her sisters called a diaper-user. One day Jill asked Andrea if she would mind showing them how she inserted and removed her menstrual cup. Andrea was initially embarrassed by the request, and this was confirmed by her blushing face. But she grinned and said sure, they could watch her stick it up her cunt.

Since no one had many inhibitions in light of their frequent pairings for sex, Andrea did respond that she would invite Ken to be present and Jill showed no resistance to that. One afternoon after everyone had returned from their work, the sisters gathered in Ken and Andrea’s rooms after seeing that Andrea had entered the onset of her period on the chart. Andrea had decided to play this for some laughs as well as formal instruction, so she donned a white gown and plain white panties underneath it.

Ken told her that he really wasn’t that interested in seeing how a menstrual cup worked, especially since he thought his presence would inhibit the others. Andrea said he should be interested but decided to let him off this time.

Andrea lay back on their bed and everyone gathered on both sides. She lifted the gown and then lowered her panties to disclose her konyaaltı sınırsız escort very attractive shaved mons and vulva.

“Normally, I perform this function sitting on the toilet as I know some of you do when you insert or remove your tampons,” she declared. Then she spread her legs, held her labia apart, and reached into her vagina with her fingers and deftly extracted the cup that had been covering her cervix. She managed to slowly grasp it by the stem and pull it gently down and out of her vagina without spilling the dark-red menstrual flow that was in the cup.

She then sat up holding it and told them she would take it to their bathroom to empty the cup into the sink and wash it for re-insertion. When she had done this, she returned, and this time sat on the side of the bed.

“Inserting the cup is the tricky part,” Andrea said calmly, “but it gets to be a routine like anything else, well, not anything, but for women, at least, putting a tampon in.”

Then she took the cup and held it by her thumb and forefinger, then slipped it past her labia which she was holding open with her other hand. They watched as her fingers seemed to slide the cup into her vagina and push it until Andrea said she felt it settle onto the protruding cervix deep inside her.

Jill told Andrea that she was a marvel because Jill found it challenging even to properly position a super plus tampon.

“Speaking of penetrating,” Joan added in with a note that elicited chuckles, “does Ken ever reach your cervix when you are fucking, if you will pardon the indelicacy of my words, Andy?”

“You all know that he’s long enough to do that but that he also knows not to push it in this instance because no woman enjoys feeling a cock smacking her cervix,” Andrea responded coolly.

Emily tended to go into this subject more than the others would feel comfortable doing, so she proceeded to ask Andrea if it was more difficult to insert or remove the cup when she needed to have a bowel movement.

This actually did make the seemingly imperturbable Andrea blush, but she recovered enough to say that needing to have a bowel movement did press on her vagina when she passed the movement, so she would not go about putting in or taking out the cup when she was about to “make doodoo” as she smilingly added.

“And in response to the question no one has asked,” Andrea concluded, “I do take the cup out before having sex just like you would remove a tampon.”

“This is actually making me horny,” Jill suggested. “Would you like to insert a cup like that in my puss, Andy, so I can learn what it feels like.”

Andrea responded that she would do what Jill requested, but that she shouldn’t leave the cup in when Jill was not having her period.

So, Jill lay back on the couch and spread her legs lewdly. Her vagina proved a challenge for Andrea because inserting the cup meant she had to move her hand through Jill’s plenteous pubic hair to reach the introitus, the entrance to Jill’s vagina. But she adeptly managed to do that and slip the cup in between Jill’s labia and then gently into her vagina until it could be placed onto her cervix.

“I don’t feel that at all,” Jill observed.

After a minute or so more, Andrea once again slipped her hand into Jill’s pussy and extracted the cup. When they looked in it, it had some yellowish-white goo. Joan expressed the view that maybe Jill had been ovulating.

“I guess I’m glad Ken isn’t here for this femmy conversation,” Andrea said with a grin.

Ken did come into the room soon thereafter and asked if they were still playing period party games.

No one smiled. Joan stared at him and told him he had insulted them all. Ken started to realize that he had screwed up, but Joan wasn’t going to give him the chance to get off the hook.

“Come over here, Kenny, and pull down your pants and underwear,” she ordered in a crisp tone that indicated that she had some definite discipline in mind.

“The next time that you say something like that, even in jest, that is intended to embarrass us or belittle us as women,” Joan stormed, “you’ll really get it and how.”

Ken started to think he might get out of being punished badly this time and he tried to apologize.

Joan was having none of it. “I told you once to get those pants and undies down,” she emphasized, and Ken immediately undid his belt and pulled his trousers down. He was wearing blue boxers and pulled those down near his ankles over the trousers.

Joan took him by the ear and place him face down over the back of the couch. She had him spread his legs and the women giggled at the sight of his ball bag and flaccid cock visible through his legs.

Now Joan was wielding her thin cane and tapped it between his legs, lightly striking his scrotal sac.

“The next time I have to discipline you for this kind of thing, Kenny, you might be punished here,” she emphasized, “as she gave his scrotum another very little tap.”

“I hope konyaaltı türbanlı escort you wouldn’t do that,” Ken posited, now becoming a bit frightened by Joan’s severity.

“All I’m saying is that if you keep doing this, it could happen,” Joan warned him.

She proceeded to cane his bare bottom with nine searing strokes, at the end of which he was screaming in pain. Ken was somewhat surprised as well as scared by Joan’s ferocity. Jill, Emily, and especially Andrea were also surprised and worried about this severe punishment visited on Ken. For her part, Joan felt it was necessary to impress upon them all that she would follow through with any warnings and she also knew that the other men living in the house would hear about Ken’s discipline and behave better with the women, including the ones with whom they were living as guests.

Andrea then dared to suggest to Joan out loud that she thought Joan was being harsh on Ken beyond necessity.

“It looks like you need a refresher dose yourself,” Joan snapped to Andrea, who blushed at the threat.

They all knew, though, that Joan never threatened without following through, as had been true of their mother, and now they were given more reason to believe that.

Joan then very calmly but firmly asked Emily and Jill to leave, along with Ken. Jill, for one, would have wanted to observe how Andrea would be punished, but knew better than to go against Joan’s order. For his part, Ken was afraid for his fiancée, but knew it made sense to leave then before Joan decided to impose even harsher punishment should she decide he was defying her.

On Andrea’s bed, Joan now took out of a large travel case the sort of clothing they would wear back when she was growing up: a very feminine frilly short dress, panties with a teddy bear pattern, ankle socks, and cute girly shoes. Andrea started to protest but knowing that this risked Joan using her very whippy thin cane, she went ahead and changed into the clothes provided for her. Already feeling very embarrassed at having to wear such clothing, and very aware of the little girly panties she now had on, Andrea returned to the living room where Joan was waiting for her.

Entering, Andrea saw a full jug of orange squash on the table, alongside an empty glass and the cane. Joan picked up the cane and swished it through the air a couple of times. “Andrea”, she said, “you will drink all of this squash for me over the next 30 minutes, and you are not to visit the bathroom.” Andrea looked aghast.

Then she nodded, not liking where she knew this situation was going, but not seeing any other choice but to do as she was instructed. Sitting at the table, she poured her first glass of squash and drank it in one gulp before pouring a second.

Joan meanwhile pressed the button imbedded in one wall of the room that summoned her personal staff member, Rachel. Within a few moments there was a polite knock on the door and Rachel entered, dressed in her full traditional maid’s uniform. Joan looked up at her from where she too had taken a seat. “Ah, Rachel, there you are. It’s 12:30 now. Please inform my brother and my sisters, along with any guests they may have that I intend to spank Andrea in here at 2:00 P.M.”

“It will be a spanking of the kind my brother and sisters will recall,” she explained. “They are all invited to come and observe the proceedings.” Then with a slight glint in her eye Joan added, “Tell all the ladies in the house that they are invited to wear short dresses or skirts, and that the wearing of panties is optional!” Joan was well aware of the emotions observing such a prolonged spanking could generate, especially the distress Andrea would find herself in, and this was her way of saying that she had no issues with that. She also knew that Rachel would be observing from the kitchen through the food serving hatch, but she would be discreet in doing so.

Glancing at Andrea, she could see how crestfallen she looked, Joan felt she had no choice but to soundly embarrass, humiliate, and spank her future sister-in-law if she were to maintain control over her and the others. Joan was also pleased that the jug of squash was now half empty.

With around 15 minutes to go before the appointed hour, Rachel returned to say that everyone in the house, her brother, and two sisters, along with their respective partners, would be attending. She then proceeded to position Joan’s favorite armless wooden chair in the center of the room, and on the nearby table within easy reach placed some small thick towels, a fresh box of tissues and wet-wipes, and Joan’s favorite wooden hairbrush in case she decided to use it.

The jug of squash was now empty, and Andrea was clearly in some discomfort, wanting to pee to empty her bulging bladder. For Joan, though, this was part of her sister’s punishment. The room started to fill with those about to witness the spanking, and there were giggles and comments at what Andrea was wearing. Joan’s suggestion had been acted on, konyaaltı ucuz escort and the two women in the room had indeed short dresses on that barely covered their bottoms.

With everyone in attendance, Joan sat on her spanking chair, pulling up her dress to the top of her thighs as she did so. Not only did this act show off her well-shaped legs, it showed as well that she wasn’t wearing any panties, and her near hairless pussy could be clearly seen before she picked up one of the towels and draped it over her lap.

“Come here Andrea!” she commanded. Andrea looked around with tears forming in her eyes and was now in considerable discomfort from her now very full bladder. She did so; knowing what was about to happen. Joan pointed to her right side, “Stand here, then bend over my lap like the very naughty girl you most certainly are!”

“Please Joan…” Andrea’s voice tailed off as she bent across Joan’s small lap, reaching out her arms before her to support herself. Without another word, Joan flipped up Andrea’s dress to reveal the child-like teddy bear patterned panties Andrea was wearing. There were giggles and laughter all round, and Andrea felt like she wanted the floor to open and somehow swallow her up.

Joan announced that as “Andrea had acted like an irresponsible naughty girl, she will be dressed and punished like one!” And with that statement, Joan took a tight grip of her sister’s waist and started to very soundly, and steadily spank her sister across her panties. Andrea cried out from the very first smack, much to everyone’s delight, and after ten hard smacks, Andrea realized that she would lose control very soon. She felt the pee pushing at her urinary sphincter and suddenly cried out that she was going to pee. She let out a little into the tiny panties and Joan felt some warmth as the liquid quickly passed through the panties. Andrea soon learned that trying to let out a little merely opened the floodgates.

In seconds, Andrea’s panties were soaked as a large volume of pee poured out from between her legs and into the well-positioned towel. Joan stopped spanking for a moment as everyone looked to see Andrea’s acute embarrassment and total humiliation at what she had done.

When finally, her bladder was empty, and Andrea was crying at her shame, Joan called out.

“Rachel, I know you are watching. Please bring in a bucket to take off and remove Andrea’s wet panties, along with this pee-soaked towel!”

A moment later, Rachel entered the room and without a word pulled down Andrea’s pee-soaked panties and dropped them in the bucket. She then swapped the pee-soaked towel for a fresh dry one under Andrea’s hips, and with a third towel ensured that both Joan and Andrea’s now fully exposed bottom and legs were dry. She then handed Joan the pack of wet wipes, saying “I assume you would like to do this part yourself Miss Joan.”

“Indeed,” Joan replied, and taking a couple of the wipes she spread Andrea’s legs and started to clean in and around her pussy. Andrea cried out at this unexpected cleaning, and even more so when Joan took a further couple of clean wipes and thrust them deep within her bottom cheeks to ensure her anal bud was thoroughly cleaned as well.

Job done; Joan dropped all the waste into the bucket. “Thank you, Rachel. You may resume your position now,” she directed. With a small nod of acknowledgement, Rachel left the room.

“If you pee again during your punishment Andrea, I will cane you across your bare bottom. Are we clear?”

Andrea nodded, being unable to speak through her tears.

“Then it is time for your naughty girl spanking!” Joan declared. With that, Joan again took a tight grip of Andrea’s waist and resumed spanking. She spanked as her mother had done, not rushing, letting each individual smack be felt, but at the same time allowing her hand to be relentless in its delivery across Andrea’s bottom and thighs. Andrea screamed out at the pain, not caring how she sounded to those looking on.

For his part, Ken started to realize how aroused he had become from seeing his fiancée pee while laying across Joan’s lap, and the hard bare bottom spanking that was now being administered. His penis felt so hard within his pants. Without second thought to those around him he took it out and started openly rubbing it in time with each smack to Andrea’s bottom. Noticing that there seemed to be no objection to what he was doing, the two boyfriends of the two sisters likewise took out their hard-erect penises and within moments were also masturbating in time with Joan’s smacking hand.

Seeing what was happening, a smile crossed Joan’s face as she suddenly knew how this particular spanking would end. Glancing at her two sisters, both of whom were sitting and looking wide-eyed at the spanking, she could see that both were masturbating as well. One had taken Joan’s advice and kept off her panties and had a hand between her legs and was fingering her hot wet pussy. The other, while wearing panties, had pulled her damp gusset to one side to likewise finger her also hot wet hole.

Joan continued to spank for a good twenty minutes, before finally deciding that Andrea’s hot red sore bottom cheeks and thighs had been punished enough. Andrea for her part was crying very loudly like a baby, and it took a few moments to realize that the smacking had finally stopped. But Joan wasn’t finished with her yet.

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