Max’s Freudian Slip – Chapter 18

by ail


Author’s notes:

Here’s a short chapter here to keep the story rolling along.  If you are following the story along from Max’s point of view in Max’s Awakening, there have been two recent chapters posted there. (And they are pretty juicy too).

I took a quick break from Max and Craig’s saga to pen a story that came to me over the summer.   If you need something to read while you wait for the next chapter of Freudian Slip, I would love for you to read this new story at the link below.  It is not a chapter story.  It is all in and done with this one fty//gay/adult-youth/solstice-seed.html

Also, this chapter gets into scuba diving lingo a little bit.  For those of you unfamiliar with scuba diving, a BCD is the inflatable vest you wear that the air tank attaches to. 


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Chapter 18 – It only took 12 years…

Well, THAT was an interesting week with Max… and friends.

We got through Max’s first two pool sessions for his diving course this past week.  I picked him up after work on Thursday and drove him to the dive shop, where Max got through some of the first few chapters of book work and then we headed to the local community center.   The dive shop has an agreement with them to use their pool to do their scuba lessons.

Max seemed a little surprised how much studying was involved.  I guess I hadn’t really told him that and I could tell it was a bit of an unpleasant surprise.   He was certainly anxious to get through it and head to the pool for the fun part to begin.   He did great of course, both with the book work – the material isn’t really very hard – and with the first few skills he learned in the pool that day.

On that first night, I sat poolside and watched as Richard, my scuba guy showed Max the basics.   I must admit my eyes often wandered around the pool.  Some boys (not quite Max’s age) were doing tricks off the diving boards on the opposite end of the pool.   One of them had a pair of trunks that were too big and every time he climbed from the pool, half of his cute little ass was visible before he got around to pulling them back up.   All three of them were cute.   One had freckles which I always find adorable.

We went to eat after the lesson, finding our way back to our favorite restaurant (the one we went to the night I first picked him up from practice, many months before).   I was able to catch up with Max on what he had been up to the past few days.  I knew he had spent the day with Noah earlier in the week.  I saw them playing basketball on Monday when I got home from work.  After the prior weekend’s drama, I was glad to see that they were spending time together so soon.   I assumed they had completely patched things up and Max confirmed everything was great between them.   He said he had a great time spending the night at Noah’s.  He started to tell me something else, but then he stopped and said, “never mind, it’s not important.”  It seemed like he had something he wanted to share and I found his brush off kind of curious, but I didn’t press him on it.

Max also told me that his mom was actually crying when we left his house last Sunday, after we celebrated his birthday and presented the trip to Mexico.  That was a surprise.  Apparently she had been feeling like she and Max had not been spending any quality time together.   Max told me he understood and realized he needed to make more time for her, along with Noah.   I smiled at him and praised him on being so grown up.  He really was showing a lot of maturity with how he was dealing with his mom and with Noah.  I have to say I was proud of my boy.

The real surprise of the night, beyond using the urinals in the bathroom side by side again, during which I noticed Max clearly looking at my dick as he talked to me (and me in return of course), was what he shared with me on the way home.    I didn’t know that he had gone to Cam’s on Tuesday after spending the night with Noah, but apparently while he was there Cam gave Max a rather special birthday present.   He let Max be the first to fuck him!  And Max was willing to tell me about it, at least in general terms!   According to Max it was absolutely amazing, which was rather evident by how excited he got when he began to tell me about it.  He wasn’t shy about it at all, though he didn’t share a lot of details other than they did it on Cam’s bed. 

“Did you guys use protection,” I asked, after I got a few details.

“Not this time,” he answered.  “Cam wanted to see if he could feel me spunk inside him.  It wasn’t gross or anything,” Max assured me.

“I’m not worried about gross.  I’m worried about diseases,” I told him rather sternly. I lectured him.  “You guys are probably safe if you keep the number of people you are doing stuff with really small, you know, just your little tight circle of friends.  But if you any of guys start including other people, beyond Spencer or Ian say, then you will HAVE to start being safer, ok?”

He seemed lost in thought for a minute.  “Ok,” he murmured.  He appeared a bit taken back from my stern warning.  “Can I ask you something else,” he said, turning to me as I drove.   I nodded.   “Do you think it would be stupid to think Cam and I could be together forever?  Like eventually get married and stuff?”

Oh boy.   That wasn’t a question I was expecting at all.   I knew the chances of that coming to fruition were low, but I couldn’t ruin things for him by being too honest.  “Well, Max, no I don’t think it’s stupid at all.  I mean, statistically, first relationships don’t usually last.  But I can tell you guys are a little different than your typical case of puppy love.  I’ve known a few young sweethearts that stayed together.   So, hey, why not?  I mean if you go into a relationship thinking it’s eventually going to end, then what’s the point, right?  You kind of have to be optimistic in that regard.  Know what I mean?”

“Yeah,” he agreed, smiling.  He was clearly happy I didn’t shoot him down.

 “Just remember this Max,” I continued.  “If some day you two’s relationship does end, just never forget the fact you enjoyed it for a least a while.  You get something out of it.  Experience.  Joy.   Good times – which can never be taken away once enjoyed.   And apparently some hot sex, huh?”

“VERY hot,” he quipped.   I have to say I was jealous.

“Well hot sex is important in any relationship,” I said.  Then I cringed, thinking about the fact my own wife and I rarely had hot sex, and for the past few years, no sex.    Apparently he found my comment funny because he giggled.   “Hey it’s true!” I told him.  He still found it funny.

“So when you get married, what are you going to do for last names?  That hyphenated thing seems clumsy to me.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Well, like if you combined your last names into a new one.  So for you guys it could be Rice-Coleman, or Coleman-Rice.  I just think it always seems awkward.   And then if you had kids, they would have a funny last name that pretty much screams HEY I GOT TWO DADS.   I don’t know what a good solution is, I just know I am not a fan of the hyphen thing.”

“Yeah, I get that,” he said.  “I’m not sure what we’d do.”

“Well,” I told him.  “I think you got a long time before you have to figure it out, right?”

“Yeah,” he mumbled, but I could tell he was really chewing on the problem.  He didn’t say another word until I dropped him at his house and said good night.


On Saturday, Max spent the day with his mom biking along the river.   He had several posts on his Instagram story and his mom posted several pictures as well, with both of them smiling.   I was pleased to see they were having some quality time together.  I was especially happy for Stacy.  I texted him Saturday night to remind him that he had to do a few more chapters in his dive training book before Sunday’s lesson with Richard.  He told me he had already read them all that morning!  That was typical Max.  Always on his shit!

Sunday afternoon we were to head back to the community center for his next session of pool work.   Max texted me that morning and asked if Noah could come along with us and swim while he did his lesson.   Max also told me he was spending the night with Noah again.   I loved how Adam and Lisa didn’t ankara escort mind their son’s having friends over on a Sunday.  It was summer, but an awful lot of parents wouldn’t be having it just because they had to go to work the next day.   But then again, Max is almost a member of their family.   Of course I told him that would be fine.  I could just bring Noah with me when I went to pick up Max.

It wasn’t 30 minutes later I got ANOTHER text from him.   “Craig, hey… do you think Cam could come too?  To the pool I mean.”

“Sure, whatever is fine,” I texted back.   I actually thought it was a good idea because it would give Noah someone to hang around with and he wouldn’t be tempted to interrupt Max’s lesson.

“Cool.  He’s gonna crash at Noah’s too,” he texted back.

I went about my morning picking up around the house.   Then an idea came to me.  If we went out to eat after we left the pool, the boys would HAVE to change….  if I swam as well, we would all need to change, and if we all need to change, maybe I could get a chance to see them naked.  Yes, I know, I’m devious.  But hey, I wouldn’t be doing anything but looking!

I texted Max back and told him to tell everyone to bring a change of clothes because I would take them out for pizza after swimming.   How could they possibly say no to that?


A few hours later Noah was knocking at my door.  I was glad because I had dozed off and would have been late if he hadn’t come to calling.   He was wearing his swimming suit – some longer board short style ones with underwear underneath.  (I could see the waistband when he dropped his towel and bent over to pick it up.)   I was glad to see that he at least had a change of clothes in a drawstring bag. 

I quickly grabbed my own towel and trunks and threw them in a gym bag.  I would change at the pool damn it, even if the boy’s chose to dress at home.  I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to do some meat gazing in the locker room after all.  I immediately thought of the three lads that were there last time, though I realized the chances of them being there again were slim.

Noah went back out our front door and met me in the driveway.   He grabbed shotgun and we were soon off to Max’s.  I told Noah to text Max and tell him to be ready since we were running late.   Max came outside as soon as I pulled up.   Like Noah, he too was already dressed for the pool and was carrying his towel and a small gym bag.   We followed the same routine at Cam’s and he was waiting by the road as I pulled up.   I was bummed that he too was already dressed for the pool, but I was happy to see he at least was wearing a more up to date style of swimwear.   He was sporting the shorter, more lightweight style that is popular now with the “in” crowd.  Cam’s trunks were light blue and had small dolphins on them.   I have to say they looked sexy on him and I couldn’t wait to see him without a shirt…. and wet.  I knew I could rely on Mrs. Rice to ensure Cam was fashion current.  She was at least good for that.

We got to the pool just 5 minutes before Max’s lesson was supposed to start.  I was worried Richard would be waiting for us, but it turned out to be great timing as Richard pulled in just behind us.   I told the boys we needed to help him carry in the dive equipment.  When he saw that Max had a couple of friends along, he had me take an extra tank and equipment in.   I told him he didn’t have to do that, but he didn’t mind.  I’d been a good customer for him and had been on many of their group dive trips.  He’s also not a stupid business man.  He knows giving someone a taste of diving could always lead to a future customer.   The great thing about walking in with Richard was the young girl at the desk just assumed everyone was here with him and none of us had to pony up the $7 daily fee.  Cha-ching!

After piling the equipment pool side, the boys and I headed to the locker room to put our things away, and for me to change of course.    I found a larger family locker, since I only had one lock.  The boys all hung their bags and towels inside and before I could even get my swim suit out of my bag, they had peeled off their shirts and shoes and were headed back to the pool.   I stopped Max just in time to remind him he needed his dive book and the chapter tests.

“Oh yeah! Thanks for the reminder Craig,” he told me before fishing them out of his bag and heading out in a rush after his friends.

I hung up my clothes and headed for the showers with my towel and suit in hand.  I know nobody else actually showers before they go in the pool in America, but I’d been to a few places in Europe (namely Iceland) where the practice is not at all optional and I’d gotten accustom to showering first.  I showered quickly in the communal shower area but I had it to myself, sadly.   A dad and his son came in as I was leaving but they each opted to use the enclosed shower stalls.

I headed to the pool where Max and Richard were going over his bookwork.  “You brought me an excellent student Craig,” Richard yelled out as I approached.  “He’s did a great job with this material.”  Max looked back over his shoulder at me and smiled.  I winked at him and smiled back.  You could tell he was proud.

I told Richard I was going to leave them be so I didn’t distract them.  It was a good opportunity for me to swim some laps.   Noah and Cam were already on the diving boards and clowning around, dong silly jumps.   I could tell the lifeguard was already closely eyeing them; sure they would soon cross the line and probably need correcting.

I swam by them and told them not to get too crazy and they toned it down some.   Being a gymnast isn’t too far from diving and soon Cam was doing rather impressive flips off the board, even throwing some twists in as well.  He didn’t have the timing down to make great entries that would score points in a real competition, but his aerials were impressive nonetheless.   I could see by the look on Noah’s face he was impressed also.  

I did a few more laps and when I stopped I saw Cam on the side of the pool, giving Noah instructions on how to do flips.  I stopped and watch for a while.  Noah took his place on the diving board and then went to the end. I could tell he was nervous. He turned himself around and walk backwards to the very edge.  His nervousness was apparent as his chest was heaving with each breath.  Cam encouraged him from the side and Noah finally bounced a few times and launched himself backwards up and off the diving board and quickly pulled his feet over his head and pulled into a tuck.    He had managed to get some decent height and I was surprised we he didn’t just do one complete revolution but added another half and entered the pool head first just as he was coming out of his tuck.  His body flipped over some what and his belly slapped the pool, although at an angle.   Noah came up smiling… and grimacing a bit. 

“Bravo Noah!” I told him as he worked his way slowly.  “That wasn’t half bad.”

“Really?” he asked.  “It got my stomach a bit, and my balls,” he added, wincing as he reached down and gripped his jewels under the water.

“That was good Noah,” Cam said coming to the side of the pool.   “You almost got too good of a spin in.  I didn’t expect you to do a one-and-a-half!  Next time take a little off and you’ll land feet first.   Watch this!”

Cam climbed up on the board, walked about half-way down, and promptly put his hands down and arched himself into a handstand.  He walked on his hands to the end of the board, paused, balanced himself, and then kicked his feet backward and then flung himself off the board.  He did a perfect flip and landed a nearly splash-less entry.  

The life guard had stood up and I could tell she was about to give him an earful, but she sat back down.   “Miss,” I said.  “Sorry about that.  Was the handstand a bit too much?”

“Yeah, well, it scared me a little,” she said.  “But I can tell he knows what he’s doing.   Can you just tell them to be careful.”  I was surprised she was cutting them slack.

“Will do,” I said, as I climbed onto the side of the pool near the ladder and watched the boys as they continued to do various tricks.   Now on one hand, I was appeasing the lifeguard and pretending to watch the boys (though in my opinion they needed no supervision), but I had an ulterior motive.  escort ankara Every time Cam climbed from the ladder, his new trendy swim trunks made of a lighter weight material clung nicely to his well chiseled body.   So every exit he made from the pool was a chance to admire the outline of genitals through his light blue trunks.   I couldn’t make out too many specifics – the material wasn’t THAT thin and there was a lining of course, but I could still make out the faint shape of his dick, and a time or two I was sure I could even see the outline of his cock head. 

Noah offered no such views, sadly.   He had on board shorts with underwear underneath.  It’s what he’d worn to swim for as long as I could remember.  The truth wasn’t I couldn’t even tell from looking at Noah that he even had boy parts!   I knew that he did, of course.  His mom Lisa had told me some story long ago about him in the hospital when he was taken away to get circumcised.  The details of the story I forgot, the fact that Noah was cut did not escape my memory.  When he was a little boy, he used to always run and give me hugs when he saw me outside and the unmistakable feel of a chubby little boy dick poking me in my belly was a regular occurence.   But still, in all the years that we have lived next door to Jackson and Noah, I still hadn’t managed to see either of them naked.   And to be honest, as a boy lover, that was more than mildly annoying, especially considering how much time I’d spent with them over the years.

I must have lost track of time watching Noah and Cam because before I knew it Max had run past me and ran up to the diving board, jetted down the board, and launched himself into a wild flip.  When he came up, he told me that Richard was ready to show Cam and Noah a little bit about diving.  I looked down at Richard, who was motioning me to come down to him.

I gathered up Cam and Noah and took them down to the other end, leaving Max to his own on the diving boards.  “I’ll need you to help me with one of them,” Richard told me as I lowered myself into the pool.   I paired up with Cam and Richard took care of Noah.  We helped them each fit a mask to their face and had them swim around to make sure they had a good seal.   They each slipped on fins and then Richard lowered two bcd / tank set-ups into the pool.   Richard helped get Noah suited up and I helped slip the dive vest onto Cam.  I would be lying if I told you I didn’t enjoy fastening the various straps over his sexy chest and abs!   I managed to get a quick brush or two across various spots on his bare front.  I couldn’t help but to be jealous of Max, getting to rub his hands all over this amazingly hot boy!  I tried a couple times to get close enough to him for my hip or leg to maybe brush up against his crotch, but I struck out on that mission.

I helped Cam put the regulator in his mouth and had him take a few breaths.  He immediately tried to talk through it.  I am pretty sure he said “Wow, cool!”

“Don’t try to talk with your regulator in bud.  Under water we use hand signals. This means everything is ok,” I said making the common ‘ok’ sign by making a circle with my thumb and forefinger.  I made the sign and asked him if everything was ok.  He started to try to talk and then reached for the regulator to take it out.  I shook my head at him and then he got the idea and finally gave me the OK hand signal back.

I gave him a smile.  “Alright then.  You’re ready, just let yourself slowly sink into the water and keep breathing normally.  Swim across the short length of the pool and then turn around and come back.  If anything goes awry just stand up.”

Both Noah and Cam took a couple laps before coming back up with huge grins on their faces.  “Holy fuck… I mean shit… er, you know, that was awesome!” Noah exclaimed shaking his head, forgetting his language in his excitement.

“Yeah it was,” Cam added.  “This is the bomb man.  I wish we were going diving with you and Max.”

“Yeah Craig!” Noah said.  “Way to leave us out.” He stuck his tongue out at me.  

Richard told us we had a few more minutes and then he needed to get going.  We had just enough time to teach the boys one skill – how to take your regulator out of your mouth and put it back in without taking a big drink of water.

After learning how to do that, Cam and Max were even more jazzed.

We helped Richard collect the equipment and then after drying off a little carried it outside the door.  He backed his van up and we loaded it up before coming back inside. 

“Can we hit the boards a few more times before we go?” Max begged.  I could tell he felt like he missed out on the fun Cam and Noah were having while he did his dive lesson. 

“OK, but not too long,” I answered.  “I’m starving.”


I sat in a lounger and dried myself while the boys each made a few dives.  By then I was really getting hungry and was ready to leave.  My heart was beginning to beat quickly in anticipation of all of us changing clothes in the locker room.   I had no wild expectations for what I might or might not see.   I assumed Max would strip off without a second thought.  But I could see Noah taking his clothes to a bathroom stall or around the corner or something to be alone.   Cam was a total unknown.  The truth was that as I waited for them, my mind was thinking about this way too much.  I made myself think about work for a while to avoid boning up.

We finally headed to the locker room and made our way to the back corner where I had locked away our stuff.   I had chosen a locker in the corner with a bench going both directions, perpendicular to each other.  On our way in, we saw only one fat, hairy old man in the first row, buck naked and slowly drying himself.   All the boys got an eyeful and were having a hard time containing their snickers once we were out of his sight.  I turned and gave them an evil eye and they quickly quieted.

I started working the combination on my lock.  I must have been a bit flustered as I screwed up the combination the first time and had to start over.   I got it the second time and pulled the locker open and pulled out Cam’s bag.  I was just turning to hand it to him when Noah barked, “Jesus Max!”

Max had already stripped and was toweling off his backside, swaying his back and hips side to side, whipping his slightly shrunken penis around in the air.  The cold pool water had clearly had its usually effect.  Max’s penis was definitely smaller than when I’d seen it at the urinals or when I snuck a peak at it in Madison.  It was the first time I’d seen him with his pubes shaved off and I have to tell you, it looked hot!  “What?” Max answered.   “I’m just trying to hurry.  I.WANT.PIZZA!”  He then switched to a British accent a la Billy Elliot.  “Besides, it’s just me willy!”

It had been a long time since Cam, Max and I had done the whole British accent thing and we both immediately broke into laughter.  Noah was a little lost though.  “I’ll explain it too you later Noah,” I told him.  “It’s an inside joke,” I explained as I handed him his bag and then Max his.  

I quickly organized my own clothes inside the locker, but I was watching Noah and Cam the best I could out of the corner of each eye as I turned from to side to side.  Cam took his bag to the bench and sat facing us.  Noah I could tell was getting a little flustered at changing in public.  I knew Max had seen him naked and he didn’t care about that.  I wasn’t sure if it was Cam, or me, or just being out in the open that had him anxious.   But as I watched, he finally took a deep breath and started untying the knot in his swim shorts.  I surmised he was going to suck it up.  I didn’t want to say anything, because that would obviously embarrass him, but mentally I was cheering him on to battle through his shyness.

I pushed my own trunks down and dried myself, turning slightly and raising the towel often enough that all of the boys could get a look at my nakedness, if they wanted.  I kept looking down for the most part, but there was no doubt that on one of my glances upwards that Max definitely was taking a good look.  I glanced up at him and he just gave me a sly smile before looking away.  

Noah was having a hard time with his knot but eventually he got it loosened and was shimmying his wet shorts down his legs, leaving him in just his bright red ankara escort bayan under armor underwear.  Now I could see a definite bulge, and it actually seemed more substantial than I would have expected considering there was nary a bump out in the pool.

I pulled my underwear and shorts on rather quickly, watching out of the corner of my eye to see Max starting to pull on his underwear and Noah peel his wet underwear from his body.  Unfortunately he had turned away from us and all I could see was his hairless butt, and even that was partially blocked by Max. Noah had a very flat butt.  It didn’t have the roundness and definition of Max and Cam, but it was still cute of course. 

I noticed Max was pulling on the pair of black Separatec underwear I had given him last weekend for his birthday.   I can’t remember if I told you, but these are the ones that have a hole for you to slide your dick into.  (They are really comfortable, I suggest googling them).

I really hadn’t been paying attention to Cam.  My focus was on Noah, desperate to finally get a glimpse of his best parts.  I had hoped maybe after so many years I might finally see his boyhood.   But Cam interrupted my spy mission.  “What the hell are those Max?  Is that a hole for your dick or something?”

I turned to Cam and he was approaching Max, completely naked.  His cut cock hung out over two taut balls.  There was not a site of a pubic hair on him anywhere either.    He seemed totally indifferent that I could see him.   I quickly considered what Max had told me about the naked hot tub sessions, so I guess nudity was no big deal to him either.   He was as hot a specimen of boyhood as I’ve ever seen.

“Yeah dude,” Max answered.  “These are sweet!  Craig got them for me for my birthday.  They are soooo comfortable.”

I turned the other direction towards Max.   “Look,” he said, pulling the front of his trunks open.  “You dick goes in that hole right there and everything just stays in place.  It’s awesome.”

Then the most shocking thing happened.  Noah came charging around Max’s side.  “Whaaaaat? Let me see,” he demanded.  The surprising thing was that he was completely naked!  I watched as Max explained the hole again and then showed them how his dick slid into the opening as he pulled them up.   Of course what I was really looking at was past Max.  Noah’s beautiful cock was on perfect display for me and not only that, I had a perfectly good reason to be looking that direction.   Finally after 12 years I was getting my first look at Noah’s dick and I must say it was impressive.  A small patch of light brown hair adorned the top of a cock that had to be as thick as mine, maybe even thicker at the base.  No wonder I could feel that thing poking me in the tummy when back when he was 4!   The thick base tapered down the shaft, which extended about two and half inches from his body over hairless, hanging balls.   The head of his cock was a little unusual in that it didn’t seem any bigger around than the shaft upon which it was attached.  Then it tapered to a rather pronounced point.  The whole thing looked like a pointed missile, almost in the shape of a triangle.

I was suddenly glad I had put my clothes on, lest one of the boys see me getting aroused.  I was so glad I had bought Max a pair of these underwear.  I knew he would probably like them, but I had no idea they would facilitate my ogling of my neighbor boy’s fat cock.   “Hey Max, show them how easy it is to get your dick out to piss,” I said softly.   I didn’t really want the fat old guy back on the first aisle to hear a guy with three teens talking loudly about underwear and their dicks.

“Oh yeah!” he said, as if he had forgotten.  He’d probably only gotten to wear these once.   He pulled the flap in the front that gives you quick access to your piss gun and Max’s cut dick popped out of the fabric.  “See,” he said shaking it quickly before tucking it back away under the flap.

“What? How did that… I don’t get it,” Noah pleaded as he pulled his dry underwear up and over his chubby dick.   Damn.  Show over.

“I’ll explain later it.  Let’s go eat,” Max told them.  A few more seconds and everyone was dressed, wet clothes were gathered and we were off.   And my whole body was electrified with the excitement of what I just got to see.


We got to the pizza place and all the boys could talk about was the scuba diving expo they had gotten back at the pool.  Max was beaming of course because he knew he was getting the real dive course and was going with me to Mexico in a couple weeks.  Both Cam and Noah expressed their envy that Max was getting to go.

“Craig, we should all take lessons and then you could take ALL of us to Mexico,” Max suggested.   “That would be the bomb.”

“Yeah Craig, that would be sweet.  I bet my mom would let me do lessons sometime,” Noah added. 

“Mine too, for sure,” Cam stated.   “It would be cool to all go on a trip like that.”

I didn’t want to encourage them too much, but damn did I ever agree with them.  Taking the three of them on a trip alone would be a dream vacation for me.   “What do I look like, your personal vacation chaperone?”  They knew I was being facetious.

“Yeah well you would be way more fun than going with our parents!” Noah exclaimed.  Both Max and Cam quickly agreed.   It made me feel good to know the boys enjoyed my company and didn’t think of me as they did other parents.

“I’m sure you guys just want to watch me change like that guy back in the locker room, so you can snicker at my fat ass too,” I told them.  They all started sniggling.

It was Cam who spoke.  “Not even.  That guy was gross.  Why was he just like so flaunting it like that.  Eww.  You’re not even fat Craig, believe me.”

“Well, thanks.  But I got a locker room observation for you.  It always seems to me the guys who taking the longest getting dressed, or the ones that insist on coming up to talk to you naked, are the last ones anyone would want to look at.”  That sent them into giggles.

I went on.  “Yeah, well a boy’s trip might be tough to arrange, but it would be a blast I’m sure.  At least you all wouldn’t take an hour to get ready for dinner.”

For the next thirty minutes the boys planned out this dream vacation while I mostly observed, amused.  They talked about how deep they would dive and how they would find sharks and turtles and giant eels.  Of course, most of what they were talking about didn’t really occur diving, but I let their imaginations go.  They talked about playing on the beach…. about how a limo would pick us up at the airport.. about how we would rent jet skis and go parasailing.  “Maybe Craig would even let us have a beer or something,” Max suggested.  I just raised my eyebrows at them to acknowledge the request and give them a hope that I might.   It was fun listening to them plan this imaginary vacation.

Finally the pizzas arrived and the table went silent as everyone got serious about filling our empty stomachs.   I took the boys home and dropped them off in Noah’s driveway.  They piled out of my car and thanked me again for everything.  They charged into Noah’s house a gaggle of boys in the highest of spirits!    


My own spirits were just as high.   Making boys happy also does the same for me.  Watching them have a great time, and including me was awesome.  It was an amazing afternoon.

But the highlight of the day of course was getting to see Noah naked, FINALLY!  It only took 12 years!  And Cam too.  I’d almost forgotten getting to touch Cam’s bare chest and stomach in the pool when I helped him put on the BCD.   As the images of the day at the pool rushed back into my head, my cock stirred.   I threw my wet clothes in the washer and headed for the shower to wash the chlorine off.  And to jerk off thinking about the past few hours.  It wouldn’t be the only time I wanked to those memories.


The next morning when I woke, I had a message from Max.   It was sent just past 1:00 am.  “Just so you know, Noah and Cam both want some of these underwear for their birthday.  J”

I laughed.


*End of Chapter 18*


Author’s notes:

Ok, so this chapter got a little longer than I planned.  I hope you enjoyed it and aren’t getting too frustrated with Craig teasing himself by being around the boys but never having the guts to take a leap.  Maybe he needs a nudge.

Feedback as always is appreciated.  I haven’t heard much lately, so hopefully people are still following this story!  Cheers!

 ail or ail.



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