Loveing Evan Pt. 01


Everyone in this story is 18 or older. The story is a work of fiction and the characters where all created by the writer. This will be an on going story, I hope you enjoy part 1.

Evan had just logged off his computer game, and sat back in his chair when his phone rang. The match had been a grueling back and forth slug fest, the sound of his phone made him jump a little. Glancing down at the clock on his screen he saw it was midnight. Evan knew nothing good ever happened after midnight.

Reaching for the phone on it fourth ring Evan picked it up and looked at the caller ID. He was not surprised to see his sister Dorrie’s number show up. Dorrie was Evan’s twin sister. Yet they where very little alike. She was out going always one to speak her mind, yet she was loyal to her friends and family. She always had guys following her or trying to impress her. In school she was not the queen bee but she was on her court. Evan was just the opposite. Quite, withdrawn sure he had a small group of friend and even a girlfriend or two nothing long lasting or that deep. Evan sometimes wondered if Dorrie did not have something to do with them ending but it was not worth it to rocking the boat. Evan was not into sports or clubs at school he preferred his online games where he excelled. Placing his thumb on the screen Evan answered the call.

“Hey, what up” Evan asked as if he did not already know. Evan knew that Dorrie and her best friend Emily where at Darick’s party, and that half the school was there as well.

“Evan, could you please come pick Emily and me up, please” Dorrie asked?

“What happen to tall, dark, and stupid” Evan asked.

“That dick head been up Darick’s ass all night, he turned into a real fucktwat, please Evan the seen here not cool” Dorrie asked with a twinge of something in her voice.

Evan was already on the move. His jacket in hand and car keys flicking open.

“Dorrie get you and Em out front I be there in 10” Evan says and he shut the front door.

“Thanks, I promise I’ll repay you, Emily and I will be out front. You need to park on 5th street ok” Dorrie says as she ends the call.

Evan moved swiftly to his car, he was cursing to himself. Evan hated large groups of drinking people especially teens. Darick was captain of the football team, player of the year, and all city. He had earned a free ride to collage off his football skills and as such was the ipso facto king of the high school till he graduated at the end of the year.

Evan and Darick had known each other sense grade school and at one point had even been friends but, then that all changed in middle school. Darick was all about being the man, the big dick on campus and nailing anything that he could. Evan was into quieter things. Not that he did not take care of himself Evan just did not flaunt it. Evan was a two time aikido champion for his age group and was one of the youngest black belts in the state. Yet nobody at school knew this It was not what Evan was about. To him his aikido was to help him keep control when everything else was falling apart.

The drive to Darick’s house did not take long, and as Dorrie had said he had to park on 5th street just to find a spot. Evan could hear the music even a half block away. Evan threw his jacket in the car and locked the doors as he started to make his way to the party. Evan took out his phone and hit his sister number, then turned on the speaker. The call rang but no answer. Evan cursed to himself why could she not be out here waiting on him. Turning the corner to the street that Darick’s house sat on Evan could see a large group of people had formed around the front of the house and there was shouting. Evan picked up his pace he swore that one of the voice shouting was his sister.

Reaching the crowd Evan started to push his way threw. He saw a few familiar face and stopped quickly at one of his friend he knew was a streamer to make sure they where up and streaming. They confirmed they where and Evan pulled them threw the crowd with him. Evan’s bad feeling was getting worse. Evan strained and could now hear his sister yelling. Giving a final push Evan broke threw the crowd to see what the hell going on.

In the center of the circle was Darick’s, Emily, Dorrie and some black haired girl Evan thought her named was Amber. Emily was lying on the ground blood streaming from a cut on her lip. Dorrie was yelling at Darick calling him a dumb dick head, but also pleading with him to let the black haired girl go. Darick had the girl on her knee’s in front of him holding her down by a hand full of hair. The girls shirt was ripped and she was crying and wailing for Darick to let her go.

Dorrie saw Evan break threw the crowd. Saw the look in his eyes as he saw Emily laying on the ground bleeding. Emily had been her best friend sense grade school and lived at their house threw the summer she had even went on holiday with her, Evan and her mother last year. She also knew how Evan felt about her, she had seen the look in his eyes and also new her friend had a thing for her brother. She had put the word out escort izmir the he was off limits most listened to her, the few who did not quickly learned of Dorrie bad side and quickly fell in line.

With Evan here Dorrie felt emboldened, she knew of Evan skills and black belts,

knew of his championships, knew of his workout ritual that rivaled even her own.

“Darick let her go or you regret it, you tiny dick bastard”, Dorrie yelled as she and her 5 foot 5 frame took a step closer to the large enraged football player.

Dorrie had never liked Darick, never saw why he was so popular. Sure he could play ball, but he was a dickhead, he had to have a tutor in every class just to pass with a C. He treated people like shit, and she knew of him forcing himself on girls. Nothing stuck but it was still out there.

“Fuck you, you little bitch maybe I need to smack your mouth like that slut friend of yours. This bitch is going to fucking pay for writing that stories about me,”

Darick yelled at Dorrie and all the rest gathered around. With that he gave the girls head a good shake.

“Look around you dumb ass bitch, who here is going to stop me.” Darick yelled next as he start to scan the on looked. Then Darick’s eyes fell on Evan.

“What you think your punk ass, little pussy brother going to save you. Maybe I should come over there bend you over and fuck that tight ass of yours right in front of him.” Darick said looking right at Evan.

Evan had seen, enough had heard enough. He did not want to fight Darick, he just wanted to end this, pick up his sister, Emily and with any luck get the other girl out of here as well. Evan slowly step forward into the grassy circle the crowd of people had created.

“Darick let the girl go, let me get them out of here, and you can go back to drinking, dancing and having a good time.” Evan led with, his hand held up in front of himself in a non aggressive way. He slowly walked towards Emily who was looking up at him and then back to Darick.

The crowd had grown quiet when Evan had entered the circle. Some in his class suspected that Evan was more then a quiet nerd. Had heard the stories of him matching the pace of the schools best track stars in gym, of him disabling two would be thieves at a store last year. Evan has played it off saying he just got lucky.

Darick looked at Evan entering the circle, he took it as a challenge, a challenge to his kingdom.

“Ok, Evan I’ll let this bitch go, and even let your lippy ass sister and her slut friend go but, you going to take their beating,” Darick said in a loud clear voice.

“Darick, I do not want to fight you, we where friends once, I am happy for you man, you got it all set a free ride to college, who knows with a little luck maybe even the NFL. Let it go bud.” Evan said in a neutral voice, yet inside he was raging, inside Evan want to break every bone in Derick’s hand for touching Emily

“A fight, Darick laughed. It not going to be a fight I will kick your ass all over this front yard and when your lippy ass sister, and her slut ass friend beg me to stop I will laugh in their face and hit you again,” Darick said as he shoved the black haired girl to the ground and took his shirt off and threw it into the crowd. Looking down at the girl, “I finish with you after I beat the shit out of this asshole” Darick say to the girl.

The crowd is cheering Darick on. Shouting his name, others shouting at Evan or the girls. Evan move around the circle so that Derick’s back was to the three girls.”We don’t,” is all Evan got out before Darick swung on him. Darick throwing all his weight and strength into the punch hoping to land the big first punch that would be the first of many. Evan easily saw it coming and side stepped it letting Darick fall past him and turning to face him once more.

Darick was enraged. How could he have missed. Turning back to Evan he could here the laughter in the crowd it was low but it was there.

“Darick, please stop this man, I do not want to hurt you,” Evan said sizing up Darick next move.

“Hurt me, please you pin prick when I hit you, you are going to bleed all over my yard.” Darick yelled as he charged again. This time Darick threw a left followed by a right. Evan stepped out of the way of the left, then blocked the right this threw Darick off balance and opening him up. Evan did not let this one pass as he landed a clean elbow to Darick’s lower back. As quick as a hiccup Evan turned again to face his attacker. Evan knew it was time to end this before a wild punch caught him, or Darick got hurt to bad. Evan also kept an eye on the crowed Darick had a lot of friend, and he did not want to be blind sided.

Darick turned back to face Evan again. Anger and confusion filled his eyes. Evan saw this and knew Darick was going to try and tackle him. To use his size and weight to get Evan down.

“Darick we do not need to do this walk away,” Evan said in one last vain attempt to end the fight with nobody getting hurt.

Darick did as Evan thought he would, and charged the smaller teen in a tackle escort izmir attempt. Evan was already ready for it and dodge to his left. As Darick pasted him Evan land a kick to Darick’s left knee buckling it with a popping sound. Darick went down hard landing on his left shoulder and arm. Unbeknownst to Evan there was an over grown sidewalk there and Darick hit it hard. Screaming out in pain. Two of Darick’s friends rushed to him as it was clear he was not getting up. Two more stepped in front of Darick to ensure Evan did not take advantage of the man being down.

Evan turned from the seen and collected Emily, Dorrie and Amber the girl dark haired girl Darick had pushed down.

“We need to get to my car, it is this way,” Evan says putting a shacking hand on his sisters lower back.

“Thank you, I was so scared,” Amber said as the group made there way to Evans car.

Dorrie looked at her brother, she knew the look in his eye, knew he had been holding back, knew that Evan could have really hurt Darick if he had wished to.

“Evan are you ok, do I need to drive,” she asked rapidly?

Evan looked at his sister for a moment, she look and sounded sober and he knew he was in no condition to drive. “Ya here just take it easy please,” he said handing the keys over.

“Amber is our house ok for now till you can get a ride,” Dorrie asked the black haired girl?

“Yes, any where but here,” Amber quickly responded.

Reaching Evans car Dorrie quickly unlocks it and slides in behind the wheel. Dorrie loved Evans car. It was a completely restores Datsun 240 Z. she had only drove it a few time but she loved the car.

Emily and Evan got in the back and Amber rode shot gun. Emily slowly laid her head on Evans shoulder. He put an arm around her.

“Thank you Evan I know you do not like fighting, I know you struggle with anger, but thank you so much, I knew you where good but never dreamed that good. Emily softly spoke to Evan as she laid her head on his shoulder. As she spoke she started to run her fingers threw Evans hair.

Evan felt the anger subsiding, as Emily spoke. He loved the feel of her hand in his hair. Looking at her he knew he felt something for the soft spoken, short haired, angelically young women that had been a constant in his life for years now.

“Why did Darick keep calling you a slut,” Evan ask softly as he took her head off of his should so he could look her in the face.

Emily looked down, she did not want to look into Evan’s eyes as she spoke.

“Two years ago after the homecoming dance several of us girls went to a hotel with some of the football players. We were all drinking and I was with Tom Wilson, you know the guy from our English class. Well he was kissing me, and I was kissing him, and we went to a room together and we you know. It was my first time and it was not bad after I fell a sleep but when I awoke Darick was in bed with me. He was naked and asleep. I started to yell at him. He woke up and told me to shut up that all the boys had all changed rooms several times that night and I was a lazy fuck. I just started to cry. He told me to suck it up, after a minute he got up and dressed then left. I talked to the other girls and they all had the same story. I guess they drugged our drinks.” Emily said her eyes still down.

When Emily stop talking she started to cry again. Evan was pissed again, if he had known this Darick and half the football team would have been in the hospital. Evan reached out and pulled Emily into a hug and held her as she cried. Evans eyes shift to the rear view mirror and the eyes of Dorrie. There where tears in her eyes and Evan knew that she had known about this.

‘Why, why did you not tell me,’ Evan asked his voice on edge?

Dorrie looked back to the road. Amber’s hand came to rest on her shoulder. After a minute or two Dorrie finally started to speak.

“We knew you would be mad Evan, knew that you would have found Darick and start a fight that would have got you kicked out of school. After that night Emily came to me and mom. She told us everything and we been helping her ever sense. We took Emily to the police to fill out a report. But after taking to him and others they all made it sound as if Emily knew what she was getting into that it was common knowledge that the team swapped room several time a night, and that the girls who go to these room know what they getting into. The police and the school investigated it but nether followed throw with anything. The school said they talk to the coaches and player and tell them that this was not to happen again,” Dorrie explained.

When the school would not do anything and the police just closed the case I went to talk to Amber she is a writer on the schools new paper and does special segments for the daily school news program. She has talked to a dozen girls with the same story, It seem there even a teacher that Darick attacked and the school covered it up. Dorrie added.

“Amber turned in her seat to look at Evan. First thank you, I do not know how Darick got wind of the story but he did, Second the stories going out in tomorrows final paper of the year. I also sent a copy to Darick’s collage coach and the dean. I hope to stop him from doing this again.” Amber said with a look of determination on her face.

Evan fist where still clenched, his eyes still burnt with anger. He hate people who hurt women. He had fought with his father after he had hit his mother in front of himself and Dorrie. A fight that led his father to get behind the wheel drunk and pissed off. A fight that lead him to drive when he should not have been. A drive that was his last. Evan blamed himself, blamed his anger, blamed his fathers drink. That had been five years ago and it still fresh in his memory, in his nightmares.

Emily reached up with her hand and touched Evans face. Her hand was trembling and it touch got threw to Evan. Emily slowly turned Evan’s head to face her. Evan saw her beautiful eyes, her light smile.

“Evan I like you a lot, what you did today, what you do every day, I’ve want to tell you for a time now but was scared,” Emily said smiling at Evan. She slowly leaned forward bring her lips to lightly touch his. A shock went threw both of them. The kiss was short but meaning full. Emily pulled back a little to look at Evan’s face then leaned in again. Evan meet her half way and they kissed again. Soft and light at first but then with more passion. Emily’s other hand came up to rest on Evans chest. They slowly leaned back from each other and stared into the others eyes.

Emily took Evans hands in hers and looked at him for a moment. “I know you care for me, I know what I have said is horrible, but I want to put it behind me. High school is almost over. Then I never have to see any of those assholes ever again. All I want is for us to move forward from here, to find our own path, a path I like to share with you and Dorrie. I am in love with her and I am in love with you Evan. I have been for sometime. Your mother been there for me, more then my real mother. Please Evan let this anger go. Pull yourself together for me, for Dorrie and your mom we all need you,” Emily confessed to Evan as tears of happiness ran down her checks.

Dorrie finally pulled the car into thier drive way. Bringing it to a stop in front of the car door. Dorrie, Amber and Emily got out of the car, Evan was slow to move but finally did. He reached up under the driver side visor and grabbed his wallet and took his ID out and placed it in his pocket then turned to the girls. Dorrie started to throw him back his keys but Evan raised a hand to stop her. He reached into his pocket and remover all his change and then his phone. Evan then took a step towards his sister.

“Please hold on to this for me, also on my phone find Jason Woods You Tube he is under JzzzWood, he should have a good stream up of what happened when the police get here show it to them please,” Evan tells Dorrie.

“Evan what are you saying,” Dorrie asked a concerned look on her face.

“The police will want to question me, when they get her they will search me and then cuff me then ask their question, standard stuff, I not speak to them till I have a lawyer as is my right but then they will question you guys. Tell them everything and show them the steam, it should show I tried to stop the fight, tried to talk it down. You may need to have a few streams ready though. Jason cool but I do not know if he edit it or put music over the sound. I need the police to hear me trying to talk Darick down. Can you do that Dorrie,” Evan asked.

“What about mom do I need to call her,” Dorrie asked quickly?

“If they arrest me and take me in then yes, but not till then I am hoping that they see the vids and sense it will match what all of your statements will be then they will drop it. I am sure they will talk to some of Darick’s friend and others at the party before coming here. I just hope some of them tell the truth or at least some of the truth,” Evan said as he turn to walk to the back of the car and took a seat on the bumper waiting on the police.

“Amber would you mind waiting on getting that ride until after the police talk to us. Maybe you could filed an assault charge against Darick,” Dorrie asked turning to her well endowed raven haired friend?

“It is not problem Evan saved us the least I could do is say so to the cops and yes your right I could file assault charge on the little dick asshole,” Amber said looking at her friend.

With that the girls went into the house and start to search for a good streams of the fight. Evan stayed out side, his mind on the fight at first, but then on the kiss that he and Emily had shared, and on her admission on what Darick and his football buddies had done. It really hurt him that he had been left in the dark, hurt him that he had not noticed that Emily basically lived at there house for the last year and a half. How his mom basically treated Emily as a second daughter, how could he have not seen it. Sure he had heard of the shit that Darick had pulled, from posting pics of the female basketball players showering, the slapping girls on the ass as he walked the halls during passing period. Even heard a few girls say he been rough with them. All this was the high schools shit Evan tried to avoid.

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