Subject: London Life – Part 3 Thank you for the feedback and comments on the second installment of this story. This is now the third part of my first attempt at a story or series and I continue to develop the character and the storyline. The following story is fictional. None of the events or characters are real. Please do not read if you are under 18 or if the content is illegal in your jurisdiction. This story contains relations between consenting youth and adult males. If this kind of story is illegal in your jurisdiction or you are under the age of 18 then please leave now! If you enjoy this story and other stories here on please consider contributing to the archive! If you enjoy this or would like to offer feedback then you may contact me at ail I will try to answer all emails so feedback is appreciated. Please be kind. I’m a new author. PART 3 IS A TOTAL STORY AND IS SETTING UP PART 4, THERE IS NO SEX IN THIS PART BUT PLEASE STICK WITH ME AND I HOPE YOU’LL THINK IT’S WORTH IT When my husband Ivan and I played with young men and teens we usually played alone but as you have seen in the last chapter we play together on occasion. Having Reggy join us was even more rare as I don’t share my boyfriend with anyone and Ivan and I rarely share a boy at all but Kian was special. A number of weeks had passed since that night with Kian and Reggy; Since then Reggy had been back over to ours on a few occasions and I had naturally unloaded into him in my bedroom and in the playroom while we watched porn one night. Ivan had invited Kian back once more and they had spent 24hrs in his bedroom one weekend; Kian left sore but Ivan was fully satisfied and very pleased with what damage he had done and what he had accomplished with the boy. Ivan was now on duty at the hospital and was into his 4th shift in a row, this was not the norm but due to staff shortages and an increase in demand for his speciality he continued to work long hours. I on the other hand was sitting in my office in the centre of London, which looked out over kırklareli escort the river Thames, where I had been for the past 10 hours for the 5th day straight. Trading had taken a hammering recently, certain stocks were in a free fall for 5 days in a row but my 4 traders and I had managed to play the system and buy some lucrative stock at a low price which we gambled would rise again within 12 months. My company was known for its high risk, high reward strategy but we only worked for ultra high net worth clients and also managed a private portfolio of our own funds. My firm was small; consisting of myself, a finance team, the 4 traders, 2 administrators and 2 receptionists. I had started the firm originally with a colleague after we both left our jobs on the trading floor of one of the international trading houses as we knew we could do better. We had a 5 year contract drawn up after which we split the profits and went our separate ways. I then set up a company in my own name while my former business partner spent his share of the money on hookers and drugs and was dead within 18 months. � обертс financial was my small firm but made us all very wealthy. � обертс was just a Russian translation (my husband being from Russia) of my surname – Roberts. It was coming up to our anniversary and due to our hectic schedules neither Ivan or I had been in each other’s company for more than 5 hours over the last few days, I missed him dearly and at this stage didn’t have a single thought for my now 15yr old boyfriend Reggy. I wanted to spend time with Ivan and was trying to think of a few ideas while vaguely listening to one of my traders as he tried to sell me on a new strategy for a certain stock he was watching when the phone on my desk buzzed and one of our receptionists called out “Mr. Roberts, your husband is on your private line” I waited for a few seconds while my trader stopped talking, took the hint and walked out of my office. “Hello beautiful, I’ve been thinking about you” I said as I swung around kırşehir escort in my chair and faced the glass wall looking out over the Thames. “Well Jason my love, I have been thinking about you too and I had an idea” Ivan said and I could hear the grin in his voice as he spoke. “Our anniversary is coming up, as you well know, so I’m thinking a night or two of relaxation and treatments for us both” he said. “Oh Ivan I’m liking the sounds of this, when and more importantly where are you thinking?” “Well I spoke with Silvia earlier” Silvia was one of my receptionists and longest serving member of staff “and she told me you should be done by about 7pm this evening?” said Ivan mischievously. “That sounds about right yeah” I said slowly as I wondered what he had planned. “Well there’ll be a car at the front of your building shortly after 7pm tonight, it’ll take you where you need to go and I’ll see you there!” “But I’ve only got a spare suit with me here in the office, I’ve no casual or dress clothes with me, where are we going?” I said, sounding annoyed but so excited he had arranged all of this. “Don’t worry il mio amore, I’m taking care of all that” A few hours later I was sitting in the back seat of a high end Jaguar making its way through London and when it turned down a certain street and I knew immediately where I was heading. The car came to a gradual stop outside a beautiful victorian mansion building, which clearly had been modernised but kept it’s grandeur on the outside. The driver opened the door for me and as I got out of the car the main door to the building opened and a young man, in his 20’s came down the few steps to greet me. “Good evening Mr. Roberts, welcome back; Dr. Popov has already checked you both in and asked that you meet him at the bar.” he said in a soft but firm tone. “Thank you Denis, it’s good to see you again,” I said to him and smiled at the young man, dressed in his body hugging black shirt, tight black pants and bright red tie. As I walked up the steps it looked kızılay escort to the rest of the people on the busy street that I was just entering a private home but if anyone had the time in their busy lives to stop and look they would see that there was a discreet plaque on the side of the building that said ‘Club Karla Residence the room where we first met that night during that unforgettable orgy 10 years ago. Ivan swiped the card at the door and we walked into the large suite; there sitting on the bed was a handsome young teenage boy “hello, I’m Alan” he said “well hello Alan”, we both said as we walked over to him and I put my glass on the bedside table. I admired his stunning black skin, sitting there on the white sheets as he wore nothing but a bright red jockstrap which showed a well defined cock and balls for a young teen. Ivan and I started kissing in front of him and I slowly started to undo Ivans shirt and loosened his belt buckle then we turned once again to Alan. “Tell me about you Alan,” Ivan said as he started to stroke the boys face up and down… “Well I’m 16 yrs old and I’ve been a member of Karla for about 2 years sir” “He is stunning my sweetheart” I said to Ivan “he’s just right for you” as we made out once more. Ivan and I walked then turned and walked through another door in the suite which brought us into an adjoining room where my surprise awaited “Oh Ivan, I can’t believe it” as we walked towards the four poster bed in the centre of that room and looked at a sleeping boy lying there in his tight little white underwear. He slowly started to open his eyes as I kneeled down next to the bed and started stroking his hair. “I love you and hope you enjoy him,” Ivan said as he leaned in, kissed me on the side of my face and turned to make his way back into the other room and closed the inner door behind him. “What’s your name sir?” said the boy on the bed as he sat up and stretched “my name is Mikey” “My name is not important my sweet but you should call me my lover” I said as I started to remove my clothes slowly and climb onto the bed with him. “Hello lover” said the 11 year old… as we both heard a slapping sound coming from the adjoining room It was going to be an unforgetable two night stay at Club Karla Residence & Spa to celebrate 10 years of our love.

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