Krystenah is a Naughty Teacher Part IV


As Matt Simeon moved his tassel from the right side to the left, he not only became a high school graduate, but he also became my boyfriend. I had been his English teacher all year and had agreed to date him only after he was no longer a student at Ben Franklin High. I had recently discovered how dominant he was and that had melted any resistance I had to dating someone so much younger. As I stood on the stage next to his mother and the rest of my colleagues applauding the graduates, my ass still stung from the spankings Matt had given me over the past couple of days. My pussy clenched as I watched him with his friends. I congratulated his mom and watched as his uncle, Mike, patted Matt on the back. Matt called me over ostensibly to have a picture taken with him. As I stood next to him, my skin tingled with an uncomfortable lust. I wanted to touch him, to please him, to serve his desires. The picture was taken and Matt pulled me away from the crush of parents and kids, friends and relatives. He pressed a piece of paper in my hand and touched my shoulder briefly before running back to the crowd. My skin felt electrified where he had touched me. As much as I didn’t want to leave his side, we had made a plan to keep our affair a secret, at least until he told me otherwise. I walked to my car, turned it on and unfolded the paper. Krystenah, I cannot wait to take you tonight. I have been dreaming of your pussy for days and I can’t wait to claim it as my own. Be ready to be picked up no later than 11:30. Wear something special, but understand it will be the last time you wear it. If you have plans for tomorrow or the next day, cancel them. I am going to teach you tonight what it means to be my girlfriend. I know you will not disappoint me. xxMatty I read the note over and looked at the readout on the dash. 4:30. Seven hours to wait? I drove out of the parking lot in a daze, only able to absently wave at my students, my former students. I filled my hours as best I could with a shopping trip, a trip to the salon, and a trip to the grocery store. I wanted to fix something nice for Matt for tonight. I decided on a tray of cut fruit and pasta alfredo. almanbahis I packed a bag for a few nights’ stay. The dress I picked was a skintight black dress with a plunging neckline. I had never worn it before because I was afraid it made me look slutty. I decided as I turned around in front of the mirror, though, that I looked sexy and a little bit naughty, but not trashy. At least I hoped Matt would think so. I looked at the clock. 10:20. I went to the bathroom to check my makeup and checked the state of my panties, as well. I pressed the dress up over my hips and sat on the toilet. I could feel that my panties were already soaked. I peeled them off and touched the opening to my pussy. It was slick. I began to rub back and forth against my clit. I moved my hips to the edge of the toilet seat and felt the tiniest pressure from the gravity of the position. I imagined that I was straddling Matt and plunging his cock deep inside me. I rubbed my clit harder and harder, only fearing fleetingly that if I rubbed it too hard now, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the sex with Matt later. I couldn’t help it, though. My need was so powerful. I had to get off. I pictured him sitting up and forcing me back on my back. He would press my legs up so they framed his face as he fucked my pussy harder and harder. I felt the walls of my pussy contract and I slowed up on my clit. I imagined my teenaged lover slowing up, as well, teasing me, as he fucked my pussy only shallowly—teasing me, making me beg for it all. I imagined his chiseled arms holding my legs as he taunted me with his impossibly hard and thick cock. I needed him so badly inside me! I rode the wave that was building inside me over the edge as my heart beat revved and I came. That’s when I heard the knocking on the front door. I stood up and caught a reflection of myself—dress hiked up and panties around my knees and panicked. Who was at the door? I wondered. I wasn’t expecting anyone—not yet. I scrubbed my fingers and smoothed my dress down. I kicked the panties off as I strode to the door. I looked through the peephole and saw Officer Simeon through the fisheye. I undid the deadbolt and opened the door. almanbahis yeni giriş “Officer Simeon? Is Matt with you?” I asked. “Matty asked me to pick you up and take you back to the house. I’ve been knocking for a few minutes now.” He sounded a little miffed. I asked him in and offered him a seat. “I’m sorry about that, Officer—“ “Call me Mike.” “Mike. I was in the bathroom. I am almost ready to go.” I grabbed the food and he grabbed the overnight bag when he saw me try to bend down to take it. He smiled at me and his smile seemed to linger on my cleavage. Mike was very handsome—good looks ran in the Simeon family for sure! He looked into my eyes and I felt an electrical spark. He had the same playful gleam in his eye as his nephew, but the tiny laugh lines around his eyes made him that much more sexy to me. I felt a flash of guilt for the attraction I felt for Mike, but I decided it was innocent enough—I was probably just transferring my lust for Matt onto this wickedly handsome older version of him. I shook my head and smiled as he opened the door for me and waited as I locked it behind me. I sat beside Mike as he drove. I couldn’t help but remember the other day when he had loaded me in the backseat when he took me into custody. I tried to think of small talk, but it was exceedingly difficult. I knew that Mike knew that Matt and I were going to make love tonight. It seemed that Matt told Mike everything when it came to me. For some reason, that thought made me a bit aroused and I realized I had left the house without panties. I felt myself blushing and I looked out the window for inspiration about what to say to Mike. “You must be very proud of your nephew, Mike.” I ventured. He smiled tightly and stared ahead. “What is your favorite sexual position, Krys?” he asked me. “What?!” I said. “You heard me.” “That’s a little forward, don’t you think?” my voice had gotten high. He shrugged. “Maybe. Answer the question. I want to be able to tell Matt you were a good girl on the ride over,” he said. I was torn between feeling humiliated and feeling thrilled. That my 17-year-old lover wanted to hear I was a ‘good girl’ seemed ironic almanbahis giriş at best. We sat in silence until I finally said, “I like doggie style.” He smiled and drove on. Finally he asked, “Why?” “Why do I like–?” “You heard me. Answer the question.” For some reason I felt an electrical thrill shoot through my body as he spoke. His voice was so low it seemed as if I could feel the vibrations on my chest. I looked at him tentatively. I had never really spoken this frankly about my preferences before. “I like it for the sensation—feeling strong thighs slam into my ass and thighs. I love how deep he can go from that position. I love the—“ “Sense of anonymity?” he asked. “The feeling that you could be fucked by anyone in that position?” I hesitated. My mouth was dry. “Have you ever had anal sex?” he asked. I closed my eyes and wished we were there. “No, I haven’t,” I said. “Ever played with your own ass?” I sighed. “Yes. I have…many times,” I said. The truth was I had often fantasized of having a cock in my ass and a cock up my pussy at the same time. I had often used a toy on my ass when I masturbated. I shifted in my seat at the thought. I recognized Mike’s house from the road and my heart began to trill at the thought of seeing my sweetheart. When we pulled into the driveway I asked Mike, “Why did you ask me those questions?” He grabbed my wrist, “I ask the questions, Krystenah. You had better get used to answering them honestly and following instructions WITHOUT asking questions if you want to have a good night tonight. Understood?” His voice scared me a little, but I also felt my juices start to trickle down my leg. I found myself saying, “Yes, Sir” like an obedient child. He shut off the engine and smiled the first genuine smile I had seen. “That’s the spirit, Girl. Get out of the car and let’s go see if you can make my nephew happy.” He carried my overnight bag as I carried the food. Matty opened the door before we got on the front stoop and took the food as he welcomed me inside. As soon as he had set it down, he looked me up and down and smiled. “That dress is very hot, Babe.” I felt myself blushing. “Do you like it?” “Mmmmhhmmm. I will like it even better when it is off,” he said and wrapped his arms around me. He bent down to kiss me and I moaned with pleasure as he pressed his tongue into my mouth. I felt myself melt as he held me closer and kissed me deeper.

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