Love’s Good Vibrations



Ethan travelled light; he’d been doing that for two months now; since the news came to him, that his parents had gone. That was but a couple of weeks before final uni work on his master’s degree in engineering had been completed. He had been told that they had perished after being encircled by a bushfire, set alight deliberately, and it had wrecked the family home along with others close-by; a mound of charred timber and piles of ash all that remained. Identifying the bodies had been achieved from wedding rings; their names engraved upon them. He’d gotten through, somehow, and had decided on a trek along the Queensland coast to soothe his mind; to live out the beginnings of a new life without them.

He’d be reliant on himself, alone, and keep off the well-travelled roads; follow coastal paths and the long stretches of beaches. He’d stop wherever, and whenever, he fancied. He’d rough it; sleep on a mat that was rolled up and fixed to his small haversack. Beach shorts; a few T’s or iconic vests, some swimming shorts and briefs would see him through, He’d take showers at beach places and would clean himself up if the sea didn’t achieve that. He’d shave when it was necessary, look a tad wilder, now that his hair had grown long. It had been tied back, yet it looked tended. His feet had hardened and his trainers, or some beach sandals, would be worn whenever he had to trek along rough paths or scorching hot roads, thumbing a lift. Otherwise, they would be stuffed into side pouches of his backpack

He was a twenty-five and had chosen to start his degrees later than his friends, but he had flourished all the same. Now, he knew only too well how to get by and had the money to do what he wanted. He’d not wanted or planned for it to be this way but that’s how the cards had fallen.

His iPhone was the only means of being contacted and few people did that now. He’d cut loose from everything and that’s thought secure and now relied on his artist’s skills and a sharp penknife to amuse himself when a place was happened upon that he wanted to capture. Some work even sold, there and then, on the spot. He carved small pieces of driftwood, and he’d fashioned a necklace by threading some shark’s teeth onto a leather lace. He wore it now.

In his sack he had a small magnifying glass that he’d often use to light a fire, but in summer that was far too risky to go doing that, save on a beach and keeping the fire small.

He roughed it. He was getting happier again by the day, but he would never forget. He also wanted someone a little special in his life, and for her he had never stopped looking.

Yeah, he roughed it; he got by; he found the pain and sense of loss slowly easing from his mind. If he happened on company he’d linger a while until that played out. Those ways suited them both and such hook ups were but a surrogate for the bigger plan.

And now he walked at the edge of the surf, the sun’s heat on his oiled skin, the straps of his haversack digging into the bare flesh of his shoulders, his eyes cast down to see if anything grabbed his attention. Any thoughts of food had to be dismissed from his mind as the last resort was already some miles behind him. Ahead lay headlands that he could just make out in the haze. They could be seen at the far end of long curving beach with stands of palm trees at the low crests of the dunes, all of it beautiful but desolate.

He trudged on in the full knowledge that it was highly unlikely to meet someone else pursuing their need for solitude and away from the press of the crowds, even out here on a desolate stretch of Queensland beach.


Melissa couldn’t quite believe what she was looking at. She had been sketching the scene before her and had just begun to apply the first wash of water colour as a base to the picture she wanted to create. She’d arrived at daybreak and parked her small 4WD in a hollow of the dunes, its sturdy construction coping easily with the track from the coastal highway some way off.

The small speck at the edge of the sweeping beach was someone intent on solitude just as she was. Even with the glare off the beach and the thinning haze she was left in no doubt.

‘This is a turn up, Melissa Tamblin…no mistake.’

Every Wednesday during the balmy summer months, Melissa came to her special secret stretch of beach with lunch and drinks, along with all of her artist’s tools. She also brought a few of her ‘pleasure toys’, all of them charged up and ready to be played with if she was minded to do that.

A friend back in Mackay had called her, ‘the beautiful Melissa…a MILF in waiting.’ Anna, her arty friend, had gotten part of that right. She’d been for her morning’s skinny dip, and now, with her body tingling from the salt and surf she was sitting on the large beach towel, her naked body slowly drying off under the sun. A floppy brimmed straw hat protected her head and strikingly blonde hair.

‘Come on…don’t keep me waiting,’ she muttered, holding 1xbet yeni giriş up a hand to shield her eyes from the sun as she continued to watch the progress of the tiny figure in the distance. Praise be if it’s a virile young guy, she thought, as she continued to gaze at the dark spot on the deserted sands.

She possessed an only too vivid imagination and agile fingers. Who was to know if she rubbed her pleasure spot for a few moments? She wondered if she’d have to cover herself when the object of her attention was near and could take in her carefully tended, firm breasted naked body; her tummy muscles nicely toned and her slender legs not too fleshy.

There was a first time for everything. She had never seen anyone on her beach in all the years that she’d lived close to this stretch of sand. There had been the occasional wild dog to contend with, even a few ‘roos, but no one like the object of her continuing attention.

‘Stop it, you wasted woman…’

She gave voice to her thoughts as her fingers brushed over her neatly shaved mons and tugged on the spiral of hair she had left, as a marker, as she imagined an only too sexy and diverting scenario play out in her mind. A handsome and well-hung lover was coming to see to her…and he’d use her body as if she were his whore…both of them surprised by this chance meeting and all that could follow.

The little human spec in the distance was slowly getting bigger… getting closer…any thoughts of painting quite forgotten.

She had just turned forty-three and had never gotten used to being thrown aside by her husband, a guy who had simply walked out on her and their daughter. He had been tracked down and she had taken him for a wad that eased her life, until she found her way again. She’d been resourceful. She was also good at art and sold well. She succeeded in that, sufficiently, to have no worries or to be tied to a straight-jacket routine. She chose to be thankful that she had her daughter, Chloe, early, when she was going on twenty-six. There was time to pick up the pieces. The only question was with whom.

Lying out here in the sun was a perfect example of that. It was a day to savour so much more, if that dot at the water’s edge made her day fly differently from all that had gone before. He’d make her forsake the small ‘pleasure tools’ she brought along and that made her day down on the beach go a little differently from when she was alone in her bed at home.

She shielded her eyes from the sun once more; pressed her fingers to her spot and rubbed at it slowly. Her labia were slicked and ready…for her fingers or the man she hoped was walking along the shoreline.

‘Ooh yeah… come to me, you stranger…make my dreams become a passionate reality…fuck away my lonely ways…trash my toys and make me live again.’

She had pretty much resigned herself to never finding a lasting partner. Being a middle-aged woman, with a teenage girl, made it difficult enough to meet anyone decent and living a few miles from the edge of town, vibrant as it was, did not help.

Over the next half hour, as the little figure grew bigger, she recognised it was a man.

‘Oooh fuck, yesss,’ she whispered. ‘We’ll talk, after he’s walked over, and I may show him my work…then we’ll see it in each other’s eyes…two people alone on a beach and with one thing now on their minds.’

Her favoured vibrator was reached for even as she slipped on a sleeveless blouse where the buttons were not fastened as high as was perhaps wise. Her bikini briefs were slipped over her thighs, but one lace band at her hip left loosely fastened. It would be easily undone.

‘He’ll come to me…seduce me…take me…and fuck me hard!’ She yelled it out on a laugh.

The vibrator and her actions with it soon had her gasping in abject pleasure; the big buzzing dildo slipped in and out of her hyper-excited pussy, taking her like the mature, neglected, woman that she was; one dependent on a toy and not…not the young…ooh…ooh yes… that handsome young man the sight of whom, and her raging expectancy, making her climax.

‘Oh yes….yesss!,’ she whimpered as the waves of pleasure rocked her body and she felt the surge rush up to her throat. Shuddering she lay back and worked her clit with her fingers and her toy until the rush slowly ebbed away. Arching her back, the big white toy with its large tip was kept deep within her, Melissa wallowed in the orgasm that she had brought upon herself.

Feverishly, she put the toy in her straw bag and quickly fastened the string at her waist and fingered out her blonde hair. A stone was put on her hat. He’d see the siren of the beach, with her tended figure; her tits not sucked into a drooping mass by her kid’s greedy mouth. Okay, her tummy was a little creased but in a sexy way and her flyaway hair like a halo.

She’d not play the angel if he was right.

The young guy was only too close now.

‘Hi there!’ she heard a voice call out 1xbet giriş as he waved.

‘Fancy meeting you here…of all the places!’ she shouted on a laugh of disbelief that this was actually happening. She held up her iPhone and took a picture of the young man. She was acting crazy. Who would know what happened…one way or the other…seduction or an assault upon her that no one would know of?

He stood some way off as what she had done registered.

‘I’m just passing through…I won’t disturb or frighten you,’ he said calmly; his voice only too unthreatening. ‘I’m just surprised to see you out here alone…nothing more.’

As he had drawn near, Ethan realised that the glint seen on the horizon was of the sun on the windscreen of a car parked up on low sand dunes. It was a 4WD that he soon realised was the only viable means of transport. It looked worse for wear, and he reckoned it would have done the journey here many times before.

‘It’s as far away from crowds that you can get for a stretch here…’ Melissa said on standing up and stepping onto the hot sand, waiting to meet him. God, the guy’s so good looking…and confident with it, she thought approvingly. He was seen to be striding through the sand to be with her, his arm muscles flexing as he shrugged off his haversack and dropping it at his feet.

Melissa felt her bag tumble over. and she saw him look down. At her feet lay one of the toys she had been playing with.

‘You’re way too beautiful to go using those,’ he said simply, his eyes drifting over her scarcely covered body. They were items of clothing that he knew he would soon want to tug away and reveal what she would bring to his gaze, even to touch what he knew would be found there. ‘And…and you paint? You’re an artist?’

He was standing only too close to her now and she had to look away. Jeez! Those eyes of his were taking her in, every little detail. Their thoughts seemed to be in sync already.

‘Yes…you interrupted me in my work.’

Her eyes darted over him too now, brazenly. Melissa was unable to quell her interest in him nor what the young guy had so quickly aroused in her. There was something wayward about him that she simply could not ignore.

‘I’m glad that I did. Sorry, but I have to tell you that so soon…and…and my name’s Ethan Roberts.’

‘And I’m Melissa Tamblin…from Mackay.’

‘And I’m from Brisbane…though I’ve not been there for some time…and I’m travelling light.’

She met his soft look upon her, the undoubtedly appraising look of stark blue eyes that she saw along with that wonderful smile and gleam of his teeth in a deeply tanned face. He looked wild, a surfy, with that shock of long brown hair that the sun had bleached and with blonde strands to be clearly seen within it. Ethan tugged at his vest; and it made her take in his strong arms and lean torso and his toned, strong legs. Her look was that of an artist, but that would be to deny what she really saw in him; a young man’s body brimming with health and vitality. It was muscular but his movements athletic, almost graceful. He could so easily pass for a surfy, but his few words on greeting, and commenting on her artist’s work, suggested that his interests were otherwise and…also in her.

She’d struck gold…pure minted and fashioned gold.

The young Adonis was wearing a pair of loose-fitting cotton shorts bleached white by sun and salt; his blue, sleeveless, wave patterned vest faded. He had been carrying the rucksack over his shoulders, a bag that looked as though it could be holding all of his earthly possessions. She could see a bedroll, a length of rolled up drawing paper, a water bottle and a compact tripod that appeared to be an artist’s easel.

The day was getting better by the minute. First a good-looking guy literally walks into her life, and now a young man who shared her interest in art stood before her and boldly giving her the eye.

Just where could this go?

‘You were sunbathing…in the nuddy, weren’t you? he asked casually and on seeing Melissa tug at her flimsy blouse and the movement of sandy hands on it as she did so. He couldn’t miss the unmistakable outline of her nipples and the swell of her firm breasts through the fabric. ‘I’d sketch that…if the moment came, Melissa…I’d sure like that.’

She laughed at his forwardness.

‘We’ll have to see, won’t we? You’re rushing it…Ethan.’

Her body…her pussy and breasts…..they were already aching for more, not just those looks on her but a touch, a clamp, a deepening touch and lick before the heat of very different kind.

She moved to put on her sunglasses, wondered how much he had seen of her naked body and how it glowed with the light application of sun tan oil. She had tended her looks for a moment just like this, the wild spontaneity of it. She’d worked to get an almost flat tummy; long legs that weren’t too fleshy, yet. She was voluptuous, one of the few things that her ex had said by way 1xbet güvenilirmi of offering her a compliment.

‘May I see what you’re working on?’ The way he spoke, on a tilt of the head, engaged her. How he moved to take off his vest kept her from doing as he asked. ‘I checked that you’d stopped working…’

She flicked at her mussed hair. ‘Yeah, I wondered who’d be crazy enough to be walking out here on his own…’

Ethan grinned. ‘I could ask the same of you. A guy would have to be a mongrel to let you go out here in the wild on your own…’

‘It happened. I’m through it now.’ She bent down, suddenly, to grab at her drawing pad. She felt that his eyes were on her. They stood now in the shelter of a low rocky bluff, the soft breeze rustling the leaves of the stunted palm trees on its crest. ‘How about you…out on the beach on your own?’

‘Not any more…’ Ethan saw how her tanned skin seemed to glow, her body toned and voluptuous, her slender face softly lined around the eyes. There were soft creases at her lips when she smiled. ‘My people got burned in a bush fire…I’m out here working it out of my system. It’s been a tough few weeks…really tough.’ She saw him shrug, a moment’s pain to be seen in his eyes and in the set of his features. ‘That’s how it goes…for me.’

‘I’m sorry…for you, Ethan.’

‘You…have you got any kids?’

‘A daughter. She’s younger than you…makes her life back in Mackay as best she can in the tourist world…in the holidays. She’s finishing college…will move on, no doubt.’ She gave an audible sigh. ‘There, the intro’s are over…’

‘Sure…my thoughts too,’ he replied evenly. ‘I interrupted your sunbathing.’ He had sure taken in that a naked woman was resting on her elbows and watching him get closer and that she only moved at the last possible moment. ‘Your red lipstick goes well with your fingernails and,’ he looked at her sand-covered feet, ‘your toenails…all a vibrant apple red.’

‘You got it,’ she smiled. ‘Here…look at my work…will you?’

‘I’ll do both…’ she heard him say and on an overt look of appraisal. ‘Do as you were doing before…’

‘Winding you up?’ she teased on a sly smile.

‘It cuts both ways, Melissa…or is it Mel…or Lisa?’ Ethan gasped as she unbuttoned her louse and threw it down at her feet. He saw the sun in Melissa’s hair before he saw the tumble of her breasts and their soft indolent sag, the curve of her hips and the sheer cut of her bikini briefs, some of the fabric in her crack. He felt his legs shake, the sight of this older woman’s body arousing him and his cock stiffening in his shorts. ‘Jeez…I wasn’t expecting any of this…a beaut on the beach and miles from anywhere.’

‘It cuts both ways, Ethan…’

‘Does it?’

She heard it in his voice and saw it in his wondering look upon her. Melissa saw the swell in his shorts, how he moved awkwardly before her. The pictures she had been working on were ignored. Ethan was looking at her, appraisingly. She moved slowly to unfasten the binding of her bikini briefs to one hip but looked at him for an instant, a smile soon to be seen as she indicated that he should do likewise.

‘I’ll go nuddy again…if you will, Ethan. Who’s to see…except…except you and me?’ She brushed her fingers over his chest for only an instant before she did what was expected of her.

‘You wonder…you beaut,’ he said in a deeper, disbelieving voice as he looked at her. Ethan fumbled at the buckle of his belt, then unbuttoned his shorts and in a single sweep of his hands pushed them and his swimming briefs down to the sand. He felt her fingers on his shoulders as he moved to stand up. He heard her gasp on seeing his prick spring free and gently arc out in front of him. ‘No secrets now…’

‘There weren’t any the moment we met…’ She looked at him wonderingly. ‘Want a drink?’

He was startled by the change in tack. ‘Oh, yeah…yeah sure…okay, thanks.’

‘There’s no rush, Ethan…’

‘No, I guess not,’ he laughed, yet unable to take his eyes off her tanned body. He just loved the sight and swell of those firm breasts and dark nipples. He ached to touch them and brush his lips and fingers over the woman’s toned tummy and long legs. He put his hands to Melissa’s slender hips and gazed down at her wondrous crack. and the soft spiral of trimmed hair to be seen there, the tip of hi prick lightly brushing her skin. ‘You can see how it is for me, but I’ll look at you for now…’

‘Slow is best…’

He nodded. He had seen his fair share of nudists on his walking tour, some of the women pretty good looking and younger than Melissa was. But none had that air of sexiness about them or a brazen nature that she displayed for his benefit. He was stepping out onto new ground…going with an older woman and an arty type much as he was. He really couldn’t age her and really didn’t care how old she was. He ogled her and thought this almost ebony-skinned woman, with her flyaway hair, to be goddess…a woman who’d grip his prick and work him till he had nothing left.

‘Are you having trouble?’ she smiled, her softly voiced question prompted by seeing him grip his prick for an instant as if to quell what she too felt.

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