Maid To Be Submissive (Part 2)


Fiona stepped forward, leaning in close so I could smell her sweet perfume. Her large breasts pressed against my chest, making my lingerie rub softly across my skin. My penis grew harder and my body trembled against hers.“Do you want to please me?” She said, in a serious tone.”Yes, Miss Fiona, all I want to do is please you!” I replied eagerly.”Good because I’m going to make you do whatever I want from now on. Let me be clear about this. From this moment forward you are not a man. You’re my submissive maid, my toy made to serve me.”She stared into my eyes, awakening a deep-rooted sexual desire that lay dormant inside me until now.”Do you understand?”I nodded quickly, “yes, Miss Fiona, I understand.”Her smile widened, “then we shall begin!” She roared, tugging at my leash and pulling me towards the bed. I was still getting used to the heels as I teetered behind her, trying desperately to maintain balance.Fiona pointed down at the ground by her feet and without a word, I sunk to my knees in front of her.”Good girl, Brianna,” she said with encouragement, unzipping her pencil skirt and letting it drop to the floor around her feet.My pupils dilated and my tiny penis grew painfully hard, throbbing underneath my maid’s uniform. Slowly, my eyes panned up, from her gorgeous shiny black stiletto heels to her sheer stockings that perfectly wrapped around her slender legs; and her delicate garter belt and sexy silk pink panties.She was the epitome of femininity, a stunningly powerful and sexy woman who commanded respect.”I’m going to allow you a treat, Brianna,” she said, sitting down on the bed, her crotch just inches from my face.”First, you are going to perform a task for me. I suspect that you’ve gone down on a girl before haven’t you?”I nodded quietly.”That’s good, because that is exactly what bahis siteleri you are going to do. I am going to make you an expert at eating pussy and if you perform well, afterward, I may allow you a little treat. Does that like fun to you?”I nodded again.Fiona laughed, “good because I wasn’t really asking you, I was telling you!”I watched in awe as she unclipped her garter straps, releasing them from her stockings, then slowly removed her silk panties. They slid easily down her legs, stopping at her feet and dangling from her heels.She thrust her foot into my face, making me smell the musky scent of her pussy on the panties. “Lick them!” She ordered.I opened my mouth, feeling the sensation of the silky material rubbing against my tongue, closing my eyes, and enjoying the taste of her pussy odor, letting it overwhelm my senses.”You like that, don’t you?” Fiona proclaimed, pulling at my collar and knocking me off balance.I stumbled towards the bed, landing face-first between her legs. The scent from her pussy now filling my nostrils, making my cock twitch with excitement.”Stick out your tongue,” she barked, tugging at the leash and forcing my mouth towards her pussy lips. “Now, slowly, lick my pussy lips.”I began running my tongue over her labia, licking desperately at her clitoris, eagerly trying to please her. As I bent over, I could feel the maid’s uniform stretching around my ass, pulling tightly on the base of the plug and pushing it firmly further into my tight hole.”That’s right,” she moaned, “flick your tongue against my clit.”My cock was twitching and I couldn’t help but reach down to touch myself.”Hands where I can see them!” Fiona vociferated loudly, grabbing my arms and placing them on her thighs.The feeling of her sheer stockings reminded me of what I was wearing, reviving canlı bahis siteleri my arousal and sexual cravings as I began sucking vigorously on her clit. My mouth engulfing her labia as I lapped at her pussy, flicking my tongue against her clit quickly.Fiona’s moans increased in volume, “Yes, baby! Suck on that clit, use your mouth to suck while you flick your tongue!”For several minutes I clung to her stocking-clad legs, lashing against her clit, moistening it with saliva, and flicking my tongue faster. Her moans filled the room, making me think back to all the late nights I spent listening to sex noises through the motel walls.This was so much kinkier, it made my cock rage between my legs, just begging to be touched. My balls were ready to burst and I could barely restrain myself, clinging on to Fiona’s legs as I plunged my tongue deeper inside her, salivating all over her pussy.The plug inside my ass felt amazing, as I rocked and gyrated my bum against the floor, enjoying the sensation and continuing to please Fiona’s pussy with my tongue.I carried on like this for another twenty minutes or so, until my jaw ached, listening intently to Fiona’s moans as she grew closer and closer to an orgasm.Each time I gasped for air, she tugged at my leash, pulling me back down between her legs. Then without warning, she wrapped her hands around my head, forcing her pussy into my face. Her whole body convulsed and shook as she ground herself against my face. “Yes!” She screamed, “suck my pussy, you nasty little slut!”I could barely breathe. My mouth pressed hard against her mound, suffocating as she trembled and held on to me tightly, grinding her pussy harder against my face.She let out a long and loud moan that reverberated around the room. Finally, she let go, allowing me to take a vital canlı bahis breath of air as she collapsed backward onto the mattress, panting heavily. For a few minutes, she lay still while we both caught our breath. then signed with satisfaction.”Well, that was nice,” she proclaimed, sitting back up and lifting herself off the bed.I leaned back onto my legs, still kneeling down, the plug resting nicely against my prostate. My cock poked out under the dress, visibly oozing in pre-come.”I suppose you are just bursting to come now aren’t you?” She said, looking down at me sympathetically. “Well, I guess I should keep to my word. Come on then, Brianna. You’ve been a good girl. I’m going to allow you a little treat now.”She peered down at me, bending over slightly so I could get an eyeful of her magnificent cleavage. Then, in a stern and sullen voice, she whispered in my ear.”I will let you touch yourself just this once, this is your reward for being such a good little girl. I’m going to count down from ten and then you will come for me. Understood?”I nodded my head quickly, my eyes fixated on her breasts. “Yes Miss Fiona, I understand, thank you.””Ok, then, you may start.” My hand shot between my legs, reaching down for my throbbing penis, already dripping wet with pre-come and frenzied with lust.”Ten,” Fiona began counting. Standing over me while I frantically stroked my aching cock, my eyes wild with lust.”Nine,” she continued, watching me moan and bounce, writhing on the floor as the plug pressed harder against my g-spot.”Eight.” I could feel my balls tense. The familiar rush of blood pumping its way around my body as the euphoria took over.”Seven, come on Brianna, jerk that little clitty for me,” Fiona whispered in her sexy husky tone, sending shivers through me.”Six,” I could feel the come about to blow. Savoring every detail as I stared up at her, admiring her gorgeous curves and her effeminate beauty.”Five,” she looked down at me, brushing her Stiletto’s gently underneath my balls while I jerked myself faster.

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