Mature matters


Mature mattersThirsty of a MatureI can’t deny I love stories about sex with matures. Recently I had found a friend here who wants to share his experience with a Mature…He started to telling me about his story in this way:- “You’re posting good stories here, and I have one for you if you like to hear about it”.- Of course, I replied. I want to know everything about that.She’s a medium height blonde 36c with tits with huge nipples and a good body for fantasize about her.I’m a real exhibitionist, I love showing my cock whenever possible. The thinking of me being exposed in public, in the nude, arouses me in a way I can’t control myself. I was doing this with the sensation that nobody else will join my adventures, my foolish excitement expose, until I meet my aunt. After a time being exiting with the idea of see her naked, now I know well her like a. nudist and exhibitionist too.Started with single small details, as most of the great thinks starts. I used to be at her home for holidays and some weekends, in company of others, thinking about the hidden treasure that was under her lingerie, until one day…It was a sunny, hot day, we were talking about to go for a walk and do some shopping looking for a nice day of relax in her home. She was so persuasive and natural to invite me into bahis siteleri her home, but I never suspect she was looking for anything else that a good evening, a glass of wine and a good chat in her home.So I meet her in the morning of that Saturday. I was just thinking in the fantasy to meet her alone when she appears in that way at the front of the Supermarket.“Hello” I said, “How’re you?”, looking at her with nobody around her, I start thinking bad thinks while she was walking next to me in the shopping” Them, after we go out, she suddenly said: “come on, boy, there’s no time to loose, I’m alone at home”.I can’t believe what she just said. I still refused to understand the true of that situation, thinking that someone else of the family or just a friend will wait for us at her home as usually happens, so I leave her go far with that, thinking It was just a joke or a mistake.When we arrived at her home, I start searching by the windows, at the porch, at the living room, hiding looking at the rooms but nobody was there, so finally I ask: “There’s really no one else al home?” — No one else, she said. And add: –We’ll be alone all this weekend here.I just starting beating my dick under my trousers. I though this must to be a mistake, but it wasn’t. I was alone with her, in canlı bahis siteleri the house of my aunt, the same one I desire.Them she went to her bedroom while she said to me: “Finally I’m at home after a long day of work, relax and be as accommodate as possible, I’m going to change myself”.She went them to her bedroom and I was doing the same to the quest one, just taking my jumper and shoes, leaving my shirt and shorts cause it was a wonderful hot summer day.I come back to the living room and wait for her, just for a moment until she appears from her bedroom with just her pantyhose and bra. I was in shock.She must to notice how my looking was and say so quiet. “Don’t you worry, It’s natural” “I use to be like this at home after work” I don’t care about clothing at home and most of the times at naturist beach in summer. Yes she would always tell me not to worry about wearing too many clothes. I would always tell her that I would straighten the seams out on her pantyhose for her after she took her skirt off, but in this time it was real.So, I started straightening the seams on her pantyhose. It was the first think I want to do. It helps me to touch her and break the ice. Showing her I was right and ready for that situation. And you now the best? She let me do it. I was canlı bahis more and more exited touching her, passing my hand all over her thighs. Up and down, Stroke her slowly with my fingers.My cock would get extremely hard and stick out of the slit in my boxers. She noticed it and said that it was completely fine with her.I was thinking many nights about her naked body and erected nipples. I always noticed them under her bra, sticking out like two iron pleasure switches. She’s a real woman. She’s goes straighten for the thinks she desire and I though I were straight in her thinking that day!She allays was not shame to say what she wants and very descriptive in her terms as well.So after that when I would get to the top of her thighs I started to grope her ass through the pantyhose and as I did that I started to slide my cock shaft up-and-down her pantyhose covered calves.She liked the way my “cock rod” as she said, dripped pre cum. I can’t hold it. And she was so exited to see that in me. She was getting wet as hell. “Come on, show me what you have there” She said.After that I can hold myself any more and I explode over her legs with spams of pleasure. She was so exited with me. I though I was dreaming. But it was so real. She, my aunt, being covered with my sperm over her panties and the way she likes my “cock rod” looked, telling me that I was looked like a “heavy cum sac”. It was so exited for her and for me too.After that moment, we loosed all the shame, all formal way in between us.To be continued…

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