L003:Lizzy’s story:The proposition:


L003:  Lizzy’s story: The proposition:Though our life together will not completely start for seven weeks, when my job ends, I realize that in telling this tale, Daniel, now my daddy, is not “him” anymore, but my “you.”We leave the restaurant and go to the car, where you help me in and buckle my seatbelt, with such loving tenderness. You give me a sweet kiss on my forehead. Daniel/Daddy climb in and drives us to your home. It is a big house, much bigger than mine. We pull into your attached garage, and I just know that I am to wait for you to come to help me out.You come around and open my door, lean in and unbuckle me, and then lift me up to carry me. I wrap my legs around your waist, my arms around your neck. You carry me into the house and takes me this way all through this large ranch house, showing me each room. The master bedroom is enormous, as is the living room, which is right next to the den, your command center for your job. With the door almanbahis open, you can be at your desk and watch over the full living room. Besides the master bedroom, there are two other large bedrooms. The master bathroom is huge, with some interesting features already. You take me to the couch in the living room and sit me on your lap and we talk.You give me a brief sketch of what you envision happening. “Lizzy, the master bedroom, I would like to make it into a nursery for you, with an even more special bathroom for my baby girl. I will have a bed in the nursery for us to sleep together at night, but the rest of the furnishings will be your nursery. We can fix up the living room for you to spend the daytime in while I work. I can have all the needed work done for it to be ready when your termination day arrives in seven weeks, I think if you are agreeable.”“What I want to propose is, that while you search for a new job, or until you decide you almanbahis yeni giriş like our arrangement and don’t want to look anymore, you live here with me to care for you. We can put your things in storage, fix up your house and rent it. Then you’ll have some monthly income coming in.”All of this sounds interesting to me, and so promising. “But to have your house set up like this, what if anyone came over?” I ask you, and you assure me that you have few visitors, if any, at the house, and if the occasion arises, we will develop a plan to deal with it. My Daddy has answers for everything.How easy it is to allow Daniel to evolve into Daddy.All I could do as you expanded on the idea was to hug your neck and kiss you. For some kisses you keep your mouth closed, treating me as your little girl, but others are deep and meaningful. You rotate between them keeping me on this balance beam between your adult lover and your baby girl. As our almanbahis giriş discussion continues, that is how you want things to be.I’m completely sexually aroused, almost in that state the whole time, and we pleasure each other. But I’m also, your little girl to care for and treasure. Yes, you offer the best of both worlds to me. You seem to already understand my overactive libido, and my yearning to be kept in such a state of arousal.We’ll stay here for the weekend, until Sunday night, then go back to my house, where we will live until my final day at work. You’ll work at your home during the day, overseeing the construction and changes. You tell me that you have been researching this a bit over the last few years, longing to find a baby, and know of certain discrete contractors, who will do the work we need and build the furniture, without anyone knowing.It all seems like a dream to me, a dream which seems to be coming true. And you seem to already know so much about this world I had only imagined. Never have I realized that others share this fantasy and want to be an active part of it. I will have a lot to study to learn more about the lifestyle I am committing myself to.

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