Julie Finds a Side Hustle Pt. 03

Alessandra Jane

Recap of parts I and II

Julie and Dan live in a senior neighborhood of Lubbock, Texas. The houses in that senior neighborhood are capped at 1600 square feet and only one floor. At the annual Memorial Day neighborhood party hosted by Julie and Dan, a new neighbor (Rosalie – but known as RJ) asked Julie how her sex life was and invited her for a lesbian tryst. Julie had a lesbian fling in college, but had been married to Dan for 38 years. Julie is 69, RJ is a retired geologist age 67

In Part II, Dan and a friend take an annual fishing trip to Colorado, so Julie hooks up with RJ for awesome sex.

I hope you enjoy part III of Julie’s Side Hustle!!!


That week while Dan and Patrick were fishing in Colorado was an exciting one of sexual pleasure and getting to know RJ for me. I was trying to be discreet and walked around the block to get to her house, or drove down to the park and walked back to her house. She also came to my house three times. We had coffee, we talked, we had sex, we went to the grocery store – we drove separately (RJ was on her motorcycle) but met up to do our shopping.

And, I learned why RJ had shaved her vulva. When we had sex, I didn’t get pubic hairs into her mouth; while when RJ ate me out, she got some of my public hairs in her mouth. Hmmm – maybe I should shave “down there”.

By Thursday we had to take the day off from intimate sex – our vaginas needed some rest and recovery.

RJ was a great lover, but as we got to know each other, we became great friends. Women do seem to bond much better and easier than men. RJ was smart, articulate, and as much fun to be with away from the bedroom as in bed together.


Dan called or texted me from his fishing trip at least one every day (most frequently in the morning before they got out fishing). He texted me some fish pictures. On Thursday, he sent a picture of Patrick and him in their waders, with four days of beard growth. They were having a fun time, but I was having an even more exciting time – really it was one of the best times of my life!!!

On Saturday, they were going to start the seven hour drive home. Dan thought they would make it by 5 p.m. (and I figured it would be more like 9 p.m.). RJ thought we could have a tryst about noon, and I agreed with her.

I took the direct route to RJ’s house. But, I had only been there for five minutes and there was a knock on the front door.

RJ opened the door, and there was the neighbor across the street from my house – Dena – with her walker!!

RJ asked her in, and I greeted my friend and neighbor with a hug. Fortunately bahis siteleri we were fully dressed, although in sexy halter tops with lacy bras and panties. RJ asked Dena if she wanted coffee. Yes, she did. So we went to her kitchen table for coffee. We talked pleasantly for a few minutes until the coffee was ready.

Then Dena spoke up, and addressed me.

“Julie, I am pretty sure you and RJ are having sex.”

(Wow – she didn’t beat around the bush – not even the pubic bush).

To RJ, Dena said, “I’ve watched as Julie walked to your house most days this week. Sometimes she would go around the block to confuse me – but I knew. And, RJ, you’ve been to Julie’s house at least twice.”

RJ, not embarrassed as I was, corrected her nicely. “It was three times”.

Dena nodded, “I thought it was three, but one time you came in the back door.”

She continued. “You may not know this, but I’m an old lesbian myself. And, I thought maybe I could share in your fun. Yes, I’m 81, but I’m NOT DEAD”!!

Again, Dena went straight to the point.

I was caught. I thought I had been so smart going different ways, but Dena was on to us.

Dena continued. “I saw RJ talking with you Julie after the block party and the quick kiss you shared on the driveway. After watching for a couple of days when Dan and Patrick were gone on their fishing trip, I added two and two and got four – you two were having sex.”

RJ stood, came over to Dena’s chair and planted a big juicy kiss on the elder lady’s cheek. “We’ve had great sex, Dena. Of course you can join us.. Why don’t we go out to my sofa together and ahh – get to know each other.”

I had my doubts. Dena was old, she used a walker. Oh well – we would try to please her.

Dena willingly agreed to that plan!!

Dena reached for her walker and the three of us walked into the living room.

RJ nodded to me behind Dena’s back to pleasure our neighbor. We put Dena in the middle and Dena and I started kissing – at first lightly and then as I warmed to having a sexy older lady across the street from my house, we got deeper and used our tongues. Although she lived alone now, she hadn’t forgotten how to kiss and how to make love as a lesbian.

Meanwhile RJ was working on the rest of Dena. She was wearing a pretty sundress that was fairly short. The straps on the sundress were long and RJ just slid the straps down and pulled the top of the dress down to reveal Dena’s senior breasts. Dena must have anticipated the move as she didn’t have a bra on. At RJ’s first touch on her left breast and my lips firmly on her lips, she gave canlı bahis siteleri a sigh that said “contentment”. I took a cue, and dropped one of my hands to Dena’s right breast. The way Dena reacted, that must have sent a shiver down her spine.

RJ’s right hand was on Dena’s left breast, so she slid her left hand up Dena’s sundress from the bottom.

When RJ touched her pubic area through her panties, I was worried that the old lady might have a heart attack from the excitement. Fortunately, she didn’t!! She broke off my kiss and said “I’ve waited years for this. Dena spread her legs wide for RJ to touch and pleasure her.

RJ said to Dena, “These panties have to go.” RJ helped Dena to her feet and between RJ and myself we slid the pink lacy panties off of our neighbor.

Threesomes can offer some special situations. As we got to RJ’s bed, we all three stripped to our nakedness. Dena was to be our focus.

Yes, Dena was older. Her breasts sagged, although she was short and generally petite, her belly was flabby. But, her mind was sharp. She had tattoos on her breasts – delicate little flowers (I think Baby’s-Breath). The same motif was on her ankles.

So, here we were – Dena at 81, myself at 69, and RJ at 67. Three naked women sharing in hot sex. This was going to be good.

Dena was stretched out on the bed lying on her back- she was ready!!

RJ was at Dena’s vagina, licking, touching, and exciting her. I was kneeling over her, hovering over her mouth with my vagina in reach of Dena’s tongue.

Dena hadn’t forgotten anything as she circled and licked and brought me to a juicy climax. RJ was doing the same to her pussy. Then for the next hour we traded places.

When it was my turn to taste Dena’s lovely lady folds, the taste was a little like strawberry. Dena whispered to me, “I used my strawberry lube this morning”.

I find it hard to adequately describe the differences in vaginal tastes between RJ and Dena (and they might also find it hard to describe the differences between me and other women) – but other than the faint strawberry taste of Dena’s vaginal lube, both were exceptional. I love the taste of vaginas!!

We broke up after an hour-and-one-half. Instead of coffee, we each had a beer as we talked. Dena had been an open lesbian when she moved into the neighborhood (long before Dan and I had). Her partner died twelve years ago. She tried to find other women, but the women weren’t as interested in an old lady partner.

She had figured I was a straight as an arrow, but analyzed RJ as a hot lesbian. When she figured that I was hooking canlı bahis up with RJ, she decided she could join in on the fun.


Dan and Patrick came home from the fishing trip – with a good catch of fish that went into the freezer for later eating.

On Sunday afternoon,I had invited RJ and Dena over for cold lemonade with Dan and I.

After pouring lemonade for the four of us, I jumped in:

“Dan, many years ago in college, I had a girlfriend as a lover. And, I loved her. But she transferred to another school. I have missed that amazing time and love making. I married you and life has been great. But RJ moved in and this last week, um, RJ and I have been making mad passionate love.”

“Yesterday, Dena caught us and our lovely neighbor Dena is an old lesbian too. I love you, but our love life has pretty much died. I also intend to find love and sex with RJ and Dena. I want you to understand, this is nothing negative about you, but something that is making me happy and more fulfilled. I don’t want to lose you, I don’t want to divorce you, but I want to keep making love with these awesome friends. I Do honestly LOVE you, and honor our marriage, but I need sexual pleasure too.”

RJ said, “Dan, your wife is one hot lady.” and Dena vigorously nodded her agreement.

Dan sat quietly for several minutes and then said, “Julie, I love you deeply. Yes, I just can’t perform anymore. Between prostate issues and erectile dysfunction, I just can’t get hard enough or stay hard long enough. I want you to be happy, and if letting these two lovely women keep you happy and yet keeping our marriage intact, I’m good with that. No, take that back, I’m extremely happy with that. I’m remembering the old adage ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life”

He came over and hugged me and we kissed deeply. I did still love him, I wasn’t cheating on him, and he loved me and I loved him.


That started a great relationship, Dan and myself, but a threesome of older lesbian women. And, soon others in the neighborhood heard of our activities. News (and gossip) travels fast. Some congratulated us, others didn’t say anything.

At our Labor Day end of summer party – held at Patrick and Jill’s house, everybody on the block showed up (other than the Rodgers who had a family gathering in Mississippi).

Several of the ladies came up to me and said “Julie you look great”.

Liz Naismith added “That great sex is fantastic for you, you look radiant”. (I asked “Liz, do you want to join us some day?”. Liz blushed but didn’t say no.)

Even my good neighbor Jill kissed me on the lips and said “Someday, someday soon”. And, I believed her. That would be something – my imagination went wild as I pictured initiating Jill into our lesbian sorority!!!


The End of Julie’s Side hustle. I hope you have enjoyed it.

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