Alexis Texas

Subject: Man Cam (Max Q (3) This is a fictional story about hot guys from an online chat siteIt’s pure fiction as all the guy are far away Some gay. Some straight and some bisexual But all the guys are hot. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Max Q (3) … Yes. I had to see this stud in person. Max. The smoldering Columbian stud from the cam site that showed off his big thick cock tube. A cock that I was desperate to have. And after each and every show he had me hornier for him than when the show started. Even after he would blow a nice load on his hand or belly or chest. Even then after i came I was still ravenous for Max. I needed this stud in me. For real. So the next time I was online I told max that yes, I would come down to Columbia to see him. I would come down just so I could suck on and ride that big thick dick of his. I hoped he would be up for it. As he was the ine that suggested it. Because you know how sometimes people are all talk and no action. I prayed he was not one of them. “Hope we can hook up you hot stud” I said to him. I did send him my private email and even my phone escort bayan info if he wanted to talk and or speak privately outside of chat world. And he sent me an email to my private email later that same day. I was excited to see the email from maximillianquitano hit my email box. I could feel a twitch in my loins even before I opened the thing. And when I did open the email from my hit Latin daddy stud I near fell off my chair. There was other than a message from the hit stud saying that ‘yes he couldn’t wait to get together with me. That he wanted me to sit in his big cock and ride him like a pony.’ I smiled at the comment in the email. Then it continued saying he was sending me something to get me motivated to come down and rode him. And that he wanted me to send him images of me naked. Because he wanted to see my body ‘especially my ass’ “Fuck me!” I then chirped out as I opened the attachments he sent me. “Ohh my fucking God!” Yes, I did near fall iff my chair as I first viewed the images he sent me. There were about 5 or 6. All images of him in mostly naked states. And in each ine he was holding tightly to his big club. The huge angry meat looked kocaeli escort almost menacing as it stuck out from his body. Big thick and covered I. What appeared to be (probably) pulsating angry veins. As they were still images i could not really tell that. But the assumption was there as his cock looked frightening. But delicious. I had my dick out just from his images alone. Seeing his heavy looking cock in his hand or just jutting out from his crotch bush was making me drool like a hound dog. “Goddam it. Look at that bug fucking cock!” I crowed “That fucker is gonna wreck me” And even as I said that to myself. Knowing that his cock would mess me up for its size alone. I still was jerking myself because of it. Bit then I clicked on the last item. It was a video. And it was made just for me. For as he sat there in the 20 plus minute video the hit stud was talking to me. Saying my name as he spoke about me sucking his cock and then him fucking ass. All of it was just for me. My own personal jack off video from Max for me to get off on. And get off from it i did. For as the hottest stud in columbia played with his big cock, he izmit escort bayan dictated what he was wanting me to do for him. How he wanted my mouth wrapped around the thick cock shaft. Pulling up close to the camera so I may see his log like I would if I was there with him. The big uncut head as it popped out to say hello. The copious amounts of precum that drooled out of the head. As he squeezed at it and that little mouth at the tip opened to push out more precum. “Here” he said to me “Suck this big cock pussy boy” “Open it up and slide my cock in there” “Hmm” “Do it. Do it” He moaned and his big hand pulled back on his dick. Showing the much room head as it came out again and again. I was practically drooling and almost shoved my face into the monitor as I was drawn to it. Wanting my mouth to be there with him so I could suck this stud off. Sticking my tongue out as I saw mire precum drool out of the tip. “Ohh my God, Max!” I shouted “I need that huge dick sop bad” “Soo fucking bad!” And lust and this video set me off and i burst. Cumming madly as I pulled at my own dick. Panting as he was still there jerking even after i had finished. I of course saved this awesome video to my computer. That way I could watch it at any time. And I did. I watched it many many times before I went to see Max… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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