Lady in Black


It was morning and the light of the dawnRecalled me from the pleasure-land of dreams,Images of your radiant bodyWrithing in the throes of climactic joyEmblazoned on the windows of my mind,Unwilling for the memory to fadeOf the wrapt expression on your flushed faceAs successive waves of exaltationRadiated through your undulating limbsFrom the centre of exquisite delightIn the pulsating muscles of your cunt.My cock started to swell with fresh intentAs memories of the night’s hot pleasuresSet my flesh alight with renewed desireUrgent to penetrate your yielding fleshIn a wonderland of mutual bliss. ***** The etimesgut escort revealing beams of the rising sunCaressed your velvet flesh with golden light,Flowing like wine along your recumbent limbsStill entwined with mine in naked repose,A lingering embrace of carnal joy.Led by the golden rays of morning lightMy fingers followed an enchanted pathAlong the contours of your lambent curvesTarrying awhile to squeeze and caressThe voluptuous softness of your breasts.Hardly daring to disturb your slumberYet eager to recapture the raptureOf mutual sexual ecstasy,I gently eryaman escort stroked the swell of your bellyUntil I reached the treasure that nestledIn the hot dark canyon between your thighs. ***** Drowsily you stirred and turning your headOur lips met and fused in a prolonged kiss,Tongues dancing to the primal melodyOf mounting passion and mutual lust.Reaching down between our languid bodiesYour hand oozed through the aromatic filmThat anointed our flesh, ripe with the scentOf our nocturnal gratification,Seeking my tumescent cock where it layPleasantly cushioned sincan escort in the hot fissureOf your deliciously kissable cleft.Oh the exquisite sensations that coursedThrough my feverish flesh when your fingersCaressed the sweet spot just beneath the glansReplete with the promised moment of blissSliding into the velvet of your cunt. ***** Like Aphrodite rising from the wavesYou straddled my libidinous torsoAnd with premeditated wantonnessAdroitly manoeuvred my throbbing cockUntil the glistening bulb of its headLay within the entrance to paradise.Your pendulous lips enfolded my shaftAs sinking down with euphoric relishYou embraced my fervent penetrationIn the dark tunnel of your inflamed sex.Seized by the force of insatiable lust,Resurgent as Apollo’s chariotOur flesh combined in rhythmic urgency,The remorseless momentum of desireCarrying us to sublime ecstasyOn waves of orgasmic exaltation.

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