Maria:She Never Knew


Going through high school in 2004 was not a bad time for me, I was not popular, however i was not picked on either. I had a few friends and I did some school activities but not to many. However my 2004 school year was different than the rest. this was a year that one of the sexiest,hottest woman that i have ever scene came into my life, her name was maria and it began a little obsession.

i first met maria back in the 6th grade and even then she was a cutie. She always talked to me and flirted with me. I knew her for a while until high school. It was not until 9th grade that I had realized she had changed from this nice cute girl to a full blown babe. Then in the 12th grade she turned from babe to sexiest woman alive, i mean we are talking about someone who could modeling for playboy or even do porn.

To describe maria is no easy task, she was plain and simple gorgeous. She was tanned skin with black eyes. she had long brown hair that went down to her shoulders. She had a nice set of tits, they were not huge but were just the right size. she had the model of a very thin model and the skinniest legs you could imagine. It was all topped off by an ass that was firm and perfect through her blue jeans.

i remember sitting in my math class, it was a small math class, not a lot of people. The desks were arranged izmit rus escort in groups of three. Maria’s desk was in front of me so i had a great look at her back. Then one day she entered into the class, what she was dressed was one of the sexiest outfits i had ever scene. She had a white tank top on that you could see through. That day she was wearing a black silk bra. Then she sat down in her seat and i saw her lacy black underwear and i knew i had to do more than commit this too memory, i had to try to capture it.

At the time digital cameras were really begging to become popular and had been given a very small one with great image quality. I wanted to try and sneak into school, so i cut some small holes in my backpack and was able to mount the camera in side to film. The next day i had a mixture of fear and excitement, i sat my back down and maria came in. She was surprzing dressed modestly however she sat down and i saw the mother load, green underwear and i hoped that i would get the shot. needless to say i got home put the chip in my computer and held my breath. Well i got in and i must have masturbated 3 times that day.

Then day after day i brought my bag and my camera to class, i taped everything all in all i must have at least 20 hrs of maria in green, red, blue,yellow underwear. izmit escort She wore a few thongs and g-strings, she wore a variety of bras of all colors and designs. Then the year was coming from to an end and i realized that it was over and time to move on. then one day i saw a friend of mine who knew maria and we were talking about her. I said i wish i could see her in private well he told me that maybe i could. You see he owed me a favor and told me he was going to see her later, and he would set up a small camera to take pictures of her. I said sure and gave him my camera to use.

Not to long after he gave me the tape back and said that what he had filmed was some of the strangest and hottest stuff he had ever scene. he gave me the tape to watch on my own and what i got was the holy grail of voyeurism. i saw it and it became one of my most prized videos. This is what was on the tape.

He placed the small camera in a corner it seemed and she was completely oblivious to it, it must have been concealed well. Well the first thing was around the night time and she came in and that is when the excitiment really came to me. She sat on her bed for a moment and pulled out a cigerette. She started smoking and walked around to her closet. She pulled out a stuff animal and put it on her bed. Then the clothes came off with the cigerette kocaeli escort hanging out of her mouth. she had a white bra with black panties on. Then they both came off and I saw her amazing tits and her wonderful pussy.

Then the strangest thing that I would probally ever see came about. Maria laid back on he rbed naked and she finished her cigerette. Then she took her stuffed animal and put it between her legs and she moved it as if she was pretending the animal was eating her pussy. I was amazed, then she strapped on a dildo and took another stuffed animal it looked like an elephanet and she began to hump it from behind. She was humping her stuffed animal, i was in complete astoshiment. She was moaning ever time she thrusted and she began talking dirty, then she took the elephanet and set it on top of her stomach, then she touched her self and orgasimed. After wards she kissed the elephanet and put it way. She went way for a while and came back and went to bed.

My friend saw her and he grabbed the camera from her room and gave it to me. I could ot believe that i had caught this. i never thought of anything like that before. Well i have the first part where she is naked on the bed, however i erased the part of her humping her animals. I saw her a few more times afterwards thinking about what she is into. I still have all the videos of her from the class room and watch them every now and then. As for maria, i do not know what ever really happened to her and i guess it does not really matter

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