Lust Controlled by His Magic Gloves

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Lust Controlled by His Magic Gloves

Dai groaned to himself, hefting the vacuum cleaner out of the closet as the little rabbit nearly toppled over with the weight of it, an old, hefty thing that he still really needed to replace at some point. It wasn’t the easiest of things to use when it came to cleaning up the floors of his home but it did him well enough even if he did have to lug it all the way up the stairs by himself to do the first floor.

But chores had to be done and even a cute little brown bunny wasn’t going to be able to get away with not doing them. A weekend morning, however, would just about see him right with getting them started, at least, and then it would off and out on a lunch appointment with his friends, who he hadn’t seen for a little while. He smiled to himself even as he wrestled with the vacuum, dressed casually enough for the task at hand in jeans and a loose T-shirt that was a little bit too big for his shoulders, hanging down loose around his waist. He’d smarten up to go out though, as was his inclination and style.

However, the bunny could not have imagined that the gloves he’d picked up a few weeks ago were plotting something even as he tried to merely go about his business – completely innocently, in fact! For the violet pair of beautiful satin gloves that he had found in the curiosity shop had, back then, turned out to have a wicked sort of mind of their own, coming to life right there and then in the shock to tease and masturbate his length out in public.

He trembled at the memory, pushing it from his mind as much as it strove to come back to the forefront. It was strange…very strange. And it was hardly something that he could talk about with anyone else either – they’d think he was crazy! Who’d honestly be taken seriously if they claimed that a pair of ladies gloves that they’d purchased had come to life? And, not even that, but then they’d enchanted the rest of his gloves shortly afterwards to hold him down and do just what they pleased with him?

No… No. It was hardly something that anyone would believe and every last pair of gloves in his special cupboard had lain dormant since, leaving him to wonder if what had happened had actually happened. And that was just why he had to get on with things, get on with his life, wondering just how his own mind was set on working against him when there was so much else that tried to claim his attention.

Little did he know that that very magic that had spiced up his day before was working on the gloves right at that very moment, the purple satin flitting to life as they spun on one forefinger. They jigged and danced, appearing very much as if there was a solid paw within them with long, delicate fingers – the fingers of a fur who knew what it was to control and lust. The black beading stood out elegantly around the wrist, perfectly in place without even a hint of fraying, and they bounced and danced around the cupboard, visiting each and every single pair of gloves that Dai owned in turn, although there was a serious question about whether or not they owned him now, considering the turn of events.

But the violet gloves were not about to worry about that when they had something far more alluring to concern themselves with, bursting out of the cupboard in a flutter of fabric that really should have never, ever have ever been able to move on its own.

Ah, but they had a mission in mind – and a delightful kind of mission at that! For the little bunny was completely innocent, bouncing about and blasting the tunes as he tried to dive into his cleaning work just to get it all done as quickly as possible. They knew just where to find him – how could they not with the whirring, singing racket he was making? – and bounded down the stairs as if in a herd, bouncing and tumbling rambunctiously one over the other as they hastened and hustled urgently along their way.

The first glove wrapped itself around his wrist and yanked him away from the vacuum cleaner, effectively pulling him from his cleaning. Shock ricocheted through him as he looked over the horde and his lower jaw would have completely fallen slack, comically so, if a particularly seductive pair of latex ones that were, truly, for the most special of nights hadn’t clamped themselves over his lips, sealing off any protests that he may have made despite his surprise.

Maybe he hadn’t been imagining everything, after all, he thought dimly as the gloves well and truly took control, a horde of bouncing hands that he could not fight off from groping every last inch of his body. Why, they even had the audacity to tweak his tail! Hefting his T-shirt off over his head, they pushed up his arms to force it free, although they did, unfortunately, tear ankara otele gelen escort it in the process: it wasn’t something that was their concern, however, when they already had their quarry right there and ready to play.

Dai, however, wasn’t so sure that he was on the same page as them as he batted them off like flies to no avail, jeans falling around his ankles as he was stripped down to nothing at all. It wasn’t as if his boxer-briefs, after all, were going to discourage the attentions of the gloves and they were soon dragged down his legs too, revealing a fluff of fur that was growing just a little more thickly during the winter months. Well, he was hardly one to shave himself just for the sake of a shorter fur coat, after all!

The gloves crawled all over him, slipping and sliding as their delectable fabric brought an ever predictable rise to his lust, cock hardening as the gloves pumped and massaged it with the smooth skill of a long-time lover. Maybe they did, indeed, know his body better than even he himself knew it, something that was strange to a frazzled mind and even stranger to a mind addled by lust in the heat of the moment.

Harder and harder… They seemed intent on driving him to need and, with a hasty glance out the front window, which had a small garden before dropping him onto the street itself, he hoped against hope that no sales furs would choose that particular Saturday morning to come up to his door! Why, they would be in for a shock indeed if they did – and it would not even be his fault that time! Cupping and teasing his balls with fluttering pulses of their fingertips, the tickle of the satin soon had pre-cum beading at the tip of his cock, the soft flesh yearning for their touch even as his mind still strived to simply come to terms with what was, yet again, happening.

But, to his surprise, they pushed him back around, spinning him right there in the middle of his living room to gesture to the vacuum cleaner as if he should never have stopped in the first place. They poked and prodded even as he paused, the violet pair dancing before his eyes and twitching muzzle as if they were trying to direct him to do something. If they were trying to tell him something, however, someone would not have been amiss in the slightest to tell them that they should have really not have been stroking his cock while trying to tell him what to do.

Still, they poked and prodded, nudging him on and pushing the vacuum cleaner handle into his paws, even folding his fingers around it too as if they thought him too slow to catch on to what they wanted that quickly. The bunny blinked slowly, glancing at his reflection in the mirror across the hallway, visible through the open door that had first allowed the flood of gloves to pour down the stairs into his distinct lack of sanctuary.

Nothing was sacred and everything was allowed when the gloves were concerned, of course. Even if he did not quite understand what was going on.

“What?” He panted, his narrow chest heaving as he fought and struggled to get out the words he needed to, forced to readiness and then left hanging. “What do you want me to do? Damn you…”

But he could not truly feel all that bad about the gloves, whose goal was, ultimately, pleasure above all else. They poked the cleaner to life, the whirring buzz near enough deafening as he groaned, trying to rock his hips into the hold of the gloves as much as they pulled back, barely allowing him to get just a little bit of sensation in before being forced to draw back. Again, they pushed the vacuum along the floor for him, mimicking the act of cleaning itself as if he most desperately needed to be shown what to do and certainly how to do it.

“You want me…” Why was it so hard to get the words out? “You want me to clean? To keep cleaning?”

That sent the gloves that were not masturbating his aching shaft into a frenzy, filling the air like a flock of birds in all kinds of seductive saucy colours, some black flitting through the throng as if to draw attention to themselves in particular. But they made themselves well enough clear in what they wanted him to do and it was with a little groan and shake of his short tail that he ran the vacuum cleaner over the floor, trying to maintain at least some sense of composure, considering that he was naked.

Oh, and that the gloves were teasing him. That too, of course, made everything just a shade more difficult than it truly had to be but they were relentless as he worked, trying to hump and grinding as they played with him, even slipping lower to grope and stroke his balls, rolling them into the surprisingly solid palms of the gloves. They may as well have been filled by a living paw or claw for how wickedly solid they were, pumping and teasing and even squeezing just behind the head of his cock as if they were going to so very kindly push him over the edge right then and there.

But Dai would have been a fool to suspect, even for a fraction of a moment, that he was about öveçler escort to, quite literally, get off that easily, one pair of satin gloves after the other swapping over his cock to keep up a constant stream of stimulation. They did not allow him any rest or respite, pushing him on so that he did not go over the same spot in the living room over and over again (oddly, they were surprisingly diligent about keeping him to his task too!). His carpet had never been so clean, although the violet pair of satin gloves took particular delight in flittering around his muzzle and then sliding a single finger and then a second into his mouth, teasing and stimulating him orally as the poor bunny could not help but lap and suck at that digit. His lust could not have been further off the charts, every inch of his body trembling and searing through with a strange, prickling height, wanting to cum and yet simply not being allowed to. There was nothing he could do, although, of course, he strove to pull away to no avail, thrust back to his task by satin and silk and leather and latex alike, each teasingly cruel stroke boasting an entirely different kind of sensation each and every time.

It was sensory overload at its finest but when the vacuum cleaner was yanked from his paws and his old, battered feather duster (a joke present when he’d moved out on his own for the first time and would have to do his own cleaning) dragged up from the back of the cupboard he knew what he had to do. Even as he whimpered and suckled helplessly at the many fingers crowding his muzzle, too many to count in his lust-addled state, he could not help but arch his back and buttocks into the groping palms of a pair of elbow-length latex gloves that seemed to have taken a particular affinity with his backside. But they wanted him to continue, forcing and driving him on with little claps and spanks, although they were gentle enough on his shaft and balls, which he would only seek to find himself thankful for later on considering what delightful soreness was to come.

The feather duster… It should not have been such an erotic experience to dust off the picture frames and canvases but the gloves drove him up and onto the back of the sofa even, wiggling a teasing finger at him and shivering in mirth as they forced him to poise and pose, jiggling to reach even the furthest reaches of the living room corners. There were places there that he had not touched in months (maybe not even since moving into the apartment itself!) and the gloves somehow seemed to find them all, making him get all up in there even as they wickedly seduced him under his tail too, forcing him onto just another little niggle of pleasure that may or may not have intentional.

Oh, but it was harder and harder still to keep his focus and attention, tongue lolling cutely over his lips as his ears folded back submissively – for what else could he possibly do but what they wanted? Shuddering away did him no good at all and they pulled open his mouth wider as if they were, very possibly, preparing him for the encroach of an invisible cock, making him appear even more slutty and more submissive than would have honestly come to him naturally. The push and tease beneath his tail, just barely penetrating him before pulling back (of course, they had to be careful with their new toy as there was no lubrication handy), had him rocking his hips back like a fur who had not been taken in months, craving what they had to give him. It left him torn, absolutely, whether or not to hump back or rock forward, conflicted and yearning for that extra spill of pleasure that would have orgasm searing through his mind as he so desperately yearned for.

The pump and grind… Time ceased to have meaning as they even coaxed him to the stairs, breaking him down further and further until he was helplessly polishing the banisters, whimpering and moaning and spilling pre-cum anywhere. The close of satin around his cock – oh! How could he ever have resisted something like that? It struck every last sensual nerve that he had in his body and mind, lust mingling with passion as he even begged incoherently for the release that they seemed oh so very keen on denying him.

A finger slipped into his maw once more and he drew it lustfully into the back of his mouth without even thinking of it, eyes rolling into the back of his head. He needed it, every single last pair of the enchanted gloves, the gloves mingling erotically until there was just one single embodiment of lust flowing around him, touches mingling into one entity. The violet pair, of course, rose at the centre of it, walking two fingers down the length of his muzzle as if taunting him, although he would later know that they were merely testing their control over him.

And then the gloves relented, all manner of sexual stimulation disappearing in a fraction of a second as he howled brokenly and tried to find them again. His eyes watered with need, although he would not have gone so far as to say that a tear rolled down his cheek from pendik escort sheer frustration, for he was not upset in the slightest. Step by shaky step, his chores, at least for the moment, completed, they guided him up the stairs, cock throbbing and pulsing as if he was about to climax right then and there. He wouldn’t have been all that surprised, even in the realm of hindsight too, if just a single touch from that purple pair that seemed dead set on haunting his dreams and every waking moment so beautifully could drive him to that point of need.

Somehow, they manage to get him all the way up the stairs to his bedroom, although he could not have said why they had to move him there at all. They made a chain from his cock to the violet pair of satin gloves, which, of course, controlled and dictated everything, using the makeshift ‘leash’ of their comrades to lead him along, an obedient little bunny to their quirky and wicked desires. Once on his back on the bed, they hitched his legs up, exposing the tight rosebud of his tail hole and well and truly went to work on him, stripping him of every last shred of clothing as he moaned and wriggled and tried to regain himself. That task, of course, was impossible, fur matted down with sweat as he whimpered and begged for mercy – any kind of relief really. Anything that could take just a little bit of the edge of him, just a little bit?

They were merciful but not quite in the way that he may have imagined, teasing down his thighs before, finally, closing around his cock. And then the pleasure ramped up, every inch of his skin tingling even beneath his fur as too much sensation piled on at once. There was nothing at all that the bunny could have possibly down to hold back, letting loose with a howl as the violet pair took full control, controlling his orgasm as they drained him of what felt like every drop of cum from his aching, churning balls. On and on, he twisted and humped as they milked him, only vaguely aware of the fact that they were not spilling his seed across his stomach but into the opening of a silken pair that was most usually found in the back of the glove closet, now found to have a new use in that ever so slightly shimmering fabric.

Yet one orgasm was not enough for the gloves, even though it may well have been more than enough for the drained rabbit, twisting and finding his legs pushed all the way back to his chest, the gloves forcing his flexibility. They hardly even allowed his cock to soften after that fervent blast of a first orgasm, driving him on to full hardness yet again even as Dai squealed and tried to escape.

Too much! No body could take so much, the edge of pain from too much stimulation tingling through pleasure as he rocked and ground and moaned and whimpered to absolutely no avail. His ears bumped off the headboard as he scooted himself back but all he succeeded in doing was trapping himself up against the pillows, too big, really, for the bed he actually had, two pairs of leather gloves clamping down around his wrists with surprising strength to pin him in place. It wasn’t as if he would have tried to escape, not truly, not when his lust and pleasure was at such a high level, wanting more even if his body needed relief above all else.

No… Oh, no, no, no, no, no! That wasn’t going to happen! How silly of him to think that as two digits, not suitably lubed up, slipped up under his tail, the latex doing a better job of penetrating him than even satin would have, as erotic as that would have been. He wouldn’t have wanted to find one of his favourite fabrics soaked through with lubricant, after all, even though he would have enjoyed those penetrating him in the heat of the moment. Deeper and deeper they pushed, grinding all the way up to his prostate to milk him from the inside, finding that sensitive clutch of nerves that send spurt and bubble after bubble of pre-cum drooling, off-white, from the tip of his cock.

And there was nothing he could do about it, the gloves swiftly forcing him over the edge again as they milked him wonderfully, erotically, simply not taking no for an answer. And maybe that was just what he needed from them too as another pair clamped over his mouth, the satin oddly warm against his lips as if they did actually contain a paw or were heating up from the sheer amount of lust he sent to them, fed them and their magic. For it was no longer just the violet pair that were enchanted – sharing was the name of the game after all – and Dai would soon find that out for himself even after cheekily thinking to lock up the magical purple pair. They closed off even his moans too after a time, not because they had to keep him quiet for any particular reason but because the feel of the satin on his lips and whiskers was oh so erotic that he could not resist climaxing at the mere touch of them alone, their control tickling his need oh so wonderfully.

Time would tell what the gloves ultimately had planned for him but they thrust and pumped him to orgasm after orgasm until he was nothing more than a cum-splattered – well, they couldn’t get every last drop into the lustful openings of the other gloves, after all – sweaty mess of a fur. It didn’t matter to him just what he wanted, only that he did their bidding, their restraint of him barely even needed as sexual exhaustion swamped his aching, still wanton but exhausted body.

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