Subject: little-alex/little-alex-has-a-date-with-dad This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males under 18. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states, the state may have forbidden you from reading this story by law. Please understand this is a work of fiction. The actions described in the story are not real nor encouraged or condoned in real life. It’s fiction, folks, and remember that, please. While most of the locations are real places in the real world, all the characters are absolutely fictional and any reference or resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental or just functional to the plot. Feedbacks welcome at ail. I’m not native English speaker, so please be kind to me! You might wish to give a look to my other stories on Nifty: https://www.//gay/young-friends/little-alex-friends – A spin-off adventure among Alex’s friends https://www.//bisexual/incest/little-alex-jenny-and-the-machine – A Bisex variation with a little sister https://www.//gay/incest/grampa-will-journey-to-arkansas/ – The story of Grampa Will, Little Alex grampa. https://www.//gay/sf-fantasy/a-romanian-in-paris/ – A dark fantasy packed with young, nasty boys.. https://www.//gay/incest/the-devil-lives-in-paris/ – Remastered version of A Romanian in Paris, with a different twist https://www.//bestiality/little-alex-furry-friends/ – Little Alex experiments with his furry-lover side. Thank you! Characters starring in this episode, in no particular order: — JIM CLINTON, Alex’s father – 39 y.o. � 6’4″ / 250 – He has black hairs, cut short and no beard; deep blu eyes, quite hairy. Muscular but with a beer belly. His dick is 8 inches long and 6 inches around — LITTLE ALEX, son of Jim Clinton, almost 12 y.o – 4’5″/70 � Curly blond hairs, deep blue eyes – hairless, dick is 3 inches long (just growing!) when hard, shoots cum, has a skinny ass and a very white complexion – He is a 5th grader at Primary School. — ROLAND JEFFRIES, Alex’s PE teacher, 33 y.o. – 6’4″ / 190 – Fit but not overly muscular, smooth body. He has long and wavy, dirty blond hairs and a pair of thick, horseshoe-style moustaches. He resembles a young John Holmes. — MARKUS TYREE BOYCE, school bus driver, 23 y.o. – black, 7’1″ / 280 pounds of lean muscle, just a little hairs on the chest; tight curly hairs on his head, cut short. He shaves his face and muscular legs, keeping his pubes trimmed short. He wear size 14 shoes, has a ripped abdomen, with a well-defined 6-pack and a V-belt. His cock is 14 1/2 inches long, 8″ around, He also has an hairless nut sack, with the two large, low-hanging, egg-sized balls. — FOOK YING YOO, he is a college Asian boy, working as server at “Tony’s Pizza – by Fook Yu” (he is the son of the owner, in fact) during summer break – 21 y.o. but he looks like he is 16. 5’8″ / 130, slim, with an hairless toned body (he is a swimmer!). He has a nice mop of jet-black hairs on his smooth, childish face and a little, round ass. His fat dick is 8″ long and 7″ around; he shaves his pubes. (I admittedly had some fun choosing these Asian names. It’s a joke, dear Asian Readers, please don’t get offended over that). — Mr. Danieli, a mysterious Italian man … *** From Part 21 *** …. Alex gave a last sniff of poppers just after Danny freed his mouth: a powerful orgasm washed through his young and abused body, his 3-inches hard dick spurting a few drops of cum on Ben’s six-pack and twitching like mad, his entire body convulsing and twitching. He was so exhausted he almost passed out, still impaled on the two Jameson brother’s hard cocks. The five guys rolled on the grassy soil, panting heavily and obviously exhausted by a full morning of sizzling hot sex. Richie knelt in front of Alex’s ass and began to slurp down the white spunk oozing out of the stretched hole. “Well, looking at my slutty bro eating out Alex’s hole reminds me it’s almost lunch time guys” said Al, “let’s take another quick dip into the pond and then head home, before the `rents send the Marines searching for us!” They all laughed at Al’s joke and hurriedly dove into the pond to wash out sweat, cum and fatigue. *** Little Alex *** – Little Alex Has a Date With Dad – Part 22 The five guys, still naked like jaybirds, piled up again into the twin’s wagon and, exhausted but happy, headed to Alex’s house to drop him down and recover their own possessions. Alex and Danny got out the car in front of the stables, where Danny had parked his bright yellow VW New Beetle convertible earlier. Richie and the twins dressed up and proceeded home, ready to devour any edible thing they would be able to find as if they were ravenous animals. “Yo’ wanna come home with me?” asked Danny, “it’s lunch time; you gotta eat something that’s not cum or piss!” “Ohhh, how funny of you, little nigga!!” said a not very amused Alex, “Nay, thanks Danny. I’m too tired. Just wanna take a nap and all.” “Ok then, let me little nigga make sure you are comfortable, massa! I will call Master Jim so he knows you’re home now”. That said with a smirking face, Danny dressed himself up and both guys headed home, bumping each other on the arms and slapping butts like little kids. “Dude, gimme a drink, please!” said Danny, “I’m totally dehydrated!” “How so?” grinned Alex Danny grabbed his plump dick through his shorts and said, “OHHHH, little one, somebody just sucked me dry, I guess!” and both boys broke into a fit of giggles. Danny took his mobile out and called Jim to explain Alex’s situation, still sipping his soda and ogling over the naked kid. “Thanks Danny boy. Let me talk to my son, please” asked Jim. “Hey hon’, everything OK? Are you fine?” şişli travesti “Hi Daddy, yes I’m fine, just a little tired!” “Tired? What have you done to tire out a 5th grader? You built a brick house from the basement up?” Alex giggled at his dad’s joke “If he only knew…”, thought by himself. “No silly, we have all been at the pond, I swam too much, I guess I’m out of shape” Then he winked at Danny and added, “Them guys played very hard on me, they put me in the middle and just didn’t let me go until they finished wearing me out!!!” Danny chocked on his soda at Alex’s wit double entendre, spurting the drink out of his nose and mouth and coughing loudly. At the end, Jim agreed to have Alex at home all by himself and Danny left. Not before giving his little lover a passionate kiss on the mouth. Alex found something to eat and soon after crashed out cold on the couch. And that’s where his dad found him a few hours later, when he come back home from the fair. With eyes full of fatherly love, Jim looked at his little slutty son, peacefully sleeping on the couch, naked like the day he was born. Alex was sleeping on his right side facing the couch backrest, with both hands joined close to his head. His curly, blond hairs framed his delicate face. The kid was snoring lightly, with his mouth slightly open and a little spit drooling out of the kissable, soft lips. He had the upper, left leg bent upward, the milky white, hairless buns parted and partially exposing his abused hole. Jim quietly bent over the kid’s bum and checked his little anus. Well, not so little anymore, to be honest. It looked reddened and puffy, but without bruises or any other evident damage. The hole was tightly closed, just seeping out a little dribble of cum. Jim parted Alex’s buns and inched closer, sniffing the boy’s ass, a delicate mixed scent of young boy and spunk. He swiped his son’s hole with his tongue a couple of times, tasting the mix of cum the boys had deposited deeply into the kid’s intestines only a few hours before. Of course, Jim knew everything about his son’s sex escapades with the Jameson’s and the Moore’s, with or without the “‘noopy things”, as Alex called the cameras. Thanks to Richie, he also knew about the fuck session at the river, when his little angel had been thoroughly ass wrecked, skull fucked and pissed on by both his PE teacher and the black bus driver. That event was not part of his original plan to convert the little 11-years-old kid into a well-trained, lovable slut, but Jim welcomed the change anyway, a nice addition to his “Slut Training” plan. Jim had a gentlemen agreement with his naughty neighbors: after he had taken his son’s virginity, they were all free to fuck around with Alex as long as Jim knew and it was not forceful. All of them, from little redheaded Richie to older, black daddy Josh, were allowed to have their way with little Alex. Therefore, after every sex adventure with Alex, whoever had been involved called Jim and let him know what happened, often down to the most sordid details. Without Alex knowing, of course. A I’ll be taking care of you.” In fact, Fook Ying Yoo Son was probably closer to 21 years of age but, as Asian men often do, he looked much younger. He was about 5’8″ and slim, with a swimmer, toned body showing under the tight shirt. He had a nice mop of jet-black hairs on his smooth, almost childish face and the black trousers wrapped tightly around a little, round ass. His voice had a funny, southern drawl: obviously, the kid was born and raised in the Southern part of the USA rather than some place in faraway China. “Nice to meet you Ying, I’m Jim. Today is my son Alex’s first day of summer break, so I decided to treat him to a nice pizza” “That’s awesome, Mr. Jim. Tony’s the best place for a mouth-watering pizza, pizza rolls or pizza sticks!” Fook Ying Yoo Son docked his slanted eyes to Alex’s and threw him a friendly wink. They had just ordered their pizza of choice when Jim’s phone buzzed, signaling an incoming call from an Italian number. “Sorry hon’. I gotta take this call, it might change our future” said Jim with a serious tone, “… and for the better” he added smiling. “Good evening, Mr. Danieli, welcome to the USA,” he said moving out of the place to talk to the mysterious Italian caller. “Look who is here all alone!” a deep, manly voice said just behind Alex, “Having a pizza all by yourself?” Alex turned and his mouth drop open: both Mr. Jeffries and Mr. Markus stared at him, just taking their seats at a nearby table, accompanied by the same old, Chinese woman. “Uh… oh… no,” blabbered Alex, “I’m with my dad, he’s just taking a call on his phone” “I see,” said Jeffries, smiling. “It would be only polite for you to introduce us to your father. Don’t you think so?” “I guess so, Mr. Jeffries” “Yeah, babe, we guess so as well. We are best friends now, thanks to you,” added Markus with a devious grin,”Yo’ know what I mean?” Alex blushed furiously and wanted to be teleported to any Galaxy far, far away. However, the little traitor in his pants had other feelings and slowly filled with blood. “Please sir, don’t tell my Daddy what happened last week at the river, please!” He pleaded. “Why not? Maybe he would like to know what a little cock slut his pretty son is” whispered Jeffries, careful not to be heard by anybody else. “And appreciate how yo’ lil’ white kid can take more than 14 inches of black cock in any hole of yours like a pro”, added Markus, smirking at the almost 12 years old, frightened kid. Alex was on the verge of tearing up when Jim came back. He suspiciously looked at the two men talking to Alex and aggressively asked whom they were and why they were talking to his son. “Sorry sir, let me introduce myself. beylikdüzü travesti I’m Roland Jeffries, your son’s PE teacher and I’m pleased to meet you,” he said rising up while extending his arm to shake hands with Jim. Roland was a tall, not overly muscular man in his early 30ties, at least six foot four, and weighing roughly 190 pounds. He had long and wavy, dirty blond hairs and a pair of thick, horseshoe-style moustaches. “Markus T. Boyce sir, I’m Alex’s school bus driver,” added Markus, standing up, all his 7’1″ of black, muscular body looming over the other, smaller guys. At 23 years of age, Markus Tyree Boyce was the perfect specimen of black, young man beauty, 280 pounds of prime, lean black muscle, with tight curly hairs on his head cut short and a perfectly shaved face adorned by almost purple, meaty lips. Jim’s hand almost disappeared into Markus’s when they also shacked hands. And Jim wasn’t a little man himself! “Little Alex here knows me and I’m pleased to meet you as well” he added with the whitest of smiles. “Oh well, sorry men. Jim Clinton here, Alex’s father. I didn’t mean to be rude but I thought you were strangers,” said a visibly relieved Jim. “It’s a peaceful town here, but you never know what could happen to little kids when they are around all alone… so many perverts out there!” He added with a smirk. Now that he could link their faces to their names, Jim was well aware about who the two men were. He knew how they thoroughly fucked Alex not long ago: he was willing to get again their huge dicks into his son’s ass and mouth soon enough. Alex blood completely drained from his face as he stared open mouthed, and hard dicked, at his PE teacher and the black giant calmly talking to his daddy. “God, their dicks are sooooo big !!” he thought by himself. “We are having some pizza, guys. Why don’t you join us at the table?” asked Jeffries with a smile, looking at Jim and little Alex. “Yeah man, why not? My kid and I are just having pizza as well. And maybe a beer at the Biker’s Club later,” answered Jim. “Well, at least I’m going to, not my little kid here, of course. He is too little for certain things, even if he adapts well, more than well if I had to say,” added Jim, straight faced but looking directly into Jeffries’s eyes. “Absolutely man! During PE class, I noticed how … uhmm… receptive he is to new, BIG things,” replied Jeffries without batting an eye, “a WIDE RECEIVER for sure, if he ever decides to play `ball!” “And he really like to ride a BIG bus!” smirked Markus, “like the BIG one I have, right lil’ boy?” Alex was honestly frightened by the turn of events. He just wanted to disappear and flee away, back home, or any other place far and away from the two kid molesters. Three, if you counted his daddy. Nevertheless, his dick strongly disagreed: it was soooo hard and his ass soooo tingly, his mouth almost drooled with spit at the mere thought that, seated around him, there was more or less 35 inches of dick. And he had tasted them all, inch after inch, up his little ass and down his tight throat. He had drank their salty cum, and been showered with their hot spunk and piss. By ALL of them men now amiably discussing about him and his “receptiveness”. Whatever that meant. “ALEX!” called Jim, “Markus here has asked you a question…” “Uh? What?” “He said you like to ride the school bus, the very big one he owns,” repeated Jim with a wide grin, “is that true?” “Ahhh… ehm… Yes, Daddy… I guess?” answered Alex, getting harder and hornier by the minute. “Well, he is talented, honestly” added Jeffries, “with a little more training he could really reach NEW DIMENSIONS in … in kid performances!” “And ENLARGE his horizons in the process!” added Markus suppressing a good laugh, “not that they’re not wide enough already!” Alex’s face was beet red and he was deeply embarrassed, but at the same time proud, that they were obviously talking about his hidden “talents”. “Dad, I’m gotta go to the bathroom, I’ll be back” He excused himself and made his way to the restroom. He stood at the urinal, with no partition, staring down at his 3 inches of hard, throbbing dick, a little drop of precum shining on top of its pointy, little head. “It seems a little bigger to me…” pondered Alex. Then, suddenly, the restroom door opened and Fook Ying Yoo Son joined him at the urinals before he had time to hide his erection. “Impressive dick, young man, you are filling out nicely” said Ying, fishing out his own cock to take a leak. “How old `re you, little one?” Little Alex stood still, still holding his hard dick. “Be 12 in two days”. Caught half-naked in Tony’s bathroom was the last thing he wanted to happen, but Ying’s interest and appreciation of his body kept him standing there. Alex looked over at Fook Ying Yoo Son’s own package: the young Chinese man’s cock had quickly became erect, and it was gorgeous. It had to be a thick, 8 inches of hard Asian meat, with blue vein running down the pale dick’s sides. He obviously shaved down there, not a single hair being in sight. “Yours is so big.” Alex complemented. Then, he unconsciously licked his lips. “8 inches long, 7 around, not bad for an Asian, uh? You can touch it if you want, kid” proudly said Fook Ying Yoo Son with a soft smile. Willy’s single-minded brain took control over Alex’s and, before he knew it, he had Ying’s pale, pulsing cock in his hand. Fook Ying Yoo Son threw his head back and let out a soft moan. Alex took it as a green light to go ahead and crouched down to take him in his mouth. Ying stopped him. “Whoa, little man, not here… we’d get busted. Follow me.” The half-naked server led Alex though a door inside the restroom with a “STAFF ONLY” plate on it. The door opened to a nice istanbul travesti sized storage room that housed cases and cases of food and beverages, mostly flour, canned Chinese tomatoes, sodas and beer. Ying dropped his pants and briefs to the floor and let his thick Asian cock hang out for Alex to suck on. Alex took it in his mouth, down to the root in one go, past his tonsils and down his throat. His pouty lips stretched around the thick shaft and, as he slid them back, he left a coat of shiny saliva on Ying’s stone hard cock. “Fuuuuck” he let out a slow, low groan. “Where did you learn to work a cock like a pro?” Alex pushed forward, taking again all of his 8 inches of hard cock down his bulging throat. There was only a little space left to swirl his tongue around the thick shaft, so Alex just sucked and slid on the hard Asian dick. He stopped with his nose smashed against the soft, hairless pubic mound. Alex forced his mouth to open wider, pushed his little, pink tongue out and gently licked the young man ball sack. “Dude, you are fucking amazing! Are you sure you are just 12?” said Fook Ying Yoo Son. He then grabbed Alex’s head and started to skull fuck him. With a mouth full of Asian dick, Alex could say nothing and just stood still while Ying pumped his 8 inches long rod down his throat until he felt his big balls contracting and his dick twitching uncontrollably. Fook Ying Yoo Son unloaded a thick load of warm cum into Alex’s mouth: the little kid held the mouthful of warm goo into his mouth. After Ying withdraw his cock from him, Alex opened his mouth wide to show him how much cum he had into is oral cavity. Then, he gulped it down, every drop of it, and looked straight up into Ying’s eyes with a satisfied smile painted on his sweet baby face. He bent forward and took the softening dick back into his mouth, to suck the last drops of cum out and clean it thoroughly. “Shit! That was way better than any BJ I got so far!” was all Fook Ying Yoo said as he fixed himself. “If there was anything like “BJ Advisor”, I’d give you 5 fucking stars, kiddo!” “Thanks, I’m getting better at it, I guess” Alex grinned and rose back to his feet, wiping away the spit drooling from his mouth and chin with the back of his hand. “Get out before me, I’ll be out after you leave” Ying instructed. Alex hurriedly washed his hands and face, then left and re-joined his dad and his newly acquired, creepy but big dicked friends, the salty taste of Fook Ying Yoo Son’s heavy cum load still lingering on his tongue. Finally, Ying delivered their pizzas to the table, temporarily saving little Alex from further embarrassments. The three adult men just ate the pizza and drank their Bud’s, talking about everything and nothing. Mostly about nothing, if you asked Alex. He just devoured his pizza as if he was a starving little wolf. “That Dyna Wide Glide parked outside, is it yours?” Jeffries asked to Jim, with a spark of genuine admiration in his eyes, “I love those big HDs, but they’re too far out of my league” “Yes, that’s mine, a present from my late father,” replied Jim. “But hey, if you like bikes, after we finish eating you should come with us at the Biker’s. I could introduce to my friend Dave, and he is the best HD dealer here around! Who knows, maybe you can get the RIDE of your dreams tonight” added Jim with a wink. “A RIDE? Really? I would love it Jim, and I’m sure Markus here would like to join in as well” “I’m game for any ride you want, dude” smiled the black giant, looking at Alex like a giant black bear to a little, trembling prey. “So it’s decided,” said Jim. “Let’s get out of here and just follow me with your car”. That said, Jim offered to pay the dinner to his new friends and they all headed outside, followed by a slightly concerned little Alex. Once at the Biker’s Club, Jim parked in the backyard of Dave’s bike shop, where the entrance to the Club was. Already parked there, there were three black, imposing Harleys. Jeffries and Markus followed closely, each one jumping out on their respective car. They all rejoined and Jim unlocked a fancy red door, leading them all downstairs where Dave’s bikers club was located. Little Alex took his father’s hand as he was a little apprehensive now: he heard his dad mention the Biker’s Club several times, and every time it happened in front of his Mum, she ALMOST always went apeshit. Something must have been wrong with it, thought Alex, or otherwise mum’s grumpiness was inexplicable. He didn’t know what to expect, but the simple presence of both his PE teacher and Mr. Markus, both reminiscent of a great fuck session, gave him a weird, persistent boner. When the three men and the tiny white kid entered the dimly lit basement, they froze at the sight of the steam-hot sex happening before their eyes. “Ohhhh shiiiiit!” let out Alex, looking at Trey’s 14 years old son, Ethan, loudly moaning while double penetrated by his father’s and Dave Jameson’s thick cocks, while eagerly deep throating and slobbering over his Grandpa Josh’s foot long, coal black dick. “Welcome to The Club, guys!” announced a wide grinning Jim to his two, open mouthed fellows, while pushing his astonished son farther into The Club. “Ready to get the ride of your dreams?” ********* I wish to thanks the readers who provided feedbacks, comments and suggestions. I received a lot of enthusiastic comments that I do appreciate, and only a few critcs that I will treasure for my next works. Now that I’m a “junior” author I understand how important it is for a writer to receive your feedbacks, kind reader. So, everytime I read something on Nifty that I like, now I take my time to reach out for a “thank you” to the author: please do the same everytime you like a story. Emails are for free and we authors live (almost) for your appreciation. Thank you to all of you that have provided a feedback! Please keep Nifty alive, donate to http://donate./donate.html … Seriously, do it. My stories on fty//bestiality/little-alex-furry-friends/

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