Manu’s Wish Come True


We met on the Internet. Out of pure loneliness, we were both wandering on a web site where teenagers flaunt their bodies to satisfy their craving for attention and blow off horny steam. You seemed different, there was a kind of sadness about you, even if you smiled on the pictures.

We started chatting online and quickly moved on the talking on the phone. You’re 29 and I’m 40, so it was easy to connect in the middle of such a sea of kids, two islands looking for each other. I told you about my life, and you opened yourself to me, confided in me your fears and your hopes. And little by little, you also brushed your fantasies, until you finally mentioned you have this fantasy, the one you’ve never even told any boyfriend about, this need to be controlled and fucked like an animal, inspired by the infamous scene from the movie Irreversible. So here’s a little something that should get you going.

I have come to visit you for a couple of day. I text you that I’ve just arrived at my hotel, and give you the room number. You’ve seen my picture, you’ve heard my voice, but I’m still an unknown territory, and so you’re a bit afraid of what could happen. But still, you manage to find the courage to come to the hotel. You have to take a seat in the lobby for a few minutes, before you can find the courage to come to my room.

You know my taste, and so you have decided to wear a very professional-looking blouse, a perfect fit for the lawyer that you are, and a skirt that stops higher almanbahis şikayet than your knees, so that there are a few centimetres of your skin visible between skirt and stockings. Stilettoes complete the picture, half business-woman, half sex-hungry whore.

You knock and notice the door is unlocked, so you push it and enter. Inside, everything is dark and quiet, and when the door closes, you can’t see a thing. So you stay still, your heart beating faster than ever, wondering what this is. A few seconds are enough for you to realize that you have entered the room of a complete stranger, someone you’ve never actually met, and that you are now potentially in danger. Panic slowly sets in. And just when you start turning and want to go for the door, you hear my voice.

“Hello, my dear. Thank you for coming on such short notice.”

It’s the soft, familiar voice of your online confident. You recognize my soothing tone, and it triggers memories of all those talks we’ve had, and how much better I made you feel, by listening to you, by opening parts of myself to you. Fear instantly leaves you, and you exhale a sigh so deep that only now do you notice that you had been holding your breath since you entered.

Before you can say a word, you feel my hands grip you, and you’re being thrown onto the bed. Just as you recover your thoughts, you feel my naked body landing on you, pinning you down. You can feel my hard cock against your leg. I spin you around, and now you’re almanbahis canlı casino lying face down on the bed, my hands pinning your arms and the weight of my body holding your legs in place.

I get both your arms together so that I can hold both wrist with a single hand, and use the other to tear of your panties. You remember our talks about this fantasy of yours, so you know what’s coming. Once again, fear disappears, and you understand that I’m only enacting your most intimate wish, and the thought of being taken, of having no say, no control, has you immediately wet enough for me to enter your pussy without any preamble. Just three thrusts, barely enough to get my cock wet with your juice, and I leave you cavern for a much more coveted grotto.

As I present my dick at the entrance of your ass, the first contact electrifies you. I release your arms and grab the back of your head, pushing it farther into the bed’s covers, because I know you’re going to want to scream when I start doing what I’m about to do.

With just one push, one strong, powerful movement of my hips, I bury myself deeper inside you than anyone before. In the couple of seconds from the moment the head of my dick break your anus’ barrier to the moment you feel my balls hitting your ass cheeks, you try to scream and scream, but have to settle for biting the covers that block your mouth. You start breathing again through your nose, understanding that I will not, that I cannot go further almanbahis casino inside you.

And then you feel the movements starting. I come and go in your ass, the full length of my cock slipping inside you, its full girth stretching you like never, until your skin and muscle catch up and you open up enough. You start to breath to my rhythm, taking it out slowly and coming back in strong, slapping your ass with my hands and my balls.

Your head now released, I grip you at the hips with both hands, and from above you, let gravity help me have the most impact with every new slide. I’m fucking your ass like the animal you wanted us to become, not a single trace of humanity in me. We’re now nothing but two beasts of flesh. Incredible, uncontrollable feelings passing between us. You feel each and every movement, every little impact. You still feel yourself opening, a little wider with every thrust. But I can’t it any longer and I have to come. One last push, deeper, deeper than anything you’ve felt in your life, leaving you with the feeling that you’ve been pierced through your body and soul, I start cumming. And while you feel my hot sperm inside you, I take my cock out of your welcoming ass, and you now feel the familiar warmth and wetness as it splatters your ass cheeks and your legs.

Both of us now breathless, I start dressing up, and tell you that I’ll be waiting for you at the hotel’s bar so that we can plan some activities for my stay. I leave the room, and you remain on the bed, dazed, weirdly satisfied at having been used and possessed, you utter a feeble thank you that I’m no longer here to hear, for fulfilling this forbidden fantasy of yours. And you just know that those couple of days will be the best experience of your life.

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