“THE KING OF SITGES” is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don”t care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE KING OF SITGES by Andrej Koymasky © 2019
written on 12 Th. of February 1991
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Tal ELEVENTH

Kiril called three days later. “Jaume? Am I disturbing you?”

“No, no… I was waiting for your call. I hoped to see you one of these nights. Are you OK?”

“Yes, fine, thank you. And you?” the voice was light, almost as if the boy was whispering.

“Very fine. Are you free at 2:30 p.m.?”

“Yes… why?”

“Do you feel like meeting? At Aiguadolç ?

“Certainly, all right. Where?”

“Do you know the soccer field? There is a kiosk on the corner, and some benches. Can we meet there? The first to arrive waits.”

“All right, I”ll be there. Will you be alone?”

“No, with you, I hope” Jaume answered joking.

Kiril chuckled merrily : “OK, stallion, see you soon.”

“Yes, soon, colt.”

Jaume, after the lunch shift, changed clothes and hurried up towards Aiguadolç While he was passing Avinguda de Roig i Raventós, he met Carlos.

“Hola, Jaume! How are you?”

“Fine, and you?”

“Fine too. A Madrilene lawyer is waiting for me at Baluard Vidal. A guy with loads of money.”

“So why are you in this part of the town?”

“I accompanied Kiril to the soccer field. He has an appointment there and he didn”t know where to go. It seems that he too has a very good client…”

Jaume smiled but didn”t tell him that Kiril was really waiting for him.

“What sort of type is he, Kiril?”

“You met him, right? A good boy. Silent. That is, no, he willingly chats, but he never talks about himself. Mysterious, is more right. But likable. Are you interested in him?”

“Well, he is beautiful…”

“Yes, very beautiful! I tried to make love with him. I could only do it once, when he first arrived. Then, in a gentle way, he told me I”m not his type, to forget it. Also with Pablito he made love a couple of times, but then Kiril stopped. Pablito was sad about that, I think, he had a crush on Kiril…”

“He probably has too many johns, and at home he prefers to be left alone, you know how it is…”

“It”s possible. Well, bye, I have to go. I don”t want to keep my lawyer waiting. He is a fat man, but his wallet is also fat and he pays well…”

Jaume hurried up. He cut through the park and finally arrived at the spot for his date with Kiril. While he was approaching that point, he saw him and his heart had a jolt. Kiril was completely dressed in white, very tight jeans, a T-shirt and sports shoes, also spotlessly white. While he was approaching, he saw Kiril crouching down in front of a small child, around five years old, and telling him something. The child answered. Jaume drew nearer, curious. Kiril didn”t see him arriving and Jaume approached him silently from behind.

“… and big. But are you sure you are not lost?”

“No, there is my brother. You talk funny.”

“I”m a foreigner. But where is your brother?”

“There.” the boy said pointing vaguely at his shoulders.

“There, where?”

“There with his girlfriend. He said he will be back soon. Why are you a foreigner?”

“Because I was born far away, very far. Well, be good and stay here, don”t move, agreed?”

“Sure. If I”m good they”ll buy me an ice cream. Far, very far, how much?”

“More far than the sea and the mountains…” Kiril said standing up, and caressed the boy”s head.

Then Jaume said: “Don”t you think he is a bit too young for you?”

Kiril had a start and turned. Saw the smiling face of Jaume and opened in a radiant smile: “Oh, you! You almost scared me…”

“A dirty conscience, therefore. Corrupter of minors!”

“Come on, silly boy! In that case, I”ll try to corrupt you, stallion!”

“You already did, colt, you corrupted me. But if you”re good, I”ll buy you an ice cream. Even if you talk funny.”

“What do I have to do, to be good?”

“You know what I like doing with you, don”t you?”

“Hence, I don”t need an ice cream. I”ll have something better to lick.”

“Impudent! How dare you!” Jaume said with a frowned expression, then smiled and said: “That one, later, tonight… Now, do you izmit escort want an ice cream? A real one?”

“Tonight I can”t, I”ve an appointment. Don”t you have time now?”

“Here? In the park? In full daylight?”

“No, numbskull! At your place.”

“We don”t have time. Unhappily at 4 I have my German lesson.”

“Well, it is 2:40…”

“Going to my home, coming back… we will just have time for a quickie. No. With you I don”t want to be in a hurry. Tomorrow night?”

“I”m free. So, buy me an ice cream, now.”

Jaume bought two. They entered the wood and sat on the grass. While they were licking their ice creams, Kiril looked at Jaume.

“What are you thinking?” Jaume asked him.

“Can”t you guess?”


“Don”t you like it?”

“Too much. You made it become hard, with your allusions…”

“You made mine stand up as soon as I saw you!”

“Nothing is visible, and you have very tight jeans.”

“It”s my trick. I wear a dancer”s cup. I always wear it when I wear tight trousers. So, if it is soft, it seems bigger, and if it is hard, it doesn”t make me ashamed. Useful and comfortable.”

“Shrewd. So you always have a nicely shaped basket, whatever condition you are in. But, is it not too tight, now?”

“Very tight, yes. He is complaining, he wants to come out… for you. He feels like he is in prison.”

Jaume smiled nodding, then asked: “Did you have many clients, these past few days?”

“Yes, I was lucky. And you?”

“Me too. I met an industrialist from Bergamo, not a bad guy at all.”

“Bergamo? Is that here in Spain?”

“No, northern Italy. He is young, full of money, generous and very horny…”

“The ideal john, in short.”

“Yes, especially when he is also skilled in bed. And you? Great conquests?”

“A German reporter, a Belgian couple, a window decorator from Monaco, and a Basque soldier on leave. Ah, and a gynecologist from Seville.”

“In three days? You are a champion!”

“No, in just two days.”

“And you still feel like making love with me?”

“Certainly. Those were just appetizers. You are the main course. And I am huuuungryyy for you.”

“Well… thank you. Tonight, who are you going to meet?”

“The Basque soldier. Tonight, it is my turn to use the room.”

“Do you like him?”

“Nice, yes. Tender. Not bad.”

“Better than me?”


“Then, forget him and come to my place. Come on!”

“No, I promised. I never break a promise. Moreover, the last time we did it in a hurry, on the shore. Tonight I want to do it comfortably, in a bed. I really want to enjoy him.”

“But then, you like him!”

“Jealous?” Kiril asked, jokingly and provocatively.

“No, what has that got to do with it? It”s our job. Moreover, they leave, we remain, right?”

“Right. Do you know that I feel like kissing you?”

“Me too. You are really sexy.”

“The soldier told me the same thing. He said I resemble an angel…”

“You are a devil, certainly! No, I”m joking… you really are very beautiful. Do you know that I”m longing to see you naked again?”

” If you don”t stop… I”ll undress here.”

“Yes, go on… at least your T-shirt, you can pull it out, can”t you? And today it is hot… Let me look at you, go on…”

“No. I already feel too much aroused… Ah, I brought you this. I saw you have many books and… I hope you”ll like it.” and he handed him a parcel that Jaume had noticed before.

He opened it. It was a picture book about the Ukraine. Jaume thumbed through it.

“Beautiful. Where did you find it?”

“In Barcelona, yesterday, for you.”

“It is beautiful, your country. I would like to visit it…”

“I”ve never been there, unhappily. I would like to go, once… My land is America, nowadays. Or here, now.”

“You also had the time to go to Barcelona, yesterday?”

“The night before, with the reporter, to his hotel. So yesterday morning, before coming back, I visited a big bookstore.”

“For me?”

“Certainly. Are you surprised?”

“No… but I am really pleased. But you didn”t write a dedication, in it.”

“I”ll write it tomorrow night, at your place, if you want.”

“If I give you enough time!” Jaume said grinning.

“Mmmhhh! The night is promising, then!”



“I want you!”

“Me too.”

“I”ll skip German. Will you come?”

“No. I don”t want you to skip your lessons for me. Let”s wait until tomorrow night. It will be really beautiful, you”ll see!”

“Kiril… I want to take you, and then to be taken yahya kaptan escort by you. Last time you didn”t take me. Goodness, what a hard-on I have! Come to my place, now, come on!”

“No, tomorrow night I”ll come to your place. And you”ll take me, and I”ll take you. I”m really longing to feel you inside me again, do you know? But also to take you. And also to make a nice sixty-nine with you and all the rest. And to kiss you. Do you know that you kiss wonderfully?”

“I do everything wonderfully, I am a real professional.” Jaume said not to let himself go.

“I know.”

“No, you don”t yet know. You don”t know how skilled I am in taking it up my ass, for instance…”

“I”ll discover that soon, anyway. I”m really longing for it…”

“Come to my place…”

“No, Jaume. Don”t insist, please. I too want to have all the time to enjoy you. Do you promise me that tomorrow night you will not send me away, afterwards? Will you let me sleep with you?”

“Sure. But I don”t think you can sleep, next to me.”

“With me, it”s OK. The problem is yours – the day after tomorrow it”s you who has to wake up and go to work, not me. I”m free.”

“No, the day after tomorrow is my day off.”

“Really? So much the better, then. It will be me who won”t allow you to close even just one eye, stallion, promise!”

“I count on it, colt,” Jaume said and looked at his watch, “Would you accompany me to my German lesson?”

“Willingly. Where?”

“Downtown, in Carrer de Sant Damiá.”

“Let”s go.”

They walked side by side, nonstop talking, laughing. At times, someone would turn to look at those two wonderful boys, so physically different and yet so perfectly matched. But they were uncaring, be it a man or a woman, engrossed in their conversation. At the monument to Santigo Rusiñol, they turned into Carrer de Sant Sebastiá, then on Sant Damiá. Here Jaume rang at a small gate. When it opened, Jaume entered and turned toward Kiril.

He smiled at him: “See you tomorrow night, then. At your place.”

“Wait, enter a moment…” Jaume said and pulled him inside with him, in the corridor, shut the door pushing his friend against it, and leaning against his body, embraced him and kissed him on his mouth.

“Jaume, what are you doing! It”s dangerous!” Kiril, getting red as a beetroot, whispered.

“No, I had to do it. Nobody can see us here. Feel how hard it is! Feel here!” Jaume said and guided his friend”s hand between his legs.

Kiril fingered it and smiled: “Yes.., but now, go…” he said sweetly.

But Jaume brushed himself against him with his entire body and kissed him again.

“Oh, Jaume… what if your teacher comes downstairs?” Kiril protested weakly, caressing his neck.

“He”s gay too. At most he will try to touch us…”

“But if people come?”

“He lives here alone. Come on…”

“Jaume, please… If you continue, you”ll make me cum and make a mess. Please… I like it too much… Stop it…” Kiril murmured, excited and emotional.

Jaume nodded and parted from him. He emitted a kind of trembling sigh, shrugged his shoulders, then whispered: “Goodness! If you didn”t make me stop, I would have taken you right here! I was really near doing it, I swear. You make my blood boil, colt!”

“Yes… and you make me die with desire, stallion. Bye, now.”

While they were parting, a voice from upstairs called: “Jaume, is that you? Why aren”t you coming upstairs?”

“Here I am, professor, I”m coming! I”m coming now!” Jaume yelled towards the stairs, gave another quick kiss to Kiril, opened the door and his friend slipped out onto the street. Then, silently closing the door, he climbed the stairs two steps at a time, for his German lesson.

Jaume was used to paying for his lessons with his services, allowing the teacher to suck his member. But this time, as soon as the man knelt in front of him and took it in his mouth, pleased to find it already hard, Jaume came at once with impetuosity, closing his eyes and thinking to Kiril.

The teacher stood up, licking his lips: “Hey, boy, what happened to you today? As soon as I touched you, you exploded as a bomb! A big loaded bomb!”

“I”m sorry… I was… turned on…”

“Yes, I noticed. Never mind! Come on, let”s start our lesson, now.”

But Jaume had difficulties following the lesson, to apply himself. His head was full of Kiril, his smile, his warm and sensual voice. The desire he felt for the boy was irrepressible, absolute, huge. Jaume was almost gebze escort scared of it. He never felt anything so intense, in all his life. And what attracted him to Kiril, was not just his physical aspect, or the way he made love, but all of the boy”s personality he was slowly discovering.

At a certain point, his teacher shook him: “Hey, Jaume, where are you? It is useless for me to busy myself explaining to you, if…”

“I”m sorry, professor. I”m afraid I am… falling in love!” Jaume murmured and at once blushed for that unintentional, instinctive admission.

“That”s why you were so excited, before?”

“In a certain way, yes…”

“Do I know him?”


“It is so beautiful, falling in love.”

“No, it”s horrible. I can”t fall in love, I can”t.”

“You can”t? What sense does that make?”

“With my job, no.”

“You for sure are not thinking about the restaurant”, the man said with slight irony, “therefore, the other one.”

“Sure. A hustler cannot fall in love.”

“A hustler, is before everything else, a human being. Moreover, you are a very strange hustler, peculiar…”

“Strange? What do you mean?”

“Atypical. You have a good job, you don”t need to hustle.”

“The more money I get, the better I like it.”

“That”s true, but you are different. After all, you care little about money. I ask myself why you decided to hustle.”

“It”s a long story…”

“Anyway, today it is useless to try to do a lesson. And I am a good listener…”

“No, sorry, professor. I don”t feel like talking about that. I would just search for pretexts.”

“You never fell in love, before?”

“Yes, three times. Three failures.”

“So, now you are scared.”

“Probably. But at this point I believe that to fall in love is the worst nonsense. He who falls in love, surrenders his weapons… so to speak. He remains naked, defenseless. And he gets his fingers burnt. He is overwhelmed, used, and then thrown away.”

“Not necessarily. If the other one is also in love, you are both even.”

“Right. But to discover if the other one is in love, one has to open up, to compromise himself, to suffer the consequences. I did it three times. Now it is enough!”

“Possibly, right now you say it is enough, but it could be the right time. Would it not be a pity?”

“Or, on the contrary, I could take a fourth beating.”

“One cannot avoid falling in love. When it happens… it happens.”

“But one can kill it, his own sentiment, put it in a cage, not allow it to transpire…”

“Certainly, it would be difficult, but not impossible. But in that way, one is killing himself, he is putting the better part of himself in a cage, don”t you think? You are a remarkable boy. It would really be a pity, believe me.”

“For you, it”s easy to talk. Evidently you haven”t suffered as much as I did…”

“No, my boy. Each person knows his own suffering and it is never comparable to that of others. For Each of us, his own pains are huge and those of the others are endurable. And each of us is wrong. Anyway, I don”t know if I suffered more or less than you, and I don”t care about knowing it, I too suffered. But I was never afraid to suffer, therefore I never shut myself inside a cage, and I am still alive even if I passed the half century mark. On the contrary, I know youths, even younger than you, that are already dead inside. Corpses. Lost, burried. They have no more ideals, no more dreams, no more impossible desires, nor love, nor illusions, and neither generosity, or curiosity, or… They are dead. And I would regret seeing you meet the same end. See, I content myself to give you head, or to be fucked in my ass by Antoni or by Roberto. But I continue to dream that one day I”ll meet the man who will not do it in exchange for a lesson, or some other kindness, but who will do it for love, as my Ramon did…”

“Was he your lover?”

“Yes. We lived together for twenty-five years. Then he died, four years ago. But I would never have met my Ramon if I was shut inside myself after the first five or six terrible disappointments in love. If I had done that, I would have lost the best twenty-five years of my life.”

“But now, he is dead. And you are alone.”

“No, Jaime, I”m not alone. Love is not dead, inside me.”


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