Like Mother Like Daughter Pt. 03


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18. Also I haven’t written anything in a long time, so a review would be very appreciated. This is the third part of an ongoing series. Not sure how many parts I’ve planned just yet, but there’s more to cum ­čśë

Also a quick recap of the characters:

Me: First person narrator/main character. 57, white guy, works from home, fit for an older guy, but with stamina issues.

Becca: My wife. 55, black woman, works in an office downtown. Large breasts and a big round ass. Has a condition called vaginismus which can cause severe cramps when she attempts vaginal penetration.

Sasha: My daughter. 20, mixed race, currently on summer break from college. Similar body to her mother. Has recently discovered she has the same condition as her mother and is struggling with it.


As my wife Becca, daughter Sasha and I sat in my daughter’s bedroom, all of us completely naked and covered in cum, sweat, and spit, we struggled to catch our breath and comprehend what just happened. I was the first to stand. “That got a little wild…” Both of the ladies laughed hard. “I’m, uh, not sure where to go from here but I think we could all use a good night’s sleep.”

Sasha laid back on her bed, smiling as I helped Becca up from the floor. My wife stretched out her back and gave a contented sigh. “Yeah, sleep sounds good right now. How are you feeling sweetie?”

Sasha stretched out on her bed and rolled over onto her stomach with a satisfied moan. “I’m feeling wonderful Mom. I honestly wish we had done this sooner.”

I gave an exhausted chuckle. “Alright ladies, if we’re all good then I’m gonna wash up and hit the hay.”

Sasha propped herself up on her elbows and looked up at us, an ear-to-ear grin across her face. “Mmkay daddy. Can I get a good night kiss?” I leaned down and went to kiss her on her cheek, but Sasha turned her head and locked lips with me. My body took over and our tongues danced in each other’s mouths before I finally managed to pull myself away. Wordlessly Becca leaned in after me and kissed her too. As crazy as the rest of our night had been, watching my wife make out with my daughter was surreal.

Sasha reached out to touch her mother, her hands running up Becca’s thighs and Becca pulled away giggling. “Nuh uh. No more. Not tonight. I need some rest, and you should too.” With one final hug Becca and I left Sasha’s room and headed to the master bathroom where I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Becca had hopped in the shower and joined me in the bedroom a few minutes later.

I was lying on the bed staring off into space, just trying to process everything. I had just eaten my daughter’s pussy to her very first orgasm while my wife sucked me off only to then watch the two most important women in my life make out and share my cum. A few days ago, things were normal. I had been sexually adventurous in my youth, but nothing like that had happened in decades and the fact that it was with my own wife and daughter was messing with my head. I was trying to figure out how to feel about everything when Becca walked in the room wearing nothing but a towel and noticed me preoccupied. “Hey honey, everything OK?”

I turned to look at Becca and raised an eyebrow. “Uh, just trying to process everything, I guess. I mean, are WE going to be OK? Things got a little out of hand tonight.”

Becca started to laugh and looked like she was about to say something, but she stopped and thought silently for a minute. “My first thought was ‘yeah, why wouldn’t we be OK?’ but then I realized that would be a little ridiculous.” Becca shrugged and dropped her towel before stepping into some pajamas. “Honestly I don’t know. Like right now I feel good about everything, great even. I know we did what we did with the best intentions, and I don’t feel any jealousy or anything, I’m sure you picked up on the fact that I thought it was really hot to watch you and Sasha together. My biggest fear was that we might hurt her somehow, but she looked happy about the whole thing, so I hope we didn’t take things too far.” Becca sat on the bed next to me and pulled her pajama top on. “Right now I’m still flying high from everything and it was easily the hottest thing I’ve ever done. When Sasha said she wished we had done that sooner I kinda felt the same way. But let’s be real, after we’ve slept on it, we might feel differently.”

Becca slid under the covers and curled up next to me. I ran my hands along her back and scratched her scalp at the back of her head. “I guess we’ll have to play it by ear and be honest with each other. Sound good?”

Becca nodded and kissed my neck. “Sounds great. I love you honey.”

“Love you too babe.”

With that I clicked off the light and we both passed out within minutes.


Becca and I woke up early as we usually do and went to the basement to get in our daily workout. After half an hour of busting our asses and another half hour marsbahis g├╝venilirmi of yoga we were sweating and sore but feeling great. Becca cleaned herself up quickly and started getting ready for work. I hopped in the shower and let the hot water wash away the lingering tension in my neck. As I left the bathroom a towel around my waist, Sasha came out of her room, locked eyes with me and smiled before heading into the bathroom herself. I went to the bedroom and threw on jeans and a tshirt as Becca applied her makeup. “Want me to fix some breakfast babe?”

Becca looked up from her mirror and checked the time. “Yeah, I’ve got enough time for breakfast, as long as it’s quick, gotta be in at the office by 9.” I hurried down to the kitchen to start on some bacon, toast and eggs. Becca came down dressed in one of her immaculate suits, a nice navy blue with muted makeup except for her candy red lipstick. She looked ready to dance circles around the morons she worked with. Becca grabbed a plate and a cup of coffee and sat at the table, scrolling through her email on her phone. Sasha came bouncing down the stairs wearing shorts and a tank top. Sasha grabbed a plate as well and some iced tea from the fridge before kissing me on the cheek and sat down to stare at her phone. As I finally joined them at the table Becca groaned. “Dammit, Tyler fucked up the patch release again. I need to start heading in now.” Becca pounded the rest of her coffee and went to slip on her heels. She kissed us each on the cheek and headed out the door with a quick “Love you two, have a good day.”

I sipped my coffee and piled some scrambled eggs on top of my toast. “So, what do you have going on today?” I asked Sasha as I took a bite.

Sasha shrugged. “I don’t have to work today so I was thinking I might head over to Ash’s place. She’s got a pool and said she needs to work on her tan. White people.” Sasha rolled her eyes and grinned. “No offense.” I chuckled. I knew it wasn’t easy for her to be the only mixed girl in her friend group. She tended to stick out like a sore thumb whenever they took a picture together. After she took a bite of bacon she shrugged again. “I just have a lot to get her caught up on. I’m sure she’ll want to know what happened with Brian.” I stopped chewing and stared at Sasha until she met my eyes. “Don’t worry dad. She doesn’t need to know everything. I’ll tell her about my condition and that things aren’t going to work out with Brian, but she doesn’t need to know that my daddy ate my pussy last night.” She raised an eyebrow and sipped her coffee. “Or how good he is at it.”

I frowned slightly, which she giggled at. It bothered me how casually she was treating all this. It might have been harmless teasing but knowing just how easily things could escalate or how out of hand it had gotten last night, it felt like she was playing with fire. I sighed and swallowed my food. “Well have fun kiddo. I’ve gotta go check in at work.” I cleared my plate, hugged my daughter and brought my coffee back to the office.

For the next few hours, I worked my way through a stack of edits as Sasha headed off to her friend’s house. It was shortly after noon when I got a text.

Sasha: Hey there daddy, how’s your day going?

Me: Not bad, just about to break for lunch

Sasha: Ooh, good timing, I was just about to ask if you could get me some lunch too


Me: I thought you went to Ashleigh’s place

Sasha: I did

Sasha: I wanted to know if I could use your credit card to order some Doordash

Me: Ah, naturally

Me: You only love me for my wallet

Sasha: Lol, no!

Sasha: I also love that tongue too!

Me: Enough of that young lady

Me: But yeah, go ahead, don’t go over $40

I texted Sasha my credit card info and headed to the kitchen to fix a sandwich when I heard my phone chime again.

Sasha: Thanks daddy!

Sasha: Oh, and I thought you might like to see my new bikini

She followed that up with a few pictures of her and her friend lounging by the pool. Ashleigh was a brunette with long hair, currently pulled back in a ponytail. She was tanned and thin, had small breasts, maybe a B cup, and had a nose ring. At some point Ashleigh seemed to have gotten some plastic surgery, her lips seemed a lot fuller than I remembered. A couple of the pictures were the sort of Instagram style shots of one or the other one posing for the camera. A couple more had them making faces for selfies. The last couple had the girls popping their tits out and posing with their tongues out. A day ago a picture like that would have stopped my heart. Today, seeing my daughter and her friend putting their tits on display still made me hard, but it also made me think about how often she did this sort of thing when I wasn’t around.

Sasha: Like what you see daddy?

Me: Of course I do. But you really shouldn’t be teasing me like that

Me: What if Ashleigh found out you were texting me that?

Sasha: I’d think she’d want marsbahis yeni giri┼č to send you even more

Me: Enough Sasha!

Me: This is something you need to be serious about

Me: Your mom and I could both be in a lot of trouble if anyone found out about what happened

Sasha: …

Sasha: Sorry dad. I was just trying to tease you

Sasha: Ash is in the other room placing the order so I wanted to have a little fun

Sasha: I’ll be more careful in the future

Me: OK, sorry for snapping at you

Me: Love you babygirl

Sasha: Love you too daddy, talk to you later

I scrolled back through the pictures and lingered on the picture of Sasha’s head near her friend’s naked breast, her tongue almost touching Ashleigh’s nipple and sighed. I hated myself for wanting my daughter, much less for wanting her friend too. I deleted the last few pictures and went back to fixing my lunch.


Becca got home around 7, just as I was finishing up dinner. Sasha had been home for a few hours but had spent most of that time messing around on her phone and uploading pictures to her Instagram. Becca came in the door, kicked off her heels and practically collapsed on the couch. I pulled my famous baked ziti out of the oven, poured a glass of wine and delivered it to my near catatonic wife, setting it on the coffee table next to her. Becca opened her eyes halfway and smiled weakly at me. “I love you so much. Is that pasta and garlic bread I smell?” I nodded and smiled. “I’ll have to get up to eat, won’t I?” I nodded again. “Fuck. Alright. Give me a minute.”

I called to Sasha up the stairs that dinner was ready and went back to the kitchen to serve up some plates. A few minutes later Becca joined me at the table and Sasha came bouncing down the stairs, all smiles. Becca told me all about her day, how her junior sysops guy had been left in charge of a patch deploy and had managed to roll back the entire site by a month. Safe to say it was a shitshow, but the guy at fault was friends with her boss so it was unlikely that he’d face any real consequences. Sasha went on about a road trip she and Ashleigh were planning to take for a concert next month. I mostly just sat back and enjoyed the food and wine.

Throughout the meal I kept noticing odd things from Sasha, the occasional glance, the way she would adjust her top to show more cleavage, the odd bit of innuendo followed by a smile and a wink. As dinner went on the teasing got more and more blatant until I had finally had enough. I set my fork down, fixed Sasha with glare and said “Stop it.” Becca, shaken out of the conversation by my sudden interjection looked at me, puzzled. I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Sasha’s been flirting with me all day. It’s got to stop.”

Sasha gave an indignant huff. “Why has it got to stop huh? It’s just fun! It’s harmless.”

I frowned back at her. “Because last night was a one-time thing. I know it was a lot of fun, but it can’t happen again.”

“Give me one good reason it shouldn’t.”

“It’s illegal and if anyone found out then your mom and I would be looking at prison time.”

“So, we just make sure no one else finds out and we don’t talk about it outside the home, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t do it again!”

“You’re a young woman, still learning about sex, I don’t want to hurt you or -“

“ENOUGH!” Becca yelled. “I’m going to say my piece and you BOTH need to listen.” Sasha and I sat back and fell silent. “Sasha, I know you had a lot of fun last night, but your flirting is making your father uncomfortable, and you need to respect that. Flirting and teasing can be a lot of fun, but not if it’s causing stress, so dial it back, ok?” Sasha mumbled an OK and crossed her arms. “And as for something more happening, well, it’s complicated. Look, honey, I know you’re worried about hurting Sasha, but I’m more worried about what would happen to her without some guidance.”

Becca sat back and took a gulp of wine. “I… I don’t talk about it often, hell I don’t think I’ve ever talked about it with Sasha, but my sex life wasn’t just awful before I met you. Before you I had literally never had sex without it being painful. There was the occasional bit of oral sex that was nice, but the rest of it was so bad that I shied away from sex as much as I could. Most of my previous boyfriends I had before you didn’t care about my own pleasure. It didn’t matter if it was painful for me or if I cried through it.” Becca’s voice hitched and I saw a tear rolling down her cheek. “I don’t even know how many times I’ve been raped.”

The table fell silent for a long moment. “I just don’t want my daughter to go through the same thing. If I had gotten some real guidance when I was younger, had been taught how to work around my condition and how to actually enjoy sex, well maybe things wouldn’t have been so painful for me. On so many levels.” Becca reached out and took my hand. “There’s so much I missed out on with you. If teaching Sasha marsbahis giri┼č more about sex and her body can help her in the future, then as far as I’m concerned, it’s worth the risks. Even if you don’t do it, then I will.”

I looked deeply into Becca’s eyes and saw the pain and desperation there. Things had been so good for us for so long that I had forgotten the things she had gone through before me. I squeezed her hand and smiled. “I’m so sorry babe. I wasn’t considering your feelings in all this. I didn’t think about how you might feel about Sasha having to go through the same things as you. I’m sorry. Are we good?”

Becca’s eyes softened and she smiled and nodded. I downed the rest of my wine and turned to Sasha. “Well, I’m not gonna pretend last night didn’t make me a little uncomfortable. But I’m also not gonna pretend I didn’t enjoy the hell out of it. As long as Sasha is on board then so am I.”

Sasha laughed and snatched her mother’s wineglass, draining it in one gulp. “I’m fuckin’ down. Last night was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever felt, and if you’re telling me that I get to do more then I can’t wait.” Sasha pulled off her tank top and tossed it over her shoulder.

Our daughter sitting at the dining table, trying to unhook her bra was a ridiculous enough visual that it broke the tension and made both Becca and I double over laughing. “OK hold up kiddo, let’s at least move it to the bedroom. How about you and your mom head up and get started while I clear these dishes and I’ll join you in a second?”

Sasha jumped up from the table and practically skipped up the stairs. Becca grabbed the bottle of wine and winked at me “Don’t take too long old man.” I grinned wide and smacked my wife’s ass, as she left to join her daughter. I hurried through clearing the table and loading the dishwasher before I ran up after them.

Becca and Sasha had wasted no time. Sasha was sprawled out on the bed, stark naked with Becca, still fully clothed, sucking on one of her nipples. Sasha was starting to moan, as her mother’s hand ran up her thigh. “Oh, fuck mom! That feels so good. I never knew you were into girls.”

Becca started unbuttoning her blouse and shrugged. “I never really tried before, but I’m making an exception. I figured it was worth a try.” Becca dropped her blouse to the floor and leaned in to kiss Sasha’s breasts again, licking her way down her body until she reached her pussy. Watching my wife eat my daughter’s pussy I felt my erection throbbing against my jeans and unzipped them to release the pressure. Sasha panted and moaned as Becca’s tongue lapped at her pussy, Becca gave a satisfied moan as she tasted her daughter’s pussy for the first time. “Mmm. You taste so much like me. I love it.”

Sasha’s back arched as she pinched her nipples. “Uhn, god, mom! That’s really good, but dad is way better.”

Becca leaned back and laughed. “Yeah, well, he’s had a lot more practice than me.” Becca stripped off her skirt and unhooked her bra. She climbed back on the bed with Sasha and slid her hands between her own legs. “So, tonight is up to you. We’re here to help you get more comfortable with sex and your body. What would you like to do?”

Sasha licked her lips and looked between her parents. Her mom stretched out next to her wearing nothing but a pair of stockings, her dad stripped down to his boxers and a hungry look in his eyes. “I want daddy to fuck me.”

Becca and I reacted at the same time. “Absolutely not!” Sasha looked between us, confused and hurt. I sat on the end of the bed. “Look kiddo, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but you’re not ready yet. It took your mom and I years before I could penetrate her. It hopefully won’t take you that long since you don’t have as much negative association with it, but you’re still going to need to put in the effort to get there. That’s not even mentioning the fact that I’m a lot bigger than most guys. Have you even started to use your dilators yet?” Sasha looked away sullenly and shook her head. “There’s a lot we can do in the meantime, sex is about way more than just putting dick in pussy, but if that’s what you want, then you’ll need to work your way up.”

Sasha sighed and said “OK.” She thought for a minute before she spoke again. “Well, if that’s not on the table, can you show me how to suck a cock?”

I looked back to Becca who raised an eyebrow. “I thought you had already tried that?”

Sasha looked sheepishly at her mother. “Just a couple times. And those guys said I wasn’t good. I figured that since you seemed to enjoy it so much last night that it would be fun to learn how to really do it.”

Becca looked at me and licked her lips. “You heard her. Get up here old man and take those off.” Grinning ear to ear I kicked my boxers off and hopped into bed between them. Becca turned over, her ass pointing towards my face, Sasha followed suit and I got an eyeful of two wet pussies and round asses. Holy fuck my life is amazing. I was lost in the sight as I compared them. Becca’s skin was darker, a dark creamy chocolate, her ass a little rounder and her pussy was shaved clean with puffier lips. Sasha’s skin was lighter, a caramel complexion, her ass wasn’t as large but was tighter, and her pussy had a neatly trimmed bush that was already dripping wet.

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