Subject: Jody, the Team, and the Navy Chapter 11 Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction and any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental and not intended. The author maintains full copyright of this material and licenses the use of it by fty as specified in information on the website. Please do not use it in any other published manner without the permission of the author. As this is erotic fiction featuring male to male sexuality, please leave this site if such stories are offensive to you. If you are under age in your jurisdiction, please leave this site at once. If you enjoy this story and others like it, please consider contributing to support fty at http://donate./donate.html . Thank you! I hope you enjoy this story, which concerns the sexual awakening and development of Jody through his college years and early career in the Navy. To add realism to the story, much of the story is set in real cities, college campuses, Naval bases, and places of business. No implication that these places are accepting of homosexuality is implied. Should you visit any of them, please maintain normal caution and do not assume you will be accepted. This story is set in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, before the AIDS crisis began. Therefore, it is strictly condom-free. However, please note that neither the author nor fty is encouraging men of the 21st century to ignore the consequences of unprotected sex. Please love yourself and your future partners enough to be careful! Thanks to those who have taken the time to send me feedback about the story. I’ve never received “fan mail” before, so this is very exciting! Just so you know, this story has 16 chapters, so please keep reading and feel free to send me your feedback or comments. This story is the backstory of a character who will be included in a book to be published in the Fall, 2018, titled The Deputy Boys Book 1: The Invitation. Jody’s story is entirely separate from this book, although he is a character in that book. Without further ado, enjoy Jody, the Team, and the Navy! Best Regards, Kenneth Kirk Jody, the Team, and the Navy Chapter 11 Dinner was quite nice, featuring chicken baked in an unusual cranberry sauce, wild rice, and saut�ed green beans with a tossed salad on the side. Dinner conversation was lively as we talked about base events and the other guys who often joined the group for parties. Most of the guys in the group identified as heterosexual, including several who were married and a couple who often dated women. A couple of the guys admitted to being bisexual and a couple acknowledged being gay, but only in the strictest of confidence. Alex and Darren were a committed gay couple, who were somewhat the linchpins of the group. They’d been together a couple of years and shared this house, planning to retire in Norfolk in a few years. Darren noted that their relationship was strong and loving, but they each enjoyed the freedom to establish sexual relationships with others and that this group allowed them a lot of sexual freedom without threatening their commitment. Vern emphasized that the group requires an extreme level of confidentiality since knowledge of the activities of the men in the group could result in potential court martials and discharges from the service. “A couple of years ago,” he said, “one of our associates, a lieutenant commander, was named by a guy he’d been with on a previous assignment. The brass promised the other guy an honorable discharge if he named names. In the end, both of them, along with a few others, were discharged, dishonorably, I might add. But our guy refused to name anyone so no one else was ensnared.” “That’s our commitment to each other,” Alex added. “If we’re outed, we don’t talk. It’s very hard for them to prove anything unless someone talks.” Darren put his hand on mine. “None of us know how long this group has existed. It just slowly changes as guys get transferred out or in. It’ll survive for a long time as long as everyone keeps his commitment to confidentiality.” They seemed to be pleading for my agreement, so I responded, “I do understand. I might want to make the Navy my career, but if the brass decides to release me, I’ll be free to make the big bucks at a bank somewhere.” Around the table, everyone gave me a big smile. “That’s the spirit!” Alex said. After dinner, everyone pitched in to get the dinner debris cleared away and then we sat in the living room for a little while, enjoying another pitcher of margaritas. Darren pulled a fancy box out of the cabinet behind the bar and rolled a couple of joints. By the time the two joints were smoked down, I felt totally relaxed with these guys. I began to wonder if we were going to continue into a sexual mode when Alex finally said, “Why don’t we show Jody the party room?” Everyone responded enthusiastically and we got to our feet. Darren took me by the arm and led me down a hall to a big, rather dark room. He flipped on some low lights and showed me a variety of leather-topped benches and tables and an odd-looking leather swing hanging in the middle of the room. “Is that a sling?” I asked curiously. I’d heard of them but hadn’t seen one. Several guys chuckled. “It is,” Brandon said. “Do you think you might want to try it out?” “Hmm,” I thought. I felt slightly intimidated by it, so answered, “Yes, maybe next time, okay?” “Of course,” Darren responded. “You’ll never be pushed to do something you aren’t into.” Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Scott, Alex, and Vern at one side taking off their clothes and hanging them on a clothes rack that was empty but for some hangers. “Let’s get undressed and have some fun,” Brandon said. A few minutes later, I was on my knees on a bench that was about 24 inches wide and 36 inches long. It had a soft, but firm leather cover. With very few preliminaries, these guys got down to business. Vern fed me a plump 8-inch cock to start the action. He was almost completely erect by the time I had it kissing the back of my throat. Meanwhile exquisite sensations began emanating from my pink rosebud as Darren kissed and licked it. Off to one side, just within my peripheral vision, Scott and Brandon were kneeling in front of Alex, whose long dick was being sucked by the two lieutenants. Darren was a great ass-eater and I was moaning loudly almost from the get-go. I spread my knees as far apart as I could without sliding off the bench while I arched my back to point my ass up and make it easy to kiss. I had already experienced the muscular dexterity of Darren’s heavy tongue, but in my ass his tongue seemed even more energetic than it had in my mouth. Soon I was drooling cock juice, pushing back in an effort to open my rump for a deeper probing, and gasping quietly from the amazing feelings as the randy commander at my butt worked to prepare me for some major fucking. Alex pulled away from the gorgeous cocksuckers and tapped Vern on the shoulder. Cooperatively, Vern pulled out of my mouth so Alex could put his 8-incher between my lips. It was a bit thinner than Vern’s and a bit longer, too. Vern soon displaced Darren from his feast and presented a fresh tongue to minister to my needs. Soon Darren was sucking Scott as Brandon began kissing Scott’s lovely tush. Several minutes passed before Darren stepped up and gently pulled Alex from my mouth. His black cock was almost the same dimensions as Brandon’s Polish ass-stretcher. That realization assured me that I was going to love taking this dick deep into my nether region. For now, I was content to lick and suck on it, teasing it and getting it ready for the main event, which I hoped would be bursa escort soon. Meanwhile, Alex had joined Vern and they seemed to be alternating in bathing my sphincter with their saliva while massaging it with their tongues. I had rarely had so much high-quality rimming since most of the baseball players wouldn’t even try it. When the tongues pulled away to be replaced with lubed-up fingers, my anticipation got so high I wasn’t sure I could refrain from begging for cock. Darren rammed the last three inches into my throat, causing me to swallow, which seemed to turn him on to no end. Soon more fingers found their way into my ass. I thought I was hosting four nice thick fingers, but I wasn’t quite sure. Those fingers, however many there were, intentionally pulled outward from the center so that my sphincter had no option but to stretch. I thought the commanders were probably looking into my stomach from back there. Abruptly the fingers withdrew. Just as abruptly, Darren held a small brown bottle under my nostril and said, “Breathe.” Always the good soldier, I obeyed without question, drawing in a deep breath from the top of the little bottle. I felt instantly relaxed, but held on to the hard rod in my mouth and throat. An instant later, a hard, rounded shaft pressed against my hole. When it pushed against me, my sphincter gave up any pretense of guarding my virtue, opening as far as it needed to allow the modest sized cockhead to completely subdue and dominate it. The cock I needed so desperately pushed through my sphincter without a pause. The cockhead stopped moving after a moment. I felt no pain, only pleasure at the entry of the cock into my body. I moaned as best I could around the fleshpole in my gullet. I pushed my ass back to draw another inch or so into me and the owner of the cock took that hint that I was ready for more. Soon, much to our mutual enjoyment, he had bottomed out deep in my bottom, proving that there was nothing modest about his length. Vern stepped over to Scott and Brandon, pushing Brandon away from Scott’s hole to put his greasy fingers into the hot MP. I knew he’d just taken those fingers from my asshole and was now using the same lube to relax and prep Scott for fucking, too. Since all the others were in my field of vision, I deduced it was the gorgeous Scandinavian Alex filling my ass so pleasantly. I loved getting two great cocks from two very hot guys at the same time. My cock twitched and dripped underneath me. Darren left my mouth and went behind me. I relaxed my jaw and let it rest while everyone was otherwise engaged. I had a direct view as Vern’s big prick kissed Scott’s quivering rosebud, then disappeared into those beautiful coppery buns. Seeing the very masculine Black Cherokee penetrated so willingly by his superior was somehow highly erotic to me and I moaned in appreciation. Before I finished my moan, a new challenge was presented to my hole as Darren pushed his big dick against my open and welcoming sphincter. Alex appeared with that little brown bottle, which he held under my nose like Darren had a few minutes earlier. As soon as I took a breath, I felt very warm and relaxed. I pushed my entire body back onto the prick that was kissing my asshole, effectively swallowing Darren’s thick fuck-rod. “Oooh!” I wailed as sharp pain briefly surged through my innards. When my buns met Darren’s pubes, he grabbed my hips and held me tightly in place for several seconds before releasing me and pulling back to take a long plunge into my tightness. On the second thrust into me, I experienced a great, pain-free pleasure in my wet hole. I whimpered from ecstasy. “Fuck, yeah!” he cried out as he began rocking forward and backward to maximize our friction. He dragged that fantastic cock across my tortured prostate with every movement. I groaned as he pushed deeper, let out an “ooof!” when he was as deep as he could get, and moaned as he withdrew. Giving my ass to such a god-like masculine man who was such a talented top was very erotic. My need to cum increased quickly once he entered me. Each plunge into my body took me closer to the magic release. I tried to hold off, but watching Vern fucking Scott and Brandon eating Alex’s pale butthole while I could feel Darren fucking me so beautifully put me on an inevitable crescendo. Far too quickly to suit me, my body could take no more stimulation without a release. My balls snapped against my body with an audible slapping sound and my cock swelled until I thought it might burst. My groans got very loud as my breathing got ragged. I screamed, “I’m cumming!” All the energy in my body gathered in my balls and blasted forward in unison as I went over the crest into a massive orgasm. Blasts of my essence sent scalding semen through my cock and out onto the bench and beyond onto the floor. With each shot, I screamed “Fu-uck” as my ass clamped onto the piston within me. Darren pounded me in unison with my cumshots, intensifying the feelings and adding power to my ejaculations. Before I was done, he began unloading deep inside me, soothing the interior of my being even as he tortured it with additional friction. I was so caught up in my own ecstasy that I almost missed his, but after my orgasm ceased, I got the full benefit of his final four shots. Darren and I rested for a moment, his spent cock comfortably lying within my hole as we both enjoyed the warm wetness of afterglow. Observing our joint orgasm, Vern extracted his hard butt-breaker from Scott and stepped over. Far too soon, Darren summoned his energy and pulled his amazing cock out of me. He moved away so that Vern could enter me, sliding easily into the space just vacated by Darren’s bigger cock. “Oh, yeah, Coach!” I said, in an unconscious throwback to my college days. Vern chuckled and started pounding away. At about the same time, Brandon entered Alex, which caused the tall blonde to cry out, “Give me that hard cock, Brandon!” As Brandon pounded Alex, Darren knelt before his partner and took the drippy pale dick into his hot mouth. Scott, being temporarily unattached, moved into position to feed his wonderful cock into my throat, which I happily accepted. The sounds of sex filled the room as Vern fucked me powerfully, Brandon pummeled Alex’s ass, Darren slurped on Alex’s cock, and Scott fucked my face. This level of sexual action couldn’t last long and soon Scott blasted my throat with a full load of his tasty spunk, Vern added a big load to Darren’s deposit already churning in my asshole, Brandon emptied his balls into Alex’s ass, and Alex fed a load to Darren’s talented mouth. When we all calmed down from our sexual highs, Alex said, “Let’s rinse off and then go to the kitchen for dessert.” Brandon and Darren escorted me to a roomy shower off the main party room, where we turned on several faucets and lathered each other up. There was some nice gentle washing and rubbing but nothing overtly sexual. We dried off, slipped on our underwear, and walked to the dining room, where Alex and Scott served us big slices of chocolate cake topped in thick fudge icing and vanilla ice cream. After our sexual workout, I was ready for a little shot of sugar to keep me going, especially if there was to be a second round as I expected. We made small talk over the sweets and I learned a bit more about my companions. All in all, this was a very impressive group of guys in many ways, not just sexually. I thought I needed to pinch myself to be sure I was not dreaming up these wonderful new friends. When everyone was done with dessert, we shared another joint before returning to the party room for more fun and games. As soon as our underwear was removed, I was drawn into a big kiss by Vern. As we bursa escort bayan stood in the middle of the room snogging like nothing else existed but our lips and tongues, I became aware of my name being called. For a moment I thought it was quite rude to interrupt this wonderful kiss, but Vern pulled back and I looked in the direction of the sound. I saw Brandon standing by the sling, holding his gigantic erection and lewdly humping the air in the direction of the sling. Glancing back at Vern, I whispered, “What do you think he wants?” Vern grinned. “I think you know, don’t you?” “I have a pretty good idea.” “You also know you’re the only one here right now who can meet his need.” “Do you think I should?” “I think all of us would love it if you did.” “Okay!” Reluctantly I pulled away from Vern and moved over to where Brandon stood, cock in hand. “Will you help me get into this contraption?” He grinned widely, almost stupidly. “You bet I will!” Brandon stepped back while Vern stepped over to steady the sling. While Vern held it still, Brandon assisted me in first sitting on the leather seat and then leaning back into it. He lifted my legs and began fastening a sheepskin strap around one ankle while Vern put my other ankle into a similar strap. When they were done, my feet were securely fastened to the chains holding the sling. The chains were suspended from the ceiling and seemed very strong. Another set of chains hung on opposite sides of my head and I instinctively grabbed hold of these. Conveniently, my head rested on a small leather extension of the seat while my asshole was positioned right at the edge of the sling. With my legs pulled back due to the ankle straps, my hole was open wide, vulnerable, and inviting. It was also needing some attention, so when Brandon knelt to eat my ass, I moaned my approval. He didn’t give me a luxurious rim job, just a saliva bath. Vern handed him a bottle of lotion and Brandon greased up some fingers, which he used to give my ass final preparation for penetration. Soon, Brandon’s fingers left my anus in a state of supreme desire, but my desire was soon met when his nine turgid inches entered me in one long plunge as, once again, Alex placed that curious brown bottle at my nose. As I breathed in, Brandon pushed his cock into me. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed as all that dickmeat drove into my guts. “You like that?” Brandon asked in all seriousness. With equal seriousness, I answered, “Oh, yes, man! Fuck me!” Even though Brandon outranked me, he followed my order. Damn! He followed that order with an unbelievable attention to duty as that giant hole-reamer started pounding the ever-loving shit out of me! By the third hard stroke, we were surrounded by four other studs, each looking down at me, jerking slowly, dripping pre-cum onto my abs and pecs, moaning softly, occasionally pinching my nipples or caressing my belly, or flicking my cock. In a tell-tale omission, none of the four actually grasped or jerked my cock. There seemed to be an agreement that I was meant to serve, only cumming by serving, not by masturbating. Truthfully, that was fine by me. After almost ten minutes of hard-dicking, Brandon suddenly stopped, holding his big prong deep within me. “Who wants to go next?” he asked. The four above me glanced at each other and, though I’m not sure how it was decided, Alex was the winner. He left my side and moved to the end of the sling, lightly touching Brandon on the hip. My big stud leaned backwards and his colossus slowly left my hole gaping and hungry. Brandon stepped aside and Alex assumed his place. Without bothering to add additional lube, Alex drove all the way into me, making me squirm with joy as my emptiness was again replaced with that delicious fullness that can only be felt with a good-sized cock in your ass. For a while, Alex drove me up the ladder of sexual anticipation, but before I was ready to lose it, he stopped moving within me. “Next?” he said. Vern was ready and moved immediately into position, skewering me firmly with another wonderful piece of manflesh. Though his cock was a bit shorter than the others, he was still well-endowed and man enough to make me crave each thrust. My cock leaked a large pool of pre-cum onto my belly, jumping and twitching with each of Vern’s powerful thrusts. He fucked me mercilessly for several minutes and brought me to the brink of orgasm before he stopped. He held still for a minute or two, smiling at me and saying quietly, “Not yet, babe.” I moaned in frustration, but also in anticipation of more good fucking. He inched in and out for a couple of minutes, slowly keeping me near the edge. He stopped again for a minute or two, making me whimper again. When my breathing flattened, he picked up his pace, soon pounding me like before. My moans quickened and became grunts as he beat my ass with his pubes. At long last, he took me to the edge. I gasped as the energy collected in my groin. More energy seemed to flow into my center than usual and several seconds went by with me teetering on the brink of orgasm. I yelled, “Fuck! Fuck!” And then I flowed over the edge, screaming incoherently as my jizz shot forth in a high arc from my piss slit, sailing above me, almost hitting Darren’s cock, which he was jerking above my abs, and then splattering down on my ear. “Fuck!” I screamed again. Another wad of cum sailed through the air, striking my left nipple as I screamed. As I continued screaming and blasting myself with my spunk, above me Alex cried out as he shot a wad all the way across me, catching Darren in the wrist and forearm before his semen began dripping onto my torso. After those first shots, he began creaming my pecs and abs directly with an impressive load. Before Alex was done, Brandon flooded my belly with his wonderful spunk. I think that was the visual that took Vern into his orgasm because the next thing I knew, he was yelling and filling my eager ass. We all took a short breather as three loads of cum mixed and mingled on my torso, slowly sliding to my sides and dripping into the sling. But this round was not yet finished. Scott moved to Vern’s side and almost pushed him out of his place at my ass. Scott stepped up, held his hard dick and smiled. “I love sloppy seconds,” he said with a wriggle of his eyebrows. “Or sloppy fourths,” Alex sneered. We all laughed. Then Scott drove his fat cock right up my hole, making me grunt with delight. Scott fucked me so hard, the others had to hold the chains to keep the sling from flying away under Scott’s attack. Even though Vern, Alex, and Brandon had just cum, they still played with their cocks, wiping their leaking piss slits on my body and rubbing their cocks in the pools of cum on me. Darren was still rock hard, jacking off very slowly above me. I hoped he would not cum until he was buried in my butthole. Scott fucked me with rapid and deep thrusts that raked against my prostate every time. When I noticed my cock re-inflating, I was a bit shocked given the intensity of my orgasm just a few minutes before. Before I reached full erection, Scott screamed out and dropped his big load into my asshole, shuddering and almost falling to the floor with the effort. Immediately, Darren stepped to Scott’s side. Scott yielded my over-stretched hole instantly. Darren’s deep brown eyes locked onto mine and his lips parted in a sexy smile as he placed his cockhead against my pucker. Quietly, I begged, “Fuck me, please!” Without breaking eye contact, he pressed against my sphincter with greater force. It didn’t take a lot of force before my ass opened wide and his rigid dick began sliding escort bursa into me, deeper and deeper. I gasped with the joy of his entry. As he reached his greatest depth within me, he broke eye contact as his eyelids half-closed and his head dropped backwards. He groaned and said, “Oh, sweet! You’re already full of cum.” Before beginning any thrusting, he stared back down at me. “Do you want some more cum in your sweet ass?” “Oh, yes,” I moaned. “Oh, yeah,” Brandon moaned above me, his cock now hard in his hand. “Who’s cum do you want?” Darren asked in his melodious voice. “Oh, yours, sir!” He smiled. Very slowly he pulled his wonderful tool out until only the big head kept my sphincter open. “Who’s going to fuck your pretty ass until you get his big load?” “You, commander!” “Yes!” Scott murmured above me. “Fuck his ass!” Darren grinned and pushed his hips forward so his cock moved back into my depths. “I want you to cum with me. Will you do that for me, baby?” I had emptied my balls thoroughly only ten minutes before, so he was asking a lot of my poor beaten body. “I’ll try, sir.” He pulled back and held his cockhead just inside. “No, baby,” he chided me. “You will cum for your daddy. My big cock is going to fuck you until you cum, until you squeeze it, until you make it cum.” Fuck, I thought I might cum just from this dirty talk. “Fuck me `til I come, sir!” “Fuck, yeah!” Vern exclaimed and jerked his cock harder. Darren pushed all the way through my ass in about a second. When he reached the end, I felt his cock throb and I groaned in response. He pulled out quickly and plunged in powerfully, slamming into my buttocks with his hips. “Fuck!” he said. “Yes, fuck him hard!” Scott said, now jacking his cock back to full rigidity. Turning toward his side, Darren sucked my big toe into his mouth, bathing it with his saliva, running his tongue around it like it was a cock. He drove his cock back into me, banging against me so that I bounced backwards, even though the other guys held the chains to the sling. “Oh!” I moaned as my cock released its first drop of pre-cum. “Oh!” I said as he drove into my ass again. “Oh, fuck me!” “Fuck him!” Alex commanded. Darren grunted and pounded. Above me four hands stroked four big cocks. Drops of pre-cum dripped onto my pecs, my abs, my belly, my dick. Darren pounded me, pulverizing my prostate. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” I wailed. “Fuck that hot ass!” Brandon demanded. Darren’s big hairy body glistened with sweat as he rammed his cock into my poor hole, quickly, firmly, deeply, repeatedly. “Take that big black cock, Jody!” Brandon cried. “Fuck me!” I moaned. Alex reached down to my nipple, running his finger around it to test its hardness. Then he pinched it tightly, sending an electric shock through me that ended in my cock, which responded with another drop of pre-cum. I groaned, “Oh, yes! Fuck!” On the other side, Scott pinched my other nipple, making me moan and twitch. Darren pounded me. His cock reamed out my asshole. His cock raked my prostate. His balls beat my perineum. His hips slapped my buns. He owned my ass. I existed only to offer my ass, a sacrifice to his dominating cock. Vern moaned as he whacked his dripping schlong against my belly. “Fuck him hard!” he muttered. Alex pinched my nipple as he pounded his pud and moaned, “Oh, yeah. Sweet ass!” Scott cried out “Fuck!” as he rapidly beat his meat and pinched my other nipple a little harder. Darren fucked faster and harder, his breathing ragged and deep. “Are you close, baby?” he asked. I could only moan and nod. “I’m close, too.” Brandon tugged on his big Polish sausage, it’s head purple and visibly throbbing. “I want you to cum for me,” Darren said. “Come on, baby.” I was close. My need to cum was so strong. My prostate was being crushed by the monstrous cockmeat pounding it every second. My balls churned in my scrotum. My cock drooled continuously. “Ooooooh!” I moaned. “Cum for me, Jody!” Darren commanded. “Cum for us!” Alex added. Everyone was stroking so hard and fast! This couldn’t last. I hung at the edge of the precipice. My nipples discharged great electrical bolts. My ass was completely relaxed. Energy pooled in my groin. Darren’s cock rammed in every half second now. “Ooooooh!” I cried. Brandon grasped the base of my cock, pulling it up from my belly until it stood tall and proud. He leaned over me. Suddenly, my cock was immersed in a hot, velvety, wet glove. When that glove squeezed my cock, that was the beginning of the end. I screamed, “Aaaargh!” I felt my body blast. Molten cum raced through my cock and spurted into that lovely glove, filling Brandon’s mouth with shot after shot of my essence. Involuntarily, my asswalls contracted around the huge dick inside me. Darren screamed as his cock started erupting within my guts, shooting his baby-makers into my receptacle, where they mixed quickly with the baby-makers Scott, Alex, Vern, and Brandon had given me already. Hot wads of Polish sperm blasted the side of my hip as Brandon groaned around my cock. “I’m cumming!” Alex shouted as he began shooting cum onto my pecs and upper abs. “Fuck! Yeah!” Vern yelled as he began creaming the back of Brandon’s head with his hot load. Lastly, Scott unloaded on my other pec, hitting Brandon in the cheek with a wad or two, crying out “Hot damn!” as he shot. When the last shot of cum was expended, the smell of man-juice was stronger than I’d ever experienced. No one spoke for over a minute as we all struggled for air. Brandon gently bathed my spent cock with his wonderful tongue. Darren held his dwindling cock inside me. I lay there, my ass completely filled with cock and cock juice. My body awash in a conglomeration of splooge, I lay in the sling, unable to move or speak, noisily drawing in oxygen. There were tiny moans and deep intakes of air all around. Finally, Brandon released my dick from his amazing mouth. It dropped into the lake of cum on my belly as Brandon stood up again. Eventually, Vern spoke. “That was the biggest climax to a party I’ve ever seen!” Everyone chuckled. Soon we were laughing like a pack of hyenas as Alex said, “Amen to that!” “Holy fuck,” Scott said. “That was hot!” “Very hot!” Brandon agreed. Darren dropped a hand into the cum on my belly. He scooped up a dollop onto his index finger and brought it to his mouth. Sucking his finger, he said, “Um. Brandon. Alex. A little Vern.” Everyone howled in laughter. Alex brought a bath towel to me and draped it across my torso. Everyone reached down and rubbed the towel around on me, absorbing a good portion of the huge mess we’d made. The guys helped me out of the sling and we all showered. No one had any cum left, so we dressed and returned to the living room for a final pitcher of margaritas before we called it a night. After that initial dinner party at Alex and Darren’s house, I spent a lot of time over there. I still got invited to Brandon’s, Scott’s, and Blade’s rooms a couple of times each week so that I got to entertain at least one of my top men every evening. On weekends, some of us would spend Friday or Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon at “the party house” as it was affectionately known within our circle. There would usually be at least five guys for a weekend gathering, but it was more likely to be seven or eight hot men. If it was a small group, I would do almost all the bottoming, but Alex might take one or two turns. If the group was bigger, he would sometimes take quite a bit of rear action. If Ted happened to be in attendance, he would do a lot of bottoming and Jeff, Lawrence, or Blade would often give one or two of the guys a hot ass to fuck. Life in Norfolk was awesome!

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