Living Next Door To Dee

Big Tits

I wrote this story nearly 20 years ago, shortly after the ESSO Longford gas explosion in 1998 that interrupted Natural Gas supplies to the entire state of Victoria, Australia. At that time the Web was a much simpler place. Nintendo Game Boy Color was high tech.

I had written nothing similar since, until I submitted a new story to the current Valentine’s Day contest. That story seems to be a bit too vanilla for the perverts here ­čÖé , so I thought I might add this one with a bit more color to my folio. It’s still pretty tame though.

Living next door to Dee.


It’s just over a year since we moved in next door to Dee.

You know how it is when you change houses. First things first, check out the neighbors. Run up and down stairs checking out the windows to see if you can get a glimpse of anything exciting next door. Invariably no.

What is it that makes us ever optimistic that this time it will be different? Why do we imagine that this time we are going to end up living next door to some horny looking babe with a slutty personality?

Well, I’m here to tell you it does happen. Biggg grin. It didn’t start as I had imagined. After lots of furtive glimpses I hadn’t seen anything substantial. It all started most unexpectedly.

After about the first week we had managed to glimpse the neighbors but nothing more. We were busy unpacking and they were busy dashing in and out on the way to work. I soon learnt that I might not be able to peek in the windows but I got a thrill watching her dash to the car in the morning in her short little skirts. They weren’t anything excessive, just pushing the limits of what was sexily acceptable at work. In reality her skirts weren’t as short as Ally McBeal’s on TV, but there was just something about the way she wore them. She seems to stand with feet planted ever so slightly apart, giving a visual signal, there’s something worth the effort, just a little further ahead.

After the first week I was beginning to realize that this wasn’t going anywhere. I knew if I didn’t stop perving I’d end up making a fool of myself. I’d soon be branded as the neighborhood desperate with a fixation and a little too much time to tug on my dick.

So I came to my senses and got on with the boring household stuff like sorting the junk and doing the gardening. Then it happened.

I know what conclusion you are jumping to, but you’re wrong. You’re thinking what I was thinking when I moved in and saw Dee for the first time. You’re thinking, I wish I could catch a glimpse of her panties and give a suave little wink that would turn her to jelly and have her begging to suck my cock in 5 seconds flat. Dream on.

What happened came right out of left field. Most of the world reading this won’t believe it, but the locals know the story. Just 12 months ago there was a disastrous break down in the Natural Gas supply in this area of the country. Overnight most households were without gas, and in this state that means no cooking and no hot water. For me it meant no job. Industry runs on gas as well.

But looking back now I’d say it was a good as if I’d won the lottery!

During that first week we had struck up a neighborly nodding acquaintance. I felt Dee had picked up the suspicion I was waiting and watching for the occasional little flash, but this was on our own back door and neither of us was going to stuff up what by necessity has to be a long term relationship of one sort or another. But by the end of the week it was unmistakably there, the smile was a little bit warmer and I’m sure she bent over just a little bit further at the letterbox to flash her pants at me. Dream on he says, ni─čde escort dream on.

Then, all of a sudden it happened, no cooking and no hot water. The hot water didn’t register for the moment but what was I going to eat tonight? I headed out and picked up a pizza and was on my way back home when I met the neighbor. We talked about the disaster and he suggested that since Dee was going to be late home anyway, why not come over with the pizza and share a bottle of wine. Nice neighbors I thought to myself and put perving on Dee out of my mind. These are going to be nice friends I thought to myself.

Next morning there was a knock on the door early. I was surprised it was Dee. She made sure I didn’t mind her calling this early, but thought I’d like to know that they had electric hot water next door and I was welcome to come across anytime for a hot shower.

That was a great offer, I came over about half an hour later. Hubby had gone off to work and Dee was just putting on the finishing touches to her makeup. To tell the truth I just about shot a load in my pants when she answered the door. Dee had on the shortest of black mini’s with semi opaque tights. You know the office slut look. Short short skirt, above the desk line, but dismissed as modest enough on the grounds that the tights were opaque. These tights may have been that, but they were also those shimmery ones that made pretty legs look good enough to wank over. To top it off Dee had chosen a tight Angora short sleeve sweater. Her ample breasts were straining the fabric and jiggling that little sway that makes the cock tingle and signal it’s ready to rise to attention.

Now I don’t have a very good attention span. Walking and chewing gum at the same time has always been a problem. I’m ashamed to say I greeted her by staring straight at her tits and dragging my eyes up to her face. And there it was, a twinkle in those dark smoldering eyes and the hint of upward curl at the side of her mouth.

Fool I thought. You just made an idiot of yourself and she is going to tell all the girls at work today about the wanker next door.

Well Dee excused herself to clean up the bathroom so I could go in and take a shower. When she came back she had a nice clean fluffy towel and insisted I take it as they had plenty of hot water for doing the washing. In any case, she said, I was going to have to keep my own towel here for the foreseeable future.

Off I trotted following behind as I was shown the way to the shower. And there I caught myself again, following that tight little bum watching the skirt swish from side to side and just wishing I could give it the lightest of pats. Ah well, cold shower for you I thought as I closed the bathroom door, electric hot water or not!

I turned on the stream and had a great scrub; the cold shower idea lasted all of about one and a half seconds. A nice hot shower, the room steamed up, damn, I must find the exhaust fan switch next time! I got out after lathering up my cock and giving it a few firm strokes. In spite of the ready erection I restrained myself from shooting it in the shower, one can’t entirely let down the standards.

I got out of the shower and grabbed the towel, still folded neatly on the bathroom basin. As I flicked it open a wisp of silk fluttered in the air and settled to the floor. I turned around and picked it up, a pair of well-laundered silk french knickers. These weren’t new, you could tell they were a favorite pair of panties, worn and washed regularly and mixed up in the usual day to day washing. I held them and with a slight tremble inspected the crotch. There was that indelible tell tale stain of an often wet cunt. My ni┼čanta┼č─▒ escort cock was rigid, I lifted the fabric to my mouth and although all I could smell was the trace of lemon scented detergent I devoured the crotch, I sucked and soaked it with my mouth till it was wet, running my tongue around the seams and dreaming of a steamy cunt.

What do I do now I thought? If I do no more and leave them on the basin, Dee would possibly not notice my indiscretion and all would be fine. I could assume she didn’t know they were in the towel in the first place and sneak them home with me. I could wave them around and make some suave funny comment that would have us giggle and share a knowing little secret in the future, or I could listen to my cock and wank the daylights out of it and fill them full of spunk.

I’m weak. I wrapped the silk around my cock and pumped until I filled that soft crotch with spunk. Now I really felt foolish. I was having real problems here. Dee was outside, in a hurry to get to work. I was standing here panting with a pair of her soggy knickers wrapped around my cock. God I felt stupid!

I put the panties down and left them on the basin. I wasn’t going to pinch them, and there was a sneaking suspicion growing in my mind that she had put them there purposely. I had seen that glint in her eyes when I started drooling at the sight of her Angora covered tits. I admit it I wanted to suck on them too.

We were now all in a rush. Dee had to get to work, I had to get back home and find out if I had a job to go to. Dee rushed in, gathered up all the soiled towels (and panties) in one swoop and was off to the laundry.

I thanked her profusely and she said to be sure to be back at the same time tomorrow or a little earlier. I promised I will and rushed out the door.

Well my work was not going to be back online for a week at least, so I had the day at home. As it turned out Dee was only in for half a day and came home at lunchtime. I moved upstairs to get a view of their back garden. I could just see the laundry from my balcony and saw Dee come out and check the sky to see if it was going to rain or if she was going to get the washing done.

As she turned she glimpsed me and smiled and waved. I waved back and went inside. I went downstairs and got a cup of coffee and about half an hour later ventured back on the balcony. I dropped the coffee. There, all alone, on the drying line were a single pair of freshly laundered silk french knickers. I stubbed my toe, stepped in the spilt coffee and bumped my head on the door frame.

I told myself I have got to get a hold of yourself, better yet, I’ve got to get Dee to get a hold of myself.

The next morning I was in next door as soon as Dee’s husband had left for work. I was trembling a bit but there was Dee smiling platonicly but didn’t mention anything. You know where the bathroom is she said, I’ve left a clean towel for you again. I’ve got to get on with a few chores.

I got to the bathroom wondering what I would find today. To my great disappointment as I unfolded the towel there was no little present and it embarrassingly began to dawn on me that maybe yesterday the knickers were after all an innocent accident ending up in the towel. I’m sure I turned a deep shade of beetroot, I could feel the heat prickling down my back. My cock all of a sudden became very small.

Oh well it was nice having a hot shower I thought as I lathered up, wondering when I would be able to have my next one.

As I turned off the shower and stepped out and started to towel myself dry, the bathroom door opened and in stepped Dee. I ankara olgun escort couldn’t believe it, she was dressed in just a skimpy little lace bra, garters and stockings and matching silk french knickers that I could not help but recognize. I turned beetroot again. My dick got even smaller.

Oh, Dee said, I’m sorry to embarrass you, I forgot to pick up my lipstick. That’s OK I said, I’ll turn around, take whatever you need. Thanks sweetie she said and with a rush of air was gone. I turned around and to my horror all my clothes and the towels were gone. I was standing stark naked in a strangers house, nowhere to go and nothing to cover myself with.

Ten seconds later Dee returned. A devilish grin on her face. Well you seemed to have liked wearing my panties yesterday. I though today we’d see how you like wearing the rest of a girls kit. Without further ado she presented me with a pile of soft silken things. But first she said I’m not particularly fond of getting all those hairs over my favorite lingerie again, so you are going to have to shave your legs and under arms. I’ll help.

Out came the razor and in a surprisingly short time I found myself feeling smooth and compliant in the hands of this wicked girl. She bathed me again and powdered me giving me a soft feminine perfume. That looks better. Now you will put on the bra and garter belt. I did as I was told. I was presented with stockings and instructed how to pull them up. The feeling on my now bare legs of the smooth silken stockings was indescribable. My cock had stayed limp but little drips of pre cum were glistening on the end.

Dee touched the drop of cum. Well you’re obviously not ALL sissy, she said as she rubbed the cum between her fingers and held them to my face. Lick, she commanded as she shoved a finger into my mouth. I obeyed and tasted the salty cum as she grabbed my cock with her other hand.

Dear me, we will have to restrain this untrained little thing won’t we? She handed me panties and made me put them on. I was in heaven. The feel of the fabric was excruciatingly divine. I cannot emphasize too much how much more feeling I had having removed that layer of insensitive hair that had previously covered my legs. I loved walking. Dee made me follow her out to the living room and I just walked up and down to feel the brushing kiss of fabric. Dee sat down and directed. Sit this way, stand, turnaround. I was her toy.

But I had a wet patch and it was growing. Dee admonished me for again messing up a pair of her panties and said there was only one solution to it and beckoned me towards her. She was sitting in a high-backed chair with legs spread. Kneel! She order and I was before her. I looked up and I was mesmerized by her presence. Down on all fours and crawl towards me. I obeyed. Sniff my pussy you little pervert. I obeyed. Show me how you think I might like having my clit licked. I slowly slid my tongue along her smooth pussy lips. She pulled my head up, you’re wetting my best panties again, you must learn not to do that she said as she pulled the crotch to one side and released my cock. My cock had grown to full attention.

She pulled on my cock. She twisted it, she stroked it. Today she declared we will milk that little cock of yours and I will start you on a new learning experience. She made me stand and took the length of my cock in her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down the underside and sucked hard on the head, her warm breath and hot tongue lapped at the stiff tool. She sucked and moved in and out and fondled my balls. I came and came and filled her mouth with cum. She smiled up at me and stood. With a mouth full of cum she kissed me full on my mouth and I received my entire load back. I swallowed, my cock was immediately rigid again. I kissed her deeply and fondled her breasts. I dropped to my knees and sucked at her cunt, then I was back kissing her deeply. We both came again and held each other for a long time.

Tomorrow, she said, you do the washing.

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