Lady and the Tramp 5. Meeting the People


For five days now, Khalfan, the solidly built local had been fucking Suzie, the smart little wife of Vicar Jason. It stopped for a while then as Khalfan had to return to his tribal home. He would be back.Suzie was on top of the admin and getting on well with the people around her. Head nurse Fola, a tall girl in her thirties, was good to work with and helped Jason and Suzie settle in. She was also highly religious and would most likely spoil things if she knew about the extracurricular life going on under her nose.Suzie had taken to going braless due to the heat causing her bra to rub under her arms causing a rash. Added to the t-shirts and shorts she normally wore, the clergyman’s prim and proper wife of a year ago looked very sexy indeed, and not at all like the smartly dressed, much-respected lady about town of old. She had back then been known as ‘The Lady’, she still acted such in company now, but was really as much of a slut as she looked.Taking the old land rover, Suzie went off for a long ride to the town where a lot of the supplies came through for the mission. Sampson, the mid-sixties local that helped run things, was not happy. A woman was vulnerable at times around here and should not go off alone to places she doesn’t know.Bem, the warehouse boss where the supplies were delivered, was a fat and bald slob in his fifties.His lorry, an old British army Bedford, was in for repairs and his small van just couldn’t manage the roads to some outlying places. He explained that his schedule for deliveries when the lorry returned meant the mission was days away from its goods.A number of medicines were almost out of stock bahis siteleri at the mission and Suzie wanted to take what she could in the rover. She was well aware that Bem and his team had been slacking in the weeks before her arrival.“This is very awkward, Miss,” he said, rubbing his hands together. “I must take my workers from other tasks to fetch your things. Could you not come back tomorrow or later?”“No, I need these things now. Your contract guarantees delivery, no excuses. Do I need to go over your head?” threatened the little woman.“You can try, Miss, but I expect it will get you nothing, but you can try!”Suzie knew the setup. She had read all she needed to about the contracts. She went straight to the company offices and walked right into the CEO’s office.“And who do you think you are, Lady, have you no manners?” Asked Ebo, six two, overweight but not gross, off-white ironed shorts and open-necked short sleeved shirt.“I am the representative of the mission that is waiting for your delivery and will remove your licence if I get any more problems from this company!” announced the trim blonde with the pointing nipples in her red Mrs David Tennant t-shirt and short blue shorts.This brought Ebo up short. He should have rented transport to see to his important clients, and he knew he was on the back foot, for now. Naturally, as boss, he blamed someone else and there and then arranged a lorry to be at the mission, with the full load, by ten the next morning.Suzie went home feeling very empowered.At nine thirty-three a.m. The next day, Bem and two young men began to unload the goods the mission was waiting on. He canlı bahis siteleri was very apologetic. Suzie felt in charge.Two days later she and Jason held a Bible class in the morning, and then split up to do checks on former patients at villages nearby.Khalfan met Suzie as she drove up to the gap in the wooded fence around the hutted settlement. He took a good look at her body as she exited the rover, leering with intent to excite.“Hello, Miss Suzie, you look very fuckable today.” Which was true, cut off denim shorts, white t-shirt with Marc Bolan’s face on the front in black, and two peanuts highly visible. “My Father wants to meet you after you have checked the sick ones.”“It is about time. We should have met earlier but you know how busy we’ve been since arriving.”The three checks were quickly done, and things were going well, more meds issued and some dressings changed and that was it. Now to meet the Chief, Hami.Built like a premiership football player, five feet ten and a full head of short curly hair, Chief Hami welcomed the wife of his local missionary in a less than traditional manner.“My Son, strip this white whore and fetch your brothers, I will fuck her now,” instructed the forty-nine-year-old African.A rather shocked blonde was soon bereft of clothes, her plimsolls coming off with her shorts as she was sitting, dumped, on the floor. Khalfan was out of the doorway and Hami’s face in her crotch before she could say ‘What the…’The rough matting and facial stubble of her assailant was a turn on, as well as the shock of the sudden assault. In less than two minutes Suzie had an orgasm that was so strong canlı bahis she very nearly blacked out. Her nub was on fire and her stomach boiling as her quim was set on by a man she had not even said one word to.Suzie very nearly missed the insertion of a hard black cock. Had it been slipped gently in she would have hardly felt it. As it was, one hard ramming motion and she was full of black meat and had to bring her legs up and around her lover for comfort’s sake.There was no fineness at all. Hard, powerful strokes took her away on a cloud of sex. She was lost to the world as she existed in just her bubble of orgasmic joy with the Chief of an African tribe ploughing her valley like a madman.Suzie was exhausted when she finally received a river of cum into her hole. Hami had kept going for almost fifteen minutes giving the slim woman countless orgasms. She took several deep breaths before a blurry black figure planted itself upon her and took over fucking her. No names, no pack drill, just more hard black cock.Had Suzie known of the crowd outside the hut looking in, she may have been turned on by it, or worried, but she was oblivious. Her whole existence was the huge cock banging away at her, belonging to a man she had not actually even seen properly. Not as fast as his father, but more powerful with his thrusts, the owner of the cock was in it for just his own pleasure, not caring that he was giving the English missionary one of the fucks of her life.The third son was fucking her when Suzie passed out. Sat cowgirl style, the poor used white woman collapsed onto the strong chest beneath her. She was still fucked for several more minutes before yet more cum was loosed into her pussy. Her limp body was rolled onto the floor and left while father and sons drank beer and ate meat and talked about how they would fuck the Lady many times in the future.

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