Subject: LOGAN RETURNS HOME CHAPTER 4 Adult/youth LOGAN RETURNS HOME CHAPTER 4 It was time for breakfast and today I was going to be sure I got something to eat. I remember how yesterday I was so hungry. Logan did offer me some of his lunch but I was so interested in what he had to tell me that I did not even think about eating. Scott was already finished with his breakfast when I sat down to have mine. My bus would be arriving in 20 minutes so I did not have time to do anything but eat. My mom came in and gave me my lunch money, something she forgot to do yesterday. I asked her if Clay could spend the night on Friday night. I told her that we would camp out in the backyard if it was OK with her.. She gave her blessing and told me to hurry up or else I would miss the bus. Mr. Wilson opened the bus door and there were just two of us to ride the bus this morning. The other person was a girl that lived a few houses down from me. I noticed that Mr. Wilson did not even look at her but when I started up the steps, he turned towards me and gave me a smile. I could tell that his eyes were on the cutoffs that I was wearing. It was like he was looking at my zipper and wishing that it would suddenly unzip and show my dick. Sometimes I wished that we could walk around naked and then Mr. Wilson would be able to look at my dick every day and he would REALLY smile. It was just a 10 minute ride to my school and I always liked to look out the window and see kids riding in the car, going to school. Whey they would pull up next to the bus, I would always wave at them. I guess they wondered who I was. I just liked making them wonder who I was.. I was anxious to start my first period so that I could say hi to Randy. After what Clay told me about how they had sex, I was really interested in becoming friends with him. Homeroom ended and I was on my way to my first period class. I was the first person to enter the room. I watched as the other kids came in and I kept watching for Randy. He was the last one to come into the room. He walked to his seat that was a row over from me. I watched him as he moved towards his seat and his eyes looked my way. He nodded his head and I smiled back at him. Randy had just turned 12 years old and I thought he was very cute. He had very long blond hair, longer than most boys in the school. It was almost as long as some of the girls hair. He also had light blue eyes that looked good with his blond hair. I knew Randy from Elementary School but we never had any classes together. When I first started thinking about boys, I remember thinking that he was really cute. We were in the 4th grade when that happened. Before the 4th grade, I don’t really remember having any sexual thoughts about boys and certainly NOT about girls. Most of the kids picked on Randy when he was in Elementary School because he acted more like a girl than a boy. His voice was real soft and he threw a ball like a girl during recess. He never hung around with other boys, it was always with girls. He even walked like a girl and his voice was real low. I remember wondering if he liked to wear his mother’s clothes when he was at home. I thought it would look cute if he did. I don’t think he was interested in girls, he just felt safer being around them than the boys. He was not a big kid, he was even shorter than me by an inch or so. He weighed about 65 pounds. Sometimes, when I would play with myself at night, I would think about Randy and pretend he was naked and we would be doing stuff together. I would picture him being in a dress and I would take his dress off and suck his nipples while holding his dic When I would look in the mirror at night, sometimes it would be Randy that would be the imaginary boy that I would pretend was touching my dick and he would be touching mine. All during the class, I kept sneaking a look over at Randy. A couple of times, he caught me looking and smiled when he saw me looking at him. I smiled back. While I was looking at him, I wondered what he looked like naked. Did he have any hair yet? Does he jack off like all other boys do? Could he shoot any cum yet? I was not paying attention to the teacher and he knew it. He called on me and asked me to answer a question about what he was lecturing about. I had no idea what the answer was and I felt stupid telling him that I did not know. He just looked at me like I was stupid and continued on with his lecture. If he would have looked carefully, he would have known that I was looking at Randy. I began to think to myself how all my thoughts were always about other boys. If it was not about Clay, it was about Logan or Rocky. Now it was about Randy. I wondered how many other boys in the 7th grade were like me. How many of them liked boys better than girls. If only there was some easy way that we could let each other know that we liked to suck dicks.. If the bullies found out, we would be dead meat. I was sure that there had to be a lot of boys who wanted to do stuff with other boys and not girls. I guess there were girls who wanted to do stuff with boys but did not know how to ask them. Life is so confusing. We should just do what we feel like doing and not worry about what others think. If it was up to me, I would walk over to Randy right now and kiss him on his lips and put my hand on his dick. I bet that would go over real big. For the rest of the period, my thoughts turned to Mr. Wilson and Coach Tony. I wondered how they managed to get by when they were in the 7th grade. They must have liked boys back then as well. Then I started wondering if I was going to wind up like Mr. Wilson or Tony. Would I become an old man and have boys come to my house for sex? Would boys want to even have sex with a me when I got to be a man? I knew that being young was really special and I knew that men were attracted to me as well as some boys. I started watching the clock and wishing it would move quickly to the top of the hour. Today was the first day we would start dressing out for PE and that meant taking showers. I would escort kocaeli get to see a bunch of naked boys and I could not wait to see who had hair, who was hairless , who had the biggest dick and stuff like that. Also, Randy was in my PE class and I would get to see him naked. I would be sure that he saw me too. I wanted him to see what I looked like and maybe he would be interested in me. I was not sure where his locker was but I was hoping that it was in the same row as mine. I would find out real soon. The top of the hour finally arrived and the bell rang. Everyone in the class had PE the next hour so I knew that the boys I had just been looking in my class would all be naked soon. Randy was ahead of me and I caught up with him and said hi to him. He looked at me and acted surprised that I was talking to him. I asked him how he liked first period English and he said it was OK. It only took us a couple of minutes to get to the gym. I asked Randy what locker number he had and he told me it was 111. Mine was 109. YEAHHHH. We would be VERY close to each other. He was probably wondering why I was even talking to him but knowing what I knew about him, I really wanted to get to know him better. There was just something about him that made me want to be close to him. Maybe it was because he had no friends and I could be his best friend. We both looked for our lockers and sat on the bench when we found them. I asked Randy if he was scared about having to take showers after PE. He said he was afraid some of the boys might tease him. I told him not to worry, I would stick up for him. He smiled at me and touched me on my shoulder thanking me. I got a funny feeling when he touched me on the shoulder, I wished he would have kept his hand there and even touched my face. The coach came into the locker room and told us that our PE shorts and shirts were in our lockers and if they did not fit to come to his office. It made me think about Tony and Clay. I took my pants off and folded them and placed them in the locker. I took out the red PE shorts and slipped them on. I watched Randy as he took his pants off. He had on some underpants that had cartoon characters on them. He looked at me and told me they were the only clean undies that he had today. I looked at them and said that I liked them. I would have loved to take them off for him if he had asked me and we were alone. He took off his shirt and I looked at his chest. He raised his arms up and I could see that he was hairless under his arms like myself. He put his PE shorts and T shirt on . I knew that I would have to wait until shower time to see him naked. I felt like I was starting to get hard so I left the locker room and headed out to the playground. We ran two laps and then we played flag football for the next 30 minutes. I felt sorry for Randy because he was the very last one to finish the laps. I kind of slowed down after the first lap so I could be next to last. During the flag football, Randy did not run that much. People pretty much ignored him when they called the plays. I wanted to go over and hug him but I just played with the class. Coach blew his whistle and told us to huddle up. I noticed several boys that I felt attracted to and made a mental note to check them out in the shower. Some of the boys were kids that I knew from Elementary School and had a boy crush on them in the 6th grade. It was blowing my mind that I would see them all naked in a few minutes. This was better than going to the candy store. Coach said that we MUST take showers and somebody would be handing out towels as we walked out of the shower room. We all took off running for the locker room. I opened my locker and stripped off my Red PE shorts and my white T shirt. I hung them on the hook in the locker. Randy looked around and I could tell that he was nervous. I pulled my underpants down and I was totally naked. I sat on the bench acting like I was doing something in my locker. I wanted Randy to look my way so he would see me naked. I could tell that Randy peeked a couple of times at me when I was pulling my undies down. I sat on the bench and pretended I was doing something in my locker but I was waiting for him to get naked so we could go into the shower at the same time. Finally, he pulled his underpants down and threw them into the locker. He stood up and I closed my locker when he stood up. I also stood up and we just looked at each other for a few seconds. “Are you ready” I asked him. He had a beautiful boy dick. It was about 4 1/2 inches soft, slightly bigger than mine but he was a few months older than me. I could see just a couple of hairs on the side of his dick, so he must have just started getting hair. They were brown in color and had started to curl. I don’t think he had more than 10 hairs in all. His penis was perfectly circumcised. His head was a perfect mushroom shape. His balls hung low in his sack. I could see a few hairs on his ball sack too. I wanted to drop to my knees and put that gorgeous circumcised cock in my mouth and suck it. When I looked up at his face, he was looking at my face. I knew that he saw me checking his dick out. He looked down at my dick, I knew that he was comparing it to his. I just stood there and let him look. I was glad that he was checking my dick out. I really wanted him to touch it. His eyes went from my dick up to my eyes. I smiled to let him know it was cool with me that he was checking me out and that I enjoyed checking him out. His eyes went down again to my dick. I figured he was wondering why anyone would want to look at his dick and when he saw me looking at his dick , he was not afraid to look back. “We better get our shower” I said to him. I wanted to hold his hand and walk with him to the shower and take the soap and wash his body, especially his nice cock and balls. I knew he would do it to me too. If only we were the ONLY ones in school. We walked into the shower and got under the same shower head There were 4 showers to each head and two other boys were with us kocaeli anal yapan escort at our head. One boy looked like he was about 11 and he had no hair at all on his dick. He was super cute and I took a long good look at his penis. His dick was really tiny, probably no more than 2 inches His balls were real puffy and the water draining off of his cock made it look like he was peeing water.. His cock was uncircumcised. He had a lot of foreskin covering his dick. It was wrinkled at the tip because there was so much skin. While he was under the shower I saw him pull the foreskin up over his penis and he washed the head. It looked so inviting, I wanted to move the skin back for him. The other boy was a Mexican boy and he was about 12. He had hair all over his dick, even on his balls. He was uncircumcised as well. His foreskin ended just before the tip of his penis. You could see his slit, the skin did not cover it at all. I was the only boy under the shower head that was circumcised. I caught him peeking at me a couple of times. I guess he was curious about me having a circumcised head. He had probably not seen one in his lifetime. I had heard that all Mexican boys were uncut. I looked at the other boys and about half of them had a little hair. Almost all of them were cut like me. There was one boy who was really short and he was 11 but he had a patch of hair over his dick. He was probably the shortest boy in PE but he had hair. That really surprised me. He was really cute and I would have loved to suck on his dick under the shower. Another boy was very tall and had just a little hair but his dick was huge with a big cock head. He must have been at least 5 inches. I made sure to check out the boys that I made a mental note of when we were playing football They were all 11 and 12 years old and they were all circumcised. When I looked around the shower heads, I could see many boys checking out other boys under their shower head. It reminded me of a BOY market where you could go look at young boys and pick the one that you wanted to see naked and take him home. I knew quite a few that I would take home. I paid more attention to Randy. He was just inches away from where I was standing. The other two boys left after just a minute and Randy and I stayed. I saw him looking at my dick for a long time and he knew that I knew that he was looking I was using a soap bar and rubbing my dick and balls and making a bunch of lather. He kept looking at what I was doing. I put my hand under my balls and cupped my dick and balls in my hand so that it was pointing at him and rubbed the soap under my balls. I wanted him to take a good long look at my cock. I kept looking down at his dick as much as I could too. I could tell that he was turned on by my looking at his dick. His dick was sticking straight out. I was afraid other boys would see it. I felt like mine was getting hard too. I looked down and mine was sticking out like his. A few more minutes and it would be standing straight up. He did not have any soap and I offered him mine. He took it and cleaned his dick like I had been doing. He put the soap under his balls and he cupped his dick and balls like I had done. It was so obvious to me that Randy was letting me know that he liked what he saw and wanted to have sex with me. All the other boys had left the shower area except for us. I stood facing him and reached down and touched his penis. I heard him moan slightly and I looked into his eyes. Randy looked to see if anyone was looking and then he moved his hand and held my penis. He ran his hand up and down my shaft and held his hand over my head. He was touching it and it felt so fucking good. I held his dick and ran my soapy fingers over the shaft and up to the circumcised head. He did the same to me. For a few brief seconds, we stood under the shower holding each others cock head and looking in each others eyes. It was heaven. Both of us had huge erections while we were feeling each others head. I knew it was dangerous but I could not stop holding his dick. We had to stop because this was getting pretty dangerous to be doing this with other boys around. It only took us about 30 seconds to touch each other but it was an awesome 30 seconds. I turned off the hot water and ran the cold water. I knew it would get us both back to normal size in seconds. IT DID. We walked out of the showers and a boy from our class was handing out towels. He was looking at every boy’s dick when they came out. I was hoping that he did not notice that my dick was still semi hard. I thought that would be a cool job to have. Randy and I got in front of our locker and dried off. Randy had the towel over his head and it gave me a great chance to check out his ass. His cheeks were white and almost flat. His cheeks did not stick out very much. I watched his penis moving back and forth as he dried his hair. I wanted to get on my knees and suck on it for the rest of the day. When he finished, I put the towel to my hair and rubbed it to dry it. I put it over my head so that he could look at my naked body. I knew he was looking even though I could not see him. I turned towards his locker to be sure he had a good look at my dick. It was like a little game that we were playing with each other. We wanted to show each other what we had but we had to be cool about it so the other boys did not catch on. We both got dressed and heading to our History class. “That felt good in the shower” I told Randy ” I liked it too” he said. “Hey Randy, why don’t you eat lunch with Clay and myself today?” “I did not know that you and Clay knew each other” he said ” We are best friends, he tells me everything, and I mean EVERYTHING” “I know about what you and Clay do when you sleep over at his house. I am very cool with doing that with boys too.” ” I hope that we can spend the night together sometime” “I know the boys think that I am gay and I guess that you know it now too” Randy said. “It does not bother you izmit yabancı escort being friends with me, knowing that I am gay” Randy asked I leaned over to his ear and whispered ” I want to suck your dick in the worst way, so does that answer your question?” Randy looked at me and smiled. He put his hand in mine and we walked for aa few steps knowing that nobody was watching us. When we turned towards the hallway, we stopped holding hands. It felt so good to hold his hand. I wanted to push him against a locker and stick my tongue in his mouth. I was so turned on by this boy. 12:15 finally came and the mad scramble began for the lunchroom. Randy and I had our own lunch so we did not have to hurry. When we entered the cafeteria, we spotted Clay sitting alone at a table. We joined him at his table. “So how was PE today?” Clay asked “We had to take showers” That was the first thing I could think of and I just blurted it out. It was the first time in my school history that I had to get naked with other boys and take a shower. I knew that I was going to LOVE doing that. I started thinking how boys that liked girls would rarely, if ever, get to see them naked. If you are into boys, you can like a boy and get to see him naked all the time. I was glad that I was a gay boy. I looked around to be sure that nobody was listening to us. I leaned over to Clay ” I took a shower with Randy and we touched each others dick in the shower” Clay looked at both of us and then turned to see if anyone was listening to us. “Was if fun Randy?” He asked “I am so luck to know you and Travis. You guys are life savers to me. I am always so lonely and don’t have any friends but now I have both of you for friends” I put my hand on Randy’s hand and Clay put his hand on our hands. “We are the three amigos” Clay said. We all smiled at each other. Lunch ended quickly, as did the rest of the school day. I headed out to the bus and wondered if Clay was going to visit Tony again. When I got to my bus line, I saw that Clay was already on the bus. I got on the bus and sat next to him. I told him that Logan was going to try to join us on Friday night and Clay was super excited about that. He knew that 3 gay boys would have a ton of fun all alone inside a tent all night. ” Do you want to invite Randy to come over?” Clay asked I was not sure how many could fit into the tent. “I am supposed to hear from Logan tonight sometime, I’ll ask him what he thinks” I said. I exited the bus and said goodbye to Clay and walked to my house. My Mom’s car was not there so I knew that she was not home but I knew that my little brother would be home. He gets out of school half an hour before me. I opened the door and closed it with out making any noise. I wanted to sneak up on Scott and scare him with a BOO I did not hear any noise and thought that maybe he went with my mo Then I heard a sound coming from our bedroom. I walked quietly to the room and the door was partially closed. I looked though the crack in the door and I could see Scott lying on his bed. His clothes were scattered on the floor and he was just wearing his Simpsons underpants. He had them pulled down to his knees. I had a perfect view of what he was doing because his eyes were closed and his hand was jacking off his dick. I did not even know that he knew how to jack off. I saw his balls bouncing up and down and he was moving his legs because of the feelings he was getting. I had seen him naked many times but I had never seen his dick hard before. He is 9 years old and his dick is almost as big as mine when it gets hard. It had to be over 4 inches. His hand was going up and down the shaft and stopping at his dick head when he jacked. He was moaning and his legs were moving faster. I watched him for at least 5 minutes. I slid to the side of the door so in case he opened his eyes he would not see me but I could still watch him. My dick was hard as a rock. It had been hard all day because of seeing Randy and all those other boys naked. I slowly pulled my zipper down and pulled my dick out. While Scott was jacking off, I started stroking my cock in rhythm with his movements. I timed my stroking to be the same as Scott. I knew that I could not moan but I was feeling so horny watching my little brother jack off. I was moving my hand fast to keep pace with what Scott was doing. While I was jacking off, I was looking at his cock and admiring how big it was. I could not believe that I was turned on by my own brother jacking off. I thought about walking in with my hard dick and letting him see me jacking off too. Maybe I could suck his dick, I knew that I wanted to do that to him. As I watched, I felt the feeling start to build. Just as I started to get the feeling, I heard him moan louder and that made me feel like I was ready to cum. I jacked harder and within a few seconds, I felt a liquid on my fingers. I looked down and saw some cum on my fingers. About the same amount of cum that I shot onto Clay’s lips. Just as I got the feeling Scott started to get his feeling too. He slowed down and kept jacking for a few seconds, just like I was doing. Even though I had cum on my fingers, I was slowly still jacking, enjoying the feeling. Scott was doing the same thing. Finally, I backed away and went to the bathroom. I stayed there a few minutes until I heard Scott walking in the living room. I walked out and acted like I had just got home and went to the bathroom. He never knew that I was watching him jack off and that I was doing it at the same time. I went into our room and my eyes went right to his bed and I saw how the blanket was all wrinkled from where he had been lying. I turned on our computer and I went to my Twitter page. I saw that I had a Direct Message from Logan. “I checked with Miles and he said if you guys want to spend the night over here, he is cool. You know he will let us do anything. Also Derrick wants to meet you and Clay” I thought about it for a second and it sounded kind of kinky doing stuff at a man’s house with other boys BUT I wanted to do it. I sent him a message back “Logan, YOU’RE ON. I will tell Clay. I can’t wait to meet Derrick and Miles I know another boy that you guys will like. His name is Randy. He likes to do “stuff” that we like. I’ll ask him if he wants to CUM LOL Love ya Bro”

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