Learning Curve


I’ve always looked at sex as a learning curve. The more you know, the more you get out of it overall. But you have to accumulate experience before you really start to feel the benefits. So, new experiences are always interesting to me. Probably I’m too intellectual, but whatever.

Anyway, I’ve met this man who looks like he’s going to seriously increase my knowledge bank in a short space of time. I met him a couple of days ago in a nightclub. He’s the DJ. I saw him looking at me as I danced, so I put on a little show for him — y’know, one hand in my hair, eyes closed, the other caressing my thigh, as I shook my booty up and down in a pair of tight shorts. And when I thought he was looking at me, I opened my eyes and looked straight into his. Men can be pretty predictable. Sometimes it doesn’t take much.

So he beckoned me over, and I went, still looking him in the eyes. He said he hadn’t seen me there before and I told him I was on vacation. He asked me if I wanted his cock for the week. I could see it starting to bulge out through his pants, so I shrugged and said, why not.

I waited for him at the end of the evening, and he took me back to his place. He likes to dominate, was a little bit rough, but I didn’t let him have his own way all the time. I gave him a blowjob he’s not likely manisa escort to forget in a while, and I rode him hard and fast backwards, so I got the absolute most out of it. He came very hard, but not before I did.

Yesterday, he had me over in the afternoon. Didn’t do much for my suntan, but my learning curve leapt up. He likes to watch a woman masturbate, and I have to say that I hadn’t yet had that experience. Of course, I know how to pleasure myself, but I’d never had anyone watch me doing it before, and stroking himself while I did. It was hot. And he had a great selection of toys. So there I am, on his bed, fucking myself with this extremely realistic, but bright pink dildo, and every so often, I look up and see him stroking his big cock slowly as he watches me. We both came at the same time, his cum shooting up and over onto my stomach, and my tits, some of it even getting in my hair and on my nose. We scooped it up together and licked it off each other’s fingers. Nice!

So tonight, I’m waiting for him again, chatting to one of the doormen. He’s coming over now, smiling. Looks like he’s half hard already. Mmmm. Great kisser. The way his tongue strokes mine makes me wet right away. He’s a cocky fucker though, telling the doorman I’m having his cock for the week, like maraş escort he isn’t having my pussy.

He lives about five blocks away, and we’re not there yet. Where’s he taking me now? Oh yeah? He wants to fuck me in the alley? Well, that’s not new to me, but my previous experiences were pretty good, so let’s see how he measures up. Oh, okay! He wants us to get our clothes off completely. Interesting. I’ll go along with that. If anyone comes by, it’s his white ass they’ll be seeing, not mine. Keeping my stilettos on, though — don’t know what’s on the ground, and seeing as he’s taller than me, it should help.

There’s something very erotic about being slammed against a brick wall, feeling the grit dig into your back and your ass-cheeks. Nnngh! His fingers are moving my nipples like he’s scratching vinyls on a turntable. His tongue is hot on my neck, and his prick is rubbing my pussy so very, very nicely. Fuck me, I tell him, slide that big cock inside me and fuck me. Aaaoh! Yes! Nnnn. That feels good. He’s got my leg up over his forearm now, pushing against the wall with his hand for a bit more leverage. I’m using the drainpipe for mine. Oh God! I don’t know whether it’s the thrill of the situation or the angle or what, but I am not going to last long here. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Faster! mardin escort Harder! Oh Jesus! Here I cum… Ah! Ah! Mmmph! He’s clapped his hand over my mouth. Probably just as well, I could feel I was really going to scream there. Nnnngh! And now he’s cumming too. Nnnngh! My ass is getting grazed by the wall as he pumps into me. Nnnngh! Oh wow! That was good.

What did he just say? Golden showers? What the hell is that? Oh yeah? He wants to pee on me? And he wants me to pee on him? Very interesting. Well… if that’s your thing, sure, why not.

Oh wow! Now that is fascinating! He is literally hosing me down! Not sure if I find it terribly exciting exactly. The sensations are interesting — heat, the pressure on the skin from the stream of liquid. Can’t say I’d request it again necessarily, but the surprise of it made me pant a little, and he obviously loved it because he is getting hard again already.

My turn. God! I hope I can. It’s a bit difficult to pee on demand, but I know my bladder is full from the beer and the sex. He has to lie down — rather him than me, especially since I now know exactly what’s on the ground. Here we go, straddle him with my legs… Nnnngh! Does he want me to pee on him or is going to fuck my pussy with his fingers? Okay, now he’s got his fingers in his mouth. Relax. Breathe. Let go… Aaah! Oh my god! He loves it! That is wild! Really wild!

Well! What can I say? Gotta love those wet wipes, and thank god I’ve actually got some in my bag. I wonder what else this guy’s got in store for me….?

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