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It had been a fairly quiet day at the store, one of the very few there had been since Covid had made people scared or selfish. John had finished all he needed to do with a couple of hours to spare on his shift, but couldn’t help but try and find something to do. Yes working in a supermarket was a menial job, and the pay sucked, but he always liked to be useful. It was probably this that made him well known to his colleagues, even those who worked on different departments. Susan wasn’t really one of those people though. Even though they no longer worked together they had done many years before and had been friendly. He had even asked her on a date, but she wasn’t interested in anything other than friendship so he had put it behind him and they had been friendly, if not quite the friends they had been before.While wandering around the backrooms, he noticed Susan working away in the clothing section she now worked in. She looked busy so he didn’t really want to disrupt her but felt that a quick ‘hello’ would be okay.‘Hi, Susan, hope you’re okay?’ he said. It had become second nature to ask, but he never really expected anything more than a cursory greeting.‘I am thanks, John,’ she replied, smiling as she answered. It was the first time he had seen it for the last few months, given the pressure they had all been under, and it reminded him of what had sparked his interest in her all those years ago. Despite the decade that had passed, she looked as good now at 57 as she had back then. He on the other hand felt all of his 48 years and then some.He was lost in his admiration of that smile and didn’t notice that she seemed to be thinking about saying something, but wasn’t quite sure how to say it.’You’re still up on all this electrical stuff, aren’t you?’ she finally asked, breaking the brief moment of silence that had fallen between them. They had met when they were both working in the electrical department, and he had been one of the few people that would advise people instead of trying to sell them something, so both customers and staff had come to trust him.‘I try, but it’s hard to keep track,’ he replied. ‘Why do you ask?’‘I’ve just brought a new TV and the instructions are written in…’‘Badly translated English?’ he interrupted. Even though it had been years, his experience told him how her sentence was going end.‘Well, badly translated something bahis şirketleri anyway,’ she laughed. ‘I was just wondering, if you had time, could you look at them and let me know what I need to do?’‘Of course I will,’ he answered, never having been able to say no to a lady in need. That she was a friend, and he still felt a little something for her, made him agree slightly quicker than he normally would have. ‘Have you got them with you?’‘I can bring them in,’ she said with a hint of playful cunning in her voice. ‘But now that the Covid restrictions have eased, I was wondering, if you had the time, could come around and look at them.’‘Yeah, yeah. And while I’m there I may as well set it up for you too, right?’ he joked. ‘Of course I can.’‘I’m off tomorrow, but I don’t want to rush you,’ she said, brushing off his ‘joke’, even though she had hoped that would happen.‘Tomorrow would be fine. I’m in early, but it’s a short shift so I could be there around 11ish. Just text me your address, and make sure the kettle is on?’ he was trying to hide his excitement, not at seeing her in a different environment, though that did give him a little thrill, but at, hopefully, being able to help someone.‘Great!’ she said and her smile lit up her whole face.Though John’s early shift had dragged, the drive to her house went by in a flash.  And he now found himself walking through the door that she had opened almost as soon as he had pulled into her drive.‘Kettle’s just boiled, and I’m sure you could do with a cuppa before starting,’ she said welcoming him into her home.‘Thanks. Do I look that tired?’ he replied, trying to sound hurt but having to stifle a yawn as he did, which should have answered his own question.‘I think we all do after the last year and a bit,’ she said, reassuringly. ‘Tea or coffee?’‘Tea, please, one sweetner if you’ve got them,’ he responded, taking a quick look around her hallway as he did.‘Living room is through there,’ she said, directing him through the open door while looking at him as if seeing him in a different light for the first time. ‘Have a seat and I’ll make the tea.’John went into the room making a mental note of his surroundings as he did so. The room was fairly modern looking, not that he knew what he was expecting it to look like. The furniture was black leather and chrome sitting on what looked like fairly thick rugs, bahis firmaları probably to protect the hardwood floor. He went back out into the hallway and took off his boots, not that they were dirty, but he was a guest even if he was there to do her a favour.As he was out there he could hear into the kitchen and wondered who it was that Susan was talking to. He could hear her saying over and over, ‘should I?’ and, popping his head around the doorway on the pretence of telling her not too much milk, he realised that she must have been talking to herself.Returning to the living room he grabbed the instructions from the TV box to see just how bad they were. It turned out they were pretty basic, as with most modern electrical appliances, and realised that it wouldn’t take him too long to sort it out. He was a little surprised she hadn’t been able to work it out for herself though.‘See what I mean?’ she said, surprising him as she walked into the room carrying two cups.‘Yeah,’ he lied, trying to save her any embarrassment. ‘But it shouldn’t take too long to fix up,’ he said reassuringly.‘Good,’ she replied with a smile. ‘But have your tea first,’ as they both sat down to their drinks making small talk, mainly by complaining about work.After this John said he’d get to work on the TV, and, after declining her offer of help, soon had it set up.It was when he was on his back on the floor trying to tidy the cables that he noticed that Susan’s skirt looked much smaller where she was sat now than it had before. He looked over as she had said something and he realised that he could see right up between her legs to her panty covered pussy. Had her skirt ridden up as she had moved forward, he asked himself. And does she know that she is giving me a fantastic view? This last question made him realise that he had been staring, but for how long? And, though his mind and cock were arguing, should he let her know?‘Umm, you know your showing a little more than I think you want to?’ he said timidly, as his mind finally won the argument.‘And do you like what you see?’ she asked, though the crack in her voice said that she was really unsure that she should be doing this.Did I just hear her correctly John asked himself, very much aware that the blood was rushing away from his brain.‘Actually, I think I have my answer,’ she said as she looked straight at the bulge kaçak bahis siteleri very much in evidence in his trousers. Shaking the doubt from her mind and growing in confidence she indicated to his crotch and asked with a wicked little grin, ‘is that my fault?’John couldn’t speak as all the moisture had drained from his mouth. He didn’t know whether to cover his obvious erection or run out in embarrassment. He then realised that she had done nothing to cover herself up. Was she putting on a show for him or was it a genuine accident that she wasn’t too bothered about?He sat up and drained the last drop of cold liquid from his tea cup to moisten his vocal cords, and before he had time to fully engage his brain he said, ‘I think you know that it’s your fault. What’s more, I think you’re enjoying the fact.’‘I am,’ she admitted. ‘I don’t think I’ve had that kind of affect on a man in years. And it’s not as if we’ve been able to go out much over the last year. I know you liked me all those years ago, but it’s nice to know that I can still turn someone on now.’‘All those years ago, ha, you’ve barely changed,’ he said, bringing a slight blush to her beaming face. ‘Anyway, I’d better go before I say or do something I’ll regret. Besides, I need to adjust myself, or maybe free it until the swelling goes down,’ he said, getting up in such a way as to try and hide his swollen crotch from her.‘Free it then,’ she said, looking him straight in the eyes. She was serious, and he knew it.‘What do you want?’ he asked, trying to bring a semblance of sanity back to the room.‘You,’ she replied, simply.‘What do you want from me?’ he asked, needing to know how to handle the strange situation he was finding himself in.‘What do you mean?’ she asked.She had planned this to a certain degree, but she hadn’t expected him to be as rational as he was being. She wanted to be intimate with someone she felt safe with and until their chance encounter the day before she didn’t really know who.‘Well, do you just want a quickie, or a relationship?’ he asked, slowly making his way towards her. ‘Do you want to make love or be fucked?’Her panties dampened as he used the word fucked, and though she thought she wanted intimacy as he had asked her she realised that, for now, she just wanted to feel someone inside her.‘Yes,’ was all she managed to say before he pulled her up to his face and kissed her. There was nothing romantic about their actions, it was pure lust. Their breathing was getting faster as their lips refused to be parted. Hands were everywhere as both of them gave in to their animal instincts.

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