Master In Training – Chapter 4 of 4

Deep Throat

Master In Training by Murry Davis Chapter Four The other guys are standing around the table watching us. They stroke their hardening cocks with one hand as they hold their beer cans with the other. “Way to go!” “Fuck that ass!” “Hey, that’s my underwear,” Bob exclaims. Pulling away from her spread legs, I say, “I guess you guys are ready for some more.” “Hell yes.” “Let’s get it on.” “What are we going to do with her?” “I got a idea. We got any ice in the freezer?” “I don’t know, I’ll go look,” Fred replies as he heads for the kitchen. “Sure, there is, looks like four or five trays,” Fred yells from the kitchen “Well, bring them here.” Fred soon appears balancing five trays of ice. “What’ve you got in mind?” he asks. “I think we need to cool this hot slut down a little,” Bob replies. Bob grabs a cube from the top tray and places it against Jennifer’s shaved cunt. She bucks her hips, encouraging Bob to slowly insert the large cube into her cunt. The other guys, understanding what Bob has in mind, each reach for a cube. Jack begins rubbing his cube against one of her stiff nipples. Bob holds another cube to Jennifer’s asshole and begins to insert it. He has to push hard to get the cube past her opening, but soon it disappears into her ass. “I wonder how many of these things she can take?” he says, reaching for another cube. Melted ice begins to drip out of her openings as he shoves another up her cunt. Meanwhile, Jack and Fred have been teasing her breasts with the icy cold objects. Her nipples look like they’re trying to leave her body. Bob inserts another cube up her ass. “Damn, that’s three,” he says. He continues to insert the cubes until her cunt and ass are overflowing. I’m amazed as I look at her crotch. Her cunt is distended, and the corner of an ice cube peaks lewdly out her ass. I notice goosebumps across her body and I know her guts must be freezing. “Hey, look what I’ve found,” Fred says, showing off a roll of gray duct tape. “Great, let me have a piece of that stuff,” Bob says. Pulling off a strip of tape, almanbahis he positions it over Jennifer’s cunt and ass, securing the ice from falling out. “Damn, will you look at that!” he exclaims. Jack steps up to Jennifer’s face and looks down at her. “I bet that will cool you off,” he tells her. She stares back at him with blank eyes. He pulls the underwear out of her mouth and tosses them to the floor. “I’ve got to fuck your pretty little mouth,” he says as he rubs his cock against her chin. Jennifer moans slightly, but says nothing as he penetrates her lips, plunging deep into her throat. Bob jumps up onto the table and straddles her body. He grabs a breast in each hand and wraps them around his stiff cock. “I’ve never fucked tits before,” he says as he begins fucking the hollow created by her breasts. Fred simply stands beside her and strokes his stiff cock. He looks like he’s contemplating what to do with her next. Ted, since he nearly destroyed her ass with his monster cock, has been quietly watching everyone else have fun. His huge member hangs limp. Even limp, however, it’s still larger than anyone else’s raging hard on. “Oh shit!” Jack exclaims as he shoots his load down Jennifer’s throat. I watch as she struggles to swallow his spunk, but she chokes and I see Jack’s cum flow out her nose. Droplets land on her chin. “Christ man, it’s coming out her nose!” he exclaims. Slowly he pulls his flaccid cock from her lips. “I’ve got her next.” Fred says as he moves Jack out of the way and shoves his cock down her well-fucked mouth. Bob continues fucking Jennifer’s tits. He holds on to them as if he’s trying to rip them off. Soon he shoots his load all over her bruised and battered breasts. Rubbing his spunk into the skin as if it’s some kind of lotion, he says, “You guys won’t believe how soft these tits are.” Fred impales his cock deep in her throat and begins filling it with more cum. “This slut really knows how to suck cock,” he happily says. “What are we going to do with her now?” “I don’t know, what haven’t we already almanbahis yeni giriş done to her? “Would you look at that ice, it’s melting all over the floor.” “Let’s see how she looks,” Bob says as he rapidly pulls the duct tape away from her mound and ass. “ARRGHH!” Jennifer cries out. Ice cubes fall out of her cunt and ass, bouncing around on the floor. “Oh god, it’s so cold!” she exclaims. “Shut up, bitch, or we’ll stick that underwear back down your throat.” Bob sticks two fingers up her cunt as he checks to see how much ice is still up there. Removing his hand, he pauses long enough to pinch her clit, making her exclaim, “Oh yes!” He moves his probing fingers to her ass and discovers that most of the ice has melted. “Damn, her ass is so hot it’s sizzling,” he says. “Let’s see what else we can fit up those holes.” “Yeah!” they say in unison as they search the house for suitable items. While they’re looking, I watch as several half-melted ice cubes slide out of her cunt and drip down the inside of her legs. Jack appears with a silver flashlight he’s discovered, and approaches her spread legs. Placing the handle against the lips of her cunt, he slowly inserts the blunt object. He moves it in and out a few times, inserting it as deep as it will go. With one insertion, the light clicks on and shines out of her cunt like some kind of bizarre torch. “Hey guys look at this,” Jack says. “Man, will you look at that.” “Wow, she’s lit up like a Christmas tree.” “I’ve found an old Coke bottle. Let’s see how far it will go up her ass.” The bottle is soon thrust deep into her bowels. The men stand back, admiring their handiwork. “Wish I had a camera, nobody’s going to believe this.” The Coke bottle is shoved so far up her ass that the only thing visible is a small part lewdly poking out. The flashlight is shoved up her cunt as far as it can go, its light shining across the floor. “Oh!” I hear Jennifer utter under her breath. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Ted standing in the kitchen doorway. He had been so quiet, it was almanbahis giriş easy to forget he was here. Before I can react, he rushes toward Jennifer screaming at the top of his lungs, “Slut! Slut! Slut!” At first we all freeze with shock. He shoves Jack out of his way and reaches for her helpless body. Before he can grab her though, I’m upon him. Leaping into him, we both crash to the floor. As we wrestle, he continues to scream”Slut! Slut! Slut!”.  I’m struggling to keep him beneath me, but finally, the other men come to my aid and soon we all four have him pinned to the floor. “Jesus!” “He’s crazy!” “Hold on to him!” Ted begins to relax and stops struggling with us. He starts sobbing deeply and begins to babble incoherently about sluts and how he’s going to hell for what he’s done. Seeing that he’s no longer a threat, I get up and move toward Jennifer’s bound body. I reach for the flashlight and Coke bottle and quickly pull them out of her. I toss them to the floor and reach to untie her. “OK, that’s enough for tonight. Things have gotten out of control,” I say as I loosen the bindings. “What happened?” she says as I lift her into my arms. Ignoring her question, I tell the stunned men, “We’re leaving. Try to clean up this mess and lock the door when you’re done.” They stare at us as I carry her out the front door. Carefully I place her still nude body in the passenger seat, and shut the door. Walking to the trunk of my car, I open it, and remove a small emergency blanket. I walk to the driver’s door and get behind the wheel. I turn to her and spread the small blanket over her. “What happened?” she asks again. Silently, I pull out of the drive and turn the car toward my apartment. Only now do I begin to shake. My heart races in my chest and I can feel the blood pounding in my skull. What have I gotten mixed up with? I ask myself. I must be crazy. What if I hadn’t been fast enough? I glance over at her. She is quietly staring out the window. “Is this what you want?” I quietly ask her. “What do you mean?” she replies. “Letting strange men abuse you like that.” “Let’s not go into that again. You know what I want, what I need.” “I just wanted to be sure.” “What the hell happened back there?” I look at her, trying to decide what I should tell her.

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