Kiki Had Waited…


The milky-white, but still almost clear liquid slowly trickles down the inside of my thigh, and so I quickly squeeze my legs together in an attempt to “dry myself” before you notice. If you knew your voice alone was making me like this…. hot and bothered, and in a state of lust, I’m afraid you’d think I was crazy or something. I say, “Yeah…” to one of the questions you ask, really wanting the question to have been something more along the lines of, “Are you wet for me, Princess?” Mmm how sweet it would have been to reply, “Feel for yourself.”

Your thick, brown curls are loose but still visible. Your hair seems to lay perfectly against your matte skin, your face framed by messy sideburns and a 5 o’clock shadow. I glance out of the corner of my eye to see you mouthing the words of some Nirvana song, and I can’t help but fixate on the way your lips move perfectly with every lyric. Your lips are pale pink, but the middle of your bottom lip starts getting a little more red. Sometimes I can see your teeth or tongue graze across the bottom one, usually when you say words that start with, “F” and so I wish you’ll look over and suddenly say, “FFFFuck me.” Oh God, yes. I would. I would slide myself onto you without a second thought. I get chills when you reach over to get a new CD, you must not have felt your arm smooth against my own, but I felt it. I felt every inch of it.

I glance down at myself and see that both of my tits have decided to reveal how good I’m feeling on the inside. They’re pushing against the material of my silky bra, and it intoxicates me because if I concentrate enough, it feels like fingers pushing up against my nipples. So, gliding my hands over my body and trying to, “coax” them back to normal, I catch your eyes tracing down my body and then they flick back to the road once they realize I’m watching them. I kind of laugh, and you sultanbeyli escort just smile…this smile that only makes the corner of your mouth rise. You pull over to the side of the road, which is wet and messy with fall leaves, and your hands around the steering wheel while you’re parking are driving me NUTS. I think you’re purposely trying to be seductive when you show how gently you can turn the wheel. Fuck, you. You know what you’re doing now…I can tell. And I can play along, too.

“What are we doing now?” I innocently ask, with much less innocent intentions.

“Whatever you want,” you paused and blatantly stared at my chest and then picked your glance up, “Princess.” I feel a hot tingle surge down from my mouth, to my tits, to between my legs. All my most sensitive places. I wanted to fuck you. I want to fuck you, still.

I stare at you longingly, repeating in my mind that I have to do this or I’ll regret it, and lean over and place on you the most gentle of all angel kisses you’ve ever felt. Your mouth is made of silk, I’m sure now, and feeling your breath of relief when I press mine against yours is such a turn-on. I slowly bring my tongue out, sliding it around my own lips to wet them, and then sliding it as slow as possible around yours. Moaning quietly, the trickle of the liquid before, is now bashfully, but surely making itself known and introducing itself to my panties. It’s almost soaked them completely.

I can feel your hand tickle my side, and your fingers begin pulling at me, so I (not-so-gracefully) get over in the driver’s seat with you, straddling your lap as one would when they’ve given up the fight, and the first thing you HAD to do (of course) was lean over and whisper, “I know what you want to do now, baby…” and pull me so tight against you that my heart was kissing yours. I was tuzla escort almost afraid my jeans would be noticeably wet, and I got a little nervous. Your hands silenced that when they found their way to my breasts like they belonged there. You touched them outside my shirt until, with a flicker in my eye, I begged, “Kiss them.”

You moved so quickly, you must have been anticipating my invite, and you had my shirt up, my bra around my stomach, and your tongue and lips and teeth were licking, sucking, pulling and nibbling every inch of my breasts. You were breathing warm air now, very warm air, and I felt between my legs your jeans were beginning to push on me, and your dick was growing more and more evident and hard. Tilting my head back as you slid your tongue underneath my breast, kind of picking it up as you let your mouth massage it…. I let myself slip, “Mmmm… baby….” I blushed horrifically but your smile suggested pride, not anything but pride.

We unbutton each other’s pants, right as the wind is blowing against the windows, creating a whistling noise. The moon hangs so high above us, and it’s so full that it provides just the right amount of light. Your hand slides down my panties before I can think straight, and you gasp and pull it out. “Fuck… you really want me that bad?” I realize my shirt is still up and reach back and take my bra off from around my waist, then let my hand slide down to the seat control. I move it back gently, and then lean down to you.

“Yeah…I want you now.”

It was what you wanted to hear. I’m now massaging the outside of your boxers, your pants jerked down just far enough, me wishing mine were off already so I jump out of the car, take them off, throw them over in a ditch, and climb back in, giggling. You lean up and look for a long time at my panties. White with little pink and ümraniye escort red hearts, but the twist? It’s a thong, of course. These “innocent” little panties shape themself over my ass perfectly. Your moans prove that. I kept my socks on, and my shirt is still messily lifted, but jerking down your boxers while I kiss your stomach is making me want to take everything off for you. My hand wraps around your dick, and hiding my surprise at how big it is (since I knew it’d be pretty big anyway) I let every sense in the palm of my hand rub against every sense on the head of your dick, while I take my shirt off.

Your eyes were closed, but now they’re attracted to my perky tits, and your hand finds one of them about the same time my lips meet your cock. I kiss all around it, my lips puckered and wet, and slide my tongue down one side and up the other. I open my eyes and look up at you while I suck gently enough to please you, but keep you teased. My hands rub your stomach and one of your hands moves to the back of my head.

You love what I’m doing, so it causes you to pinch my nipple and tug on it slightly. I moan onto your dick and that only fuels you more. The humming sensation that I just gave you is something you want again, so you get a little rough, but stay loving and careful…..

The rest of the night is a blur. A few cars whizzing by, your fingers sliding inside me, your tongue sliding inside me, your dick sliding inside me. The way your face looked when you were being fucked, the way I couldn’t breathe when you were fucking me. All of it was mixed up into this hot, sweaty, love that had been felt all night between both of us. It happened fast, but slow…. and I remember in the middle of it you saying, “I’ll take care of you,” and me replying, “I know.”

Fucking you was great, and afterwards driving home and listening to music and smoking cigarettes and feeling the cool night air on our faces was great, and then cuddling in your bed once we were home…. that was great too. But the best thing would have to be that we didn’t wake up until way past noon, and you made me Fettuccini Alfredo for lunch and…you fed it to me.

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