Journey into Cuckoldry – After Eight


But first a reminder…After the longest ejaculation I had ever imagined, Mitch’s thrusts finally slowed to a halt and he knelt panting, his cock still embedded in my wife’s vagina, his hands still gripping her hips, trying to catch his breath. Alice’s head was flat on the couch’s cushion, her face bright pink with the intensity of her orgasms, her arms hanging limp, her back heaving with laboured breaths. I had never seen her so thoroughly fucked, even by Steve and certainly not by me. After a moment, Mitch leaned forward and pulled her waist into his. Alice was still like a rag doll, completely pliable in his hands. He lifted her face and chest from the cushion, so that she sat back on his strong thighs, her back to his chest while between his knees, his flaccid cock slipped from her spent body and a wet trickle of fluid followed it onto the marble floor, forming a small pool beneath her swollen vulva. To my surprise after the violence of their mating, Mitch then began showering the back of her blonde head, her neck and her shoulders with small soft kisses. Alice stirred in her stupor and automatically turned her head until his lips could reach hers. They kissed lovingly and deeply for a long time, his hands stroking her slender arms and thighs in gestures almost of adoration. Carmen and I stood motionless in behind the hedge, our breathing loud and heavy for what seemed like a long time, my head full of the smell of her perfume and a slight trace of aroma from her well-masturbated vulva. It was suddenly incredibly erotic. Then Mitch rose to his feet rather clumsily and quickly, and kicked off his trousers, pants and shoes before dropping to his knees and slipping his arms underneath my helpless wife’s limp body. He lifted her effortlessly and carried her across the lounge to the inside door behind which were the hallway and bedrooms. He opened the door, carried her carefully through it and it closed slowly behind them. Now on to Chapter Eight… “Jesus!” I sighed gazing into the empty lounge open mouthed. “That was awesome!” “And I don’t think he’s finished with her yet…” Carmen added, “Come on, Mister Cuckold, time for bed!” Straightening up and releasing my groin, she quickly led me round the outside of the apartment and back into her and Steve’s bedroom through the open French windows. “He’s taken her to your bedroom next door,” she hissed as we entered, “keep quiet and listen!” The bedroom was in darkness as she led me across to the bed where we sat side by side, listening. After a short while, noises soon began to filter through the thin internal wall. First there was giggling then the low tones of Mitch’s masculine voice followed by the familiar higher notes of Alice’s. Her words were indecipherable but she sounded happy and excited. There were more words from them both, then a long period of silence. “They must have fallen asleep.” I eventually whispered, but Carmen shushed me. “Wait,” she said, “it won’t be long now.” She was right. After less than two more minutes of silence, we heard it; the slow, quiet knock, knock, knocking of the bed head striking the wall as in the next room, Mitch began to fuck my sweet wife for a second time. “Christ! That was quick!” I hissed, amazed at his speed of recovery. “The blessings of having a young lover!” Carmen grinned and squeezed my hand to her lower belly. I could feel her softness, heat and considerable dampness clearly. “Lie by me,” she said softly. I did as I was told and for a long time we lay in silence, listening to the sound of the bed head knocking against the wall; an impressive testament to Mitch’s stamina – or perhaps because he had ejaculated so recently. But then as the knocking gradually grew faster, the sound of creaking springs broke through followed quickly by a woman’s voice moaning loudly. “She’s going to cum again!” Carmen hissed excitedly. “Already! He’s amazing!” she said and I felt my fingers being forced down into her groin, her panties now soaking wet with arousal. As if on cue, the knocking on the wall grew faster and faster and my wife’s cries louder and more frantic until her words were clearly audible. Instinctively I began to finger Carmen’s slit again, this time from the front and with much better access. She began to moan along with Alice’s cries filtering through the wall. “Oh God! Oh Christ! Oh fuck me, Mitch, fuck meeeeeee!” The voice was Alice’s but the words were those of a Slut as a loud but low-pitched grunting joined my wife’s orgasmic wailing and the knocking grew even faster. “Ohhh yes!” I was dimly aware of Carmen’s thighs parting and my fingers being rammed hard against her vulva as if she was masturbating using my hand. I felt the unmistakable shape of a large, firm and very swollen clitoris under my fingertips. She moaned louder as I slipped my middle finger along her slit and fingered her nub directly. “Nnnnnnnnn! Ohhhhhh Goddddddd!” Alice’s voice, wild and crazed came loudly through the almanbahis thin wall now. She was clearly out of control as Mitch brought her to yet another intense, noisy orgasm next door. “Cum-in-me-cum-in-me-cum-in-meeeee!” The muffled voice was hardly recognisable as belonging to the woman I had married. My mind filled with images of Mitch’s face inches above my hers, his sweat dripping onto her face, his own body in spasm as he ejaculated in her for a second time, fresh new seed cascading into her to join the pool already swimming eagerly, trying to impregnate her as Steve’s seed had done only a few weeks ago. My own finger was now merely a blur on Carmen’s huge, engorged clitoris and she bucked against my hand, her voice now little but grunts and groans. Then suddenly through the wall, a loud male voice uttered a half-animal cry and after half a dozen loud bangs, all the noises faded to silence. My fingers, still between Carmen’s thighs and now wet and sticky, slowed and stopped. “Carmen, what have you done to us…?” I asked, turning to look at her face. I froze, my anxious eyes meeting her deep brown, wide-open pupils. There was a look of desperation on her face and I realised that for the first time, the She-Devil had been caught up in her own scheming. She looked wild, her chest heaving, her large breasts rising and falling, her body trembling. I realised to my amazement that cool, calculating Carmen was on the brink of a massive orgasm! “Please… Please finish me…” she gasped. “Don’t… don’t leave me… like this!” “But Steve…” I began. “Fuck Steve!” she yelled, “I’ve got to cum nowwww!” Without a word, I knelt alongside her legs and pulled her soaking wet panties quickly down and over her feet, throwing them away quickly. Her legs fell open instantly revealing for the first time her own vulva nestling at the top of her soft full thighs. The dark triangle of tightly knotted pubic hair glistened with the wetness of her arousal and her large, engorged clitoris protruded almost grotesquely from her puffy outer lips. “Quickly!” she hissed. “Don’t fuck me… but make me cum… Please…!” The idea of actually putting my little cock inside a vagina so used to Steve’s massive member would have terrified me if I had thought of it. Instead I shuffled between her thighs and in an instant her legs were parted, her ankles on my back and my face was buried in her pubic hair as I lapped her slit with long strokes of my tongue. “Jesus!” she exclaimed and I felt her thighs close tightly on the sides of my head, gripping me painfully between her cool, smooth thighs. I lapped again, from her puckered anus, across the entrance to her vagina and up to the large protruding clit above. “Nnnngh! Carmen’s body convulsed on the bed, driving her vulva hard against my face as her hands gripped my hair and head tightly. I lapped again, and again, and again and heard the characteristic moans of a woman about to orgasm coming from above me. “That’s it… yessss!” she gasped. Very excited now, I ran the tip of my tongue in small circles around the tip of her huge clitoris, under its hood, over its swollen end, then underneath on its most sensitive side. “Jees… Jesus!” My mouth filled with the lubrication that simply poured from her body, intense in smell and taste and quite unlike anything I had encountered between my own wife’s thighs. She was very near a shattering orgasm and needed very little to push her over the edge. I dipped the tip of my tongue deeply into her vagina, feeling its heat and the metallic taste of her extreme arousal. Carmen convulsed again, pulling a small handful of hair from my head that would have made me cry out if my mouth hadn’t been pressed against her large inner lips, which I sucked between my teeth eagerly. “Please…” she begged me in a voice almost unrecognisable as hers. I glowed with pleasure before preparing to deliver the final delight that I hoped would bring her what she desperately needed. Raising my mouth very slightly I abandoned her weeping vagina and carefully, gently, sucked her engorged clitoris between my lips, drawing it out of its hood until it protruded into my mouth. I held it between my lips, running my tongue over its tip, feeling Carmen’s body trembling with anticipation. Then I gently nipped her clitoris with my front teeth, showering its sensitive sides with many, many tiny nibbles and bites while my tongue flicked over its end. The effect was immediate! Carmen’s legs closed hard on my head, almost making me choke, her breathing all but stopped, her body convulsing. Her strong hands pulled me violently into her vulva, then pushed me away, then pulled me back while my mouth, head and lungs filled with the potent aroma of a full bodied immensely sexy woman in helpless orgasm. *** I don’t know how long we lay there in silence afterwards, side by side, my face and neck sticky with her juices but she held me close while her trembling slowed to a halt and her breathing almanbahis yeni giriş became silent once again. I kissed her face and her chest reassuringly and received a few kisses in return but she was exhausted. I had actually made Carmen cum! After all she had done to Alice and to me, I had actually given her a real orgasm in return! I hadn’t needed to try and fuck her, risking having my performance compared unfavourably with Steve’s. No, I had stuck to what I did best – and it had worked. Carmen had actually cum and I had made her! *** We slept side by side in her bed, a simple sheet pulled over our two bodies. In her sleep, Carmen unconsciously cuddled close to me and I stroked her hair and shoulders in reassurance before falling intermittently to sleep myself. I was woken twice more in the night by the sound of the bed head next door thumping against the wall as Mitch fucked the life out of my poor Slut wife for a third and then an incredible fourth time. During their third mating I could hear the exhaustion in her voice but she certainly reached orgasm again, albeit slowly and for a short time. When the knocking started for the fourth and last time, I heard only the bed head and, at the very end, Mitch’s climactic grunts. Alice had been silent throughout and I dimly wondered whether he had actually fucked her in her sleep, using my lovely wife merely as a cunt for his gratification. I dozed a little longer. *** It was pitch dark when I finally heard footsteps in the corridor outside and the apartment’s front door closing softly. “What time is it?” The dreamy voice came from behind me as I struggled to orientate myself. “Half past four!” I replied automatically, switching on the bedside nightlight, then noticed that the voice was not the one I was used to hearing in my bed. I turned round quickly to see a rather disheveled Carmen in bed alongside me. Her long dark hair was tousled, her make-up smudged. She was naked, as was I, both of us covered in a thin white sheet. “Is that any way to greet your new lover, Mister Cuckold?” she said archly, clearly amused by my confusion. “I’m sorry…” I mumbled, “I’m a bit… you know…” “Not as much ‘You Know’ as your Slutwife next door, I’ll bet!” She replied, smiling broadly. “I thought Steve had stamina,” she laughed, “but that boy’s unstoppable.” “Oh God!” “You’d better go and see her,” Carmen advised, “if it’s anything like the last time she’ll be in a state and need you now.” I gulped with a mixture of nerves and excited anticipation. “Are you sure you’re…” “Don’t worry about me, Mister Cuckold,” she said knowingly, “go and see if your wife has a little present for you between her legs.” My cock immediately sprang to life at the thought. I rose to my feet, still naked, and crossed to the bedroom door. “Have fun!” Carmen whispered and rolled onto her side as if to sleep longer. I left the room and padded silently to the next bedroom, behind whose door my freshly fucked wife lay. My tummy alive with butterflies, I turned the handle as quietly as I could and pushed it open. It creaked a little, causing the merest motion in the bed which then settled into stillness again. The room was hot and reeked of sex. Alice lay alone on her side in the bed. She was naked, one leg straightened, the other bent at the knee providing a tiny glimpse of what I could already see was a very well-used vulva. I stared for a moment in admiration; her body looked slim and athletic, half tanned and very, very attractive. It wasn’t hard to understand how Mitch had felt so drawn to my sweet, sexy, unfaithful Slut of a wife, despite their age difference! I padded silently across the marble floor to where she lay and looked at the scene before me. I had expected devastation but at first in the low light there was little to see. It was only when I looked much closer that I saw the real evidence of my wife’s total submission to her newest lover. Her puffy vulva was mostly hidden from my sight and touch, so my eyes were drawn to the line of her slim, toned tummy and upwards towards her tiny firm breasts. I bent closer; her left nipple looked sore and there were bite marks on the darkening globe but as yet, no hickeys on her breast or neck, a fact that made me oddly disappointed as I inspected her in the low light. As my gaze finally lighted on her beautiful face, I saw it was relaxed and serene in sleep, almost as if it belonged to a different body; a body that hadn’t been through the rigours that Carmen and I had just seen and heard. True, there were tiny salt marks on her forehead where she had sweated as she had been fucked but I saw no unhappiness in my wife’s face despite – perhaps because of – having experienced the longest, most energetic and possibly the most violent sex of her life. Taking care not to disturb her, I lowered myself onto the rumpled sheet and lay alongside her for a moment in the bed where she had just been fucked. I could feel the heat almanbahis giriş from her body so close to mine and to my delight found the mattress beneath me still warm from where Mitch’s body had lain. Alice stirred slightly in her sleep then lay motionless again. Emboldened, I carefully placed my right hand on her shoulder and gently teased her towards me. For a second she resisted, then rolled silently onto her back where she lay awkwardly as if in missionary position, her legs grotesquely spread apart, knees bent, her vulva fully exposed, for all the world as if she had been overcome by sleep the moment his cock had left her body. I stared at the familiar crotch so brazenly displayed. Not in all our years of marriage or after any of her dates with Steve had I ever seen her vulva so well used, so red, so puffy or so obviously sore. Her outer lips were swollen, their puffiness making them part and in the long opening between was the angry purple-red gash of her abused slit. It looked dark and painful, her inner lips and clitoris protruding way beyond the usual safety of her outer labia. Jesus! She had been well fucked! There were small bruises beginning to form on both sides of her vulva and in the creases at the top of her thighs and above this scene of devastation, her hairless mound and lower belly were encrusted with dried semen – which had been churned to frothy foam by the energy of Mitch’s thrusts. Indeed a thin layer of stickiness seemed to cover her entire vulva, her upper thighs and was streaked over the sheet beneath her buttocks. I let out a low breathless whistle in amazement and shock then, unable to resist, reached across and ran my index finger very gently along her gaping slit, scooping up a little of the sticky wet residue that lined its sore, red sides. “Please Mitch… No more… Please…I can’t…” Alice’s voice was sleepy and very distant. I watched her chest rising and falling as her slow, regular breathing returned and then, without thinking began to lick my sticky, strong-smelling fingers clean. My mouth filled with the powerful flavour of sex; the familiar taste of my wife’s slightly stale juices now combined with the smoothness of that young man’s copious semen, the whole permeated with the saltiness of their combined sweat. It was a heady mixture that took my breath away. I was in Cuckold heaven once again and knew that I had to lick more of the incredible mixture directly from her lovely used body! Moving as carefully as I could, I slid down the bed until my knees were on the floor rug between her spread legs. I leaned lightly over the edge of the bed, my shoulders between her open thighs and bent forward. My face was now barely an inch away from her abused vulva. The smell of sex and sweat was awesome! I put out my tongue and tentatively licked the sticky crease at the top of her thigh. Alice’s breathing didn’t change, though her legs moved slightly. I lowered my face to her gaping slit and inhaled deeply. The powerful aroma made me slightly dizzy with lust and I shivered in anticipation before boldly drawing my tongue, its surface wide and flat, in a single long stroke from her gaping vagina to her protruding clitoris, scooping up a generous portion of white foamy semen and lubrication into my mouth. The flavour, taking in all my senses, overwhelmed me and as I ran the fluids around my mouth I felt tears of pleasure rising in my eyes. Mitch’s semen tasted different from both Steve’s and my own, and there was the slightly stale, slightly fishy taste of my wife’s orgasmic juices, churned over and over by Mitch’s relentless cock. “Mmmmm!” she moaned as my tongue took a second, long lick of her slit, her voice muffled and dopey through lack of sleep and post-orgasmic disorientation. I took a third, then a fourth and fifth mouthful of juices directly from her slit, my tongue diving deep into her loose, red vagina seeking her lover’s sperm before raising my head and running the pungent, sticky fluids around my mouth, feeling the aroma of their illicit fucking filling my head, making it half dizzy with arousal. I wanted to jump on the bed between her spread legs, to mount her violently, to fuck her hard as I had done after she had been fucked by Steve in a futile Cuckold’s attempt to reclaim that which was already so obviously lost. “I need you… please…” I felt a light touch on my arm as my over-fucked wife reached out towards me. Her voice was low and dreamy, almost drunk but she was looking straight at me in the low light and smiling. “Are you sure? You look pretty sore already?” I whispered, taking her stroking fingers in mine. “I need you make love to me… just be gentle…” Without another word, I climbed onto the bed and knelt between her still-spread legs, my cock fully erect. I leaned over her, my weight on my left arm while my right hand steered my cock towards the scene of devastation at the top of my wife’s thighs. My swollen, rounded head brushed against her slit and she winced. “Still sure?” I asked. She bit her lower lip and nodded. I carefully rubbed my smooth end up and down her red, puffy, angry slit until I found the entrance to her vagina then pressed gently forwards.

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