Love, Lust, And Erin: Part Four


Dave blared the radio news, mentally shoving the vile thoughts to the back of his mind. He let the drone of the talk radio wash over him as he let the making of lasagna engross him like never before. He was so focused on the perfection of lasagna that he was certain it could be served at a state dinner. The talking heads were arguing over what one side was calling the “Male Rights Bill,” and the other side was calling, “The biggest setback in women’s rights in history.”The Biological Imperative Grant for Instinctively Necessary Copulation or Coitus, or BIGFINCOC.“You have to agree, Bill,” said the representative for DomCo–the organization pushing the bill. “The traditional role of men in modern society has been significantly diminished. Women have made great strides in equality, which is wonderful. Women have equal stature in the workplace. They’re no longer forced into antiquated preconceptions about how they should dress, or what their role in the household should be. We celebrate these changes, and we’ve been at the forefront of pushing for those things for decades. Men, though, have been increasingly marginalized in a society that seems to place all the emphasis, now, on a woman’s wants and desires. While it might seem like a worthwhile goal, it doesn’t take into account the pure science of biology.”“You’re sick!” a woman’s voice countered, dripping with venom. “You can’t just expect…”The host, Bill, cut her off, “Representative Swanson, please. You’ve had ample time to share your view. I think it’s time that we let Mr. Johnson share his. In the spirit of equality.”The woman was silent, but Dave could practically feel her seething over the airwaves.The DomCo representative continued, “Thank you, Bill. As I was saying, biology. It’s very difficult to say that biology is wrong. Males have evolved, over thousands of years, with a biological need to procreate. To reproduce. We’re simply stating a fact. Legislation cannot suppress the natural, biological urge to copulate. To do otherwise flies in the face of our own evolution. It simply isn’t natural to tell a man that he cannot be allowed to follow his own natural instincts, and then to argue in the same breath that it is perfectly acceptable for other segments of society, such as the transgender community, to follow their own natural biology. I’m sorry to say, but it’s discrimination, pure and simple.” “Furthermore, it can be argued that the rise in violent crimes has a direct correlation to the suppression of these normal biological instincts. I might also add that this bill asks for large leaps forward in the rights of a particularly downtrodden segment of the female population. That of so-called ‘prostitutes’ who are in fact only women who have chosen a career path that outmoded ideals deemed unacceptable. I ask you, where is the justice in that? If modern society has finally evolved enough to accept the LGBTQ+ community into the mainstream, why do we continue to punish women who have simply chosen a line of work? For a woman, man, or other-gendered person to pursue a career in this field has only created a segment of our society that lacks proper healthcare, costs tax-payers millions in unnecessary criminal prosecution, and untaxed income, as well as creating an underground system of violence and abuse, in which women are taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals. I believe even Representative Swanson has argued, in the past, for easing such hardships for this vastly underserved segment of society.”Bill broke in, “Well put, Mr. Johnson. While I’m sure we’d all love to hear more about the topic, we’re coming up against the end of the show. This, certainly, won’t be the last time we hear about the Biological Imperative Grant for Instinctively Necessary Copulation or Coitus–”“Evil!” Swanson shouted, “Call it what it is! It’s evil!”The host ignored her and continued, “We’d like to thank both of our guests for taking the time to comment on this ongoing debate, as Congress continues to weigh the merits of this groundbreaking legislation. We’ll be back tomorrow with another hot topic, where we’ll be sitting down with Carl Blitzberg to get his opinion on the science of climate change. Are we killing the planet? Is the planet trying to kill us? The foremost expert in the field weighs in. Thanks, again, to our audience, our guests, and remember, discourse bahis siteleri is the heart of freedom! I’m Bill Hennen, and this is The Throwdown!”As the show’s outro music began to play, the tune drowned out the vitriolic screeching of Representative Swanson. Dave finished the perfect lasagna and put it into the oven, set the timer, then went to the living room. He opened his laptop and distracted himself with work while he waited for dinner. He’d just about managed to push all of the dirty thoughts from his mind as he pecked away at his keyboard, but then came the sounds of two pairs of feet on the steps.Erin and Casey, drawn by the delicious smell of melting cheese, came bursting into the living room.“Hey, Dad!” they said in unison and laughed. All of the effort Dave had put into shoving those nasty thoughts out of his head was wasted the moment the two girls entered the room. They hadn’t bothered to change clothes, or even put on pants. No. He wasn’t that fortunate. He was doomed. The two vixens closed in like a pair of velociraptors from either side, Casey snuggling up against his side, while Erin took away his laptop, set it aside, and then lay her head in his lap, staring up at him with that devilish grin and those striking blue… no, not blue anymore. Her eyes were a vivid violet.  She saw the perplexed look on his face, his mind, trying to work out what was wrong.“You like?” she asked, and batted her eyes seductively.“Did you get contacts?” he asked.“Look at mine!” Casey squealed with glee.Dave turned and looked his daughter in the eyes. Hers were no longer caramel brown. They were a shifting pattern of rainbow light. He’d never seen anything like it.“Honey, those are beautiful,” he said, “Gosh, they really can do anything these days, can’t they?”“I smell something wonderful!” Erin said, “and it isn’t you, Dave! Phew!”“Guess I worked up a bit of a sweat making lasagna,” he replied.“Oh, it’s not so bad,” Erin quipped, “sweaty man stink kinda does things to a girl.”“She’s just being a dirty tease, Dad,” Casey said softly into his ear. The closeness of her warm breath against his skin sent a shiver down his spine, straight to his cock, making it twitch against the back of Erin’s head. She grinned up at him and he flushed.“I think dinner’s about ready,” he said, a little too abruptly.Casey’s fingers were gently tracing the back of his neck, making his hair stand on end. “But, I’m so comfortable here, Dave,” Erin whined. “Do we really have to get up?”“I can get dinner out,” Casey offered. “You two just relax a while.”Oh, sweet mother of fuck, Dave thought.Casey disappeared into the kitchen, where, soon after, Dave could hear the sounds of plates and glasses clattering on the table. “Music?” Erin asked.Dave nodded, silently praying that she would have to get up and turn on the stereo, so that he could adjust himself. She did not.“Leah,” she said to the air, “play classic rock on the living room TV.”The TV mounted on the wall turned itself on and began to play The Eagles.“What the heck?” Dave said. “Did you guys put a Dislexa in the room or something?”“Nope!” Erin said, grinning. “Even better!”“Better?”“Leah, share my view on the living room TV.”Dave drew his attention to the TV, where he was now seeing his own quizzical expression through Erin’s eyes. He could see his own brain trying to work out what was going on in HD clarity.“Ok, I give up.”“Don’t be a quitter, Dave. If you want it, you have to go after it.”“Um, ok… did you make another app?”“The eyes are the windows to the soul, Dave,” she said in her best yogi imitation, completely deadpan.“So, this has something to do with the contacts?”“Ding, ding, ding! Give the man his prize!” Erin exclaimed.“What do I win?”“My eternal love, of course!”“Wow! Best quiz show ever.”“They’re Haloes,” Erin stated.“Haloes?”“Smart lenses. Someone got lucky and got into the beta test!” she crooned.“Sounds pretty cool,” Dave agreed.“Watch this!”Erin snapped her fingers, and then poked at the air a couple of times. Dave watched as her violet eyes turned a bright red.“Dave, it burns!” she cried dramatically, “It burns on the inside!”She erupted into a fit of giggles, and Dave joined her. A few more taps at the air and her eyes turned into empty black pools. “Ooooh, Dave! They took my soul, Dave!” she said in a deep, hollow voice. “Save my soul, Dave!”“That’s canlı bahis siteleri creepy. Stop it.”She snorted, tapped again, and her eyes turned completely white.“Daaave,” she moaned in a ghostly whisper, “I’ve cooome to haunt you, Daaave! Oooo!”“I can tell you’re going to be a hit at Halloween parties.”Tap. Tap. Tap. Her eyes became little pulsing heart emojis.“Oooh, Dave!” she cooed. “You big burly lover man! Can’t you see the love in my eyes?”He burst out laughing, and Erin held her belly, practically choking with her own laughter.“Stop it… Make it stop…” Dave begged, wiping tears from his eyes.Erin made another few gestures, and her eyes shifted back to their normal blue color.On the TV, Dave saw himself wiping away his tears. He could, also, study the Halo interface and watched in appreciation as Erin navigated the HUD, swiping, pinching, and flicking away menus. “Jesus, it’s like Minority Report come to life,” he commented.In the corner of Erin’s vision a little phone icon appeared with Casey’s name next to it.“Hello?” Erin answered.A ghost image of Casey (with pants on) appeared in Erin’s vision, standing in the living room. The image even moved and talked. Dave was astonished.“We’re ready,” Casey said.“You know we’re only like, 10 feet away, right? You could have yelled.”“Wouldn’t have been as cool.” Casey grinned, and then the ghost faded as she hung up.“Ready to eat?” Erin asked, and snaked her hand deftly between her legs, as though casually rubbing an itch.Dave could only nod, his gaze following the movement of her hand. He caught himself and snapped his eyes away, which only made him focus back on Erin’s grin. He could feel himself turning red in the face as his skin burned.Erin hopped up from the couch and held her hands out to him, then made a huge show of attempting to drag his bulk from the couch, her face straining with mock effort.“Ooooh God, Dave! You… sure… you… need… lasagna?” she panted, doubling over to catch her breath.“Ha Ha. You sure you don’t need pants?”“Fuck pants,” she said, and wiggled her butt at him. “Why hide this badunkadunk bootay? Ma muhfuckin’ milkshake is da shiz, son!” Dave resisted the urge to spank the badunkadunk bootay, but followed it like a puppy into the kitchen. Casey, serving spoon in hand, was already dishing out steaming, cheesy lasagna onto three plates. As she bent over the table, Dave couldn’t help but steal a glance down the front of her loose tank top. Her braless nipples brushed the front of the shirt, and he was unable to pull his eyes away.Fuck, this was wrong. He really needed to get laid. “Looks like good eating,” Erin said into his ear, her hand resting softly in the center of his back. Perfection like that must be really hard.”You have no idea, he thought.Dave graciously pulled out a chair for Erin, who took her seat. Casey sat next to her, while Dave took a seat opposite the two girls. Over the meal, they talked about the girls’ classes. The necessary pleasantries out of the way, Erin and Dave became engrossed in a conversation about Dave’s latest project. The code monkey chatter soon had Casey bored, though, so she played around with her Haloes, configuring routines, setting shortcut commands, and generally trying anything that looked interesting.When the conversation began to lull she asked Erin, “You wanna stay for a movie?”“Maybe, just one. Class tomorrow.”“Oh, come on. You can just crash here,” Casey answered, seeming a bit too eager.“Watch a movie with us, Dave,” Erin said.Dave shrugged his acquiescence, and said, “Sure. I think Fast and Furious 26 is out. Furiously Faster than B4?”The two girls rolled their eyes.“No, no,” Casey said, “if it’s going to be action, let’s do something classic.”“Ooh! Top Gun!” Erin exclaimed.“Can’t go wrong there,” Dave agreed.Casey and Erin cleared away the dinnerware, while Dave drifted back to the living room to set up the movie. On the TV, he could still see Erin’s view from her Haloes, as well as hear what the two girls were chatting about. Casey, standing in front of the sink rinsing off a plate, had her legs slightly spread. Her tight little panties were wedged into her ass crack. Dave hesitated, the Top Gun DVD in his hand, forgotten.“You know who my favorite Top Gun character is?” Erin asked, as she took the rinsed plate from Casey and placed it in the dishwasher.“I’m sure you’re canlı bahis going to tell me.”“Goose!” Erin cried, and poked Casey right between her ass cheeks, making her squeal.“Hey! Fragile dishes here.”“I’ll bet you wish it was a big, fat dick instead of my finger,” Erin whispered sensually and cupped his daughter’s bottom.Dave choked on his tongue. The DVD fell from his limp hand.“After the movie,” Erin said, kissing Casey’s neck, “I’m going to eat your cute little pussy.”He heard Casey groan with desire, and through Erin’s eyes saw her snake her hand between his daughter’s legs. His brain was a mess, but he forced himself to reach for the remote and change the TV’s input to the DVD player. His penis argued vehemently against this action, but it would not do to be caught watching this when the two girls came back to the room. He snatched the DVD off of the floor and his shaking fingers fumbled the disc into the player. He took a seat on the couch, grabbed a throw pillow, placed it on his crotch, wrapped himself into a blanket, and tried to act as cool as possible.His head was spinning. Was his daughter a lesbian? Were the girls bisexual? He’d just had a sexual revelation about the two of them suddenly dropped on his head, and it was making him dizzy. Fuck. He was supposed to be the father figure here. He was the responsible adult. Male role model. Instead, he felt like a high school kid that had just caught a glimpse of the hot neighbor lady in her underwear through the curtains. It was a naughty little secret, and he felt giddy. Guilt warred with his libido, his poor, unused, pent-up libido. Was he going to survive this without a heart condition?Casey and Erin entered the room. Dave fidgeted with the remote, outwardly cool, inwardly in turmoil. Erin noticed him wrapped tightly in the blanket and laughed.“Looks like Dave’s hypothermic,” she said with concern. “We’ll need to share body heat to keep him alive!”Before he could protest–not that he had any intention of doing so–Erin and Casey yanked the big blanket aside, and burrowed themselves in on either side of him, then wrapped the blanket back across the three of them. Dave recited the number for his Cardiologist in his head. Several times.“Showtime!” Casey said, hugging tightly to his arm. Erin took the remote from his clammy hand, started the movie, and then hugged his other arm. She quickly found his hand and held it affectionately, found his gaze, and they burst out laughing as the little pulsing hearts in her eyes stared back at him.“Stop it!” Dave cried. “That’s too damn funny!”Erin cackled with glee, then swiped away the hearts, returning her eyes to normal. “Ok,” She said. “I’ll be good. Promise.”True to her word, she was good. They watched the movie, bantered a bit at their favorite parts, but there was no further innuendo from either of the girls. Still, the heat of the two sexy teens snuggled against him had his fantasies swirling in his head. While Casey just lay against him normally, the fact that Erin held his hand throughout the whole film was certainly a change. She’d always been an affectionate girl, but this was different. Some part of him had to admit he liked it. Maybe, too much. Erin had always been, in his mind, like a daughter to him, but there was also a different connection there. They’d just gotten each other. Verbal sparring. Interests. They’d always been kind of in-tune. She yawned and casually nuzzled against his neck, making him shiver. What the hell was happening here? As much as he tried to focus on the movie, his mind kept rolling the whole day over, examining it like a complicated workflow in his programming. How does your perception of someone you’ve known for years, and practically raised as part of your family, alter so quickly. Or, had it been quickly? Of course, he’d noticed the changes in his own attitude toward her over the years, the way they’d connected and actually become real friends. But, it was difficult not to feel that sense of fatherly responsibility that had become so ingrained in him for so long. Where was this line of thinking even going? He was a forty-three-year-old widower, and she was a nineteen-year-old genius. There was nowhere this line of thinking could lead. Terminate workflow. As the end credits began to roll, Dave could feel his eyes drooping. The two girls had gone quiet some time ago, he realized, and now he could see that they were both asleep on either side of him. Tough day for everyone, he guessed. They should all be in bed. Together. No! Fuck. He was tired. With an audible sigh, he jostled himself, and…

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