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Masturbation GaloreMasturbation GaloreBy: Londebaaz Chohan Preston came to visit Austin first time after they both had come out of the Marine Corps. Austin knew that there would be zero possibility for them to have sex at home because of having no job yet; he was living at his parent’s house and as it never came up, he only assumed that Preston knew that Austin could not fuck him at home. Anyway, long story short; to say that Preston being disappointed was an understatement of the modern times and he compelled Austin to go out looking for something different and special to do that night. Austin only knew this Gay/ Lesbian bar on the other side of the town, he had noticed as he drove through there and had no clue what was available there. They both decided to go, hoping to meet a nice young man who might be able to host as well. Just being overzealous, they got there a bit too early. The crowd had not started to show as yet.The bar was clearly divided in two sections. One for the all-boys and the other for the girls only, provided with the pool tables and some other fun games for the attendees. Both sections were equally dark with open dance floor, flashing lights and disco balls. They ordered their drinks and sat on the high stools in the men’s section talking about various topics and things. They both wore the faded jeans but still Austin looked too well dressed in pants as compared to Preston who wore faded jean shorts. Both wore pretty basic, white t-shirts for not sticking out like a sore thumb. Being a bottom, Preston had come prepared to look his best for the occasion and did have a modern thong like underwear on, with the fabric cut out to show his ass, if need be. He purposely was not paying much attention, although he knew that his shorts had slipped low enough to show kaçak iddaa him wearing the faggot’s underwear to all the men with his white ass peeping for all takers.Men started to flow in and it looked pretty obvious that most of them were couples. After 4 glasses of Gin and Tonic, Preston’s sexuality started to kick into the overdrive and he started to be very touchy, feely with Austin and got stroking Austin’s crotch at the bar. Austin’s big cock got hard and now his cock pole was very evident thru his pants and Preston stroked it, provoked it in plain sight. Slowly Austin’s hands also got in action and exposed Preston’s barely covered ass. There was no surprise, as Preston looked up and around to see if anyone was watching and found quite a few men looking at Preston’s ass and some eyes also focused on Preston’s hand, squeezing Austin’s thick and long white cock wrapped in the foreskin. They knew, it was a fun place to be at. Preston, whispered to ask Austin, if they could go out to the car for some sex. Surely, it was getting too much for his faggot ass, fluttering for a cock in it. He said, “It was no problem for him to suck and fuck Austin’s brain out in the car. Austin happily nodded his head in affirmative to the plan of fucking Preston blind after so many months and paid the check before moving out. As they got to the car, both noticed too many people in the area plus the parking lot was lit like a stadium and even a needle fallen on the ground could be seen if it was not under a car. They decided to move in the far north corner of the parking lot.The good thing was that; although, there were as many cars all around but very few men were outside. Instead most men were hanging in the cars. Each time there headlights hit a parked car, they could see a single guy or a couple kaçak bahis sitting in the car. They drove to the desired spot and parked there because there was no one parked close by. Austin shut off the engine but they both noticed a flock of cars started to move around them. Preston immediately began tugging at Austin’s zipper. He got it open and took Austin in his mouth fast for blowing him. There was a huge sigh of relief as Preston tasted Austin’s cock meat. Austin’s head leaned back and his eyes got closed, exactly when he heard a noise of squeaking car breaks outside. He saw a car trying to park next to them, backing into the space and another car already just pulled in the spot on the other side. It seemed, both drivers were staying in their cars to watch them.“How very kinky”, thought Austin but it put Preston going to put a show for these guys? Austin was soon receiving a marvelous blowjob like always and also managed to get Preston out of his shorts. At this point Preston was on his knees in his seat bent over towards Austin and sucking him. His most beautiful, gay ass was in plain view for the driver on his side. He was wearing those faggot style underwear which showed the ass only and the cock with the bulging balls remained hidden. Just out of curiosity, Austin slapped the pink rounds of Preston’s ass to see the driver on the other side staring the envious view although the most show was for the driver on the right side. Austin decided to entertain him nicely and began thrusting a finger in Preston’s man-pussy and started to fuck him with it. The loud moans of Preston and the sight of him enjoying, turned the driver on even more. Although that driver’s cock was not visible but no doubt he was masturbating as he watched Preston suck Austin’s monster cock. This illegal bahis turned Austin far more to see the other car shaking a little bit and the attention to driver’s lap.It took Austin around 5—10 minutes and now he was shooting his juices in Preston’s mouth, raising his hips from the seat as Preston moaned to feel the warmth and salty taste on his tongue. Afraid that their combined growls were very loud, Austin wanted to close the half cracked car window but then decided against it to give a good view and better feel of the scene to the driver outside. Soon Preston felt that Austin’s load was dumped and he was still hard and ready to go for the next round, he whispered that he had to take Austin’s cock in his ass and jumped to remove his t-shirt and got wedged on the cock down to his balls, making Austin fuck him like crazy. Soon Austin decided to give the driver on the other side an eye full. Making Preston lean a bit, Austin started licking his nipples for the driver on the left to see clearly. It was obvious that this driver was also jerking off in full force. Soon after there was a man standing outside the Austin side window, watching Austin’s cock digging deep in Preston’s ass hole but was told by the driver of that side car to move just as he was contemplating to put his hand in Austin’s car to grab Preston’s naked hard protruding nipple. As this man moved to walk away from the car, Austin and Preston both saw his cock hanging out of his jeans and being rubbed by his other hand.Though it was an outdoor fucking but the intensity was to the maximum for Austin to cum again in about 5 minutes. As Preston dislodged from Austin’s cock erected up straight like a church steeple, the viewing fans on either side also pulled away and satisfied Preston asked Austin to zip up and move out. Preston’s ass was dripping Austin’s cum as Preston pulled up his shorts and Austin pushed the accelerator paddle out of the parking lot.The end. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan March 17, 2020.

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