Law of the Raw part I & II (fea. the Doughboys


Law of the Raw part I & II (fea. the DoughboysI hate drinking rum when there’s no vacant pussy about. I get crazy horny. Precum dripping, cock twitching, aching, and throbbing horny. When I’m like this, by default I seek the next available hole to fill and that’s my roommate Diggs. West Germany, timeline, doesn’t matter, military base, fort, or camp, doesn’t matter. There’s only one damn thing that matters this particular night, and that was the raw hunger that grips a Black Lion before he goes on the prowl. I’d been watching Diggs from the moment he arrived and assigned to my room in the barracks. I’d give him 5-feet 11’, just a little over 170 pounds. The product of a French, Amerindian marriage. His features were soft, but with just enough of a hard exterior to not be labeled too soft. I barely noticed him for the first few weeks, and then one morning as I took my troupes through a rigorous PT session, I saw him slacking off. I jumped in his face and gave him a good verbal dress down and at that moment, I saw the hunger in his eyes as he stared at my hard-dark chocolate, sweat covered body. I knew from that moment, and although it was never my premeditated intension to make a move on him, hey shit happens, and in regard to this moment in question. It just happened. Earlier that night, we went to a stag party for one of the guys who were about to tie the knot. I normally stay away from rum because of its almost magical stimulating sexual effects on me. I just get hard as a diamond and that will always end in with a volcanic like an ejaculation, in or about somebody’s mouth, pussy, ass, and worst-case scenario, in my own hands. Now that you’re set-up, let’s get back to this moment I was telling you about.I’m stood by my bunk. My hard-muscular chest and muscular arms are jacked for action with veins that protrude outwardly. I rub my hand down along my hard abdomen, then down further, and grab my hard angry, long, thick, black cock. My thighs are hard and thick, and I glanced down my large feet, as I become fully aware of my lustful hunger for flesh. I felt like a b**st as I walked across the room toward the window. Diggs was pretty intoxicated himself. He was as always very acquiescent to my aggressive behaviors, like me wrapping my arm around his waist, and shoulders much, in the same manner, I’d do a girl. I know he felt that energy but just went along with it. This is what all led up to this moment as I passed his bunk and declared.“Damn, I’m so fuckin horny tonight. I drank too much goddamn rum. I should’ve known better. I feel like a fucking wild a****l in heat.”Diggs, who is sitting beneath the sheet and blanket with a book in his hands, looks up with a look of astonishment. As he slowly lowered the book he replied. “So, I see. Looks like you’re in need of a hot little pussy dude. As I looked out the window, I deliberately positioned my body to face him. “It’s 2:00 am man, all the pussy is already occupied, and the red-light district is nearly an hour away. I need to feel something on my dick right now, man.” I proclaimed as I slid my hand over my bulge. “Well don’t look over here pal. I don’t play with jewels and tools.” Diggs nervously replied and I would’ve bought it, if not for the fact that he couldn’t look away, not long. I saw that hungry look in his eyes. I could feel that he wasn’t able to ignore my dominant presence. I quickly circled around his bunk and stood about three feet away. My chest heaved up and down, my hands clenched, nostrils flared, as I took a wide-legged stance and hovered just a few feet away. “Your mouth is saying one thing sissy, but your eyes are betraying you. Do you feel uncomfortable around me Diggs?” I asked as I moved just a little closer. “No…no, not at all, why do you ask?” This little pussy is sizzling like bacon in a hot skillet. As I moved closer and grab my rock-hard fuck tool. “Because you have the look of a man who struggles to hold on to his masculine self in the presence of a man who he knows is superior. You are feeling an itch you need to be scratched don’t you sweet white-bred.” I charged as I put one knee up on the bunk. He scoots over just a little but never takes his eyes off me. His breath is now also heavy.“Holy shit…I don’t like where this is going, dude. Come on Serg, get a grip, chill out, we couldn’t do anything here even if we wanted to. We’re in the barracks on a military installation man.”“Fuck all that shit man. It’s after 2 am, everybody is asleep, no one’s knocking or coming through that door.” I pointed over at the front door. “That leaves just you, and me and nothing but hard black dick between us,” I answered seductively as I placed my second knee up on the bunk and now I’m only a few inches around from him. Diggs thrusts his hand forward slow and gently and places it on my hard six-pack. He gasped as he attempted to say. “Please man, I’m not gay, why are you…you are doing this to…me?”“Because somethings we just can’t run away from sissy. When a man gets really hungry…I mean really, really hungry, and the circumstances are just right, his savage sexual instincts take over and then lookout. It’s when pretty little guys, become pretty little girls, and as for you, it’s when you look at another man with primal hunger in your eyes, just like the look you’re wearing now.” I took his hand on my abdomen, then rubbed it about my abs and chest. “Please Serge …please don’t make me do this.” My pretty nicely tanned, sandy-haired ‘Bitch in Waiting’, pleaded. “You act like we have a choice in all this, we don’t this moment we’re having is primal sissy, it’s beyond our control, It’s the Law of the Raw.” I declared, then slid his hand down on my hard-Nubian flesh spear. “God, it’s so fucking big and so hard,” Diggs remarked as he gave in and massaged my big black neglected cock. He looked up into my eyes, with his own eyes watery as he stated. “Damn Serge, its fucking magnificent. It’s almost not fair how big your cock is compared to mine.”I took that as a clue, and immediately grabbed and flipped the cover off him to reveal his small but erect boy-clitty. I slyly slid my hand along his clitty and his body stiffens and moaned below his breath. “You see fagiboy, a real man can always out a true sissy. Now we’ve wasted enough time pretending, it’s time to do this damn thing. We both know what you want, and we both know I’m gonna take what the fuck I want either way because you’re too much of a pussy to turn me away, so just give in sissy, and take daddy’s cock out and stroke it.” I looked down as Diggs, stretched out the elastic waistband of my extended white briefs, and allowed my imprisoned black meat to escape, and then bounced up and slapped against his cheek and left a slimy precum stain. “Holy shit dude, you’re cock is fucking huge guy. Okay, if I suck it and get you off, do you think I can at least cool you down a little?”“Whatever you say pretty little thing, just suck daddy’s dick and see what happens.” At that point, he was a fish on my hook as far as I was concerned. The sissy gripped my big black lumber firmly in the center, leaned over and down, bahis şirketleri and planted a soft kiss on the uncut, pinkish-brown head. I felt it twitched rapidly in reaction to his soft lips. He kissed it again and again. Then swirled his pink tongue about the crown and I closed my eyes and remarked. “Ah yeah Sweetness, you look so pretty nursing daddy’s cock. I can see you’re no stranger to this. It’s in your nature to serve a superior man, with a superior body and a superior cock. Yeah, that is it, sexy little nasty girl. Squeeze daddy’s dick tighter, now…put it between those soft pink lips and suck it into your mouth…go on sissy…get it done.’That was it for my little fuckdoll recruit. She took hold of the base, just below her other hand above it, held it upright, and slid it right inside her hungry mouth. She sucked with a powerful urgency that told me, she was just as horny and desirable of me as I was for her. Soon, she slobbered, adored, and worshiped my sex tool with a slavish lust. I slapped her jaws playfully as I cheered her on. “Yessss, little pussyboi, suck that shit, yeah, yeah, suck that shit Pillsbury doughboy. Suck it pretty little princess. Oooh…hmmm…yeah, it feels so fuckin good!” I moaned as I tossed my head back and savored the moment. “You like sucking daddy’s dick…don’tcha white-bred sissy?”“It tastes so good, your precum’s so warm and salty.” He replied and resumed his oral attack on my hard-underused tool. “Yeah, yeah, that’s it…that is it…Pillsbury Doughboy, rub that shit all over your face…as a matter of fact, let me help you out.” I exclaimed, snatched my cock from him, and traced a hot precum, saliva mixture about his face. I slid my hand about my cock, then smeared it in his hair, and finally, finger fucked his mouth. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, I love your cock daddy, I just…I just love it, I fucking love it!” Diggs cried as he showered my hard-black flesh with kisses of total submission and adoration. He wrapped and locked his arms around my powerfully thick, hard buttocks to encourage me to intensify his service. I thrust forward and fuck his face in rhythmic time to his opened throat. I wished the moment could’ve lasted forever but my body had other plans. I felt my hot jizz as it fired up from the base of my huge cock and seconds later, I cradle my fuckdoll’s head and then pumped a massive load of African man seed down his throat and into his belly. Immediately he attempted to resume and regain his masculinity as he wiped the cum from his lips and stated. “Okay, I hope you’re happy now Serge, we need to get some sleep.”“Bullshit, you don’t think you can suck my dick so good and not make me curious about getting a piece of that sweet ass of yours do you, sissy?”“Okay, hold your voice down man, remember where we are and what we’re doing. We’ll have our asses court-marshaled for all this. I admit, it was nice, but we have to be careful man. Maybe we can try it, someone, another time and definitely someplace far from here. Diggs suggested. “You keep thinking about something that may happen, I’m thinking about what’s gonna happen right now. Come on pretty girl, since we’re all warmed up and shit, now you wanna end it, nah, nah, nasty slut, we’re just getting started.” With that said, I kissed her with all my passion, then pulled her tightly into my hardcore body and engulfed him in my superior manliness, and soon he weakened and threw his arms over and around my shoulders. I lowered her down on the bed and continued to engage her tongue in a wild erotic dance of sexual desire. I pushed her down on her back and yanked and pulled off her undies. “Hmmm yeah, you got a pretty bubble baby, I think I’ll taste it.” I lifted her legs high, spread her ass cheeks, and slid my mouth between the warm well-tanned globes and tongued fucked that ring with a ravenous hunger for her inner flesh tissues. “Ooh yesss…yesss…that feels good…I’ve always…” Her voice faded quickly as she realized she was about to reveal how much she desired this moment. Soon her sissy-pussy became hot accompanied by a deep itched she knew that only one thing could scratch. “Holy fuck man, please don’t…don’t do this. Your dick is too big, I’ll scream the house down.” Diggs cried.“I’ll take care of that shit right now,” I whispered as I picked up my draws and stuffed them inside her mouth. I snatched up a bottle of baby oil and rubbed it about her anal ring and my steely hard cock, then proceeded to invade her underused anal pipeline. I guess you could say we were both thankful I stuffed my draws into her mouth because true to her word, she screamed loudly even with her mouth stuffed, so I took my hand and forced her face down into a pillow filled case. Her sissy-pussy clung tightly around my big black flesh hammer-like shrink wrap. It took me a while to fully load myself into her, and once I did, it was on. The only thing keeping me from going to King Kong mode on this femboi was the loud squeaky springs on the bed that ratted us out each time I tried a full-length power-stroke. I had to settle for a tight short-stroked dick-down. “God baby, your sweet boy-pussy’s feels so good and tight around my dick…goddamn,” I mumbled as I stroked her hair, licked, smooched and bit her neck and ears, and then asked. “It doesn’t hurt as much as when I started does it?”She nodded to indicate I was right. “Tell you what, I’m gonna take my draws out your mouth, cause I wanna talk with you so don’t fucking scream okay?”Once again, he nodded that he understood. I yanked my undies from his mouth and he immediately gasped. “…but it still hurts like hell, shit man…it feels like it’s in…in my stomach…please take it out…cum on my face, we gotta stop Serge…please I can’t take it anymore.” “You’re gonna take it, for as long as I fuckin give it…you understand that shit bitch. This ass,” I slapped his booty, “belongs to me now. I own this shit, and there’s nothing you can do about it…here me…you hear me faggot…pussy, shit baby it feels so fuckin good!” I moaned. “Oh no…ooooh no, you’re making me…you’re making me…cum…ooooo!”Her orgasm was deep and powerful and sent shockwaves through her. Her internal walls tremble, grip, squeeze, and clutch my cock. That shit sent me right over the edge. I wrapped him tightly into my arms, bit down into his shoulder, as my body stiffened hard, as my cock vomited and gushed long, thick, streams of hot African seeds inside his unprotected boy-pussy. I growled as I kept him back, placed her legs over my shoulders, and prepared for round 2. I spread her legs and was about to invade him once more when he thrust his hand out and slapped my chest.“Okay, daddy you got…you got my ass. I’ll be a bitch for you, but not here. You know how dangerous this is. We can go someplace away from here. You can take whatever you want, but just think of the trouble we’ll be in if someone finds out.” I chuckled, as I realized the sissy was absolutely right. I lowered my full-body weight down on her, kissed her softly on her lips as I accepted her suggestion. “Alright pussy, but you need to agree, that when the chicks ain’t around, you’ll be down to be bahis firmaları my substitute fuckdoll slut and I WILL, fuck that mouth and the sweet boy-pussy, whenever the fuck I want, you got that shit faggot. I own your sissy pussy now. IIOver the next few months, I force-fed my new cumdump fuckdoll hard and often. We’d find hotels far off the base, sometimes I rented a room, and he visited, or the other way around. We’d fuck throughout the night, one of us would leave early and the other later that day. It was a hot and well-thought-out arrangement, however, Digg’s best friend who was a sergeant in the mess-hall, took note of how close we’d become and one day approached me at his expense. He pulled me into the kitchen and confronted me face to face. “Listen, Serge, I’ve noticed that you’re spending a lot of time with my buddy Diggs. I’m starting to see some changes with him. can I ask you a personal question?”“What do you want to know,” I replied with full attention. “I’ve known Diggs since we played little league baseball. He’s a very nice guy, you might even say he’s naïve. I hope you’re not taking advantage of him.”“Ain’t this some shit.” I fired back. Diggs is an adult and can make his own decisions. Have you spoken to him about this?”“Yes, but he’s elusive and won’t answer.”“So, if a guy you’ve known all this time, and you claim to be so close to won’t answer your question, what the fuck makes you think I will?” I challenged. “Hey, I’m not trying to be offensive here, I’m just looking out for my friend, that’s all.” He answered defensively. “Bullshit, you sound jealous. What’s the matter Albright, you sound as if I’m stealing away your girlfriend or something.”“No, that’s…that’s not it at all, you’re getting this all wrong.”“Hah, ha, yeah, definitely jealous. Now I’m gonna ask you sumptin. When you two were playing baseball, who was catchin and who was pitchin or were you both switch-hitters,” I chuckled.“That has nothing to do with it. I’m speaking to you out of concern for my friend.” He fired back, but his eyes were glued to on my hand as I clenched my semi-hard cock to discover his true intentions. I stepped closer and thrust my finger into his chest. “Look, man, I just did a speed reading on a book called ‘You’, and I could write a fucking essay on exactly why you’re so concerned. I tell you what my man, you go back to your friend and tell him that You can hang out with us so long as you know your place. I got your number and if you hang with us, you know what’s gonna happen.” I snarled at this marginally attractive dark-haired slut of Hattian descent as I walked away. Two weeks later Diggs called and informed me that he’s waiting at the hotel and he’s not alone. Forty-five minutes later, I walked through the door and see them wrapped in each other’s arms as Diggs, has Albright’s long legs up in the air as he stabbed his cock into him. Diggs wore a pair of tight, shiny stretch pants, and Albright wore a pair of briefs, with only the elastic waistband and the trimmed seamed line that looked a lock like a cheap thong, yet it was effective. The guy had a nice, fat well-rounded ass. “My, my, lookie here…lookie here. two little sissy birds as sweet as can be, waiting on a real man’s BBC.’ I snickered. “Holy shit daddy, I didn’t expect you so early. I didn’t respond as I carefully examined the 6-foot even, a 225-pound sergeant with his big fat round ass. I could easily see without his clothes; Albright was a true one-hundred percent bottom. “God your cock his huge,” Albright declared. I pointed at Diggs and ordered. “Did you buy the rum?”“Yes, Drill Daddy, it’s on the shelf over there.” He pointed behind me. “Good, bring it here, and you,” I pointed at this fat ass bitch and snapped. “Get on this dick, quickly bitch, quickly,” I ordered. I didn’t have to repeat the order because the moment I gave it, this slutty bitch devoured my hard chocolate dick. she slobbered about it and swallowed me down balls deep. “Shit, you nasty freaky little slut, you suck that dick fagboi, suck that shit like the little pussy you are.” Diggs returned and handed me the bottle of rum. I twisted off the top and took swallowed the equivalent of two straight shots then ordered. “Okay, now you two black cock loving whores get down on that dick, share it, make your Drill Daddy feel good.” I watched as my two sissies undressed me, then I climbed into positioned myself at the head of the bed. “Now…please me, cock hungry sluts.” They attacked my cock as if consumed with a hot fever. Albright got a little greedy and tried to hog my cock to herself and I dick slapped her face for the selfish display. “There’s enough for the both of you, now share the dick.” I barked. They worshiped my hard-black fuck tool until I ordered fat ass Albright to bring me my box of Blunts. I had him light it. I took a long deep puff, then blew it into her mouth as we kissed. Meanwhile, Diggs bathed my sex weapon with warm saliva, until I gripped the back of his head and shoved my hard dick into his mouth and nearly down to the cock-hairs. Although his cock sucking skills were slightly superior to his friend, Albright was a master at deep-throated pleasure. I took their asses out on the balcony, positioned Diggs on the ledge of the railing, and had Albright eat him out, as I slapped and devoured his fat juicy ass. I escorted them over to a sectional sofa, placed two sections together. Alright held his legs up and gave his buddy free access to his fleshly treasure, while I tongue and finger-fucked Diggs into a frantic state of erotic desire. In a fit of brute strength, I wrapped my muscular arms up and around Diggs, lifted his ass up, and allowed his arms to grasp the armrest of the sofa corner. “Get up here and taste this Pillsbury Doughboy ass with me,” I ordered and Albright jumped to his feet, I spread his buddy’s ass cheeks, and together we made a meal out of this sweet little fagboi. I lowered Diggs feet back down on the floor, then I ordered them to lay down and kiss each other, as I left the room, only to return with three bungee cords, the military kind, in my hands. I tossed one cord over at Diggs, the other I wrapped around Albright’s neck and dogged walked his ass to the far end of the balcony. “Watch as I demolish your buddy’s boy-pussy, and then you’re next,” I warned. I forced the fat ass sergeant’s head into a corner, then mounted, pulled the cord around her neck, and drove my black ebony spear right inside her helpless anal ring. I fucked her like a stubborn bronco. I arched my back at just the right angle, then thrust deep into her and pierced her inner-ring, gripped her shoulders, and fracked his fat ass until she whined like a baby. I tied the bungee cord to a column and ordered her like a bitch to stay put until I returned. I walked over to Diggs, as her bottom lip quivered. I snatched the cord from his hands, wrapped it around his wrist which binned them together, then d****d the opposite end over and around a steel pole. I guess it might’ve been normally used to hang a plant. I stretched, tightened the other end of the cord around a sliding kaçak bahis siteleri door handle then as I slid the door open it lifted my original cumdump slut up on her toes. I lube that booty up and finger fucked her until her insides were slippery wet and welcoming. I gripped his waist, as I slowly but steadily drove my black steel hard cock right inside her tight anal entrance. I took the third cord, pulled it back between my fingers, released it, and watched as it popped against Digg’s hot bubble butt. I took my time as I popped the bungee cord about my original fuckdoll’s ass, then drove my cock back inside her drilled the shit out of her. a loud wet, nasty sound filled the air as I withdrew my, big black veiny soldier. I made my way over to Albright who moaned with excitation as she heard my bare feet on the balcony as I approached. I took one look at the big fat ass, then looked at the thin bungee cord, shook my head, and tossed it away. “That ass is too big for a cord, nah, I know exactly what you need bitch…my big black hands. I slapped that ass with rage, and then just as she began to cry, I squatted down, spread her cheeks and went in headfirst. I repeated the process several times before I squatted down and drilled that bitch with a righteous zeal. I wiped the sweat from my brow, then untied Albright from the pillar and bitch-walked her back over to the sofa. I untied Diggs then I had her straddle Albright’s face with his ass, and tied the cord around his ankles to Digg’s wrists.“What are you going to do to us Drill Daddy?” Diggs asked nervously. “You’ll find out soon enough sissy,” I replied as I now lifted Albright’s legs and secured his ankles with the cord around Diggs’s wrists. When I finished, they looked somewhat like a warped triangle of flesh. Both their hungry holes were opened and vulnerable for me to do whatever the hell I wanted. I started with Diggs. I slowly rubbed my lengthy cock down along his boney spine, then drove my hard-ebony flesh right in that hole. She squealed like a true sissy. I built up to a frantic pace as I rocked their bodies back and forth in a power fuck. I withdrew my froth covered cock, made my way around to Albright’s hefty fat ass which was fully exposed with her legs up and ankles tied to his best friend’s wrists. I rolled them over until Digg’s mouth came down on my cock. I stabbed my cock into Digg’s mouth then ordered her to clean off the froth and then spit it into my hands. I coated this guy with an ass like a woman, then I growled like a b**st as I drove my cock into Albright’s ass. “Oh no, oooh shit, it’s too big, it’s too good lord, I’ve never felt anything this big before, aarrgghh, ahh…ahhfuck, out…take it out…please.”“I laughed loudly as I fired back. Too late for that shit fagboi. This is what happens to guys who play sissy…they often get fucked.” I tore Albright’s fat juicy ass up and by the time I withdrew my stiff member, he was practically u*********s. I circled back to Diggs. I untied their hands and resumed my anal attack. I laid Diggs on his back and fucked him like a wild whore. There’s nothing better than to fuck a sissy in a missionary position until she wraps her legs around your back and her arms around your shoulders. That’s total surrender, total bitch-hood. I kissed her with deep honest passion, then replaced her on the sofa with an anxious Albright who wanted another crack at the big black cock that invaded him so deeply. I fucked him hard, long, deep and strong, and when I tired and slowed the pace, he pulled me down, licked, and kissed my hard, sweaty muscular chest. Diggs climbed on to my back and they flipped me over on to my back. The hot horny Diggs, quickly mounted me, as Alright held my ebony tower upright. Diggs slowly slid down my tower and bit his lips to control his uncontrolled emotions. he bounced up and down on my cock and wet, nasty sounds filled the air and only added to the erotic energy of the moment. When Diggs dismounted, Albright quickly took his place. I cradled him in my arms as I used my hard muscles to toss him up as I used gravity against him as I thrust up and he plunged down. we kissed as I slapped his ass and increased our pace. I delayed my orgasm and decided to hold it for an ultimate climax, so I tossed Albright’s off me. Then stood up and stretched my body. “You two bitches get down on your knees and kiss my feet and my fuckin body. There’s nothing like the conquest of another dude. I banged my chest like Kong, then glanced down at Albright. Diggs recognized the look and immediately moved into action. He tied Albright’s wrist and ankles together with the cords, then placed him in a submissive position similar to someone in prayer. Her fat ass was helpless, absolutely helpless against my juggernaut black cock, however, I had other things in mind.“Here it is Drill Daddy,” Diggs stated as he handed me my initiation tool. It was made from soft texture ebony hi-gloss wood. It looked similar to a policeman’s baton, 18’ by 2½’ and with the crown carved into the shape of a black power fist. “Oh man, what are you going to do with that?” Albright cried.“Not me Mister Fat Ass…you.” I snickered. “Oh god, please don’t do this, Diggs…Diggs, did he do this to you?” “Many times, it’s the Law of the Raw. This is what you signed up for a buddy. Good luck.” The sandy-colored blonde replied as she shoved the stuffed pillowcase over her friend’s face. “Look at it this way faggot. You wanted to know what your friend and I were doing, so now you’re finding out.”I slowly shoved the hardwood tool inside my new fuckdoll’s ass. Her muffled cries filled the air as I literally fucked him in and out of consciousness. Then I withdrew my tool and shoved it inside Digg’s mouth to wipe it clean. I placed it side by side with my own hard dick and face fucked my fuck my Pillsbury fuck boy, Diggs. “Release that bitch.” I ordered to Diggs and then positioned Albright with her legs on my shoulders as I prepared to seed her for the first time with my Nubian brew. I fucked the long-legged chub for a while as Diggs slid her tongue along my cock each time, I partially withdrew it. we went at it like dogs in heat, until Diggs began to ravage my own sphincter, and that’s when all hell broke loose. I drilled Albright with all my muthafuckin might. “Drill Daddy…Drill Daddy…pl, please breed me, seed me…breed me…seed me, oooh Drill Daddy, ohmygod…oh…my…god…Drill Daddy make me your bitch…make me you’re whore, my me aarrgghh god, I’m cumin, I fuckin cumin!” Albright barked out of her head. Her ass clenched and gripped my cock like a steel vice, covered with warmed velvet. I rose up on my toes, and locked my body in a front-leaning-rest position, then…“Aaarrrggghhh…ahhhh…ah…ahhhh…aarrgghh…shit bitch drain my nuts, yeah, yeah, fuckyeahhhhh!” I just managed to withdraw my cock, which Diggs quickly snatched and sucked me dry. An hour later, they lay on either side of me, as they continued to kiss, adore, and worship my body and suckled on my big black dick. “So, how do you like being a black man’s bitch?” Diggs asked his friend. “I can’t wait till the next time.” Albright declared. I fucked them throughout the year and it only came to an end when I was transferred back to the states. Find ‘em, Breed ‘em, and Seed ‘em is the Black Lion Bitchmaker’s moto for it is the…Law of the Raw The End

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