Madeleine Improves the Odds


After a long stressful day at work, Andy and Warren were winding down at Distiller’s Microbrew & Tap. Each were on their second beer when Warren said, “Andy, did you read the news this morning?””Didn’t have time. What, another story about the President’s Tweets?””No, Andy, something worse.””Immigrants being deported?””Worse.””Well then, Warren, what in the hell is upsetting you so much?”The two men were talking sports, politics and women. Warren took a swig from his glass and said, “You’re not gonna believe this. Sex is in a recession.””What on earth are you talkin’ about, Warren? Economies are in a recession, not sex.””That’s why the article is so disturbing. It said that American adults are having less sex than they did a quarter century ago. It’s married people like you and me who are at fault. It used to be that married couples had sex seventy-three times a year but now it’s only fifty-five. Not only that, we’ve had fewer sex partners than the previous generation.””Well, buddy, I can vouch for the married couples. Before Missy and I were married, we couldn’t get enough of each other’s body. Even in the first few years, we had sex three of four times a week. Now it’s three or four times a month, if I’m lucky.””Same here,” Warren agreed. “I don’t know, after the kids were born, Sue lost interest in it.””Hey, Warren, how many girls do you figure you’ve fucked?””Not that many. Maybe six or eight. I was a late bloomer.””Yeah, me too.” Shaking his head in disbelief, he said, “That’s definitely under par.” Andy ordered two more beers, then went on to say, “Ya know Warren, we are still in our prime and our wives are letting us go to waste.””You are so right, pal. We need to do something about these alarming numbers.””Correct,” Andy said adding, “and it could help our numbers as well.”They both laughed and gave each other a fist pump.”So what’s the plan, my friend?” Warren asked.”I don’t know. There’s always Madeleine in sales. From what I hear, she’s keeping those sex numbers from falling through the floor. There’s no secret why she’s always the ‘Sales Person of the Month’.””Madeleine, the divorced girl with the trophy size rack?” Warren wondered.Andy smiled saying, “Yep, and those outfits she wears doesn’t hide ’em either.””Oh man, one night playing with those trophies would be like dyin’ and goin’ to heaven,” Warren said with a twinkle in his eye.”You and me too. Do you know her well?” Andy inquired.”Not really. She drops by my desk from time to time. I love it when she bends over my desk looking at the sales figures. Her boobs almost pop out of her dress.””Yeah, she’s pretty friendly with me too. I think she’s made a point of touching base with all the guys. Sometimes at break, she sits opposite my desk with her legs crossed and her skirt half way up her thighs. güvenilir bahis I’m waiting for the day she makes a mistake and uncrosses ’em.”The men finished their second beer. It was Warren’s turn to buy a round. “So what does she talk about with you?”Andy thought for a moment, then said, “It’s not so much, what, but how. She always says it in a Marilyn Monroe tone of voice.”Warren knew exactly what he meant. “Look, Andy, you’re in sales with her. Maybe you can work something out for us.”Andy looked in his beer glass as if he was reading tea leaves and said, “Luck might be on our side. We have a sales seminar in Chicago early next month. Only the top sales people are going. I will be there and of course, so will Madeleine. But look, pal, I wouldn’t be lining her up for you. Don’t take it personally, but it’s every man for himself.””Agreed,” Warren replied.Yet, something happened in the most unforeseen way for these two men, especially Warren. The very next day, Madeleine popped into Warren’s office at closing time wearing an outfit with a plunging neckline and showing more than the customary amount of cleavage.”Hey Warren, I’ve got to talk with you and it won’t wait. I know it’s past business hours, but can we go for a drink and talk?”Warren looked at his watch and said, “Maybe for a little while. I’ve got to take my son to his Little League game at seven.””Okay,” she said. “I think we can cover it with one drink,” and she smiled a flirtatious smile. “I’ll meet you at Ole’s Inn and Tavern.””Done,” Warren replied. “Give me a half hour,”Madeleine was sitting at the bar when Warren arrived. He took his time watching her flirt with the bartender and a man seated next to her. Without a word, he sat on an open barstool on the other side. When he ordered scotch on the rocks, she recognized his voice and said, “Oh good, Warren, you’re here.”With that they took their drinks to an open table.”You’re already behind, Warren. I’m on my second martini. Okay, I know we promised to have only one drink, but that nice man at the bar bought me this.”Exhausted he said, “To tell you the truth, I might need another one too. It’s been a long day. Do you think that nice man will buy me one?” and they both laughed. “What’s so urgent, Madeleine?””Warren, there is a potential client that is asking for the moon. His company would be one of our largest customers, but he wants deep discounts.””How much?””Twenty percent on the first order and fifteen percent thereafter.””Wow! What did the boss say?””He said to check with accounting. You’re accounting, so I’m checking with you.””We give ten percent to our best customers. Twenty and fifteen are a little high. Is he in the mood to negotiate?””Maybe. Warren, this could mean a really big commission for me and there could be something güvenilir bahis siteleri in it for you.””What would that be?”She gave him a salacious grin but didn’t say a word. He hoped he understood the meaning. “Call him and give him our fifteen/ten offer.”Madeleine tapped on her cell phone and reached a man’s voice. Warren couldn’t hear what he was saying, only Madeleine. The way Madeleine gave him the offer sounded like she was propositioning him instead of offering him a business proposition. She was good, really good and she closed the deal.Madeleine jumped out of her seat with excitement. “He went for it, Warren. He took the deal,” and she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a hug that left him gasping for air.”Let’s have another drink to celebrate. I’m buying.” she offered.”I’ve gotta go, Madeleine. Little League is calling.” Just as he said that, his cell phone rang.Madeleine smiled and said, “Ah, it must be the Little League calling.”Warren answered, “Hello dear. What’s up?” There was a fifteen second pause before he said, “I see, so it’s rained out? Okay, I can pickup something for dinner on my own. I’m with some friends now, so I might be a little late. Give Jeff a hug and tell him daddy will see him in the morning. Bye.””Well, how about that celebration drink? Looks like you can relax now.””Yep, it sure frees up my evening.””Same here,” and she gave him a wink. It was the second time she sent him a message that he hoped was behind her, “Something in it for you,” remark.They talked more intimately about their lives as the drinks continued to flow. As the conversation became more personal, pressure began to build in his loins.”How’s the family, Warren?””Why do you ask?””Sometimes you look so intense, even a little lonely at work. Maybe you are concentrating but maybe not.””We’re doing okay for a married couple of twenty years. I don’t get laid as often as I’d like but that comes with the territory.””That’s a shame. It might explain why you are looking at me that way.””What way?” Warren asked.”Like you would like to spend the evening with me.””Yes, Madeleine, I guess you’re right. You look absolutely delicious. You’re an amazing woman. Every guy at work drools over you. And speaking of appetizing, I gotta ask, are those real?””You mean my boobs. Of course. All the men ask me that. They are all natural ever since I was a teenager. Sometimes they come in handy in this business. You know what I mean?””Absolutely, and probably at other times.””Yeah, the first time I understood their attraction was at my sixteenth birthday. My parents gave me a big party, and my dad’s boss took a liking to me. He was the first man or boy to see them au naturel.””Did you have sex with him?””It depends what you mean by ‘sex’.””Did he fuck you?””Not that iddaa siteleri day but later when he said he wanted to show me his new car. He was particularly interested in showing me the lush leather seats in the back seat. That’s when I went from a girl to a woman in three easy positions. Yeah know, Warren, I was so young and naive, and he was so rich and important. It was an easy choice for me.”Warren laughed trying to imagine it. “Did you fuck him again?””Only twice more, but he took me to a really fancy hotel with a king size bed and mirrors on the ceiling. It was so exciting and sexy. And he was so nice after he came inside of me. He licked my pussy clean each time. I loved that.””Weren’t you afraid of getting pregnant?””Only the first time. After that, he made sure we weren’t together until right after I had my period. He was such a considerate man. He called me his adorable little cum slut and said I should get married and have lots of children. I decided to have lots of men instead.””Then you didn’t mind him calling you a slut?””Not really. I guess that’s what I was to him. I kind of liked it. It made me feel important.””Did your parents ever find out?””Nope, but my dad got a promotion. That’s when I learned how business really works. It wasn’t long after that my biological urges became more intense, and I understood that men are like roses and chocolate to a woman. They can make a woman hunger for more.””Have you ever been in love, Madeleine? I mean really, deeply, eternally in love?””I really can’t say, Warren. I love men and what they do to me. I really don’t know any other kind of love. Warren, it’s so easy and comfortable to have a conversation with you, but enough of this chit chat. I just had my condo remodeled, and I’d love to show it to you. Let’s finish our drinks, and I’ll give you a tour.””I’m game. How close is your place?””Walking distance,” she said. “That’s why I chose this place for our meeting.””So you had this all worked out, right?””I don’t know about having it all worked out, but I hoped it might.”Twenty minutes later they were in her third floor, two bedroom apartment. It was nicely decorated with contemporary furniture. She gave him the obligatory tour of the apartment until she stopped and pointed to a plant in the TV room. “Don’t you think that amaryllis is obscene, Warren?” It was an unopened flower stalk resembling a perfectly shaped ten inch penis. “I sure would like to meet a man like that!”Warren was speechless. With that, they moved to the last stop on the tour, her bedroom.”Do you mind waiting a minute? I need to duck into the bathroom. I’ll be right out.”She came out only moments later wearing a garter belt with mesh stockings, a lace thong, and a shelf bra that Madeleine probably wore under her blouse that day. Warren could hear the mermaid singing her siren’s song.He gawked at her and said, “You are magnificent, Madeleine.”At that moment, Warren couldn’t control himself and abruptly swung behind her cupping her breasts.”Oooh, that feels so good. Unhook me, Warren.

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