Subject: Lonely Little Boy (chapter 1e) gay incest Thanks for reading, if you want to chat, do so ail Wickr: dicksonhill or Telegram: @DicksonHill. Thanks to those who have written, it keeps me going. I used to write under a different name, so if you have seen this story before you know why. I have broken the story up into smaller chapters. If you are reading this and it is illegal to do so, please stop. Please consider a donation to Nifty if you want to keep the site open for your reading enjoyment. ______________ TUESDAY We slept deeply, but dad had to get up for work and I had to go to class. I awoke to dad kissing my lips and then kissing my penis. I awoke and stretched holding his head in place. He was already dressed for work. But I stopped him before he had to leave, I pulled him to me as I sat on the edge of the bed. I undid his zipper, looking cheekily up at my dad reaching in and fished out his large soft penis. Kissed it and licked it leaving my saliva on it as I put it back in place, zipped him up and patted his crotch. “Now he’ll remember me and stay out of trouble,” I smiled impishly. “Oh he’ll remember you all right, and now because of it, my underwear will be soaked all day just thinking about it.” “Good,” I replied meanly. “You monster,” he replied, bending for a last kiss and instead working my penis into his mouth working it till I was painfully hard. He stopped, laughed, and walked away. “Now we’re even” he laughed as he left me in that state smacking his lips as he savored my taste. “MONSTER” I yelled after him as he cackled evilly. I languorously caressed my hardened penis as I stretched myself awake. Shaking myself awake I walked to my room in the buff and went through my morning routine as I prepared for my swimming class. My head was swimming itself with all the changes that happened in the last week. I took inventory of my state of mind. I was sad about my mom and sissy, but thrilled about my dad. I want us all to be happy, but living a lie would only make everyone miserable. I was wary but excited about Coach moving in, mostly about how it would affect my relationship with my dad, and what about our relationship. Not to be taken as least, but my sudden exposure to sex. It was a lot to take in. I loved the new intimacy with my dad. I was happy that my mom could find some happiness too. We weren’t that far away so I would see her and sissy a lot. And my new “babysitter”… I just couldn’t wrap my mind about it. I thought about skipping class, but that would cause worry. I don’t know where my reluctance lay. He was kind, intelligent and funny. I guess I just didn’t know how he would fit into our life, and here I was on the way to his class. I realized, in all my thought process, I was at the building looking at the entrance without realizing. I gathered my courage, grunted at the new teen at the front desk and walked into the changing room. I suddenly realized my new problem. I was comfortable being naked, and the coach had just seen me undressed, but now with all these thoughts in my head, I was feeling so unsure. I decided to throw caution to the wind. I undressed and walked naked out to the pool. I must have inspired the other shy kids, because upon seeing my state, they went back and changed. We were now a fully naked class. I noticed a few glances my way and did my very best not to turn away in shame, but let the curious be curious. I wasn’t small, but I also wasn’t used to so many eyes looking at me. It was disconcerting to say the least. As if to assuage my shyness, Coach chose that minute to show up. “Well, well, well,” he boomed, “it seems we are all finally comfortable, I guess I don’t need this anymore,” she stated, shucking his speedo. The class was both silent and gasping at the same time. Coach took it in stride and called all the looky loos over to give them a layout on what we would be working on today. He seemed unfazed by the looks he got, and judging by the sudden hands in front of crotches, not all were just curious. He released everyone to the pool. Some seemed very eager to be in the water. Coach walked over to me and smiled, placing a hand on my shoulder, “How are you?” He didn’t need to state what he referred to, I just smiled, but suddenly wanted to cry and hug him, but being that I was one with my hands in front of my groin, and it wouldn’t be proper I just let my eyes say everything. They must have said a lot, because he squeezed my shoulder, and stated that we will talk after. He reached down and took one of my hands away from my crotch, lightly grazing my member in the process, and led me down into the pool. I was almost in a daze. After checking the progress of the rest of the class, offering advice and instruction where needed, he returned to me. I had noticed in his circuit that more than one boy tensed and blushed as he drew near them. Those he gave a more hands on instruction, holding them in the water just so, to allow them to practice, but with them all, there was contact leaving those boys doe eyed and flushed. I smiled knowing what they were just now beginning to catch a first glimpse of. As he returned to me I found myself blushing as well, and tense. Something about this handsome man pushing through the water towards you, knowing you both were naked. I reflexively covered my groin. He smiled as he reached me. “Why don’t we run through the basics today, your mind is all over the place, I can tell” He had me hold onto the side as I practiced floating on my stomach and turning my head to breath while kicking. His hand lightly on my tummy to balance was causing my stomach to flutter. I felt the cool air on my bottom and realized it was exposed. It shook me, it shouldn’t have, he had seen me naked, but I hadn’t thought about it until just now, and lost my concentration, tensed up and was suddenly not buoyant. I blushed and he told me to relax. He told me to flip on my back and practice relaxing. I always do as I’m told so I did so without thinking. My flag was flying high, Coach quickly turned me away from the other boys and stood between us, his hand supporting my bottom. “I’m sorry Sport, I didn’t know,” he sounded sincere. The coolness of the water and the sudden realization of my display reduced the problem quickly. “I don’t think any of the boys saw.” “You did though,” I whined my embarrassment at him. “I’ve seen it before,” he chuckled. “But this was much more pronounced, and cute” he whispered. That brought me right back to full flag. I reached to cover myself, Coach grabbed my hand and said, “relax, it’ll go away on its own, plus it’s nice to look at,” istanbul travesti he teased. I tried my best to relax, but the hand on my bottom wasn’t helping. “I can’t relax.” I was worried. “I guess I have an effect on you,” he lowered his voice, “and you have an effect on me.” I didn’t know what he meant exactly, I must have looked confused, “Drop your arms,” he whispered. Doing so, my arm closest to him brushed his erect penis. I recoiled for a split second and then let my arm relax again, grazing his member. I blushed so strongly I felt hot in the pool. I pulled my arm up and smiled at him shyly. “Couldn’t help it, when I saw your cute bottom and then you saluting me,” he nodded toward my little soldier. “But it’s getting near the end of class, we both need to cool down.” He said lowering me into the water, and backing away from me. He did a couple of laps in the pool and came back, determined to ignore me. He interacted with the other little boys who seemed to adore him, but he went unaffected. Those few boys I assumed were not, as they had both hands below the water and angled in front of them. They seemed to trip over themselves just to be in his presence, Coach appeared not to notice. As the class ended most of the boys rushed to the changing room to get changed, but those few went slowly to see Coach exit the pool again. If they thought, they would remember that Coach gave me extended lessons afterward, but today he exited with a few pairs of eyes following his every move. He didn’t bother turning around after he grabbed his speedo and went to the staff changing rooms. “I’ll see you after you get changed, Sport.” He called over his shoulder. The remaining boys exited the pool together, suddenly bonded by something they didn’t want to discuss openly yet. I followed them back to the locker rooms and went to rinse off. I watched the boys as they were almost slyly looking openly at every one still naked. As the older men began to arrive, something they were usually out and changed for, they slowed their pace to see them undress, and most of the men, happy for an audience, were glad to display their gifts. The boys, however, seemed to be snapped out of it, having seen Coach, these men didn’t hold their interest. They changed and among them planned a sleepover for the weekend, just with the remaining boys. They looked over at me like they wanted to invite me, but apparently thought better of it, probably thinking I was too old to want to hang out with them. They wouldn’t have been far wrong. I cleaned up, gave the old boys a show, and got dressed. I wondered at Coach’s attitude as he left the pool. I went to his office, he was just getting out of the shower. He didn’t see me yet as he was drying his hair. I looked him over, his penis looked slightly swollen and reddish. He saw me at last. “Hey Sport” he said, almost jumping for a towel to wrap around himself. Having seen him naked before, and how he helped me feel comfortable naked, this was surprising behavior. “I’ve seen you naked before” I said, amused. He raised his hand up to scratch the back of his head kind of looking confused. “Yeah, I know,” he said, “Remember when I said you had an effect on me? Well, it’s the first time that has happened for… well, umm someone as young as you.” He sounded ashamed. “Those other kids didn’t affect you?” “Not at all,” he emphatically stated. “It’s not that I don’t find them beautiful, some of them I really do, And for those who I know will appreciate it I don’t mind giving them a thrill, however in this job I can’t go around being aroused and keep the job, you understand?” I nodded. “So to find myself… aroused by you was a shock. Kind of left me unbalanced.” He said, pulling up his white briefs under his towel, like I once did. He dropped his towel. I smiled at him thinking that if he thought that his tight briefs were any less revealing or for that matter provocative he was insane. I watched as he reached in and adjusted himself, which gave me a bit of a tingle. The sight of his penis tucked over his testicles made a pronounced bulge that I couldn’t have pulled my eyes away from had I wanted to. He sat drying his hair. I walked over to him and stood between his legs, my upper thigh lightly brushing his groin, as I leaned in and hugged him. I could feel the soft member press into me as He placed a hand on my bottom as he pulled me in tight and one on my back. “Thanks, I needed that.” He didn’t release the hug. Instead he turned his head and smelled my neck. I felt electric. As if stung he pulled me to arms length, “You’ve got to… I’ve got to go…” he sounded desperate. When he stood, his underwear appeared obscenely tented. He quickly turned to get dressed. Again over his shoulder he spoke to me, “umm sorry Sport, I, uh got stuff to do today, I’ll see you later.” A little hurt and confused, I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him. I could hear his breath catch. “It’s ok I still love you.” I let go and turned to leave. His voice sounded equal parts sadness and relief. “You too, Sport.” I left the staff area and entered the pool to walk out and saw several naked older men swimming or hanging out in the pool. I noticed that I caught the eye of several men as I walked by. I gave them a knowing smile, getting one in return from a few. I thought about Coach’s behavior and what it could mean. I came to the conclusion that he was fighting an attraction to me that went beyond friendship. His words and actions left little doubt about it. My guess is that he was honest about not being attracted to kids, add to that me being the son of the man he loved, he must be torn. And what about my feelings about all this? Yes my little boy stood up when he was naked near me, but did that mean something other than that I thought he was attractive? Did I want more? How would daddy feel? I was beginning to get an idea of the confusion he must feel. Again my thoughts carried me all the way home. I found my “Aunt” at my house picking through mom’s things. I was instantly annoyed. Sissy was there though, and I played with her while decidedly ignoring the packing. She spoke to me from time to time, I let one word answers or stoney silence suffice as an answer. She shook her head and went about her business. I grabbed a new book, kissed my sister and wandered down to my hideout. On a whim I stripped down to my undies and used my clothes as a pillow and attempted to read my book. My mind was otherwise occupied, however and soon found my hand down my underwear fondling my penis, and thinking about dad and Coach. I was taken by kadıköy travesti the pliable velvet feeling of the skin on my hard member. I laid my book on my chest and closed my eyes as I focused on the feelings I was giving myself. I imagined being explored by Coach and found my heart beating faster. I could feel my muscles form a tight smile on my face. Did I want this? I thought of dad, and my heart still beat fast. Was it possible to want both? I removed my hand, finding myself wanting to cool off. I wasn’t supposed to swim alone, but wading? I stripped off my undies and walked into the cool water. I sat on the sandy bottom, the water coming up to my chest. I ran the sand through my fingers as little fish came and inspected the intruder nipping here and there testing to see if I was food. I relieved my bladder without moving, and watched as the current carried the liquid away. I heard some footsteps coming down the hidden path. I looked over at my clothes and considered diving for them, when I saw Coach break through the foliage. I was relieved for a second, and then panicked, remembering my recent thoughts, and here I was naked looking like I was swimming alone, breaking so many rules. Coach stopped at seeing me. He smiled and then looked serious. “You’re not swimming alone are you?” “No, no I was just sitting, I wasn’t swimming, honest!” I proclaimed my innocence. “Relax, I was teasing, I can see your hair is dry, plus I know you don’t break rules. I just came here to talk to you if that’s ok.” He sounded less than certain. “Sure,” I decided I was delighted to see him. He walked to the platform and took off his deck shoes and dangled his feet in the water. He lifted my shucked undies and held them up, raising an eyebrow at me. I smiled and shrugged. He kicked his feet back and forth in the water as if deciding how to start. I waited, giving him his time. “I know I was weird today,” he paused, “I don’t mean to be…” he seemed to not know how to continue. I butted in, “You love my dad, and find an attraction to his son, and don’t want to, but can’t help it, and you don’t know what to do.” He looked stunned. “Umm, sorta,” he expected to be judged. “You really are smart.” “Thanks, but it’s just that I am in the same situation. I’m confused by how you make me feel, and I don’t want to hurt dad.” He continued to kick his feet back and forth. “I want to stay your friend, that’s all that I care about, nothing else matters in this.” I didn’t see the issue, of course we would remain friends, and if things continue as they were, he would be like a second dad to me. Was he talking about being more intimate and that was his worry? “As I see it, you’ll be very important in my life for the rest of my life. You and dad will be a couple. You’ll be like a second father figure to me. I love my dad, and I know I already love you. Let’s not confuse anything else and just let our relationship grow like it already is.” “You are way too grown up for your age. I do love you, and probably more than is healthy, but I don’t want to pull back.” He said this as he stood up and began to remove his clothes. “We`ll just let our relationship grow and not let our nerves get in the way, I just want to be close to you, like your dad and you are.” I smiled, I don’t think he knew exactly how close we were, but I wanted him in my life regardless. He stripped down to nothing. He didn’t cover himself, he wasn’t erect, but he wasn’t soft either. He came to me and sat near me in the water. I raised up and hugged him. We both grew with the hug, but weren’t in a hurry to take it to the next level. Just being close and being comfortable being close was enough. I kissed his neck, and pulled back. He looked down at my obvious excitement, “You really do have a nice penis.” I blushed. “It’s a trait you and your father share.” That made me very happy, and I hugged him tight again. “Your body, and personality match.” I said. “What do you mean?” “They are perfect.” He chuckled. “You are such a little flirt,” he said, tossing me deeper into the water. He came after me, we played and splashed, not being shy when our bodies touched or rubbed against one another. We stopped when we were tired out and went to dry before dressing. Both of us had lost our erections, proving that we could weather this storm. Coach looked at his watch, exclaiming that dad would be home soon. We put on our clothes while still damp and walked hand in hand up to the house. My “aunt’s” car was gone. We both went to different showers to clean up. I put on my undies and nothing else, only to find Coach had the same idea. He took our clothes and washed them. And went about making dinner. Dad came in, seeing us at work, “There’s my two handsome guys!” I ran to him and jumped in his arms. He held me up by the bottom as he kissed my cheek and walked over and kissed Coach on the mouth with me right there, I could see it up close. It caused me to get excited. Dad must have felt it, because he squeezed my bottom gently. He set me down, “Seems I’m a little overdressed, I’ll be right back,” he stated as he left the kitchen. I followed him to his room, where I watched him undress. I caressed his groin through his underwear when it was available. “Was he a good boy today?” Daddy smiled. “He was good, but as you can tell by the stains, he missed you greatly.” Indeed I could see stains from his undies having to dry repeatedly. He picked me up and gave me a proper kiss that left me breathless and hard yet again. He then lifted me higher so he could kiss my tent. He set me down. “How was your day?” He asked, pulling me into his lap, and lightly rubbing my bottom. “Swimming was weird, Coach and I both got erections in class.” “Oh?” “Yeah, and we both felt bad because we both love you,” I confessed. He chuckled, “I am glad you both love me, but there is nothing wrong with being attracted to each other, as long as nobody forces each other to do things they don’t want,” and he whispered into my neck while he kissed it, “and you always love me best.” I tackled him to the bed holding him down as best I could, “That will never be an issue.” I said kissing him hard on the mouth and grinding my leg into his crotch. “But I’m not sure how I really feel yet, so I don’t want to rush things.” “That’s very mature of you, just know, he will likely be your daddy too, but you don’t have to do anything at all or do what you want, if you want. I trust Coach, and I know he loves you.” “Yeah, I know, this is all new to me, if it happens it happens, if not, I am just happy having him as a friend.” “You bakırköy travesti are so smart, can I have another kiss before we go eat?” I bent to kiss him again, he stopped me with mischief in his eyes, “Nope not there” he flipped me over and lowered the front of my undies and kissed my little nail sucking me into his mouth, before return my underwear to their right place, and leaving me breathing heavy on the bed. “Now I’m ahead,” he chuckled as he quickly exited the room. “Monster,” I breathed as I tried to catch my breath. I regained my composure, and entered the kitchen in time to see dad tongue kissing Coach, I smiled knowing my penis was just in the mouth Coach was kissing. Dad winked at me when he saw me. When they pulled apart, both had larger bulges in their briefs. I had a huge smile on my face. We set dinner and ate, talking about nothing too heavy just enjoying the company and meal. After we finished and cleaned up. Coach announced that he had to go home and get ready for tomorrow’s class. We discussed when he would move in, he thought this weekend would work, but since I didn’t have a sitter, I should come with him to his class and we could spend the day together after. We agreed and all kissed goodbye, Dad and he went outside to talk alone for a bit. When he returned, he found me lying on the couch, trying to read. He came over and lifted my head so he could sit and it rested on his thigh. He grabbed his book as we sat reading together. He was lightly running his fingers through my hair. I was already having trouble focusing, this didn’t help. He further caused a distraction as his hand made a track, caressing my face, then my chest and finally lightly running circles on my tummy, not enough to tickle, but enough to cause tingles throughout my body. I gave up trying to read and stretched out giving him access to me. His hand continued to trace my torso, from my navel to my nipples doing light circles. I kept my eyes closed as he meandered. Eventually he was focusing on my lower abdomen, going up to but not crossing the line my undies made. I was nearly purring. Before he could decide to make a dash over the border, I flipped on my stomach. My face was nearly in his crotch, and I could smell that scent that drove me wild. I worked to control myself, while daddy’s hand began to work over my back. I no longer had my eyes closed as I watched the dance going on in my dad’s briefs. He started at full mast when I flipped over, his penis softened, and a circle of dampness appeared on his y fronts. As he began to work my back, he started to rise once more, the border of my undies didn’t stop him this time as he lightly traced the hills hidden in cotton. This sent tingles through me as he allowed his fingers to trace the cleft. I watched as his focus on my bottom again brought him to full strength. I began to work my hand up his thigh, lightly tracing his flesh like he was doing, going up to his soft bag that bulged in its white pouch. I lay there amazed as this caused a large globe of clear fluid to rise above the pinnacle of his hardness and break through the underwear barrier. Daddy spread his legs giving me better access. I teased him for a while and stayed near his knees, watching the dance from soft to hard continue. When I drew closer again to his scrotum he hardened in anticipation and his tracing on my bottom became firmer. I stayed just out of reach and watched as the globes of clear fluid began to run down the front of his cotton imprisoned penis. I chose that moment to strike, I gently began caressing his testicles in their cotton sling. He audibly groaned. He knew the game we were both playing, and he was an active participant. I stopped my ministrations with the clear line of excitement reaching my fingers. I allowed myself a quick taste, and then turned over, hearing a breath from daddy that sounded like he was trying to steady himself. He immediately went on the offensive, and worked my chest for seconds before rallying to cross the line into no man’s land. He lightly worked my thighs avoiding the danger zone. With my eyes closed, I fought a sigh, I knew I couldn’t get firmer if I had to. He would “accidentally” graze my scrotum, causing me to flinch, and then retreat to a safe distance. He continued this assault till he was running up to the line with every pass, and very lightly tracing my penis, almost not touching it at all. I was beginning to get frustrated, he was certainly better at this than I. As if sensing my frustration, he made one last assault and placed a heavy finger right at my glans, and began to make firm small circles just on the tip, causing me to lose the fight and gasp out loud. “You win,” I caved, and jumped up and spread eagle across his lap, knocking his book that hadn’t had a page turn in fifteen minutes from his hands. In one swift move I released his imprisoned penis from its enclosure and lowered my undies and ground our two penises together as I fiercely kissed him deep. I loved the warm slick feeling that soon engulfed our members as they slowly, yet firmly tried to start a fire with the friction they produced. I held his head in our kiss with both hands while both of his hands found their way into the back of my underwear as he kneaded my flesh, forcing our penises together even tighter. I reached one hand between us and found daddy’s penis firmly squeezed the knob, causing him to break our kiss and gasp as I felt jets of hot sperm shoot up my arm. I slowly pumped his flesh as he released his day long frustrated semen between us. He pulled me by my buttocks almost painfully as he tried to force his groin inside me, and then collapsed, hands still akimbo in my briefs. Catching his breath after a few moments, “No that victory was all yours.” He then pulled me to a standing position by my cheeks. He placed his tongue at the base of my semen soaked penis and began to slowly, torturously clean my rampant member, finally sucking my angry red tip, dripping with his juice into his mouth, teasing my member from tip to base with his tongue. Massaging my bottom and using his fingers to tease my sack. He stared up into my eyes till I couldn’t hold them open any longer and exploded in twitches of ecstasy. He held me in his mouth till I was soft and limp in body from exhaustion. He kissed his way up my body as I slid down his torso, and our mouths met as we settled. “That was amazing,” I breathed into his mouth around his kiss. “You are amazing,” he returned. We cuddled and kissed for a while, till dad jostled us and stated our need for a shower and sleep. Our shower was purposeful with a little play, just some sweet caressing here and there. We dried and collapsed onto the bed, me spooning firmly into him, as he encircled me like a pillow that molded perfectly to him. He laced his arm across my body as his manly hand held my clean little privates warmly in its embrace. We slept.

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