Last Christmas


Last ChristmasCovid ChristmasAs with many others Philip and I decided what the hell lets enjoy what we can whilst we can so accordingly invited our 65-year-old parents for Christmas. We also had our 18 year old son, James at home and 21-year-old daughter, Fiona, so don’t see any risks.After the traditional Christmas dinner we retired to the lounge and our James went down the road to his friends. Sat on the settee Mom and Dad started to recall Christmas past when we enjoyed more than just presents, my family had a very open attitude. My sister and I had both lost our virginity to dad as mum assisted in helping us to relax and progressively learn to enjoy his firm stiff manhood.As the conversation continued my Phillip started to put his arm around myself and our Fiona and it was not long before he had two handfuls of flesh and he was teasing our nipples. At the sight of this Dad was now cuddling Mom and had his hand searching up her thighs in search of her hairy bush and very huge clit. To my surprise our Fiona had already removed Phillips cock and was stroking it ensuring her fingers went up and down the total length, she had managed to draw the bahis siteleri foreskin back and was preparing to lean forward and suck it. This was making me just as horny and as Fiona had moved, Phillip now had his free hand caressing my thighs which were open wide.Mom suggested we all undress and retire to a bedroom or two where we could make better use of the space, within minutes five totally naked people were climbing onto the bed, Dad was in position to start having desert as his head bobbed into mom’s hairy bush, Mom for her part as seeking to lick my clit and Phillip was also ready to suck our Fiona. The smell of sex rose and it was not long before everybody was deeply engaged in sucking, fucking and anything else that came to mind. Dad was now sliding his cock into our Fiona and Phillip was about to enter moms arse doggy style. I was beginning to feel ignored when to my surprise my James appeared and without any hesitation he was on top of me, no feeling except lust, but OMG it was nice to have a young fresh lump of meat slapping into me, My clit was on fire as he shot his load as he tried to hold his cock in place deep inside my cunt.When canlı bahis siteleri he eventually got off me I saw our Fiona with white gunge dripping down her shaven groin area and clearly either Phillip or dad forgot to withdraw before pumping her. Mum was still enjoying Phillips cock albeit now it was deep in her cunt and she was groaning with pleasure. For her age her tits where still very firm and supported two rock hard nipples. It was not long before her enjoyment ended and a plop announced his cock had departed company from Moms cunt.Later that evening people drifted in groups and it was about 7 when dad told me he was ready to give me another present, simply removing the dressing gown I moved to him and sat across his knees, cock was now rising and I was able to manoeuvre in order to accommodate his manhood into my waiting pussy. I was determined to take some pleasure, as although my James’s cock had been very welcome it was over before it began, Dad however had the stamina and new how much I enjoyed grinding our pelvic regions as I rode him. He was now sucking my nipples and I also felt a few fingers enter my arse and then canlı bahis removed, then I was surprised to feel Phillips cock entering my arse and this had the immediate effect of making me lose control and soon I was cuming all over Dads cock. Phillip had not finished and tried to plough on, but as Dads cock shrank I made the effort to stand and losing the throbbing members at the same time.Mum told Phillip that he could take her arse so he could finish, gratefully she turned onto all fours and he mounted her and directly entered her arse. Again was not that long before he squealed with delight as a massive amount of spunk shot deep into Mom.Not to be outdone James and Fiona had also engaged with each other and I would not be surprised is she was impregnated as when aroused she had one thing only on her mind, to get the cock as deep as she could so she could capture every last drop.Boxing day and the following day was more of the same and we had a wonderful time, everybody had been fulfilled literally and memories revived for Mom Dad and myself.That was however a few weeks ago now and sadly Mum passed away last week, Dad and Phillip both still in ICU and on reflection I was annoyed with myself for the rash decision we made. If we had waited I wonder how many other opportunities would have arisen to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, which in the end has destroyed my family.

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