Lisa’s Summer Vacation Ch. 02


I suppose this story could be read as a stand alone. I’m sure, though, that it works better if you’ve read Chapter I. Oh, and all characters were over the age of eighteen years, three minutes and eleven seconds at the time they entertained their first libidinous or lascivious thought or deed.


The girls left the ship in Caracas. An agency representative met them with instructions as to their next assignment as well as assistance in clearing Venezuelan customs. As expected they were flying out in multiple directions, the only two girls so far to be assigned to the same job were April and Brittany who were headed for Atlanta.

Lisa waited in the First Class Lounge to receive her assignment. She turned to Marj. “How cool would it be if we got sent to the same job?”

Marj patted Lisa’s hand. “Almost never happens. In all probability the next time we’ll get a chance to chat’ll be with Sally in Starbuck’s back at school.”

Angie Pierce, the agency liaison, came over to the two girls and sat down. “I’m starting to get a little behind and you girls’ planes are leaving around the same time so is it all right if I go over your next assignments together?

Great! Okay Marjorie, you’re the Art History major and aspiring artist, right? “

Marj nodded and said, “That’s my passion.”

“Great, well you’ll be flying back to D.C. to spend the next six days with an executive from Sony who’s taking a week to ‘do’ the Smithsonian. He said his primary interest was in hitting all the art galleries in town. You’ll be staying in his hotel suite at the Hay Adams.” Angie referred to her notes, “This looks to be an easy job; longtime client, no negative girl’s reports, nothing kinky… looks like he’s interested in a tour guide he can fuck every night!”

Marj smiled. “That actually works out great, especially since he’s Japanese. I know the curator of the Freer and I’ll be able to get him downstairs into the ‘special collections’ area where most of their Ukiyo-e prints are housed. They’ve got some Hokusai triptychs that’ll blow his mind!”

Now it was Angie’s turn to smile, “I have no idea what they are or what you’re talking about but I’m glad you do! I love hearing about satisfied clients!

Speaking about satisfied clients! The yacht’s barely docked and I’ve already received two calls from the brass about you, Lisa! I haven’t heard yet specifically what you did but you impressed the Hell out of the Dentons! Only thing that looks weird is that they didn’t add a generous tip for you.”

Lisa and Marj looked at each other and laughed. Lisa told Angie, “Oh they tipped me, all right! They gave me a new Ferrari!”

“Whoa, I’m beginning to think that I’m in the wrong end of the business! Anyway, your next assignment is of indeterminate length. We know that it’ll be at least sixteen days but it might be quite a bit longer. In about two hours you’ll be flying straight to Bermuda where you’ll board the schooner Clarion. The clients are a family named Carson… Let’s see, Peter, his wife Ruth, and two children, Jason and Monica. Oh no, that’s not right… they’re dropping the daughter to stay with some of her friends so it’ll be the parents and their son, only. “

Lisa’s mouth hung open. “He wants to do me in front of his wife and kid?”

“No, not at all. Ostensibly you’ve been hired for some light secretarial duties; receiving and answering e-mails, doing research online and so on but your primary goal is to allow yourself to be seduced by the son, Jason. The Carsons have decided that it’s time their son lost his cherry. That’s why the job is of indeterminate length. If Jason’s attracted to you and decides he wants to jump your bones the job’ll last longer than the sixteen days it’ll take them to put in to the harbor on Madeira Island off the coast of Portugal. If not, we’re to have your replacement standing by to replace you there.

When we did a database search for the best girl to assign to this job your name popped up several times! We started with the universe of 18-year-olds, either attending college or college bound, D cups, and of all things, an interest in paleontology!”

Lisa said, “Yeah, I haven’t made up my mind between paleontology and anthropology for my minor.”

“What’s your major?”

“Pre-med, I want to do medical research.”

“Okay, well if you two don’t have any additional questions, I need a ladies room.”

Marj said, “You know Angie, if you can catch an earlier flight back, Lisa and I don’t really need to have our hands held waiting for our flights.”

Angie smiled, “I need to if I want to keep my job! Part of what separates us from any other agency is our commitment to the safety of our girls. All too often some other agencies think of their girls as so many pieces of toilet paper. If they lose a few they’re easily replaceable. After all, they’re only whores!

Our girls, on the other hand, are irreplaceable! They’re ayaş escort the crème de la crème, the very best. For every girl we hire we reject four. I don’t leave until each of you is safely aboard a plane which’ll be met at its destinations by one of my counterparts.”

Lisa didn’t say anything but she instantly felt more relaxed. She’d half expected to get kidnapped in South America and sold into some brothel somewhere! As soon as she was aboard her flight she fell asleep.

Lisa’s plane was met not only by the representative of the agency but by the client Peter Carson. As soon as the introductions were made the rep whisked Lisa through customs, while Lisa’s luggage was collected by the Clarion’s mate Robbie. The rep then practically sprinted to the JetBlue counter to try for an earlier flight out. Lisa and Carson headed for the waiting limo. He asked, “I take it you’ve been well informed regarding the details of this… assignment?”

I think so, the Agency rep in Caracas told me I’d be doing some secretarial duties for you on a daily basis but that I should be receptive to any moves your son makes on me. How long I wind up working for you is probably going to be determined by whether Jason decides I’m desirable or a troll.”

Carson laughed and said, “Pretty much! My wife and I have discussed this quite a bit and our ideal would be for the two of you to develop a summer fling and for you to turn him into a self confidant man around ladies, but one who treats them with respect. We don’t want you to put up with any shit from him if he decides to act like God’s gift. We decided the primary red flags we should look for are your inability to maintain your own self respect and if he were to go off the deep end and start falling in love with you. This is a job, Lisa, not a fix-up. Please don’t take offence but no matter how erudite and charming you are, you’re still the hired whore and we don’t want our only son falling for a girl who’s more interested in the size of his bank balance than the size of his dick.”

Carson took a few steps before he realized that Lisa had stopped walking. He didn’t even turn around as he said, “That sounded terrible. I’m sure Ruth and I have wound up over thinking this whole business but we just don’t want our boy getting hurt. After what I said you’ve got every right to turn and board the next plane to anywhere to get away from me.” He turned and faced her. “But please don’t, if not for me then for Jason.”

Lisa wasn’t hurt as much as she was offended. Her Dad could probably buy and sell ten assholes like this every week and she was going to gold dig their precious little social retard? Listening to her own thoughts calmed her down. She was acting as much the asshole as Carson. She locked eyes with him and said in a measured level voice, “I’ll work for you. I’ll work for you for one reason only and that’s that I approve of your original objectives. It’s a good thing that Jason be able to both enjoy and respect women and if he is going to learn how to properly treat women he sure as Hell isn’t going to learn that from you!” She continued walking, past Carson and out of the airport.

Lisa was standing by the curb when Carson, followed by Robbie with the luggage arrived. Carson held out his hand, “You must be Lisa, I’m Peter Carson. I’m so very pleased to meet you.”

Lisa looked at the hand which represented the white flag of truce. She shook it. “Pleased to meet you, Mr. Carson.”

“Please, Lisa, call me Peter.”

The limo’s trunk was now filled with Lisa’s luggage and Robbie had gotten into the front passenger’s seat. The driver held the door for Lisa and Peter to climb in. as they were headed for the customs shed on the pier Lisa said, “I figure that the easiest way to get caught in a lie is to make it too complicated so the me I’m going to show to Jason is going to pretty much be real except; my last name isn’t really Draves and I don’t go to UVA. My age, the courses I’m taking, interests, and so on are going to be accurate so I won’t get tripped up, okay?”

“Makes sense to me!”

“I’ve also been thinking about what you said about his getting hung up on me. That really is a high risk so I’m going to invent an imaginary boyfriend. I’ll model him after my cousin Derek so I won’t trip over details, but the concept of a boyfriend solves two issues. It explains my sexual knowledge and dulls the likelihood of his falling for a girl who’s cheating on her current boyfriend.”

Peter looked at Lisa in a new light. “Color me suitably impressed. Ruth and I didn’t think of that.”

While the introductions were being made Lisa held Jason’s eye for a half second longer than was necessary. As she was shaking the Captain’s hand she knew the battle was over. The valve had been twisted and the blood was already filling the teen’s dick. For the next few hours he’d be preoccupied hiding the woody in his shorts from his folks. bağlıca escort Teen aged boys were sooo easy.

They immediately began to make preparations to get under way. Captain Strokes asked Lisa to go below to her stateroom and stow everything which needed stowing as he wanted to have Robbie put her empty bags in the engine room to give her more space in her cabin. Lisa had left school with three bags of clothes. She was now up to six bags, having added three bags filled with clothes, trophies and loot earned while on board the Fantasia. She removed five swimsuits from one of the Fantasia bags, replacing them with a couple of things she didn’t think she’d need. She had just started to unpack some of her things when there was a knock on the frame of her open cabin door.

“Oh hi Jason, what’s up?”

“Well I’m done helping Captain Strokes and my Dad with the lines, we’re under way now, and I just wanted to see if you needed any help with your things. These cabins aren’t all that roomy!”

Lisa turned on her 100 Watt smile. “Thanks I could use the help! Let’s see, I’m almost done with this bag so why don’t I empty it and you could take it and those three and stow them wherever the Captain wanted. I’ll keep on unpacking these other two so by the time you’re back you can show me how to best use the available storage space.”

When Jason got back she had both suitcases empty and the contents spread all over her bed. Jason looked at the pile. “Well, I’ve always thought that the name of the game was all about convenience. Put those things you’ll need most frequently in those drawers, next most frequently in those, and so on. I’d use this top drawer for swimsuits, any medications you might have, and toiletries. Shorts here, hang the tops in the closet, sandals and flip flops here, and those over there for those things you want in the room but rarely need. What else… Oh I’d take those books off that shelf. They partially block the mirror and I cleared some space on a shelf in the salon for your books, it’d be more convenient.” He started reading the book titles on their spines. Primatology, Principles of Biochemistry, Biology, Dickens, Dostoyevsky, and Orson Scott Card! Now there’s diversity!”

Lisa smiled again. “I’m pre-med and I love fiction, so kill me!”

“No criticism intended! I was impressed but why does a pre-med student want to be a secretary for the summer?”

“That’s easy, I could use the money! That Biochemistry book cost $184!”

Jason looked sheepish. Thoughts of money rarely occurred to him. “You might want to rethink where you just put all that fancy underwear! I doubt that you’ll be wearing it very often.”

Lisa never missed a straight line. “Oh, do you want me to spend the cruise naked or just without underwear?”

Direct hit. Jason was tongue-tied for almost thirty seconds before regaining his composure. “You’re playing with me right? I honestly wasn’t thinking of either of those objectives but if I had that power, I’d forbid you to wear anything in my presence ever again. What I was thinking about is the fact that we rarely sit down to dinner and most of us don swimsuits as soon as we get up in the morning. Today was the first day in probably two weeks my Dad’s had underwear on and that’s just because he was going to the airport to get you.”

Lisa smiled and said, “I’m sorry Jason, I guess I was kidding you but now I see you were just giving me good advice.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Now stop handling my panties and get out of here! Pretty soon I’m going to be too embarrassed to finish putting my stuff away.”

It took only a few days for everyone to fall into a rhythm. Lisa was actually a very helpful secretary to Mr. Carson and she usually was able to pitch in and help Ruth Carson in the galley. She and Jason usually spent afternoons in the salon together. Lisa was getting quite a head start on the texts for the coming semester and Jason seemed to have developed a passion for reading which his parents joked they’d never seen before. They discussed everything and whenever a disagreement cropped up about something it usually precipitated a bet followed by a trip to the computer to get the answer online. Pleading poverty Lisa had instituted a new currency to pay off bets, massages. It quickly got to the point where neither of them cared who won and received the massage or who had to administer it; the physical contact had become the goal for them both.

On this particular day Lisa had won and promptly stretched out on the starboard settee. She told Jason, “This time I want it done right loser. Go into my stateroom and get the bottle of oil out of my top drawer.”

Jason ran down the corridor and Lisa patiently waited for his call that he wasn’t able to find it. When she heard him yell she entered her stateroom and asked him, “What’s up?”

“There’s no oil in here!”

Lisa looked in bala escort the drawer saying, “I could have sworn… Oh to Hell with it I’ll get a new bottle I’ve wanted to try. It’s got eucalyptus in it!” She opened and sniffed the bottle’s contents. “Whew, this is kind of strong smelling. We probably shouldn’t drip any in the salon. Let’s just stay in here!” she stretched out on her belly on her bed.

Jason climbed on the bed and started rubbing the oil onto Lisa’s shoulders and down her back, his hands jumping over her bra with each stroke. He finally ventured, “I don’t want to stain your swimsuit.” He unhooked her top and continued his long languorous strokes. His lips started kissing the nape of her neck, just as he had done once before but she had quickly put a stop to his advances that day. Today she just made low sounds of contentment.

Emboldened by her silence Jason’s hands made strokes ever wider until each return stroke grazed the sides of her breasts just as his lips started nibbling on her ears. Finally Lisa judged that the time was right for the boy to win a battle. She flipped over onto her back and kissed him deeply, thrusting her tongue deeply into his mouth. Leaning on one elbow, he continued the passionate kiss as his hand traveled from her cheek down her throat, lingering on her breasts, across her belly and into her bikini briefs.

Like a shot, Lisa’s hand grabbed Jason’s wrist and redirected his hand to her breast. Since he seemed to be confined to action above Lisa’s waist, Jason kissed his way down to her very erect nipples which he began to roughly maul. She said, “Easy Jason, I’m going to need them someday if I have children so I’d prefer you didn’t chew them off! Besides, I love it when you’re gentle.” He downshifted his ardor a few gears and began gently blowing and licking. His hand once again strayed to her mound and once again she pushed it away, although this time not so aggressively. She said, “I’ve got a boyfriend, remember?”

Jason hiked up on one elbow and stared into Lisa’s eyes. He said, “Lisa can’t I worship your body without penetration. Then you wouldn’t be unfaithful would you?”

Game, set, match; their eyes still locked, Lisa reached down and slowly began to push her bottoms down her legs. When she got them just below her knees Jason took over, pushing them down to her ankles which she lifted, one by one, until she was naked before him. He tried to push his dry finger into her. “Hey, that hurts! I need to be wet. You get undressed and I’ll show you.”

It took Jason no time at all for Jason to strip. Lisa had him lay on his back and started yanking on his cock. “Not very sexy, is it?” She then leaned forward and let the cock slip into her mouth. As Jason started to revel in the glory of Lisa’s mouth she bathed his cock with as much saliva as she could produce. She then resumed the hand job she had started before but her mouth’s juices allowed for a more sensuous experience as Lisa massaged the head of Jason’s member. “Feels better, doesn’t it?” All Jason could do was groan.

Lisa shifted down so she could continue sucking the boy’s steel-hard cock. Her tongue twirled around the head, lingering each time at its sensitive underside. When Lisa was on board the Fantasia she’d had limited experience deep-throating the guests but she wanted to attempt it on Jason. When she had taken it as deep as the entrance to her throat would allow she paused, and then slowly pushed until it slid all the way in and her lips were buried in his pubic hair.

“Ohmygod, please don’t stop!” His request was more or less academic since he couldn’t last any longer. His cum started spraying down her throat.

They lay in each other’s arms for perhaps another ten minutes when Jason said, “We’re both going to need to make an appearance on deck unless we want the parents to know what went on here.”

Lisa snorted. “It’s been my experience with my parents that they can usually read signals pretty well! This should be interesting. I want to grab a shower but it’d be weird if I showered while we were studying. Let’s get dressed and you leave first.”

“Okay.” He leaned forward and kissed her pussy before licking her slit. “Can I come back later on tonight?”

Lisa shook her head, “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Jase. If you come to my room I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay faithful to Ben… Let me think about it a while, okay?”

When Lisa came on deck Ruth caught her eye as she was ascending the after stairs. Ruth tilted her head slightly and Lisa gave an almost imperceptible nod. Ruth smiled and nodded at Peter, who was at the helm. Peter said, “Curtis would you take the helm? I think it’s time for cocktails for me!”

“Aye aye Peter, have one for me, will you?”

Ruth had put out some defrosted dim-sum and a Scotch rocks for Peter. “Diet Coke, Lisa?”

“Actually Mrs. C I think a Coors Light would just hit the spot this evening.”

“Me too, Mom.”

Ruth smiled, “Two Coors coming up!”

“I saw you disappeared all afternoon again today Jason. Are you still working on Great Expectations?”

“I wish! I’d like to finish the Dickens but our resident slave driver has me studying Biochemistry!”

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