Once in a while you meet someone who just kind of trips your trigger. Keo is one of those women for me. She is someone who I have worked with for years, admired from afar, but never really doing anything about it.

She is married and has a couple kids, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. She is Asian in descent, which is odd for me. Kathy looks American, Tina Italian, and there aren’t very many Mexican women I don’t think are hot. For some reason I have never really been attracted to Asian women, but Keo broke that mold for me.

It is hard to get a good read on what she looks like naked, she had never worn clothes that are tight fitted. Then one day seemingly out of the blue she started to wear pants that really showed off her ass, and I was impressed. She has a small round ass that when i looked at it made my cock stir. It was then that I really started to notice her and think how nice it would be to get her in my bed.

She was never standoffish, but never really went out of her way to talk to anyone either. Since she worked in another part of the plant I never got the chance to get to know her in more than just a superficial way. That changed when she moved departments and was assigned to one of the machines in my department.

One day she needed help and asked if I would help fix her machine, so I went over to help. It didn’t take long and it was back up and running. Her smile as she said thanks made my legs go weak and I realized for the first time just how beautiful she was. After that day, she would always go out of her way to say to smile and say hi. Every day I grew more enamored with her, but she never gave any indication that she was interested in anything other than friends so I just continued admiring her from afar.

Work gets pretty hot in the summer, and one day she finally started to wear shorts to work. I joked with her that in all the years I have known her I never saw her wear shorts before, and she said she was tired of being hot. I smiled and told her she can’t help it as she comes by it naturally. I wasn’t sure she got the little flirt as she really didn’t have any reaction. But it seemed to me that she soon started to be a little flirty. She even started bending over instead of squatting down while picking things up, giving a nice show of her ass. I know more than once she would glance back and catch me watching her. She would just smile and keep on working.

One day she asked me for help again, and I was really glad it was my job to help her. It was really hot that day and she was wearing shorts and one of the lowest cut shirts I had ever seen her wear. She made it a point to stand well in my sight line as she helped by handing me the tools I needed. It was very hard to focus on the work. My cock started to ache with desire, and I saw her grin as she watched me adjust my cock in my shorts. She knew I had a hard on and seemed to be enjoying having that effect on me.

I finished fixing the machine and although I didn’t want to, I went back to my work bench. She continued to tease me with her movements, and I was able to take her picture a couple times when I thought she wasn’t looking. I planned on using them to masturbate later.

The back part of our factory has been closed off for a few years. It used to have packing equipment in it, but that was all outsourced. It isn’t a huge area but it does have a couple offices back there that are never used. A couple years ago one of the maintenance guys that would have to go back there every so often gave me a copy of a key to one of the offices. I was able to go back at break times and relax in peace and quiet, catching up on the flirty texts I had not gotten to respond to yet. Occasionally I would even jack off while watching porn on my phone. When the buzzer finally rang for our last break, I headed back there knowing I was going to jack off while looking at Keo’s photos.

I walked back as cool as I could, but my cock was really wanting to come out. I unlocked the door and walked in, letting the door shut behind me. When I turned to lock the door, Keo slipped in the door and pushed it shut behind her. I heard the lock click as she pushed the lock button.

I leaned back against the desk and let Keo walk up to me. She pushed her way between my legs and leaned into me. I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my chest.I placed my hands on her hips and waited. She looked me in the eyes and we just stood there for a minute, neither one sure of where to start. Her dark brown eyes were wet and full of confusion. I knew she was torn about what she wanted and I was not about bahis şirketleri to push.

Finally she started to tell me about herself. She was 38 years old and has been married for 23 years to the father of her two kids. They were married through a promise their families made to each other, she hadn’t even really known him before the marriage ceremony. Her kids were 13 and 5, both boys. The problem is her husband is now 67 and hasn’t been able to get it up for 2 years. She said she has tried everything she can think of but nothing works. Her husband began to shame her, telling her how bad she was for wanting sex.

As she looked at me tears started dripping from the corners of her eyes. I pulled my shirt up and gently brushed the tears away. She smiled at me and said she was sorry. Then she reached up and put her arms around my neck, laid her head on my chest and we just stayed silent until she felt composed enough to go on.

She said she has heard stories about how my wife didn’t care who I fuck. She watched porn with her husband in a vain attempt to get him hard, and had actually had him start watching some movies on swinging. He never really objected, in fact said how hot it was, but it didn’t help him at all get hard. She finally reached the point where she needed something, but knew if she was going to cheat, it wasn’t going to be with just anyone. She said she didn’t want to fall in love with another person, but needed the guy she chose to fuck to be a good person. In me she could see by the way I help people that I actually care to help them. She had transferred into the department to see for herself if I was who she thought I was. She didn’t want to leave her husband or her family, but the craving for sex was becoming more than she could deal with. Once she had confirmed to herself that I was okay, the desire multiplied. She had always known by the way I looked at her that I was interested in her, and she said how sweet it was that I never pushed myself on her.

I told her that there had always been something about her that attracted me, but it goes against my nature to ever try and push myself on anyone. If the attraction is mutual and something develops between us, that is great. But some decisions, especially the one she is contemplating, are to hard and to personal, and to push my own sexual desires on another person is just wrong. I told her I love how she has been teasing me, and that I did want to fuck her very badly, but only when and if the timing ever becomes right.

She let go of my neck and slid her hands down my chest. She smiled at me and said she knew that, she could sense it about me and that having that safe feeling about me only made her want me more. She reached down and squeezed my cock. She paused and a shocked look crossed her face. After another minute she told me she knew I got hard when she teased me, but didn’t know my cock was as big as it felt.

We heard the buzzer go off, signifying only 5 minutes left for break and it was about time to head back to work. I felt her hand move and suddenly my shorts were loose and fell down. She looked down and gently ran her fingers over my cock. She looked back up at me and smiled, telling me she just couldn’t wait any longer to see how big my cock was. Then she moved away, turned, and walked out the door and back to work.

My head was spinning and my cock was aching. I reached down and pulled my shorts back up, careful not to catch my cock in the zipper. I could have probably jerked off really quick to relieve the pressure, but all I could think about was her fingers on my cock. I wanted to fuck her, not masturbate over her. I walked back to my work area, wondering what was to come.

Keo was busy getting her machine running as I walked by, but she looked at me and smiled. I wanted to take her right there and now, it took all my self control not to get us both fired. I smiled back and started working on the broken piece on my work bench. I couldn’t focus on my work, and soon found myself on my phone looking up the reservation site for the nearest hotel. My mind was so far gone that I bet I jumped two feet in the air when Keo whispered in my ear to go ahead and reserve a room for the morning. I watched her swinging her ass as she walked back to her machine, never once looking back. I quickly finished making the reservation, wrote the name of the hotel on a piece of paper and dropped it next to her purse. I saw her glance at it and throw it away.

The rest of shift thankfully went quick, and as we lined up at the time clock she looked at me and I could see the excitement in her bahis firmaları eyes. We clocked out and each drove over to the hotel.

I walked in and the clerk smiled at me. Her name was Jade, and this isn’t the first time I have been there this time of day. She knew the drill and just a minute later she handed me a door key card, smiled again, and said to have fun. Something about her tone made me look at her, and it seemed as if she was telling me she wanted to be next for sex. I thought about it for a second, she is younger than I usually go for, probably around 23, but in the couple years I have known her has filled out quite nicely. I winked at her and told her she had my number if she want to talk or anything. I went out and drove around to the entrance close to our room, and Keo followed me around and we parked next to each other. We quickly walked into the hotel and found our room.

Keo came up and put her arms around me, and we stood there holding each other for a minute. She looked up at me, smiled and tugged at my shirt. We started to undress each other, and finally I saw what I had wanted for a long time. I saw Keo naked.

She grabbed me by the hand and led me to the shower. She turned it on, stepped inside, and pulled me in with her. She slid the door shut and pulled me close to her, letting the water run over us. Finally she reached up, pulled down my head and started to kiss me.

The kisses were slow, and I could feel the passion building between us. She pulled away, grabbed the bar of soap, and we took turns washing each other. Our bodies became slippery and she moved in, rubbing our sudsy bodies together. I leaned down again and started kissing her, our kisses becoming more heated and fast. The bar of soap got dropped and we let the water rinse our bodies as we ground together, kisses intense, hands roaming freely. Finally I reached behind her, shut off the water and opened the shower door, and we kissed as we drip dried.

I stepped out of the shower and picked her up and carried her to the bed. I laid down beside her and our hands explored each others bodies as we kissed. I began to kiss my way down her body, and gently cupped one of her breasts in my hand and sucked the nipple into my mouth. Her breasts were small and round. If I squeezed them together I wouldn’t be able to suck on both nipples at the same time which I love to do, but that was okay. I switched nipples from time to time, not wanting to make them to sore. Then I continued to kiss my way down to her pussy.

She had just a small patch of hair above her pussy and the lips were bald. They were already shining with wetness and I licked anxious to taste her sweet juices. My cock was aching to be inside her, but I wanted to give her a lot of attention first. After waiting two years for sex, she deserved the full treatment. I played my tongue over her pussy, feeling her squirm. Her moaning became more intense, and her hands kept pulling the hair on my head. Her thighs tightened and squeezed my head as she started whimpering and then cumming.

She was begging me to fuck her, saying she wanted my cock stuffed inside her. She grabbed my ears and pulled, trying to get me to slide back up her body. I wanted to play with her some more, tease her, but didn’t really resist as I wanted inside her just as bad.

She grabbed my cock and guided it to her hole, and rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy, using her juices to get my cock wet. Then she pulled gently to guide it inside her.

She was so tight, I was having trouble getting the head inside her. I reached down to hold my cock steady while I tried to push in. Little by little her pussy opened and after what seemed like the hundredth try, the head of my cock finally slid all the way inside her. She wrapped her arms around my neck, wrapped her legs around my waist, and kissed me, begging me to go deeper.

I continued slow, in and out little by little. I would slide in until the dry part of my cock stuck, then I would pull back out, slide in the wet art of the shaft a few times to build more lube, then push back in a little deeper. She continued to whimper as I slowly filled her, finally feeling my cock fully seated inside her. We rocked back and forth, keeping my cock buried deep inside, trying to open her up just a little more. I felt her legs squeeze as she orgasmed again.

I began to move, short strokes at first, then getting longer and longer until the head of my cock would almost slide out at the end of each stroke. Then I would slam into her as hard as I could, burying my cock deep inside her with every push. Her fingers kaçak bahis siteleri clawed my back and I knew I was going to have marks, but I didn’t care. Her pussy felt so good, so tight, she was almost like a virgin all over.

She asked if she could get on top so I pulled out and rolled over. She moved faster than I thought possible and soon had the head of my cock buried in her pussy. She was having trouble taking the full length of my cock inside her, so she slowly rode me, each time pressing down just a little more. She leaned over and put her hands on the headboard, her nipples hanging in my face. I reached up and took a boob in each hand, and took turns sucking on her nipples. Every so often I would gently bite down, which sent shudders down her body. Once she took me all the way inside her, she started to grind on me. I felt her sliding in her own wetness as her pussy rubbed on me. It wasn’t long before she started to really ride me, bouncing up and down, sliding up and down my cock. Even though I couldn’t suck her nipples any more, I continued to play with them, pinch them, roll them in my fingers. Then she had a really big orgasm, and collapsed on top of me.

I rolled her over and climbed back on top, determined to finish what I started. My cock slid in easier this time, and I started pumping her. I leaned down and started kissing all over her face, nibbling on her ear, kissing down her neck as far as I could reach. She moaned and wiggled as I fucked her, her eyes having that faraway look where she is lost in herself. Her arms wrapped around my neck as she hung on, letting me freely stroke. I knew it wasn’t going to long and after just a couple minutes I exploded inside her. When the first quirt of hot cum hit her she started to cum again. I drove in deep and she wrapped her legs around me and held me in deep and tight as my body jerked as it released my sperm into her. Her own body quivered under me until finally we were both spent, and I rolled onto the bed next to her.

She rolled over and laid on my chest, and I put my arm around her holding her tight. We tried to catch our breath so we could talk, but it took a minute for both of us to settle down. Finally she rolled on top of me and started to kiss me again. Then she laid on top of me, letting me hold her close.

She glanced over at the clock and said she would have to get going soon. She had told her husband she was going to work a few hours of overtime, and it was getting late. I sighed because I kind of was hoping for round two, but was okay with leaving it as it was. It was a great first fuck, and it gave me something to look forward too.

She slid back down to my side, and as she laid there she started to play with my cock. I knew she probably wanted round two as well, but I wasn’t sure she had the time. It wasn’t long before I was hard again, and I saw her glace at the clock one more time. Then she climbed back on top of me, grabbed my cock, and slid her pussy back down n top of it. She rode me good, her pussy squeezing my cock as she fucked me. I felt the pressure building in the shaft of my cock again. She must have noticed it too because she told me to cum in her one more time, she was ready for me. I was more than happy to oblige and again she started to cum when I started to fill her again.

Again she collapsed beside me and laid there resting. I knew there wasn’t going to be a third time when she looked at the clock again. I laid there and held her until she finally got up and started to dress. I laid there watching her, not wanting her to go but knowing she must. She came back over and sat next to me, leaning over enough to give me a final kiss. She told me she would see me at work later, but she really couldn’t wait to do this again. She asked if I would ever fuck her again, and I pulled her onto me and kissed her deeply. I told her anytime she wants I would be more than happy to have my cock inside her. She smiled and said be careful what I say, she said she could really get used to this. Then she gave me a one last kiss, got up, and left to go home.

I laid there for a few minutes thinking about the day, and how much fun it was to fuck Keo. I didn’t have any doubt today was the first of what I hoped would be many days to come. Finally I got dressed and walked to the car, and drove around to turn in my room key and let Jade know she could send in the housekeeping. She smiled when I told her and said she just might go change the sheets herself, she loved the fresh smell of sex. I told her I love giving fresh sex, and was just a text away. Then I drove home. When I walked in I told Kathy about what happened, and she was happy I finally fucked her. Kathy said she was sure she needed it, especially after two years of no sex. Then we went to bed, fucked, and I fell asleep dreaming of fucking Keo again.

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