Jumbo Jim’s Junior Johnson


Many thanks to Paul4play for inspiring me to write this story!

And as always, my gratitude to NewOldGuy77 for being a wonderful editor and beta reader.


I eyed the tall, chunky, teenager plucking a bass guitar in my basement. I still couldn’t get out of my mind what my son, Ethan, had told me about his friend.

“Why do you all still call Jim ‘Junior’?” I had wanted to know, “He’s not short or thin anymore. He’s rather Jumbo-sized now.”

My son had blushed red and stammered, “His nickname refers to another part of his anatomy.”

I’d frowned as the implication sunk in, “You mean his johnson?” I’d asked, using the most inoffensive euphemism for dick that I could think of.

Ethan nodded.

“Well, that seems mean. An even better reason to stop calling him that name,” I’d replied, feeling defensive of the eighteen-year-old.

“That’s not how it works, Mom. If he changes his name, it’s like he’s admitting it bothers him, which is as much as admitting it’s true. He can’t do that.”

It seemed like strange male logic to me, but I’d just shrugged. Not for the first time, I wished I’d had a male co-parent who could tell me if this was a normal sort of thing for boys, or if it was something I should talk more about. But Ethan’s father had left me long before Ethan was born, and it’d been just us ever since.

Being a single mother had been a struggle, even if I had been 29 and established in my career. I didn’t live close to family, and hadn’t made many new friends in my area, so I really was on my own. I’d sacrificed dating, among other things, to be a mother. Masturbation could only do so much, which might be why I was fixated on the size of my son’s friend’s cock.

Not just friend, but band mate. There were five young men in my basement now, playing music together and trying to produce as many songs as they could in the three months between high school and college. Ethan ‘Sticks’ played the drums, Jim ‘Junior’ played the bass, and there was Gerry ‘Gerbil’ on keyboard, Hunter (the only one without a nickname) on guitar, and Tristan ‘Nos’ (like the energy drink) was the lead singer.

Of the five of them, Junior was the biggest. He towered over my 5′ height at 6’3″ tall. And as he’d maxxed out his height in the last year, he’d packed weight onto his previously skeletal body. Now filled out with a light padding of fat, his face was adorably rounded.

Junior looked up and caught me staring at him. Before I looked away, I couldn’t help but notice the cute flush of red that warmed his cheeks. My eyes landed on my son, who was watching me with a slight frown. And now it was my turn to flush.

I quickly focused on finishing up moving the laundry from the washer to the dryer and putting in a new load. Since the band was practicing nearly all day every day this summer, we’d had to compromise on when I could do laundry: only during practice days and not when they were trying to record something.

Finishing up my chore, I grabbed the basket of clean clothes and headed back upstairs. Two hours later, I went back to put the next load in the dryer, but I hesitated out of sight when I heard Ethan’s raised voice.

“Ugh, do you have to talk about my mom like that?”

I froze. I knew I should go and come back in 10 minutes, but I wanted to know what they were saying about me.

“Well, it’s true Sticks,” I heard Junior’s voice, “your mom is a MILF.”

“Too bad for you, a BBW like her needs a big cock to be satisfied,” Gerbil taunted Junior.

“Fuck you,” Junior commented, but the invective sounded weak and uncertain.

“Better a small cock than an overgrown dick like you, Gerbil,” I said loudly, walking into the room.

I probably shouldn’t have done it, but I always found Gerbil kind of irritating. The room went quiet as all the boys stared at me, red-faced.

“Ewww, Mom!” Ethan broke the awkward silence.

“Well, it’s true. And Gerbil, you should apologize to Junior. That was a very mean thing to say.” I fumed, all my overprotective mom instincts in full gear, bulldozing over common sense and tact.

“Sorry, Junior.” Gerbil said obediently, proving that he was still enough of a boy to listen to a mom, even if I wasn’t his mom.

“It’s fine,” Junior mumbled, looking at the ground.

The room fell quiet again as I attended to the laundry, then a deep thrum of the bass started as Junior started playing. The melody sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place it until the rest of the band started playing, and then Nos belted out the vocals.

“Fat-bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round!”

I laughed, and the uncomfortable mood was forgotten as the boys played.

That evening, when the band all packed up to go home for the night, Junior lagged behind the group. He shared a glance with Ethan, who shrugged, then went upstairs leaving Junior and I alone in the kitchen.

“Is it true, what you said, Ms. Charles?”

I knew exactly what he was referring to, “Absolutely, Junior. Sex isn’t just casino siteleri about penetration, you know. And there are plenty of ways to arouse a woman, small penis or not.”

Junior nodded and looked down at the floor as he mumbled something so quietly that I couldn’t hear it.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear that?” I asked.

“Never mind,” Junior turned to go, looking dejected.

My clit fluttered, unreasonably attracted to this man-child.

“Wait,” I put a hand on Junior’s arm.

He stilled but didn’t turn back towards me.

“Is it true, what you said, Junior?” I asked, turning his question back on him.

Junior nodded but didn’t say anything. I thought he probably understood my question, but I wanted to hear his confirmation in words, as direct as mine had been.

“You said I’m a MILF. Was that just a compliment? Or did you actually mean it?” I prodded.

Junior turned and looked at me, face red, “You’re a mother I’d like to fuck, and yeah, I really mean that,” he said clearly.

His words set my pussy on fire. In the back of my head, I knew it was wrong to lust after a guy my son’s age. That practical objection was completely eclipsed by arousal. I desperately wanted to see just how small Junior’s cock was. More than anything, I wanted to suck it. I’d always had a problem sucking big cocks. Because my mouth was small, it quickly became painful to hold my jaw open. Still, I loved the feeling of a penis in my mouth.

I hoped that Junior’s penis would offer a solution to my problem. Small cocks were just as rare as those massive cocks you see in porn. But unlike men with big dicks who feel confident enough to show off their penises, men with small dicks were so often ashamed and reluctant to initiate sex. Anyway, I’d never got to play with a small cock, and I felt the need burning in me, just knowing that I was so close to having one.

I looked into Junior’s eyes, “Ok.”

Junior blinked at me; clearly not sure he understood my meaning.

“Ok, you can fuck me,” I said quietly.

“Now?” Junior asked.

I considered. My room was next to Ethan’s. If I took Junior to my room now, there was no way that Ethan wouldn’t hear and suspect, after seeing Junior hang behind to talk to me. I wasn’t sure I was OK with that.

I shook my head, “Not tonight. We need some privacy. I’ll figure something out, OK?”

Junior nodded. His eyes lingered on me for a moment, then he leaned down and kissed me with closed lips. His arms enfolded me, and it felt so nice to be held by this big teenager. It felt safe and warm. I sunk into his squishiness happily.

After a moment, I sighed and pulled back, “Good night, Junior.”

He nodded and left.


The next morning, I made breakfast for Ethan and me.

As we ate our pancakes, Ethan announced, “After practice today I’m going to spend the night at Nos’ house.”

I looked up at my son in surprise. It had been years since he’d had a sleepover, and the timing of this announcement was very suspicious to me. Meeting my gaze, Ethan smiled slightly, and I knew that he knew. Since Ethan’s father have never been in his life, I’d had to be the one who told him about sex, so it wasn’t like we hadn’t talked about it before. Still, it was different when it wasn’t just a theoretical discussion.

My son knew that I was planning to fuck his friend, and he was making it easier for me to do it, as politely as he could manage. Junior and he must have discussed it, or he had overheard our conversations. Either way, I swelled with pride that I’d raised this considerate young man, even as I flushed with embarrassment.

“Thank you,” I said.

“I want you to be happy, Mom. Even if I don’t really understand it.” Ethan shrugged with a smile.

That evening, Junior dawdled as the rest of the band packed up to go. Nervously, I fluttered around the kitchen organizing things that were already tidy and cleaning things that weren’t dirty. I watched, trying to look normal, as each of the boys left the house: first Gerbil, then Hunter, then Ethan and Nos together.

I waved as Ethan closed the door, then strode over and locked the bolt. I turned around and stared at Junior, who was watching me.

“Hi,” I said.

Junior nodded at me, looking uncertain of what to do next. Well, so was I. But I was nearly 30 years older, so I figured it was up to me to be the one who know what to do. I took a deep breath and pushed away from the door. I tried to look confident as I walked towards Junior.

“Have you ever been with a woman before, made out or anything?” I asked.

“Just some kissing, back in middle school,” Junior answered, sounding a bit embarrassed.

Standing in front of him, I raised up on my tip toes and kissed him, my whole body thrilling at the contact as he put his big comforting arms around me. He was soft and warm, and it felt so good to be held. Lowering my feet, I kissed Junior’s chin, neck, and chest on my way down.

I took Junior’s hand in güvenilir casino mine, “Come on, let’s go to my room.”

I was eager to see Junior’s johnson, but I wanted him to feel comfortable, and not embarrassed or exposed. So, the only thing to do was for me to undress first, to be vulnerable first. I wasn’t proud of my body, the way it had lost the firm shape of youth and my fat jiggled with cellulite. But I knew I didn’t need to be proud of my body to be sensual and attractive. Confidence overcomes a lot, and so I projected what I could of that as I slowly stripped for Junior.

I had him sit on the bed and watch me undress. His look of unfeigned delight and admiration filled me with lust. Is there anything more arousing than to be desired? It had been a long time since someone had looked at my naked body like Junior was doing now. My clit tingled and my nipples tightened as I stood nude and let myself be examined.

Junior raised a hand and reached tentatively towards me but stopped short of touching me. I smiled gently and placed his hand on my breast.

“You can touch me anywhere,” I told him.

Junior rested his hand gently on my breast, as gentle as if he was touching a kitten. His large hands were muscular, and his fingers were callused from playing bass. He could easily hurt me without meaning to, and he knew it. So, he overcompensated with extra light touches. It was so sweet that my chest felt congested with emotion.

I parsed through the feelings, pride, compassion, and lust. I held my lust in check and let Junior explore my body at his own speed, slowly examining each inch of my skin, from my breasts to my pelvis, and then he kneeled before me to caress my legs and feet as well. It felt like an hour before he was done, having felt, manipulated, and occasionally kissed every part of my body. By the time he sat back on the bed in front of me, my whole body was trembling with need.

I stepped forward between Junior’s legs and kissed him as I removed his shirt. He raised his arms to allow me to undress him, as if he was still a boy who needed Mommy to help him. That thought, and the reminder that Junior was my son’s age, sent heat burning through my pelvis. What we were doing felt wrong, at least a little bit, and the taboo excited me.

No one would blame Junior, of course, but they would fault me for fooling around with a barely legal boy when I was nearing fifty. It was the first time I’d put my desires ahead of my responsibilities since I’d become pregnant with Ethan. I deserved this, I told myself. And Junior would have no cause to regret it, I vowed.

Junior’s chest was soft and hairless. His flat chest was defined by only the gentle swell of skin that arched below his two small nipples. Lower down, his stomach bulged slightly, a soft small round of fat. I sucked each of his nipples into my mouth as I unbuttoned his pants.

I knelt down before Junior and pulled his pants and boxers off his hips, and as he lifted slightly from the bed, from under his butt and down his thighs as well. I purposely looked away from his pelvis until I’d removed his clothes from his feet and cast them aside, then I looked up.

I sighed with pleasure when I finally saw Junior’s johnson. He had shaved his pubic hair; his small cock pointed up proudly from his bald pubis. And it was a small cock, no more than three inches long, I estimated. It was adorable and my need to wrap my lips around it nearly overwhelmed me.

But Junior had been playing music in a hot basement all day and the smell of sweat and arousal was evident even as I knelt between his knees. This was not enough to deter me from playing with his cock, however. I reached out and closed my hand around Junior’s penis. I shivered with delight as I found my hand was able to wrap completely around it, even overlapping my fingers and thumb; his cock fully disappeared in my fist.

I squeezed and gently moved my hand up and down, pulling his testicles up with each short stroke. At the same time, I reached up and tickled his balls, which were also hairless and smooth. I was not too surprised when Junior groaned and his penis spasmed. Hot, white cum spurt over my hand in rivulets.

“Sorry,” Junior said.

“I’m not,” I replied. “Do you know how powerful it feels when a man cums in your hands? You should never feel sorry for giving a woman that gift.”

I felt Junior shiver, “Oh,” he said.

“Come on. Let’s shower.”

I led Junior by the hand into my large, tiled, rain shower. When the water warmed up, I pulled him in after me. Starting with shampooing his hair as he bent down so I could reach, I washed him from his head down to his calves. I paid careful attention to his cock and balls, not because they were so dirty, but because the feel of his tiny penis and smooth balls excited me.

When I was done, Junior surprised me by giving me the same treatment. It was so nice to feel taken care of. When he got to my vulva, I showed Junior how to clean a woman without irritating canlı casino her sensitive inner labia with soap.

Once we were done, I grabbed a towel for each of us and we took turns drying each other. When Junior towered over me and dried my hair gently with the towel, I almost felt that I was the youth, and he was the grown-up. All I could think about, though, was the need to have Junior in my mouth as I salivated with desire.

“Can you teach me how to masturbate you?” Junior asked.

He was so quiet that I knew he’d been working up to ask this question through the whole shower and drying process. I reminded myself that this night was for him and tamped down on my need to lick his cock.

“Of course,” I said with a smile.

I put some pillows against the headboard and sat down on the bed. I patted the space next to me and Junior joined me, the mattress dipping as he climbed on to the bed. When he kneeled next to me, his cock was hidden between his thighs, driving me mad with desire to press his legs open and look for it there.

Drawing on all the maturity I could muster, I restrained myself, spreading my own legs so that Junior could access my vulva. I took one of Junior’s large hands and pressed it into my folds. As I felt his fingers beneath mine, I thought that his middle finger was nearly the size of his penis.

I pressed that finger into me, “This is my vagina,” I said, just in case there was any confusion on this point. I was sure that Junior watched porn, but they probably weren’t giving anatomy lessons in those videos.

I brought Junior’s pussy-soaked finger to my mouth and sucked my juices from him. It wasn’t the same as sucking Junior’s little cock, but it was a good appetizer to settle me as I waited for that pleasure. I put his hand on my vulva again and manipulated his fingers to find my clit.

“This is my clitoris. This is the woman’s nerve center. It has double the nerves of a penis but condensed into a much smaller area. If you want to make a woman cum, the easiest way is to stimulate her here. Every woman’s will look different, in size and shape, just as cocks do.”

Junior moved around until he was staring into my vulva. He spread my outer labia and examined me, just as carefully as he had looked at the rest of my body earlier. His intensity and desire to learn was incredibly hot.

“A pretty common partner masturbation technique is to put your index and middle finger, or middle and ring finger, into her vagina and use your thumb to rub her clit.”

Junior pressed his fingers into me as described.

“Move your thumb a bit up and to the right,” I instructed, letting out a moan when Junior found the right spot.

Just as he had been with my breasts, Junior was slow and gentle with my pussy. He had started with his index and middle finger, but soon switched to his middle and ring finger, leaving his pinky and index fingers to frame the sides of my pussy. His thumb worked my clit rhythmically; all the agility, precision, and strength he’d built playing his instrument was now put to use playing me.

“My god, you’re doing that so well,” I gasped as my orgasm built.

“Does it feel better like this, or if I use my tongue?” Junior asked.

“This feels amazing, but yes, licking feels better,” I admitted.

I twitched as Junior moved his thumb aside and I felt the wet glide of his tongue through my slit and up to my sensitive nub. Reaching that point, he began flicking his tongue rapidly.

I was overcome. I felt my clit spasm and liquid trickled out.

“It tastes sweet!” Junior said with surprise.

“Yeah,” I didn’t have the energy at that moment to expand on that thought.

Junior sat back and watched me from the foot of the bed as I enjoyed the aftershocks of my orgasm.

“Did you cum?” He asked curiously.


Junior reached out his thumb again, pressing it into my folds.

“No, please,” I said weakly, “it’s too sensitive just now. Some women can orgasm again quickly, but I am not one of them.”

“Ok,” Junior agreed patiently.

“I want to suck your cock, just give me a minute,” I said.

There was no way I was going to sleep before I felt Junior’s cute little johnson in my mouth. As I rested to replenish my energy, a thought occurred to me.

“Junior? Would you prefer that I call you Jim?”

“Oh no, Ms. Charles. I like when you call me Junior.”

“Really? Ok. You can call me Jen.”

“Uh, I don’t know if I can do that Ms. Charles,” Junior said.

“Alright,” I shrugged. Honestly, I liked the reminder that he was so much younger, it turned me on.

Feeling energized, I sat up and moved down the bed. Junior watched me as I got situated between his legs, laying on my stomach. His little cock was adorably erect. I marveled that such a big young man could have such a small penis.

I took him in my mouth; his cock filled me just the right amount. With my lips pressed against his pelvis, the tip of him lay on the back of my tongue. Even better, he was not so wide that my jaw hurt to accommodate him. I wrapped my tongue around him and licked his shaft as I sucked. The feeling was glorious. I pressed a hand down to rub my clit at the same time, now recovered and aroused enough to try for another orgasm.

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