Lesbian Slave Island Ch. 18


When I woke up, I found I was alone in the bedroom. My hands were no longer bound behind. I was simply naked. Even the nipple tag was off.

No sheet covering me, I luxuriously stretched, smiling. The lovemaking with Gabriela had left me a warm feeling. I felt closeness and positive, safe emotions.

I lay face up, loving the warm sunshine and ocean breezes that the open window allowed into the room.

I smelled coffee and heard soft chatter.

Helen cracked open the door and peeked in. I gave her a grin and slid off the bed. She smiled warmly back.

How did you sleep?”

“Oh, I feel wonderful! Very well, thank you.”

Helen’s eyes moved up and down, clearly enjoying my nudity. Even though I had been more than naked for while, I blushed. Momentarily self-concious, I started turning sideways to avoid full frontal nudity, and move my arms in, but quickly recovered. I decided to do the opposite.

I turned back toward Helen and stretched.

Helen stepped in and hugged me. We kissed briefly until Helen stepped back. She looked down at my perky hardening nipples.

“Your night with Gabriella doesn’t seem to have diminished your libido.”

I smiled coyly and shook my head, biting my lip. “It was wonderful, and my orgasms were bliss, but simply being naked now, and being with you, has me me feeling it.”

Helen smiled back and kissed me gently, lovingly.

“Gabriella told us that you both had explosive orgasms.”

I nodded, blushing a little.

“Sassa’s recommending that we be extra strict with you today because you had orgasm relief last night. And Gloria has been studying on the internet. Wow, she has some incredible ideas for you! It’ll be her night with you, so we are letting her also take the lead sometimes today. She is SO VERY excited about the things she wants to do with you. And TO you!”

My smile vanished for a moment, but then I imagined more of my sex slave dreams coming true, and bravely smiled again.

Helen grinned and touched the tip of nose with one finger.

“You sexy little thing! You’re actually happy about that!”

I nodded, still smiling, though Helen noted that my smile was of a different quality now. Still genuine, but my eyes revealed eager lust, and my lips a trace of trepidation.

“Gloria, her mother and Sassa are sitting at breakfast on the veranda. Stefania went home and will be back by midday. Gloria and Sassa have been building on one another’s ideas. They’re having fun and being creative and they think you’re the most exciting toy of all time.”

I smiled happily at that.

Helen paused and looked into my eyes, her expression changing from smiling to serious.

“They want to get right into it right away. Harsh and humiliating, forcing you to know you are what you wanted to be, an utterly dominated, totally and truly owned slave. Totally property.”

My heart quickened and tightened, but my loins moistened.

Helen continued.

“Some of the ideas seemed too cruel to me at first thought. Maybe a better word might be hard. I wouldn’t do them to you. I hope you can handle it all. Don’t forget you have your safe word, and I love you.”

We smiled into one another’s eyes.

“I happen to know they are all falling for you too.”

“I am nervous, Helen – my Owner, I mean. And I mean, ok, I AM a little scared.

But I also softly admitted to Helen this is still my dream, even though now it’s real. I craved to experience such things in reality, as a really owned sex slave.

“It’s ok, Lisa – I mean ‘my slave.’ Gabriella and I especially are watching for your safety, but everyone understands the contract. When Stefania arrives, I’ll review it again with them all.”

I nodded, smiling.

“Sooo….are you ready? It will start as soon as you walk out there.” Helen caressed my shoulders.

I paused.

“It would be helpful to have coffee and breakfast first. And a shower.”

Helen nodded and to my pleasant surprise said “And at least a few more gentle moments. You had some with Gabriela, I heard. That’s good.”

Helen smiled, and we luxuriated in long romantic kisses.

Helen oversaw my very quick shower, smiling as she warned me not to masturbate, and to hurry.

I admitted to Helen that I would like to simply sit at the table like a regular person, relax, chat, sip coffee and enjoy the ocean view.

Helen smiled with sympathy, caressing my arms.

“From what I heard, that definitely won’t be happening.”

I felt sorry for myself then, to the point my eyes became misty.

Helen kissed me. “Let’s go.”

We walked hand in hand out into the sunshine of the veranda, where Gabriella, her daughter Gloria and Helen’s sister Sassa sat at the table.

I was suddenly self-conscious of my nudity, even though they’ve seen me naked and dripping sex juices. In fact, Gloria and Stefania have never ever seen me wear any clothes.

Everyone else was nicely dressed. Gloria’s navy blue short sleeveless romper especially caught my eye. I was suddenly very attracted to bahis şirketleri her.

It thrilled me that I was the only naked one, yet I felt nervous. And still sorry for myself.

I smiled and thanked them for making my dreams come true. I asked them if I may relax with them at the table for just a little while, just for coffee.

Sassa and Gloria looked at me sympathetically, and Gabriella stared into her coffee uncomfortably.

Sassa began to explain, “Slave…”

The mere use of the word “slave” to speak to me, instead of my name or any term of endearment, already signaled how different I had become from them, regular free people. I was owned. I was property.

Sassa continued, “All we’ve talked about the many ways we will play with you today, and we have been waiting. We allowed you to sleep in only because of the energy you’ll need today.”

Sassa paused, thinking. “Slave, we had a discussion over whether “the slave” had too much of a kind and luxurious time overnight.”

Gabriela defended herself by mentioning that I had my wrists bound behind me the whole time.

Helen added it’s ok, even good, for “the slave” to experience bonding of the emotional kind with her mistresses and owners.

There was a silence.

Sassa pointed to the stone tiles of the floor of the veranda. Her fingers then made a crawling type motion, and her other hand pointed at her feet.

I felt very sorry for myself at that moment. I had wanted a momentary break from all the subservience, to sit, relax and chat as friends.

I even wanted to take a break and wear something. A break, just a brief one, from being the only one always naked, from being so submissive.

I glanced at Helen, miserable. Helen looked at me sympathetically, but did not speak.

Gloria seconded Sassa’s command by also pointing at the floor. She smiled into my eyes warmly, but nodded, and then with a quick raise of her chin I instantly understood the wordless command: get onto the floor, pronto.

Gloria then spoke more sternly than I expected, given she had just provided a warm, kind and encouraging facial expression.

“Slave girl, the hesitation in obeying was not good. You are to obey commands instantly, especially from Sassa and Helen, who own you.”

Sassa smiled at Gloria, and Helen raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Gloria continued.

“I am only your mistress now, but I hope to soon earn full shared ownership rights to you, along with the beautiful sisters.”

Gloria smiled when she saw the pleased reactions of Helen and Sassa.

I realized they were all in agreement.

I found myself staring just a little longer than usual at Gloria, so beautiful in her sleeveless blue romper.

As I crawled toward Sassa’s feet, I wallowed in the self-pitying thought that I was being extra humiliated now, and thought I just could not handle this 24/7, all the time, for months to come. I was a human who needed a break now and then too.

But as I licked and kissed Sassa’s pretty, sandaled feet, I felt that arousal build again.

I felt the air on my skin. I imagined eyes on my raised naked derrière. I felt the tingle in my loins.

I remembered I was fortunate to be on this beautiful island with these beautiful women, who had enthusiastically joined in making my fantasy a reality, already more than I could have hoped for.

I had wanted to experience the full reality of the fantasy: true sexual bondage- and discipline, utter submission, totally owned for real.

Their ordering me to the floor to humiliatingly obey and crawl naked, to submissively lick their feet, despite my momentary desire to slip into pre-fantasy freedom (even if only for breakfast), aligned with my desire to know the experience of being truly owned and treated like a sex slave. Yes, I consoled myself, this dominance by my owners and mistresses meant I really was an owned sex slave.

I also thought that my not being allowed to sit as an equal meant they wanted this fantasy too, and that they were aroused by me. They were into my being their naked sex slave. I was owned and cherished.

This quick change of perspective kicked off a jolt of arousal. With sudden feelings of gratitude, I licked and kissed Sassa’s feet with fervor and passion.

Sassa cooed “ohhh, good slave.”

I was proud of this praise. Inspired, I began to make long, langorous licks from her toes to almost her knees. I nibbled on the leather of her sandals and animalistically gnawed on her shin with my teeth, of course in a gentle way.

“Wow,” whispered Gabriella.

Sassa ordered me to do the same for Gloria. I glanced up at Sassa, who nodded and smiled and patted me on the head.

“Good slave,” Sassa reassured me. “I want more of that later.” She winked and I smiled back.

I felt arousal as I blushed with humiliation, crawling naked to Gloria’s bare feet.

Gloria and I shared a smile before I lowered my face to her toes, which I gently kissed and sucked.

Other than a coffee cup clinking on a saucer, the bahis firmaları ocean and birds, the only sound was my licking and kissing.

I had an idea as my arousal grew: I “swallowed” as much of Gloria’s foot as I could get into my mouth, wpumping it as if it were a dildo, continuing pumping even after gagging and my eyes tearing.

Then I licked and loudly kissed my way up her smooth, luscious leg.

I boldly continued onto her perfect thigh, licking and kissing, pressing my chest onto her knee. I felt her pretty knee on the insides of my breasts. I loved the skin to skin contact.

I was glad she did not scold me for going so high.

I decided not to go higher, though I longed for her upper thigh and to feel the edge the her romper, so I dropped to start on her other foot.

Sassa said “Lisa, you are so sensuous.”

“Uh huh, wow, that was hot” marveled Gloria. “You’ve got me tingling.”

I was surprised to hear my name being used when Sassa spoke, and it embarrassed me. I realized then I preferred to be called “the slave” or “slave,” so I could drop my identity in society and take on the identity of being the total and full sexual slave. I glanced at Helen, thinking I’d speak with her later on this topic.

Gabriella, applying her nutritional awareness, mentioned “the slave needs water – we should all start our mornings with water.”

Gabriella started pouring water from the pitcher into a glass. Sassa intervened to empty the glass into a shallow bowl.

Gabriella smiled at Sassa as she placed the bowl on the patio floor. I glanced at Helen, who nodded. I crawled to that bowl and without using my hands, lapped at the water.

Gloria, enjoying the view from behind, praised my “perfect, tight butt.”

I blushed again, feeling the ocean breeze on my exposed and widened anus.

Helen gestured and encouraged Gloria to enjoy my derrière.

Next, as I lapped the water, I felt Gloria’s hands caressing my rear. Mmmm that felt so nice!

Gloria calmly observed, “The slave’s butt is just perfect, it’s just perfection.”

It was difficult to lap water from the bowl as I felt her hands exploring and caressing my entire derrière. I felt her hands move more and more into the interior of the cheeks. My face wet, I gasped when Gloria’s fingers began gently exploring the area near my open anus. Strangely, my main thought was that I was relieved I had taken the time to thoroughly clean it while in the shower.

Gabriella kneeled to caress my hair. I stopped lapping water to moan as Gloria’s finger went into my anus.

Sassa placed a bowl of strawberries next to the water. I eagerly bit into the largest one on top. Strawberry juice flowed down my chin.

Sassa advised me to eat the whole strawberry, including the room with it leaves. I glanced up at Gabriella, our faces close. She nodded, it’s ok to eat the leaves, she smiled lovingly.

I hungrily ate more strawberries before the bowl might be taken away. My lips and chin were wet with strawberry juice.

Grabbing strawberries with only my lips and teeth was awkward, and for the strawberries at the bottom of the bowl I used my tongue to press them against the sides and lift them high enough to bite them.

I felt air, sunshine, hands and fingers on my exposed derrière and anus. I imagined their eyes on my anus. Blushing, I continued to eat until every strawberry was gone.

Hands left rear as I raised my torso, knees wide for stability and to show myself.

Thats when I noticed that a stool was mounted with a vertical phallus.

Sassa saw the directions of my gaze, smiled and greeted me again with “hello, sexy slave.”

I couldn’t help but smile back. Sassa’s happy and pretty face, her blue eyes looking into mine, triggered an auto-response of love and happiness.

Sassa then wordlessly pointed to the stool.

I looked at my owners and mistresses, feeling self-pity.

I was heartened by Gabriela’s smile. Not just any smile: loving smile with sparking eyes. I again couldn’t help but smile back, remembering our special, intimate moments alone.

I glanced at Helen as I stood and stepped toward the stool. Helen encouragingly smiled and nodded.

Blushing, four pairs of eyes watching me closely, I raised one leg to mount the stool. Then I realized lubrication would help. So I bent to spit on and swallow the dildo, sliding up and down, spitting more.

I felt it odd that Gabriela chose that moment to ask if I had slept well. Before I could answer, Sassa said, “she must have, it’s 9:30.”

I nodded. “Yes mistress, I slept very well.” I smiled warmly at Gabriela but had to return my attention to mounting the phallus.

I felt rather miserable suddenly. I realized I wanted a break and to just eat breakfast with them, relax and chat.

Instead, I had already addressed Gabriela as “mistress,” not using her name after our wonderful intimacy last night. And before I had enough to eat or drink I was getting onto the stool and inserting the tip of the dildo into my bare, shaved kaçak bahis siteleri vagina as all of them watched.

And they were comfortably sitting in chairs at the table, nicely dressed, and all had eaten a fine breakfast with coffee. In contrast, I was the one naked and getting onto a stool that was higher than the tabletop. I was on display.

I thought to myself, “What have I gotten myself into? Can I really take this 24/7 for months? They are not giving me any breaks…”

Sassa smiled wickedly and said, “We need our toy to be fully aroused, so we decided this would be a good tool to rev you up. Let’s see if your orgasm last night slowed your arousal level down at all, or if you are still a good and wet sex slave.”

Sassa and Gloria exchanged conspiratorial glances, and Gabriella blushed.

I took that as a challenge and began riding the dildo, shallowly at first, but I was indeed quickly wet and lowering myself more with each pump. When I reached down to the top of the stool – that is, the dildo was all the way in – Sassa clapped.

Gabriela stood and walked over to me to hand me a cup of water. Sassa scolded her for letting me grab the cup. Gabriela frowned briefly at Sassa but nodded and smiled, taking the cup back and letting me sip from it.

Gloria smiled triumphantly with an idea. “Here’s another way the slave can drink,” announced Gloria as she stood, gulped her own water, stepped over to me. Her cheeks were puffed. I realized she had not swallowed her water.

Gloria inserted her finger between my lips and I got the message to open wide as Gloria’s lovely young face came towards mine.

She positioned her face above mine and began streaming the water from her mouth into mine. The water came rather forcefully and I coughed, and then my face was splashed.

Gloria took another sip from her cup, and with her other hand held the back of my head. To my pleasant surprise, she open-mouthed placed her lips on mine and pushed the water with her tongue.

She did this a few more times with more sips.

When she stepped away, my face was soaked and I was panting for air, but I was delighted that Gloria had done this, and with her mother right there!

Gloria kept her eyes on me as she grabbed the bottle of water from the table. She poured it on me slowly, including on my head, breasts, and then let me drink from it.

Gloria said she liked the slave’s skin shiny.

Sassa added “she’ll be shiny from sweat and sex juice soon enough.”

Helen encouraged Gloria to take the lead in “managing the sex slave.”

“It’s your day to imprint yourself on the slave as a mistress with almost total power over the property, while at the same time understanding your power. Imagine as much uninhibited enjoyment as you can,” smiled Helen.

Helen’s expression turned more stern. “Of course, you will also learn to manage. For example, keeping the slave at the height of arousal without climaxing, and testing her limits without going too far.”

Gloria nodded seriously.

“Yes, I understand. And as we discussed, the first thing I want to do is bring the slave to such a high of arousal she wants to beg for orgasm. I will keep her in that state all day so she’s ready for the evening show.”

I looked at Gloria with wonder. Evening show?

Gloria turned to look up at me. She was then sitting right next to me, but I was sitting higher on the stool, my bare spread thighs at her eye level.

Gloria placed her hand gently on the toned thigh nearest her. I loved her touch.

“Slave,” she looked into my eyes with warmth but also the confidence of being completely in power, “slide up and down. I want you sloppy wet. But don’t you dare cum.”

Despite all the things that happened yesterday, when I was a sex-juice-oozing -and-bound-dildo-sucking naked slave, I suddenly felt humiliated.

I looked down at my flat hard abs, arousing myself more, seeing all my smooth skin on display. I noticed my labia around the dildo, glistening in the morning sun.

Up and down I slid, soft sounds of my riding and wetness embarrassing me even more.

As I rode, I glanced at the four of them, noticing (or thinking anyway) that they were all mesmerized.

This thought, their rapt attention on my sexual performance, I the only one naked and oozing sex juices, aroused me yet more.

Gloria kept her hand on my thigh, feeling my muscles work. That contact fed my libido yet more.

Gloria told me to hold near the top of the dildo. She leaned forward to run a finger up the dildo. She then stood to show the others the moisture before having me suck her finger.

She sat again and ordered me to continue, but slowly, to not risk cumming.

I wasn’t sure where to look, so I looked down. After awhile, I stared at Gloria. Then I gave each of the others a turn of steady eye contact.

I marveled at my own bravery to do that. I felt as if I were silently communicating my full acceptance of my sex slavery. I was ashamed of my sexual depravity, but I was simultaneously mentally submitting as a slave yet again to them, giving up my anxieties over making decisions.

The decision to do all this had already been firmly made, and I could give up control and guilt. After all, I was no longer in control.

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