I looked down at my morning erection and felt sorry for myself. 30 days without sex was the longest I had gone since my high school days and it was driving me nuts. “Fucking Coronavirus,” I shouted at the top of my lungs before taking a long drag on my cigarette and then began to jerk off furiously. I came quickly and unloaded on the plants below the terrace, leaving strands of cum hanging from the leaves and slowly dropping down onto the poor ants below. “Sorry, guys,” I mumbled and walked back inside to take a shower.I had been house sitting a villa for a month for an older German couple who had gone back to Germany on one of the humanitarian flights. The old dude had a heart condition and they didn’t think that the Panamanian health system was up to scratch. I had been in the country on a business trip when I got the call from my boss.“Kevin, sorry, but you got to stay there a bit longer, the shit has hit the fan here and things are just going crazy.”“What do you mean, a bit longer?”John sighed. “Sorry, bud, can’t say. A month, maybe six weeks, hard to tell right now. Be happy you are in the tropics. Hot women, drinks with little umbrellas in them, you’ll be fine.”I had hung up and looked out the window of my hotel room. A one-week trip was now possibly going to be six weeks or longer. I couldn’t stay in the hotel on the company’s penny, I figured. Just as I had thought it, my phone chirped. It was a text from John, saying that since the company would be closing, I was on my own dime.Over a coffee in the hotel restaurant I read through the classifieds and that’s how I had gotten in contact with Greta and Hans, the German couple. I had rented a car and driven the two hours to Coronado beach town where they lived. After too much apple strudel and coffee we had come to an agreement and I had a place to stay, for free, as long as I took care of the house.After the shower I got dressed in my usual uniform. Baggy shorts, sandals and a T shirt. Donning my face mask and gloves I got into the old and beat up Toyota I had to my disposal after returning the rental and headed to the little shop a five-minute drive away. It was time for shopping.It was quiet inside, still being early in the morning. The shop was owned by an older Spanish gentleman by the name of Juan and his young and pretty wife, Larissa. She was from Venezuela and if the local gossip was right, then they had met at a strip bar in Panama City a few years earlier when Juan, like me, had come on a business trip. They fell in love and after selling his business in Spain and divorcing his wife he and the hot bodied Larissa had settled down in Coronado.“Good morning, Juan,” I said as I walked in.“Morning, Kevin.”I grabbed a basket and headed for the fridges where I stocked up on beer. I remembered it was Friday so I changed the basket to a trolley and filled it with several kaçak iddaa six packs that should last me over the weekend. There wasn’t much else to do around the place other than drink and watch TV. After picking up a few other items I headed over to the counter where I was greeted by Larissa, all smiles, green eyes and wild black hair.“Hello, Kevin, how are you this morning?”“Where did Juan go, I was going to ask him something?”“Oh, he went to the bank. Maybe I can help?”She cocked her hip and the V between her legs looked so enticing to me it was hard to take my eyes of it.“Kevin?”“Yes, sorry, my mind drifted.”“Mm it tends to do that a lot, when I am helping you.” she giggled and continued. “What do you need?”“I was wondering if Juan has any contacts in the city who could get some good BBQ meat for me. The big supermarkets around here don’t carry what I want?”She put a manicured finger to her chin and thought for a second. “Yes, yes, we do. What do you need?”I gave her the list and she read it. “Yes, yes, yes, and yes. You can pick it up on Tuesday morning.”I was about to leave when she said. “Now you help me, yes?”“Yeah, sure. What do you need?”“Follow me.” She came around the counter and headed to the back of the shop with me following. Her ass and hips moved hypnotically in front of me and I was grinning like a kid on Christmas Day. She opened the back door and pointed at something inside.“Please bring those water bottles to the front, yes?”It was the big ones, the 20-gallon type. I sighed and then thought she had been nice to me so why not.By the time I was done I was sweating, and my arms felt like over cooked pasta. When I leaned on the counter catching my breath Larissa handed me a cold beer.“There you go, cold beer for strong man, yes?”I laughed and she smiled back at me. Her top was just deep enough I could see the swell of her boobs. She must have caught me watching.“Do you have girlfriend, Kevin?”“Nope, haven’t had one in years.”The bell by the door rang and a local gardener came in with a machete stuck in his belt. He nodded to us and then headed to the beer section.“So, you are a lonely man then. You know, it’s important for a man to have a woman. Look at me, I take care of Juan, and make him very happy.”I wondered if Juan could make her happy, at least in bed. He must be over 70 and she was in her mid-20’s, and my little experience with Latinas had told me they were the type that fucked all night.“I’m fine, it’s nothing I think about a lot.”She took the empty beer can from my hand and when she did, she dragged a nail across the back of my hand. “If you want, I sometimes need help in the afternoon. Juan needs his siesta, poor thing.”She turned to the gardener and I left with my shopping and a hard cock. What had just happened, had she come on to me, or was it my sex starved mind playing games on me? I looked back kaçak bahis and through the window I saw her watch me and with a wink of an eye she blew me a kiss with her red full lips that made my balls ache.I traveled far and wide for my work and had fucked women from Cape Town to Stockholm and Tokyo to Quito, but no one fucked like Latin women. Someone once told me that women fuck like they dance, and Latinas were excellent dancers.I spent the weekend drinking beer, feeling sorry for myself, watching TV and jerking off always with Larissa on my mind. I kept on thinking about that kiss she had blown me. Was it just a friendly goodbye or had it another meaning? When I had seen her and Juan together, I knew she loved him and doted on the old man. Why wouldn’t she, he was a kind soul, and a fun man to be around? Obviously, she cared a lot for him. So, why would she be flirting with another man?Monday was women’s day to go shopping. The government in all its wisdom had decided that women went out and do their shopping on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Men were allowed out Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I sometimes sneaked out on Fridays like I had done the one before, but just to Juan and Larissa, never to the bigger supermarkets where the police were checking ID’s.When I walked inside the shop was quite busy with men getting beer, fruits and veggies brought in by the local farmers. I picked up a few items and then waited to the side while Larissa and Juan attended the customers. When it was my turn Juan gave me a big smile.“Kevin, my friend. Your things arrived this morning and are in the back. Larissa will show you.”She came around the counter and I almost gasped. She wore the shortest skirt I had seen in a very long time. It was tight, and when she walked in front of me, it hardly covered her ass. She spoke as we made the short walk.“Did you have a nice weekend, Kevin?”“It was okay, I guess.”“Good, did you watch porn or think of me?”I almost tripped over a pack of water bottles standing on the floor as she finished the sentence. “I…”She cut me off while opening the door. “It’s okay, I know you want to fuck me.”She walked in and I followed. She pushed the door almost closed and then turned on the light. It was a storage area with boxes of chips, cookies, and other dry foods together with cases of beer and liquor. At the far end stood a fridge that held fruits and veggies. She approached it and opened the door taking out a plastic bag. When she turned her nipples were hard from the coldness from the fridge and she cocked her hip giving me the bag.“Do you want to fuck or not?”I thought she was joking with me, but she turned and placed her hands flat against the fridge and then pushed her ass out, making the skirt slide up exposing half of her ass cheeks. She turned and looked at me over her shoulder, her eyes half closed. “Quickly, illegal bahis we only have a few minutes.”I dropped the bag to the floor and whipped out my cock which was rock hard already. I moved in closer and slid the cockhead along her slit feeling the soft skin from her shaved pussy. She pushed back at the right moment and I slid inside her. Warm, and tight she was.“Ay, que rico!” she moaned and arched her back as I held her hips and fucked her hard but not fast. It had been a long time and within a minute my balls began to contract. I leaned in, wanting to kiss her neck but I couldn’t due to my facemask. Instead I fondled her firm boobs over her tight top.“Come on my ass,” she whispered.I pulled out and the load landed just above her right ass cheek and ran down onto her thigh and then down the back of her knee all the way down to her flip flops.She turned around. “Next time, you fuck me longer, yes?”With those words she walked away, grabbing a roll of toilet paper which she pulled off a few squares and cleaned her leg as she walked to the door. I got the bag and by the time I was at the door she smiled at me, flicked the crumbled-up paper behind a stack of beer cases and let me out ahead of her. Juan smiled and waved as I went by him and I felt like an asshole.oOoLarissa caressed Juan on the cheek and put her arm around his shoulder. “Are you hungry, baby?”He loved the smell of her perfume and the warmth of her body against his. He was the luckiest man in the world, he thought. Finding this younger woman and her loving him as much as he loved her. He was no fool, he knew she flirted with the younger men who came into the shop. Not that there were many. Coronado was mostly inhabited by retirees from the US and Canada with a sprinkle of other nationalities. The Panamanian families who owned houses were all quarantined in the city and couldn’t get there.“Sure, a bocadillo would be nice.”“Good, I will go home and then come back with it.”She walked out the door and then down the street to where they lived a couple of blocks away.Larissa stood under the shower. With the cold water running down her body as she soaped herself. Her pussy still yearned for the young American’s cock. When she closed her eyes, she could still feel it hardness inside her, how he stretched her and made her moan with pleasure. Juan had to take Viagra to get it up. It was a hard erection, but he wasn’t what some would call a big man, rather on the smaller side. Still, he did lick her before fucking her, so she always came. But that wasn’t the same as being fucked by a good hard cock, like Kevin’s.She put on fresh clothes and then went to the kitchen where she made what in Spanish is called a bocadillo. Basically, half a baguette with ham, cheese and chorizo slices on a bed of freshly chopped tomatoes in olive oil, salt and pepper. She made a smaller one for herself which she ate in silence while sipping on a glass of red wine. Back in Venezuela, before she came to Panama, she had hardly drunk at all. Only on birthdays, and other special days and very little.

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