Julie’s Pantyhose Sex Ch. 01


My name is Julie, and at the start of my story I was 26 years old. I’m 5’7″ tall with a good curvy figure and C cup breasts that are high and firm. My hair is brown with a loose perm that just reaches my shoulders, and I’ve got sparkling green eyes. I’ve got a pretty face and cute button nose. But my legs seem to attract more than the odd glance, they are slim and long with not a hint of cellulite (lucky me).

I’ve been married to Barry for 5 years now; he is a quiet man 4 years older than me with average features. Barry has a reasonable job that pays well, although I have to constantly push him to better himself. We’ve had our ups and downs throughout our married life, but he usually sees that I’m right, and 99 times out of 100 I get my own way. On the odd occasion that I don’t, I find sulking for a few days usually gets me what I want. Of course now and then I let him win just to keep him happy, but it’s usually me that decides everything. Some people have called me a bitch in the past, but Barry is quite happy with me making the decisions. Well he has never said different, I wouldn’t allow him to anyway. I suppose it’s a kind of mind control I use over him. Well, more of a domination thing. But lets just say, I’m in charge.

There I was bored at home one day. I flicked on our computer which we had only installed 6 months ago. I hardily used it but my husband seemed to be spending more and more time on it lately. He’s so sweet he even uses my name as his password.

I just sat there staring at pictures of women he had down loaded. All the girls were wearing pantyhose. I scanned through over 100 of them. Some of them were of girls being felt up, and looked as though they were struggling to get away! A whole series of about 20 photos showed a man grabbing a young girl and shoving his hands into her tights. Gradually he stripped her and then raped her, but she kept her tights on all the time. Obviously it was all posed by models, but by the time I got to the photo of him ripping a hole in her tights and fucking her hard, I was grinding my fingers into my soaked pussy.

2 weeks later and after several more visits to Barry’s photo album I decided to get some action. I barely wore tights spending most of my time in jeans, but for the last week I had worn tights everyday. I had forgotten how soft and feminine they felt. I was like a bitch on heat. Barry noticed I made sure of that, but he was too scared to ask why I had been wearing tights and knee length skirts for the last few days. It was wonderful the way he kept stealing glances at my legs thinking I didn’t notice.

It konyaaltı üniversiteli escort came to a head when we went to bed one night. I stripped off leaving just my black tights on as I fiddle about getting ready for bed. I watched Barry from the mirror he could barely take his eyes off my legs. Then when I got into bed leaving them on, I saw that flush on his neck that gave away just how turned on he was.

“You don’t mind if I keep my tights on until I warm up a bit do you?”

“N, no,” he mumbled.

I cuddled into him making sure my nylon clad legs rested against him. I wanted to giggle but managed not to. I knew what this was doing to him. I felt wicked and slowly began to rub my leg over Barry’s. He just kept still like a corpse.

“You went into town today?” he asked faintly.

“You know I did I told you earlier,” I responded.

“Did you, um, change when you came back home?”

I heard him swallow.

“No why?”

He hesitated for a moment.

“Well, you wore that green skirt, into town I mean.”

“Yeah with the matching green shoes,” I said encourage what ever image he had in his head.

“Julie you…”

“Julie what?” I said softly into his ear.

“You went out into town, with, without knickers on?” he stammered.

I heard him swallow. I stroked up his thigh resting my hand inches from his groin. I wanted to grab his cock but resisted. I was enjoying teasing him. His mind must have been racing with thoughts of his leggy wife wandering around the shops. He still just lay there, I thought by now he would have made a grab for me, so I realised I would have to help him along a bit.

“Well I was wearing tights. I know my green skirt is a couple of inches above my knee, but it was fine until the wind got up.”

“What?” he said a little surprised.

“Well, I was struggling with the bags, and my skirt blew up.”

Although it was dark I could see Barry’s face in the moonlight. He was definitely aroused.

“Anyway I don’t think they saw right up my skirt,” I added.

“Who?” he asked sounding shocked.

“The three builders that were digging in the hole I had to walk by when my skirt blew up. Oh I know they whistled and one asked if I could feel the draft….”

“What draft? Julie!”

“Oh perhaps they did then. I mean when they gave me a lift home…..”

He interrupted me a second time.

“They gave you a lift home!” he shrieked.

“Yeah, I think they expected a fuck. I told them I was married but they were quite kurtköy escort welcome to a coffee and a blowjob.”

He sat upright flicking the light on.

“You gave…..Oh very funny.”

I couldn’t control my giggles any longer.

“Your face,” I laughed pointing at him.

“Yeah well, it’s not funny,” he grizzled.

“Oh don’t get queer Bar; it’s just a bit of fun.”

“Right,” he snapped.

“Well he seems to like it,” I said grabbing his cock.

Barry didn’t respond. He seemed quiet and embarrassed and tried to push my hand away. I resisted and began to pull his cock, and he soon started to respond to my touch.

“Like the thought of your wife flashing her fanny do you?” I said giggling.


“Don’t worry Barry we all have little fantasies,” I cooed pushing him back to the pillow.

“Was any of that true?” he whispered.

I tugged his cock.

“Only that I didn’t wear panties, and I did get whistled at,” I teased, “Well aren’t I sexy enough to get whistled at?”

“Yeah of course you are.”

I nuzzled into his neck and kissed him softly. He whimpered and licked his lips.

“What did you do when he whistled?”

“Nothing really, I just smiled I suppose,” I said after a little thought.

“Smiled?” he asked.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with that?”

“Well he could have thought you were leading him on, I mean, he could have tried to pick you up.”

I leaned close to his ear.

“So, I bet that turns you on?” I purred.

I could see him thinking, it was like he was at odds with himself.

“No, that’s perverted!” he snapped pushing my hand away.

I sat up looking into his eyes.

“Not as perverted as your pictures,” I responded.

I saw his eyes roam around the room. It was like he was searching for some excuse that he could use.

“I found them Barry, all of those girls being forced to have sex. Hell why do you think I’ve been wearing tights for the last few days?”

He looked even more shocked.

“I’m sorry, I’ll delete them.”

“God are you thick or what?” I groaned, and then I quickly calmed myself.

I moved down to his chest kissing his nipple.

“Look I don’t mind, really I don’t. Besides haven’t you wondered why I’ve been wearing tights lately?”

“Yes,” he mumbled.

“And it didn’t click that I found the photos that you down loaded?”

He lay silent, a far away look in his eyes.

“So are you telling me you like them too?” he asked quietly.

I took hold ankara kurtuluş escort of his cock under the bed covers. He began to respond to my light fondling again. I lay down next to him and took his hand and placed it on my thigh. Slowly he began to move his fingers causing the nylon to slip over my leg.

“Be honest with me now. Do you imagine that I’m the girl in the pictures?”

He swallowed again, and seemed to be struggling to answer.

“I mean if that guy did try to pick me up and then brought me home. Say he forced his way in.”

I left him thinking of that image for a while. His mouth hung open and his hand began to maul my leg nervously.

“I’d be like those girls, frightened, no husband to defend me. He’d tell me I was asking for it not wearing any panties,” I said making a fake distressed whimper, “Just think, he would force his hand down the front of my pantyhose as he grabbed my tits.”

I needed Barry to respond, to help with this I didn’t want him to think I had turned into some tart. I nibbled his ear.

“Is that what you would like Barry?” I whispered.

His breathing changed, and he gulped.

“You would have brought it on yourself,” he panted.

His fingers began to rub my leg more forcefully. It began to turn me on even more, it was like he was the man mauling at my body. I moved his hand until it covered my fanny. He began tracing a finger along my slit. I gulped and pushed his hand hard into my wet cunt. He soon got the message and began pushing my tights into my soaked fanny.

“Oh yes,” I replied to his question with a groan, “I mean when I got home I deliberately dropped the keys. He bent down to pick them up and I smiled as he looked at my thighs. Then of course his faced dropped when I told him to go. He told me I was a prick tease, and then shoved his hand right up my skirt, in the open on our doorstep.”

“Nobody would blame him,” Barry panted.

“Not even my husband?” I cooed in his ear.

He thought for a moment. I tugged his dick faster.

“Barry he’s got his hand in my bra, his other hand is down my tights and he’s got two fingers in me. God I can feel his cock it’s hard and pressing into my backside. I’m begging him not to rape me. I’m crying Barry. Your wife is about to be raped!”

“Oh yeah, oh fuck!” he panted.

“He’s pushing me over the table. I’ve just felt him rip my tights open. He’s laughing as I struggle. God Barry I can feel his cock at my fanny. Would you stop him? Would you want to stop him Barry?” I hissed in his ear.

“No, he’s pushed himself into you. He, he’s fucking your cunt!”

I felt him buck into my hand as he came. Panting and gasping, as his whole body tensed.

We cuddled together neither of us spoke for a while. I mean what the fuck could we say?

I got up to go to the loo.


“Yes?” I said looking over my shoulder.

“Don’t take your tights off, please?”

I smiled.

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