Liza’s First Time


We checked into the Bed and Breakfast, one of our favorites just south of Memphis. Liza was already excited because for our week long stay she would have an enclosed “adults only” pool to swim naked in. Liza slept naked, lounged naked, did chores naked, and sometimes on special days in the summer, played all day naked on a canoe float. It was her favorite way to frolic. Now she was a brunette with natural blond streaks, 37 D cup boobs, and a tiny waist. Her perky bottom was proportionate to her ample chest. She had a pretty face with hazel eyes, a roman nose and a spray of freckles that belied a little bit of the Irish. Though somewhat restrained when we met, she let me bring out the ‘naughty’ in her. In the bedroom now, we unpacked our clothes and settled. isvecbahis There were a few new things in her case and she pulled them out one by one, getting more excited with each find. As she emptied the case, she looked over to me and said with a smile: “Hmm, I can’t find a bikini or any panties!? You packed really well for this trip I see.” Then she walked over, pulled me into her arms and kissed me. “You remembered my favorite wrap skirts, with the quick snap release, and my flippy mini dress! And I love the tiny new halter and tight micro mini skirt! You are a doll!” She twirled away from me and started to undress; in just a second or two she had shed her flowery, short shorts and bustier top, then sat naked on the bed. “Are you going for a isveçbahis giriş swim, right away?” I asked. “I guess I need to wear something down to the pool. How about this silk tee?” I looked at what she was holding up, it would barely cover her bottom. However, I knew there were no underage guests this week so she could probably walk downstairs naked for all that Eric, our host, would care. We had stayed at this Inn before and Eric was decidedly gay, so while Liza’s casual nudity had caused other guests to stare, it hadn’t been too much of a problem. There was another woman during a previous visit that freely joined Liza’s exhibitions, but that’s another story. She pulled the Tee over her head, slipped into her sandals, grabbed a towel and headed isveçbahis yeni giriş for the door. I kissed her as she left and reminded her not to tire herself too much as we were going to Beale Street that night. Back from the pool now, she showered and dressed. She chose the new halter and mini skirt and a pair of strappy high heels. She looked amazing but just had to check herself in the mirror. I walked into the bathroom room to find her facing away, bent over at the waist, craning her head back to view the image. “It’s a perfect Pussy Peeker, I really love it!” she exclaimed. “Okay now, you can’t be shy tonight. You need to be out there for everyone to see,” I reminded her. Her halter revealed most of her ample breasts. She sashayed away into the bedroom and the mini skirt started to creep slowly upward over her derrière. She was going to have a hard time not showing off but that didn’t seem to bother her too much. “You don’t have to worry about that, not with this outfit.

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