Julia’s Afternoon at Home


Saturday and the weather was atrocious; sleet, snow and a howling gale. Notwithstanding, my husband had departed for his golf club as usual and wouldn’t return before five; given the conditions I doubted he’d ever leave the bar so one hoped that he’d return by taxi.

It was almost two o’clock when the door bell rang and opening it I came face to face with my Son-in-Law, Duncan: “Hi Julia, we’re off to watch the football, but I brought the guys around to meet you on the way. I was telling them about my fucking you when last week’s game was called off, but they wouldn’t believe me, so I promised them a turn to prove it.” Stepping aside to reveal two similarly aged young men behind him, Duncan added: “Matt, Harry, may I present Mrs. Julia Turnbull, the horniest slut that you’ll ever meet.”

I was flabbergasted, perhaps why I mutely allowed Duncan to guide me through to the lounge as his grinning friends closed the front door and followed? I remained silent as Duncan twirled me around to face his two friends and even when he ripped open my blouse and bra to brazenly bahis siteleri expose my breasts to these strangers, I managed no protest beyond a small yelp; Duncan meanwhile declared: “Didn’t I tell you she’d got a cracking pair of tits?”

One of the men — I didn’t know whom was whom — enquired: “Does she just fuck or will she suck cock too?”

Duncan, pressed a foot into the back of my knees, pushed down on my shoulders; I sunk, still silent to the floor as he responded: “Get your cock out Harry, we’ll soon find out.”

Harry swiftly complied while Duncan’s right hand grasped my wrists as the other entwined in my hair, presumably to restrain me before Harry’s approaching erection? He needn’t have bothered, I made no effort to evade Harry’s advance, indeed my lips were already parting and wetted by the time Harry’s cock arrived; a Gangbang! I’d lost count of how often that scenario had been fantasised and as Duncan had taught me on Wednesday, real things could surpass even my wildest imaginings.

Harry had barely penetrated my mouth when I heard: canlı bahis siteleri “Fucking hell you weren’t kidding Duncan, let me at her cunt.”

I sensed Matt positioning himself behind me the moment that Duncan stepped aside, saying: “Be my guest, you’ll love it; Julia’s tighter than you’d expect, but slick as butter” An instant later my skirt was pulled up, my panties dragged aside and Matt’s cock nuzzled against my labia; I could sense my own arousal, the men hadn’t been in the house for five minutes yet the juices were positively dribbling from my pussy. Duncan’s ‘horny slut’ sobriquet perhaps wasn’t far off the mark?

Matt and Harry swiftly found a matching rhythm for their penetrations; had they perhaps spit roasted women previously? Matt was using me to the limit, I’d never known a cock stretch me like this before, Harry meanwhile taught me a thing or two about fellatio: He’d angled my head such that the full length of his prick could penetrate, spearing deep into my throat, yet still allowing me to breathe.

Duncan stood on the sidelines encouraging canlı bahis his friends to take me ever harder; I wasn’t complaining — not that I could with Harry’s cock in my mouth! It was Harry who casually enquired of Duncan — not me! – if he was “OK with this” and whether he “wanted a turn himself?”

“Nah, you’re good mate; I’m going to take her in the arse once Matt’s finished.”

That finally garnered a protest; nothing verbal — Harry’s intrusion precluded that — but my writhing struggles made my feelings about anal sex very clear; I didn’t, hadn’t and wasn’t going to be violated there!

Matt laughingly exclaimed: “Looks like you’re out of luck with that one Duncan”

“You reckon? I didn’t hear Julia say ‘No’ and with you to help stop her wriggling I’ll be in there like a ferret up a drainpipe.”

Matt was still laughing as he climaxed a few seconds later; he didn’t come alone, my own orgasm arrived just moments later and it was explosive, no doubt augmented by the knowledge that I was soon to be ravished anally. In those few intervening seconds I’d realised that my abhorrence of anal sex had been upended by the situation: I was being gang-raped, something I’d long dreamt of, could there be a better moment to surrender that final and most scandalous of virginities?

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